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Author's Chapter Notes:
Here's a little something for the vore crowd.
* * * * *

Henry was having the weirdest dream.

Three of Biff Morgan's friends had forced him to kneel on the tarmac of the parking lot, while Morgan, himself, activated Henry's cellphone. Morgan then called up the Youtube clip of the LSU Golden Girls. And, he grinned at Henry, most sadistically, as he said:

"Come on out, ladies, and let's show this pint-sized egghead what a _real man_ can do for you."

Whereupon, the entire contingent came off the cellphone's video screen, like the Genie of Aladdin's Lamp!

But, the insanity did not end there. For while the Golden Girls emerged life-size, they did not remain that way for long. In fact, they began to grow taller...and taller...and taller still. Until, finally, they towered higher than the observatory dome atop the Physics Building!

"Holy Shit!" chorused Morgan and his frat-brother acomplices.

"Exactly right, little man," replied the giantess who seemed to be in charge: "That's exactly what you'll become after a little period of digestion."

Whereupon, she and the other Golden Girls began to lick their lips in unison. Resulting in falsetto screams of terror being uttered by Henry's quartet of assailants. The latter, of course, instantly tried to flee for safety. But, no matter which direction they ran, they found themselves cut off by tremendous pairs of open-toed high heels trying to impale them!

Finally, they collapsed to the ground, exhausted. And, the giantess in charge smiled, her arms akimbo.

"Just the way I like my meat; 100% lean."

Whereupon, she bent down and scooped up Morgan and his three accomplices in her gloved hands. She raised them high above her open mouth. And, then, she let all four of them fall to their doom!

Henry could not watch. He kept his face averted, and his eyes closed, until the thunderous sounds of chewing had stopped. When he finally turned back, with eyes re-opened, he saw the white-gloved hands now reaching down for him.

"Time for dessert," she purred.

"Oh, please!" he begged: "No! Don't eat me, too!!"

She did not reply. She merely dangled him above her mouth; puckered her lips; and began inhaling. The next thing Henry knew, his sweatsuit had been sucked off him like water through a straw!

"Sorry to deprive you of your dignity, little man. But, I needed some fiber in my diet."

Henry did not know how to reply to that. So, he just continued dangling there. Trying to cover up his increasingly aroused manhood, as best he could. But, the giantess who held him wasn't fooled for a second. And, she easily dislodged his camouflage with the index finger of her gloved right hand.

"Oooooh! You're definitely no longer suffering from erectile dysfunction, Doc."

At which point, she began to tickle him.

"Kitchy-kitchy-kitchy koo!" she chanted.

"No! Haha! S-Stop...Hahahaha! Stop that! P-Ple...Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"Come on, little man. Wake up. Wake up! WAKE UP!"

Henry woke up.

"What...? Where...?"

He was totally disoriented for the first few seconds. Then, he became aware of his nudity. And, it all came flashing back to him. Including the improvised plot to frame him that he had half-consciously overheard!

Yet, if Morgan had made good on his threat, why was he not in police custody at this very moment? And, why had the beating he endured left not one bruise?

"You okay, little man?" asked a strangely familiar voice (that seemed to come from above him).

"Yes, I'm fine. It's just that I need some cl..."

The rest of his reply was cut off by the huge assortment of lovely faces looking down at him, in wonderment.

"If you were about to say 'clothes,' " remarked the giantess who seemed to be their spokeswoman: "...I'm afraid we don't have anything in your current size."

Before he could respond to that masterpiece of understatement, he found himself ascending! Before he could gather his wits enough to protest, though, he was lowered on to a cold, gray metal surface. One that he recognized right away as...

...the top shelf of a locker.

"This can't be happening," he muttered: "I must still be dreaming!"

"Sorry to disappoint you, little man. But, you're wide awake. Courtesy of the rub-down I gave your...bigger half. And, that's a liberty I apologize for taking, by the way. It was the fastest way to wake you up, though. That; and it seemed like the only way we could verify you were for real!"

"Perfectly understandable, Miss...?"

"Lenoir. Claire-Ysabel Lenoir! Captain of the LSU Golden Girls."

"Pleased to meet you, ladies. I'm Dr. Henry Beauregard Lee. But, my friends call me 'Hank.' "

"OK, Hank. Now, would you mind explaining how you got in this locker, and ended up this size? Or, do we have to call the local police?"

"They're probably already on their way!" exclaimed Henry: "But, I'll do my best to enlighten you before they arrive."

Forty-five minutes later, he finally concluded his recitation. Only to be met with stunned silence.

"Believe me, ladies. I'm as nonplussed by my condition as you are! None of my test animals ever wound up being shrunk. I can only hypothesize that the neuro-muscular damage inflicted on me, by Biff and the others, redirected some of the cosmotronic energy the NSR infused me with and..."

"Pssssssst!" interrupted a Golden Girl, keeping look-out by the locker room door: "Cops coming."

Whereupon, Claire-Ysabel grabbed Henry off the locker shelf and stuffed him in the only hiding place available. Down her cleavage!

A minute later, two men wearing khaki uniforms, white Stetson hats and star-shaped badges entered the locker room.

"Sorry to bother you, ladies," intoned the slightly older one: "I'm Billy Ray Marshall; sheriff of Wheeler County. This is my deputy; Bobby Lee Dawkins."

"Good evening, Sheriff Marshall!" the Golden Girls replied in unison.

"What can we do for you?" added Claire-Ysabel.

"We received an anonymous tip that a Peeping Tom might be hanging around this building. Male (Caucasian); about five feet tall and thirty years-old, with brown hair. Possibly wearing eye glasses. Have you or any of the others seen anybody like that, hereabouts, this evening?"

Claire-Ysabel tried not to smile as she replied:

"Search me."

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