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Henry McGee and what were left of his bicycle were stuffed into the forward-facing trunk of the VW Beetle. Following which, Biff Morgan started it up, and drove as inconspicously as possible over to the building that housed the basketball court for the TTMC Pumas.

The Samuel J. Snodgrass Memorial Field House.

En route, one of his accomplices cellphoned a certain newly initiated pledge to their fraternity. One who was working his way through college as a part-time custodian at the field house. And, he was naturally a little reluctant, at first, to agree to the "request" made of him by the upper classmen.

Then, he was reminded of certain digital photographs. Ones showing just who had Crazy-glued the rubber Groucho Marx nose-and-glasses to the face of Samuel Snodgrass' statue. Ones that could anonymously get downloaded on to the Internet in the proverbial heart beat!

So, five minutes later, the quartet of assailants were being ushered into the field house through one of its rear entrances.

It was from this building that the visiting LSU Tigers would march to the football stadium, the next day. Preceded, of course, by their marching band and the Golden Girls. What Morgan had not counted on, however, was the Golden Girls being present, right this moment!

"What the frig are they doing here?" he demanded in a harsh whisper.

"It's a dress rehearasal for their half-time routine, tomorrow," the pledge nervously replied: "That's the only reason I'm working here, on a Friday night!"

"OK, guys," said Morgan to the other frat boys: "Let's hurry this up. Or else we're the ones who'll get busted as pervs!"

Consequently, the hapless biophysics teacher was stripped down to his birthday suit and stuffed in an unoccupied locker. Then, Morgan and his three accomplices left. Driving off to the local historical site that commemorated where wildcatter Samuel Snodgrass had struck his first gusher. Resulting in the pre-WWI oil boom that had given birth to Magic City (and, with the relative rapidity that had inspired its name).

There, they would bury Dr. McGee's bike and clothing, next to the remains of Derrick Number One.

Yet, while most of Morgan's vengeful plans had proven successful this night, he could never have anticipated that the Golden Girls would end their dress rehearsal quite so early!

"All right, ladies," said Claire-Ysabel Lenoir: "That was great. Let's not over-do it."

The other fifteen Golden Girls could not agree more. Like their captain, they were wearing sleeveless white leotards (offset by gold leaf fleur-de-lis emblems on the front); matching, elbow-length gloves; fishnet stockings; and ballet slippers! Normally, they wore open-toed high heels for their performances. But, in deference to the TTMC basketball coaches, they had rehearsed in the slippers so as not to scratch up the floor of the court.

Furthermore, Claire-Ysabel had the most exotic appearance of the girls. Being of mixed Cajun, Isleno, and Afro-Creole heritage, she had a golden-brown complexion with blue eyes and honey-blonde hair. Making her resemble a younger sister of the actress Vanessa Williams!

All sixteen had just returned to the Visiting Girls' Locker Room when they first heard it.


Their excited chatter, about tomorrow's football game, died away.

"What the heck was...?" one of the girls began to ask.

Only to be interrupted by a much louder repetition of that unearthly moan.


"It's coming from in there!" exclaimed a second girl, pointing at the unoccupied locker.

Claire-Ysabel had grown up as the only daughter in a family of seven. So, she had been quite the feisty tomboy all through elementary school! That feistiness now resurfaced as a firm resolve to open the door, to that moaning locker, without any further hesitation. Yet, even she could not help gasping at the sight of the naked man who subsequently fell out of it and on to the floor.

A naked man who also began to shrink before their very eyes!

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