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Giantess Deeane studies and dates tiny men, black humour

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Published: November 21 2011 Updated: November 21 2011
Story Notes:

i'm not much into Giantess stuff. Or it would be better to say, that i was not much into it before i have known about Giantess Deeane. Actually i got know of Her as of Humiliatrix Miss Deeane first (i am more into femdom stuff indeed). But as i could not stop searching any new info about lovely Deeane finally i found out that Miss Deeane is Giantess! And it made such a great impression on me that i suddenly got an inspiration to write some stories about Deeane as Giantess. So i did (3 stories at the moment here're 2 of them) and after that i dared to send these stories to Her Highness Deeane by Email. To my surprise and great pleasure Her Highness paid attention to my writing and even said some nice words in reply. And now under kindly permittion of Her Highness Giantess Deeane i dare to present these stories to public at large. Please, take these as black humour stories. Sorry for my English is rather poor, so the humour may work not well, but  English is not my native language. 

1. Chapter 1 by Deeane_s_pet [Reviews - 4] (566 words)