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"Twenty years later, word did reach the ears of the good Duke Stepanovich (heir to the throne of Galich-Volhynia) of a warrior woman called the Wild Huntress. Of her leadership of a band of club-wielding outlaws known as the Kylfings. And, of their depredations against the Teutonic Knights (assimilators of the Sword-brethren)."

"Alas! I do not have space enough left to fully detail how he did win her love while besting her. Of how their son Ilsing did grow up and finally learn of his true heritage from the shade of his maternal grandmother (who did help him capture the Black Swan of the Underworld, in order to win him the hand-in-marriage of Thora Modisdottir). Of how his own daughter did finally manifest the power of self-giantism 'pon reaching adulthood."

"Nor, of how she did use this power ('pon visiting the ruins of Jomsborg) to carve a giant stone coffin for her great-grandfather. As his return, to this world, had been prophesied to Ilsing by Queen Kara's shade."

It was at this point that Prince Holgar did complete his translation of the runes. At the same time, Svyatogor did smile, most strangely.

"She waits for me," he muttered: "But, before I go, I must bequeath what is left of my power to you."

Skogul did look at him, in puzzlement.

"Father...?" she began. Only to be gently shushed by a right fingertip to her lips. He then kissed her on the forehead, before placing the thumb of each hand upon it.

The invisible energy that did pass from him to her, in this manner, was such that it made the Valkyrie giantess tremble. Nay! "Shudder" would be the more apt term. For, Prince Holgar and I did nearly fall, from her right-hand's palm, to the ground far below. Yet, somehow, she did manage to hold on to us until she slowly fell to the ground, herself, on both knees.

As such, Prince Holgar and I were only slightly bereft of wind upon impact with the ground. Yet, at the same time, Svyatogor did stagger and fall backward into the stone coffin. Landing flat on his back!

Upon finally perceiving this, Skogul did collapse even further. Resting her head upon her left arm while weeping her eyes out. This act of sorrow, in turn, did cause Prince Holgar and I to forthwith start running about. As, from our vantage point, each of Skogul's teardrops were more like liquid boulders!!

Eventually, however, she did exhaust her reservoir of tears. Whereupon, she did slowly place the rune-inscribed lid back atop the coffin.

"What now, Milady?" I did formally inquire. For, even though Jomsborg was no more, still was she jarl, now.

She looked downward at us.

"My father did give you his word that we would help you see the Danish prince home. So, I will honor his word. But, make no mistake! Once we reach the southern-most borders of Denmark, there shall I leave you two. For, somewhere, I have a nephew and grandniece I have never known. And, they are truly the only family I have left."

To be (finally/really/truly) concluded
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