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Author's Chapter Notes:

Rob is about to learn the rules the hard way. Unwilling character.

Dine in Only


A Forbidden Dish tale


“Welcome to Forbidden dish, I’m Kara,” The Hostess said to the nervous looking couple at the door, “First time here?”


They nodded, but were still looking around like lost tourists.


“So, uh, is it true?”  Rob asked. Kara could hear nervous excitement in his voice, “Do you really have shrink machines that actually work?”


Rob had giantess fantasies since he was a kid. He found out about Forbidden dish through one of the websites he frequented. They showed a clip of a reporter visiting the restaurant and eating a tiny man. At first he though it was a fake (a surprisingly well made fake but a fake none the less), but he found the restaurant’s website and reviews from customers. Many of the vore fans on his favorite site had not posted in months after saying they were going to check it out. Rob wasn’t into vore, but he couldn’t resist the chance to actually be shrunk for real. He had to talk a really good game to convince Isabella to actually take him to check it out. She still had her reservations.


“Sure do,” Kara answered with practice. She pointed to a nearby table where tiny men were sitting in bowls “See for yourself.”


Isabella elbowed Rob, “You were right! It’s not a hoax!”


Rob stared in awe at the tiny men. He watched the women pick them up. It was a dream come true to see so many women holding tiny men. Then, he saw them put them in their mouths and swallow.


Rob winced.


He’d almost forgot that this place was a restaurant.


“Would you like a table?” Kara asked.


“Please,” Rob said.




After they were seated they went over their “plan of attack”.


“Let’s go to the club upstairs and dance first,” Isabella said.


“You know I hate dancing,” Rob said.


“Come on,” Isabella said, “I came all this way for your thing, the least you can do is pretend to enjoy a dance,”


Rob rolled his eyes, “Fine,” There was no arguing with her logic.


The music was actually very good. They varied it constantly rather than play one genre to death. The air felt like it was energized. As they danced Rob was shocked to realize that he was having a good time. He stared down into Isabella’s eyes. Better enjoy this while I can. Rob was shocked to realize that they were on the floor for an hour.


“Shall we?” Rob asked holding out his arm.


“Let’s,” Isabella said taking it.


Rob had to sign a consent form before he could get in line. He eagerly signed it and nearly ran to the line in the back of the restaurant. The line wasn’t too long and they were staring at the booth before they knew it. Rob ran his hand across the cool glass. This was too good to be true.


“Welcome to the shrinking booth,” The operator said, “I take it you are the one that will be shrunk?” She asked looking at Rob. He nodded, “Ok then, please step inside the booth. Watch your hands. Good. Keep them to the side like that while I close this,” Rob could hear the pneumatic hiss as the door was pulled down and the final sounding click of the lock. He was actually nervous now.


“Now, this is really important, k?” The operator said, “This is your last chance to reconsider. Are you sure you want to do this?”


“We crossed three state lines to get here. I’m as sure of this as I am of anything,” Rob said.


“K then,” The operator said. She pushed the button and a bright light pierced Rob’s eyes. It didn’t feel like a long time, and he didn’t feel any different. He heard a hiss that sounded like it was coming from all around him. As he tried to regain his vision he felt warm flesh surround him. I can’t believe this is real. He was actually in Isabella’s hand! They both stared at each other for a few minutes drinking in the reality of the situation.


The operator cleared her throat. Embarrassed they realized that they were holding up the line.


“Sorry,” Isabella said as they slowly headed back to the restaurant. She sat Rob on the table so he would have time to recompose himself, “Look at that Rob. The silverware is real silver! It’s so heavy!” She grabbed a menu, “Wow! We are definitely not eating here!” she said staring at the prices, “We’ll find something on the road, that is, unless I change my mind and decide to have you as an appetizer,” She gave a wicked smile. Rob Shuddered.


“Don’t even joke like that!” Rob said frightened.


“Who says I’m joking?” she asked still smiling. Isabella picked Rob up and licked her lips. She slowly brought him to her mouth.


“This isn’t funny Isabella!” Rob yelled as he screamed and struggled to get out of her hand, but she paid him no mind.


“No! Please! Nooo! Rob yelled. As he got closer he closed his eyes and turned away. Isabella kissed him repeatedly and smiled.


“Sorry sweetie, couldn’t resist. You looked so helpless,” she said putting him back down on the table. He stared at her too stunned to speak, “You didn’t think I’d actually do it did you?” A look of concern crossed her face, “I would never do anything to hurt you,” Rob knew it was true, but really seeing his giant girlfriend bringing him to her mouth and fantasizing about it were two entirely different animals. As happy as he was he couldn’t help but be scared.


“I know,” he said, “but try to see it from my view. There’s nothing I could do to stop you,”


“I know isn’t it great?” she said smiling, “I thought you liked that part. The lack of control,”


“It’s different in the fantasy,” Rob said, “If  I don’t want to play I can just stop, but now, if you wanted to eat me I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it,”


“You’re right, I could totally just toss you into my mouth and swallow and you’d be unable to stop me,” Isabella said getting a little thrill from his nervous shiver, “But you also know I love you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. How about this? I promise I won’t  eat you or threaten to eat you again,”


“Pinky swear on it?” Rob said walking closer to her.


“You know, you’re about the size of my pinky right now,” Isabella said holding out her pinky for comparison, “but sure, pinky swear,” She nearly knocked him over with her finger as she brought it down to him. They both laughed about this and the tension seemed to finally break.



“Feeling better sweetie?” Isabella asked. She knew he hated vore but had to pick on him after he had dragged her all the way out here. She didn’t know it would freak him out this much, and she was starting to feel bad about it, “About ready to head out?” She lowered her hand onto the table, “Just climb on and we’ll head home,”


Rob nodded, “No funny stuff though,” he said as he timidly climbed into her hand. He still had a hard time getting his mind around the fact that he was able to fit in her palm. He couldn’t wait to get home and find out where else he could fit.


Isabella headed to the door with Rob in her hand. She was reaching into her purse for her car keys when the bouncer stopped her just short of the exit. He was a large solemn man with a strong resemblance to Tony Todd. She recognized him from when he carded them when they came in and smiled politely at him.


“Excuse me ma’am, but this is a dine in only establishment. No “to go” orders allowed,”


“W-what?” Isabella asked completely baffled by his statement, “I didn’t order anything,” The bouncer eyed Rob.


“What do you call that?”


“Uh, my boyfriend,” she said impatiently. Her smile completely vanished. She tried to step around the bouncer but he sidestepped and completely blocked the door, “What are you doing? Let us out!”


She might as well have asked the wall to step aside. It would’ve gotten the same results. She tried to shove past him. Without looking like he was exerting any effort he put out one hand and blocked her.


“Company policy ma’am, no outside food comes in and no inside food goes out,” he said calmly.


“Inside f-“ she stopped and tried to compose herself, “This is my boyfriend, not a leftover prawn!”


“He went into the booth voluntarily right?” Isabella nodded.


“Signed the papers too?” She nodded again.


“I don’t see your p-“


“The form he filled out explained in explicit detail, that once he signs the papers and is shrunk he is considered property of the restaurant,”


“We didn’t know that!” she yelled.


“Not my problem lady,” he said calmly.


Isabella had to fight to keep from exploding. In her anger she didn’t realize that she nearly crushed Rob until he yelled out. She quickly released her grip, stiffly walked away from the bouncer, and approached one of the servers.


“Excuse me miss, but I don’t want to eat my boyfriend and-“ Isabella started.


“Changed your mind huh?” the server asked. She had a nameplate that said Danielle, “I’ll take care of that for you right away,” She reached for Rob but Isabella pulled back.


“Can’t I just carry him until we get back to the booth?” she asked.


Danielle looked confused, “He’s not going back to the booth. All shrunken men who are returned are resold to somebody who wants them,” She explained.


“You don’t understand,” Isabella said, “He doesn’t want to be eaten. We just want to go home, but the bouncer won’t let us,”


“I’m really sorry, but we don’t do reverses. Once a customer is shrunk there’s no going back, and we’re not permitted to let them leave the store. Either you eat him or someone else will,” Danielle told her. Despite the cruelty of the message she did look legitimately sorry to say it.


“This can’t be legal,” Isabella said, “How can you do this to a human being?”


“The restaurant has a unique license,” Danielle said, “People are allowed to be shrunk only if they are willing and sign the waver without coercion, and it is only legal in this building. If we let you leave with him it will start all kinds of legal trouble for us,”


Unable to put her newfound rage into words Isabella stormed over to a nearby table and sat down. Everybody in the restaurant was staring at her, but she didn’t care. They could all go rot for all she cared. Bunch of sickos.


“What do we do now?” Rob asked.


“I don’t know! Why did we have to come here in the first place?” She shot back. She felt him try to make himself smaller to get away from her and realized she yelled, “Sorry, but I don’t know what to do. We can’t just attack the bouncer and run out, and technically, we did this to ourselves,”


“Let’s be honest,” Rob said hanging his head, “I did it to us, and if the only way for you to get out of here is to eat me then I guess-“


Isabella let out a shocked scream as her back was hit suddenly with something very cold. She turned around angrily and saw a petite young woman scrambling to put ice in her fallen glass.


“I’m so sorry! I must have tripped,” she said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.


“You should watch where you’re going!” Isabella snapped. The young lady looked like she was about to burst into tears (she barely looked like she cleared five feet, and looked awfully young, but considering the bouncer let her in she had to be at least in her twenties.) Isabella sighed, placed Rob on the table, and helped the girl pick up the ice, “I’m sorry I yelled. Got a lot of personal stuff going on right now. Please don’t cry. It’s just water. It’ll dry real quick,”


“I-I didn’t m-mean to-“ the girl started, voice shaking.


“No, no, it’s alright really. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me today,” Isabella said.


“Oh, what happened?” the girl asked as she wiped the fog from her glasses.


“We came here because my boyfriend wanted to be shrunk, but he didn’t want to be eaten. We found out after,” Isabella really stressed the word after, “he was shrunk that even if someone changes their minds afterwards they can’t leave or be brought back to normal size,”


“If they don’t let them go then what do they do with them?” the girl asked.


“They resell them,” Isabella said.


“Even if they don’t want to be eaten?” The girl asked shocked.




“How awful. I can’t imagine what that would be like,” the girl said. She looked sad and sympathetic. It was the first friendly face Isabella had seen in this whole ordeal, so once they’d cleaned up the ice she invited her to sit with them while they weighed their options.


“Well, we’ve ruled out making a run for it,” Isabella said, “So I either have to eat you or give you to the servers,” She stared at Rob. Can I even do it?


“Have you ever eaten anyone?” She asked the girl.


“Only twice,” she said blushing.


“How hard is it?” Isabella asked.


“It depends,” The girl answered, “It can be really dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you tense up you can break their bones or choke on them,” Rob turned green.


“I can’t put Rob through that!” Isabella said.


“You could give him to one of the servers,” the girl told her, “They are all pros at it by now,” Isabella looked at the servers. They were all so beautiful. Like, unreal have to be airbrushed beautiful. One of them (she had a name tag that said Lindsay) walked by the table and winked (she was winking at the girl, but Isabella held Rob a little closer and made an unfriendly face anyway)


Isabella muttered a word not worth repeating under her breath.


“There’s no way I’m giving them the satisfaction,” Isabella said.


“I guess that leaves putting him up for resale,” the girl said.


“What about you?” Isabella asked the girl.


“Huh?” the girl asked.


“I know I can’t do it, I don’t want the servers to do it, and a complete stranger is outright unthinkable,” Isabella said, “You seem nice enough, and you have experience, plus that’s why you came here right? So,” she trailed off.


“I don’t know, I just came here with my friends,” The girl said pointing to two girls and two guys across the room talking and laughing.


“Come on please? You’d be doing us a big favor,” Isabella said.


“Well,” The girl blushed, “If that’s what you want, I guess I could,”


“Don’t I get a say in this?” Rob yelled out.


“No, really, I think it’s the only way,” Isabella said to the girl completely ignoring Rob, “Just be gentle ok?”


The girl timidly took the protesting Rob from Isabella’s hand, “Of course, I don’t want to hurt him,”


“Are you going to do it right here?” Isabella asked.


“I can’t,” The girl said, “I’m too nervous with all these people around. I think it would be best if I take him to one of the private rooms. That way we have time to talk and can do it when he is ready,”


“Then I’ll come with you,” Isabella said getting up from her chair.


“Oh, ok, but don’t you think that would be harder on both of you?” The girl asked, “Do you really want to watch me swallow your boyfriend?”


Isabella thought about it for a minute. No, I suppose you’re right. That would be too hard to watch. She bent over and kissed Rob on the head.


“Goodbye Rob. I love you,” she said as she turned away.


“No please! You can’t do this, there has to be another way!” Rob yelled as the girl slowly walked to the private rooms. Isabella didn’t look up again. She had her face buried in her hands and her back to them, “Please take me back to her. I’m not ready,” Rob begged the girl. She ignored him. When they were out of the dining area she began to skip happily along the hall where the private rooms were looking for an empty sign. It was a busy night and many of the rooms said occupied, but they found one in the back. Rob felt like he was on a powerful rollercoaster.


She closed the door and locked it behind her. The doors worked much like restroom doors on an airplane. When she turned the lock it activated the occupied sign outside. When his stomach caught back up to him Rob began to cry out.


“Take it easy! That was very painful!”


She placed him on a table and smiled. There wasn’t much furniture in the room. There was a simple table, a chair, a love seat, and a dancing pole. There was a drain in the center of the floor and it looked like they hosed the place regularly. She stood at the edge of the table staring down at him with a very disturbed grin on her face.


“Please, take me back to Isabella. I don’t want to do this,” he called up to her.


“Do what?” She asked.


“I don’t want you to eat me,” He answered.


“You don’t?” she asked. She looked hurt, “Why not?”


“What kind of person would want to be eaten?” Rob yelled out.


“The last guy I ate asked for it, but he wasn’t nearly as fun,” the girl said, “I had to try it once though you know? Just to be sure,” She looked like she was thinking for a while, “If you really don’t want me to eat you then I won’t,” she said after a while.

“Really?” Rob asked.


“Really,” she said.


Rob relaxed. It was like a huge weight had lifted from his shoulders.


“Yeah, I mean what kind of person would eat someone who didn’t want to be eaten?” Rob asked.


“Someone very bad,” the girl said in a low husky voice, “It would be horrible wouldn’t it? To be picked up and swallowed while you kicked and screamed. You’d go right down my throat unable to stop,” while she said this she made a trail with her finger. Rob didn’t like her enthusiasm, “You wouldn’t stop until you reached my stomach. Then you’d be trapped and no matter how hard you struggled there would be no escape. My stomach acids would treat you like any other food,” She rubbed her belly as she said this. Rob heard a low growl from deep within her, “Sorry, I didn’t eat anything all day when I heard we were coming here, unless you count the five antacids I took just before I left. By the way, how long can you hold your breath?” She leaned in and smiled as she asked this.


“Wh-why do you want to know?” Rob was suddenly scared again. He did not like the direction this conversation was heading.


“Oh just curious,” she said, “Does that question bother you?” she asked poking him in the midsection and nearly knocking him off his feet.


“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” he yelled.


She just giggled.


“Please! You can’t do this!” he yelled.


“Do what?” she asked as she maneuvered her hand behind him. When he started looking frightened again she began to shudder and roll her eyes. Her breathing was much heavier too. Is this turning her on? She brought her hand forward raking him towards her, “I’m not doing anything,” She brought him to the edge of the table and pushed him into her other hand. It was a short drop, but it was enough to get his heart beating like crazy.


“You promised Isabella that you’d be gentle!” He yelled.


“Well, this will just be between you and me then won’t it?” she asked. She walked over to the love seat and plopped down. She held him against her roaring belly. The more he struggled the harder her breathing became. Her heart was distant thunder gaining speed. She lifted him up and dangled him above her mouth.


“You said you wouldn’t eat me!” he yelled.


“What makes you think I’m going to?” she asked, “That would be wrong. That would be bad,” She shuddered more. As Rob dangled above her mouth she opened wide. He could see past her teeth. Her tongue stretched out like a landing strip. Her uvula bobbed as she shuddered, her hot breath matted his hair and made him sweat. Beyond the uvula there was the downward bend of her throat, and beyond that there was darkness. He couldn’t bring his mind to think about what was in that darkness or how easily he could be sent to find out.


She began to lower him towards her mouth.


“Don’t!” he yelled.


“Don’t what?” she smiled, “I’m not doing anything,” She sat him on her lower jaw with his feet in her mouth. The hot wet tongue played with the back of his legs and inched him to the edge of her lips. He felt like he was going to slip and struggled to find a place to hold on, but she was too powerful.


“Don’t please, no!” He yelled as he backpedalled with his palms.


 She closed her lips around his knees and began to suck. She had her eyes closed and her hands were no longer on him. They were now fumbling with her skirt as she sucked him waist deep in the hot tight confines of her mouth.


“Please, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t do this to me!” he cried out.


“A little privacy please?” she said around his legs before sucking his whole body into her mouth. He was in the hot wet darkness struggling to remember which way was up as she tossed him around with her tongue. He could feel his feet sliding towards the edge. Rob groped desperately for something to hold onto, but everything he touched was slippery. Her breathing began to quicken and Rob felt himself slip. The tongue forced him to the roof of her mouth and before he could react he was pulled down sharply. It felt like something had grabbed his ankles and yanked him down.


Rob was being squeezed from all sides and forced in a downward motion. He gasped for air and struggled to form a wedge with his arms and legs, but it was no use. Nothing he did stopped his downward journey.  Her heart was louder on this side. It was like a Taiko drum. After a long battle that left him tired and weak the tightness increased until he heard a pop and was suddenly freefalling. The fall didn’t last long before he landed on wrinkly wet flesh and felt it close around him. He tried to stand but it was no use. Every surface moved and shook and there was no way to find stability. Liquid began to fill any space that Rob hadn’t filled himself. He was surprised to realize that it didn’t burn. He pounded on the walls and fought for as long as he could. Why? Why would she do this?


He could hear her breathing continue to quicken outside as well as the hammering of her heart, which now felt like it flowed through him. Moans reverberated through her growing faster and more frequent as he pounded on the walls desperately looking for a way out.


Whatever she was doing she finished quickly. He heard her heartbeat even out and her breathing start to regulate after about a minute. He could feel her movement, but had no idea what she was doing. Rob was still trying to decide if now was the moment to bless or curse his drownproofing courses he had to take while he was a lifeguard. Try to get to the surface! With a little work he found what he assumed was up and began to swim, but when he reached the “top” he found no airspace.


Rob’s stopped working when he realized that the girl was talking. His heart leapt when he recognized the other voice Isabella! He knew he couldn’t cry out, but he had to get her attention somehow. He began pounding violently on the stomach walls. I’ve got to let Isabella know I’m still here. He redoubled his efforts as their conversation continued, but after a while the muffled sounds of their conversation ceased. Nononono! Go back! Go back! He heard other voices that he didn’t recognize accompanied by giggling. His strength waned as he began to lose consciousness.





Isabella sat down at the table with her face in her hands and didn’t move. Even though she knew the girl was better qualified she really wished she’d had the courage to swallow Rob herself. At least she wouldn’t hurt him and it would probably be over quickly. She was glad he didn’t have to suffer. After what felt like forever the girl finally came back by the table. She looked sad and solemn.


Isabella could barely face her.


“So, you did it?” Isabella asked. The girl nodded, “I’m sorry I made you do my dirty work,”


“I understand,” the girl said, “Rob understood why you couldn’t do it. He said it was for the best and told me to tell you he loved you,”


Isabella had to fight back tears, “Thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you,”


The girl nodded shyly and walked over to her friends. It was just the girls now. The two guys that were with them must have shared Rob’s fate. It didn’t hit her until she grabbed her purse that in all the confusion she never asked the girl’s name. She went to talk to her again but her table was empty. She and her friends had already left. With nothing keeping her there Isabella left the restaurant without talking to anybody else and prepared herself for the long drive home.




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