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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is probably the closest I get to a willing story. F/m willing/reluctant.

Skittles and Bran


Bran woke with a groan to a light pressure on his torso.


“Happy birthday Bran!” Skittles said. She was straddling him and leaning down. Her large blue eyes were wide with excitement and only inches from his own. She was wearing one of his button up shirts (it had gotten cold that night) Bran turned and looked at the clock. When it finally came into focus he groaned.


“Six in the morning?” He sighed. Part of the reason he was glad his birthday was on a Saturday was he could finally sleep in. Considering everything that had happened in the past year he figured he deserved it, but Skittles couldn’t wait one second longer. She’d been holding it in all week (for her that was a long time to keep a secret.)


“Come on. Up! Up! Up!” she sang as she gently drummed on his chest.


“Let me sleep a little longer. The sun’s not even up, why should I be?”


“You don’t want to sleep your whole birthday away!” She said handing him a brochure she had set on the bedside, “Especially if I’m going to take you here for dinner tonight,”


“Where’s here?” He was still having trouble focusing.


“Forbidden Dish. They do that thing you like,” she said casually.


That thing I like? What food would be worth getting this exited over?


“You’re going to have to be more specific,”


“You know, vore,” She leaned in again, “I rented out a big private room. They’re usually used for parties, but I got it just for the two of us!”


Bran was completely awake now. He stared at the brochure. He looked confused and a bit angry. That was not the reaction Skittles expected.


“What do you mean they “do vore”?” Bran asked.


“They have shrinking machines!” She pointed to the info on the brochure, “I’m going to make your fantasy come true!” The bottom half of her shirt buttons was undone. She began to slowly rub her belly, “By tonight you will be in here. Happy birthday,”


“You just made reservations for something like this without asking me first?”


“Well, yeah, I wanted it to be a surprise,” Skittles said as she slid off of Bran and lay down next to him in the bed. She smiled at him as her brown hair cascaded over the pillow.


“This isn’t the kind of thing you just spring on someone!” He sat up and flipped through the brochure, “How is this even real? It can’t be! How did you find this?”


“You left the tv on last week and I saw it on the news,” She shrugged, “I was just going to write you a song, but when I saw this I had to check it out. It’s real! The place is amazing!”


“How could you do this?” Bran yelled. He was now pacing and flailing his arms when he talked. Skittles had seen him mad before, but not this mad, “You didn’t think it would be important to tell me you were arranging something that will kill me?”


“It’s your fantasy! I thought you’d be happy,” She came up behind him and hugged him.


“I’m just barely getting used to the idea that it’s possible. I still need time to decide whether or not I actually want to do this,” Bran said. He was trying not to be too angry. Her heart was in the right place.


“Well, take all the time you need. You have all day, or at least until six pm,” She faltered a little. This wasn’t going the way she planned, “I had to reserve the room,”


Bran shrugged her off his shoulders and sat back on the bed, “I know you’re impulsive, but this is insane,”


“That’s what you always say, but everything always works out doesn’t it?” Skittles said.


“Oh no, this is different! This is way different! When you wanted to learn how to use a gun and nearly gave me the Dick Chaney treatment I said I almost died, when you got us lost in Istanbul I said we might get killed, when you signed us up for skydiving lessons without telling me I said it could be dangerous, but this, this will, not may, will kill me,”


A hurt look suddenly crossed Skittles’s face. Bran had never seen her like that before.


“You’re right, It is different!” She was on the verge of tears, “When I wanted to learn to use a gun I was curious to find out what the big deal was, when we got lost in Istanbul I was trying to find out why it was no longer Constantinople (nobody would tell me by the way. Apparently it’s nobody’s business but the Turks), when I signed us up for skydiving lessons I wanted to find out what it was like to freefall completely unattached to the world, but this, this I did just. For. You. You just don’t know how to be happy do you?” She asked as she ran out of the bedroom and slammed the door. He heard her open and slam the door to her music room as he sat on the bed. Do I know how to be happy? Have I said yes to any of her ideas? He could hear her guitar in the other room. She had it tuned in drop D. Crunchy angry sounds were blasting from the other room even with the padding they’d put up to deaden the noise.


Bran thought back on Skittles and his year of marriage. Bran’s friend, Steve, had talked him into going to a club. He didn’t drink or dance and the night was shaping up to be miserable. He spent most of the time sitting alone at one of the far tables drinking a six-dollar soda (if you didn’t buy alcohol your drinks were ridiculous). He was staring into his glass thinking about what he could be doing if he wasn’t here when he heard the scrape of wood on the cement floor. He looked up and there she was smiling at him.


He’d seen her up on the stage earlier singing for the band “Who Bit Fluffy?” but he had no idea why she sat at his table. She asked him why he looked so sad and he told her that these kinds of places weren’t his thing. They weren’t hers either. Since their band was still just starting out they needed gigs like this though.


“I could use some fresh air. Want to go for a walk?” she asked.


“Um, ok,” Bran said, “What about your band?”


“They’ll be ok,” apparently she did this all the time. They walked down the street talking and joking. For the first time in forever Bran had actually felt happy. They came across a Unification Church as they were walking and Skittles (not her name at the time) was curious about what they actually did in there. Bran didn’t have any interest. They kind of creeped him out.  Bran was a devout Christian and was afraid they’d make him drink the special punch. Not wanting to mess up his first decent date in a long time he eventually broke down and went in with her. To both of their shock the church was conducting a mass wedding that day. Bran said it didn’t count, but Skittles took it as a sign. While it wasn’t legally binding Skittles still considered it the official day they were married and not the day two weeks later when they appeared before a judge.


By then she had already legally changed her name to Skittles, “Who names their child Prudence anyway?” she asked wrinkling her nose at her former name. She closed her eyes and decided the first thing she saw would decide her new name. It could’ve been worse, Bran decided, at least her new name fit her personality. He was surprised to find out that before she moved in with him on their wedding night she had never owned a TV. She still didn’t care to watch it. She preferred more active hobbies. Her band was steadily growing in popularity but only locally. Between Bran’s job as a code monkey for a local news channel’s website and the steadily growing success of Skittles’s band they were able to afford a small house. They had a longer commute to get to work, but Skittles could practice without bothering neighbors.


One day while Bran was watching TV, Skittles jumped on the couch next to him,


“Let’s go to Istanbul!” she said excitedly.


“Ok, when?” Bran asked. He was sure he had vacation hours available, since they were cumulative and he never really went anywhere.


“Now,” She said as if it was obvious.


“Seriously?” Bran asked, “We can’t just up and head off to another country!”


“Why not?” she asked. They both already had passports, but Bran was concerned about his job. Skittles wore him down and he called his boss. She was thrilled that he was actually going to take a break and approved a two-week long vacation. It wasn’t until they were there that he found out Skittles had no plan. She wasn’t visiting family and neither of them spoke the local language. He was mad at the time but looking back on it now he realized he had never had an adventure like that in his life.


As the year progressed he found out that this was the norm for Skittles, not the exception. She did whatever popped into her head and never once thought that it might not work out, and dragged Bran kicking and screaming along with her.


He had finally told her about his fantasy a few months ago. She was very enthusiastic in role-playing it with him. He figured it was mainly because it was finally something he showed interest in.


He sat on the bed for a few minutes thinking about how hectic the year had been, but also how he’d had more fun in that one year than the rest of his life combined. If it were possible I would want it to be her. It is my fantasy after all. How can the rest of my life ever top this one year?


Skittles stopped playing as Bran slowly opened the door. She had been crying.


“You’d really do this for me?” he asked.


“Of course I would,” she said, “If it will make you happy,”


“B, but you’re a vegetarian,” It had been hard for Bran to adjust to that too.


“It’s different,” she explained, “I have your consent,” her mood seemed to be getting lighter.


“We have a lot to talk about if we’re going to do this,”


Skittles put her guitar down and tackled Bran in an over enthusiastic hug. They planned out what they wanted to do and made love as many times as they could. They talked until it was time to go. Bran put on jeans and a t-shirt that had a picture of a slice of pizza with a frightened face on it that said, “Please don’t eat me, I love you!” in bubble letters. He figured it was fitting. Skittles wore skinny jeans and a “Who Bit Fluffy?” shirt (she had a change of clothes for when they started, but it wasn’t “street appropriate”)


As they got in the car Skittles put a CD in the player. Bran recognized the style as “Who Bit Fluffy?” but didn’t know the song.


“What’s this?” Bran asked.


“Your other birthday present,” Skittles smiled, “I call it “Delicious Bran,” “


Bran was moved, “I’m sorry I won’t be around for your birthday,” He said.


“Don’t be silly, you’ll still be with me,” She said leaning on his shoulder as he drove, “We’ll be closer than we are now. I’ll find something special to do and say it’s from you,”




Skittles was right. The restaurant was amazing. The hostess smiled as they approached.


“Dufresne six o clock,” Skittles said.


“Oh yes, Brandon and uh, Skittles?” She looked to Skittles for confirmation. She nodded, “The previous party is running a little long. If you want I can seat you until the rest of your party arrives,”


“It’s just us,” Skittles said.


“Oh, I’m sorry I just assumed you had a big group if you reserved the party room,”


“Nah, just a special occasion, well that and I didn’t like the vibe of the private rooms,” Skittles said.


“Ok then, booths are over there, and your server will get you the paperwork. Thank you for visiting Forbidden Dish,”


A woman with green hair and pants made out of old t-shirts patched together seated them. She Recognized Skittles and let out a squeal of excitement before she could stop herself.


“I’m sorry, we’re not supposed to do that when we have celebrities, but I’m a huge fan!”


“Celebrities?” Skittles asked. She never thought of herself as famous, “I don’t know about that, but thanks! Ooh nice pants!”


“Thanks, I made them myself,” she said, “My name’s Adela and if there’s anything you need just let me know,” She handed Bran a stack of papers, “These are yours, be sure to read them k? You’re so lucky,”


Bran smiled at Skittles, “I know,” He reached across the table and took her hand.


“I’ll be over there if you need anything,” Adela sad as she left.


As Bran read the papers he became increasingly nervous. He was one of the only people he knew that could read and understand an entire user license agreement. He decided not to tell Skittles what he found. It may take the fun out of the occasion for her. He kept staring at her mouth as she smiled at him. The part of him that wanted this was thrilled to think he would be in there shortly, the other part (the rational part) was still trying to figure out why that exited him and warn him that the later part of this would be painful. He had no time for rationality though. Lately it had only gotten in the way of a good time. He was ready. Besides, if I chicken out now, I’ll always wonder how it would have been.


He was thorough in his reading and deliberate when he signed. He handed the paperwork to Adela and walked hand in hand with Skittles to the booth.


“I don’t usually work down here,” Adela said, “Most the time I’m upstairs at the club, but on weeknights we have a smaller staff. I’m glad they put me down here though. Just back right in here k?” She said as she guided Bran into the booth, “Now, I’m going to shut the door. Keep your hands to your sides k?” She shut and locked the door.


Everyone got quiet. Bran’s breathing echoed in the booth.


“Now, this is very serious k?” Adela said standing near the button, “This is your last chance to back out before I shrink you. Are you sure about this?”


Bran thought for a minute. Being in the booth made it scarier. This wasn’t a role-play. When it was over so was he.



He looked at Skittles, “I’m ready,” Adela pushed the button and everything went white.


“Is it safe to pick him up?” Skittles asked.


“Yeah, just be careful, he’s probably dizzy,” Adela said. Skittles gently lifted him to her face.


“Hey sweetie, you ok?” she asked. Bran was too stunned to answer. It was all so much to take in, but when she started looking worried he finally spoke up.


“I’m alright! I’m alright! He yelled. Relieved, she went to the podium and talked to the hostess.


“Sorry, it may still be about thirty minutes. If you don’t want to wait today you can come back in two days. The room is completely clear all day, and you’re already paid up,”


“But it’s his birthday,” Skittles said holding bran up.


“Ooh, you already shrunk him,” the hostess said, “Guess it’ll have to be today anyway. Well better get comfortable. Sorry for the inconvenience,”


They went back to their table to wait. Adela got a small dip bowl for Bran to sit in and made small talk with Skittles since there weren’t too many active tables.


“Sorry your birthday present’s so lame Bran,” Skittles said.


“Oh no no no! It’s not lame. I don’t mind waiting. It gives me more time with you,” To be honest having time to see how big she was and how easily she could just swallow him now without him being able to do anything to stop her kind of scared him. The sooner they could get things done the easier it would be.


“So, you design your own clothes?” Skittles asked Adela.


“Yeah, I have my portfolio in my boss’s office. Want to see it?”


“Sure! One sec Bran,” They both walked off leaving Bran alone in his bowl.


“Wait!’ he called out to them, but they were already too far away to hear him. Adela went into the office and brought out a spiral bound book. Adela and Skittles sat at the bar and looked through the book talking excitedly. Bran couldn’t hear what they said. Skittles was easily distracted and Bran worried she might forget what they were there for.


Suddenly, the bar TV went to a commercial Advertizing vacations in Puerto Rico. Skittles stared at the commercial and asked the bar tender something. He answered her and she looked annoyed. She said something to Adela and walked past the podium and out the front door. Please tell me she didn’t decide to go to Puerto Rico!


Adela was working her way towards bran when suddenly three tables opened up. She turned and greeted her new patrons completely forgetting Bran. All he could do was wait. After a while a young woman who had been writing at a nearby table walked up to him.


“Why do you look so sad?” she asked.


“I think my wife forgot about me,” Bran said.


“How awful,” She sounded really sympathetic, “How could she even do something like that?” Without being invited she slid the chair back and sat down in front of him. She kept glancing up at Adela making sure she wasn’t watching. Bran had a bad feeling about this.


“So, you, uh, come here often?” He asked nervously.


“Oh yes, more and more lately. It’s a nice quiet place to write,” The shine of the light made it impossible to see her eyes through her glasses.


She was leaning into his personal space making him even more uncomfortable. A shark tooth necklace dangled from her neck as she leaned forward. The teeth jingled while she moved.


“You want to get out of here?” She asked, “I can’t stand the thought that you’re here all alone. She smiled sweetly.


“I, I think I should wait, you know, just in case Skittles shows up,” Bran said.


“Suit yourself, but if she’s not back soon you’ll be taken when they clear the tables,”


“Really?” Bran asked.


“You read the contract right?”


“Yeah,” Then it hit him, “If Skittles doesn’t eat me they’ll resell me won’t they?”


“Exactly,” She slowly reached into the bowl. Her fingers were wrapping around him and Adela was too far away to hear him if he cried out.


“You can’t do this!” he yelled.


“Do what?” she asked as she lifted him from the bowl, “I’m not doing anything,”


“Oh good you’re still here. You wouldn’t believe the line at the QuickieShop,” Skittles said from behind the woman. The strange woman gently placed Bran back into his bowl.


“I, I was just,” the woman began shyly.


“Thanks for looking out for my husband while I was gone,” Skittles said smiling. The strange woman mumbled something and backed away.


“I’m glad you got here when you did. I think she was trying to steal me,” Bran said.


“No way, I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you,” Skittles said as she picked him up from the bowl.


“I thought you had run off to Puerto Rico,” he said.


“Why would you think that? I saw the drink the woman in the commercial was drinking and decided I wanted a Freezee, but they don’t sell those here. I went to a nearby QuickieShop and bought one, but would you believe they wouldn’t let me bring it in here?” She said this like it was the most absurd thing she’d ever heard.


“That’s kind of normal at most restaurants,” Bran said.


“Really? That’s stupid,” Skittles said. The Hostess told them that the room was finally open and they entered it. Most of the time it was only used by the owner and very wealthy patrons. A trip to Forbidden Dish was expensive enough. The room had green felt lined card tables, plush couches, a small personal bar and it’s own jukebox/CD player/mixing table. Not to mention a large heavy oak dinner table with Matching chairs.


“Skittles, exactly how much did you spend on this?” Bran asked.


“I’ll put you right here while I get ready,” she said totally evading the question. She placed him on one of the card tables. She kicked off her shoes and slid out of her jeans and t-shirt. Underneath she had a leopard print bikini.


“Ok, I’m going to put on three songs and put you on the floor. I won’t chase you until the first song ends, and I won’t really try to catch you until the second song ends. I want to give you a little fun before it’s over, but I doubt you’ll make it through the first verse of the third song. After I start the songs we’re officially in character and I’m not stopping, so if you have anything to say before we start say it now,”


“Thank you for going all out like this,” Bran said nervously, “I just want to say thank you for all the things you talked me into doing. I regret nothing and I love you,”


“Aww, I love you too Bran, now get to running. I expect you to make me work for my supper,” She gently placed him on the floor. It was brightly colored casino style carpeting, but the fibers were small and tight. He had no trouble running on it as she walked to the jukebox and programmed the first two songs. She slid a CD into the player after she was done and stood facing the player as the first song started.


Appropriately enough it was “Run Like Hell” He rolled his eyes as he ran. Figures.


He made it to one of the card tables. They were solid rounded fixtures without legs set up in a general kidney shape. By the time Waters had said


“They’re gonna send you home to mother in a cardboard box”


Bran had ducked behind the table and was trying to catch his breath. When the song ended Skittles yelled,


“Ready or not here I come!” Even without shoes her footfalls sounded heavy.


The second song was “One Way or Another,” A guilty pleasure for Bran since when he was a child he misheard Deborah Harry saying “meetcha” as, “eatcha”. Skittles was quickly approaching. She was running somewhat hunched over looking under the furniture. She spotted him just as Debora Harry was saying,


“And if the lights are all out”


and switched to crawling on all fours as she rushed towards him a smile of triumph on her face. He had to resist the urge to stand and watch her breasts jiggle as she gave chase. I’m fighting for my life. Better focus!


Bran ran to the next table, but Skittles was faster than he was and mock slammed her hand down beside him pretending like she’d missed. He ran the other way and her left hand blocked his path and corralled him.


“Looks like I found a little snack,” She said smiling, but Bran dove past her hand and bolted to another hiding spot, “No fair!” she said as she crawled around the tables trying to figure out where he’d run to.


Bran found a space where the carpet was torn, but he was unable to fit in it. He worked his way to the giant dining table and the forest of chair legs. If he couldn’t outrun her he had to put as many obstacles as he could between the two of them. As Blondie faded out Bran was delighted to hear that the third song was “Delicious Bran”


Skittles finally saw him under the table and reached under the chair legs to get him.


“Come here little guy, I won’t hurtcha,” she said as she stretched her arm as far as she could. There was too much furniture in the way. A sly smile crept across her face and she stood up. She began to lay the chairs on their backs real close to each other. She pushed the wall of chairs tight against the table leaving no opening on that side. She laid the chairs on the other side down the same way creating a narrow tunnel from the head to the foot of the table and crawled in. Bran had no choice but to run the other way. She was right. He didn’t make it past the first verse. By the time Skittles (on the CD) had gotten to,


“Feel it wiggle all the way down, my delicious Bran”


Skittles (the live one) had him in her hands and was giving a triumphant grin.


“You really gave me a workout little guy, but I still win,” Skittles sang the last part as she raised him above her head and slowly lowered him into her mouth.


“No, No! Don’t eat me!” he yelled. She couldn’t tell if he was in character or not, but if he was playing along she’d ruin the whole thing for him if she stopped, so she made a judgment call and dropped him into her mouth. She played with him and felt him wiggle and resist as she moved him around. It was way more exciting than she thought it would be. She felt powerful. Well, it’s now or never. She leaned her head back and swallowed. What do you know? I really can feel it wiggle all the way down!


Bran was in a panic as he was being squeezed down Skittles’s esophagus. Something deep and ancient finally woke up and was telling him he wanted to live! He tried to cry out, but any time he opened his mouth he got saliva in it, so he gave up on yelling and just began flailing as hard as he could in the confines of that tight muscular tube. He landed with a splash in her stomach, which was already filled with a mixture of melted Freezee and stomach acid. He realized with horror that it didn’t matter who’s stomach this was. It was still going to work him over in a horrible way. He swam in the burning liquid holding his useless eyes tightly closed for what little protection his eyelids offered as the world churned around him. He pounded on the walls, when he could find them hoping that she’d notice that he was in distress and had changed his mind about the whole thing.


Skittles rubbed her belly as she felt the delightful flutter her lover made. She decided to stay in the room until she could no longer feel movement so they could have these last few moments alone together. As the fluttering faded she began to put her pants back on. By the time she had her shirt and shoes on there was no more movement. At least he died happy. She took her CD and held it like a sacred relic as she headed out the door.


Adela spotted her on her way out and ran over to her.


“How was it?” she asked.


“Better than I thought it would be,” Skittles said, “I’ll still miss him though,”


Adela put her hand on Skittles’s shoulder, “He’ll always be with you now, and besides, it was his dream right?” she asked.


Skittles nodded, “Probably gonna have to sell the house unless I can find another roommate,”



“How much is it?” Adela asked, “My lease is up in a week anyway.


Skittles smiled and told her the price.


“That’s not bad. Would you mind having an artist as a roommate? I can get a little messy,”


“Only if you don’t mind my practicing at home. It can get loud,” Skittles said. They traded info, “I’m going to Bangladesh wanna come?”


“Where’s that?” Adela asked.


“I don’t know but I bought a ticked for tonight. Figured I’d need to get away for a while,”


“Yeah sure, I get off soon and can just tell Megyhn I’ll be on vacation for a while,”


With a new friend in tow Skittles set off on another adventure.  She would still miss Bran, but she was glad she didn’t have to be alone.


Chapter End Notes:

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