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Author's Chapter Notes:

99% giant men in this chapter.  Again, sorry if that's not your thing.  

Chavi had been in darkness for quite some time.  She did not know how long.  In the darkness of this giant man's crotch, it was impossible to tell time.  The saliva she had gotten stuck to had hardened against the giant scrotum, and she was held firmly in place, surrounded by a forest of hairs flattened by the fabric walls around her.  The walls were moving all the time, as the giant walked, shifting in time with his step.

Since the giant had pulled up his pants, the sound of voices had gradually faded away.  Earlier, Chavi could hear perhaps hundreds of voices crying out, innocent souls trapped in this foulest of prisons.  They had either realized no one was coming to help them or died out. However it had happened, there were no longer voices echoing throughout the God's crotch.  

There was a great shift, and Chavi found herself pressed up against a new piece of flesh-she surmised that it was the God's leg.  

It occurred to her that she could kill herself, end it all right here.  She would be revived back in the City, as though nothing had happened.  Or would she?  Was she close enough that her mind would be sent to the City's computer, or would she be lost forever, never to be heard from again?  It was impossible to tell.  She decided not to test fate.  Besides, there wasn't really any chance of her living for more than another hour around a being as large as this, especially near such a sensitive area.  

"Whatever happens, happens," Chavi muttered to herself.  

Suddenly, the sky fell away, or part of it.  Light shone through the boxers, illuminating Chavi's surroundings.  For the first time, she looked around her, taking in the giant leg for what it was, millions of tons of flesh, muscle, and bone.  It was covered in hairs, each of them about twice as thick around as Chavi was herself. The realization of exactly how tiny she was compared to this man made her shiver.  The thought that she might be the only one left alive on his body made her feel incredibly alone.

The boxers were tugged away shortly thereafter, and Chavi's eyes were drawn upwards.  She saw the man's face, his blue eyes, looking at what appeared to be a computer screen.  His mouth was hanging open.  Chavi snorted.  She wasn't particularly attracted to men-she had had her share, but always alongside a woman, never alone-but she thought that this one was particularly unattractive.  The slack-jawed stare didn't help much.  

Somehow, Chavi had managed to completely ignore the giant erect penis before her this whole time.  Perhaps she had simply blocked it out, unprepared to handle the idea of a penis that big.  Finally, with nothing else left to look at, she turned to face it, got her first real solid good look at it, and fainted.

She came to a moment later when the ground started shaking.  A giant hand had come down out of the heavens and grabbed the shaft.  As Chavi watched, dumbfounded, the hand stroked the cock, slowly at first, then slowly growing faster and faster.  Chavi had no choice but to take in the show, watching the giant man masturbate.  Moans emanated from the computer.  "He's watching porn," murmured Chavi.  Here she was, terrified for her life, stuck to this giant god, forced to watch him jerk off, and he didn't even know she was there.  He wouldn't care even if he did.  Or perhaps he would.  He didn't seem to approve of the New Goddess' use of the City.  Maybe he would help her, somehow.  

But before she could figure out a way to get his attention, the man let out a comically high-pitched moan, bursting Chavi's eardrums, and millions of gallons of white cum shot out of the head of his cock.  Chavi screamed as she watched it fly through the air.  Almost in slow motion, she watched a blob fall through the air, directly towards where she was.  It landed on top of her with a splash.  Chavi was screaming when it hit her and swallowed a lot of the fluid before she could close her mouth.  She could feel movement in the fluid, around her and inside her stomach.  Sperm.  What a disgusting thought.  To be surrounded by male sex cells...the ultimate insult.  She didn't drown in semen.  She was washed off the man's body, along with countless other hundreds of tinies and millions of sperm cells, when he went to take a shower.  She went down the drain, dying somewhere in Jeff's plumbing.  Her mind was successfully transferred back to the City, where she awoke just in time to see the New Goddess' spit-covered dildo hovering over her.  

"Wonderful," she sighed, resigning herself to a death by vagina not five minutes after coming back from a death by dick.  

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