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Cara looked at her phone, lying next to her pillow.  She had typed out the message-'Let's meet up later today ;)'-and only had to press the Send button.  Becca would definitely want to come over.  They could have quite a bit of fun, and she could get Jeff off her mind.  She eyed the dildo in her hand, its head covered in a thin layer of spit, and smiled.  Her breasts hung over the City, which had regenerated while she was asleep.  Many of its inhabitants were still alive, somewhere in, on, or under her body.  Some suffocated between her enormous ass cheecks, some tried to climb out of her pussy, and some even still lay cowering in her mouth, having somehow survived the night.  

Cara had woken up feeling quite frisky that morning.  She had dreamt of Becca, the two of them alone and with the City.  She had imagined being down there with the tiny people as she and Becca played, two mountains fucking out in the distance.  She had to relieve herself, now that she was awake.  She hadn't come in any of the dreams.  

She ran the dildo's head through the City, covering it with hundreds of tiny people, and brought it to her womanhood.  She rammed the dildo into herself, moaning softly, and played with her tits with her free hand.  Her feet swung up onto the bed, hanging in the air over the city, before they came crashing down on top of it.  Cara felt the buildings crumble beneath her feet, thousands of tiny people's bodies popping under her petite toes.  She scooped up a large part of the city in her hand and brought it to her mouth.  Crumbs-whole residential districts-fell out of her hand as it moved up her body.  Some fell in her navel, a new place for many of the tinies that landed there.  Some fell between her breasts.  Those that fell there stared up at the mountains towering over them.  They weren't as large as the old Goddess', but they were still impressive.  As Cara shifted in bed, one of her breasts moved, crushing the people in between them.  They all died instantly.

The hundreds of thousands in Cara's hand were going to be sent on a ride through their Goddess' digestive system.   One of them was Bell Trevish.  She had been digested by the Old Goddess many times before, and had grown to enjoy the experience.  She loved the confines of the Goddess' stomach, the sensation of being pushed down her esophagus, the thrill of being in a mouth as it closes and hope of escape disappears instantly.  She tried to see how far through the digestive system she could make it while alive, sometimes.  Once she had made it to the large intestine, only to trip and land in some gooey substance and suffocate before she could get up.  She was convinced that it was possible to make it to the anus, to survive the whole trip through the human body.  She'd just never managed.

Now, she stared into the face of a new Goddess.  Enormous, beautiful blue eyes, a freckled face framed by feathery blonde hair, a smiling pair of lips around perfectly white teeth...she was cute.  Definitely someone Bell would gladly go to bed with, were they the same size.  Since this beauty was so much larger than she was, though, being eaten would have to suffice.  

Bell had never gone through this Goddess' digestive system before and had been looking forward to it for quite some time.  Before she knew it, she was falling through the air, into the wet pink space below her.  Past the lips, the teeth, onto the tongue.  She stared up, and watched the lips close. She hoped she would survive the mouth.  And...there it was!  She felt the tongue shift beneath her, moving her into position to go down, and soon, the Goddess swallowed.  Bell felt herself and the City being pulled down into the Goddess' stomach.  Moans fluxuated through the throat around her.  Bell was very wet.  The old Goddess had rarely moaned when she played with them.  This new one did, and it was exquisitely appealing to Bell.  To be inside her while she masturbated...

The sphincter over the stomach opened, and Bell fell through into the hungry digestive pit.  It shook as the Goddess plunged the dildo in and out of herself.  Moans shook the walls and deafened the people inside.  Bell headed off for the opening that would lead her to the small intestine.  She hoped she would make it through.  Maybe this new Goddess' body would allow her some luck.  Maybe she would poke her head out this one's anus.  

Unfortunately, before she could make it even halfway to the sphincter, acid started to pour out of the walls.  The Goddess was very hungry that morning, and her stomach was eager to take whatever nutrients it could get.  Within a couple minutes, Bell had dissolved, along with hundreds of others.  The last thing she heard was her Goddess moaning as she neared climax.  Then she was back in the city, looking out of her resurrection creche up at an ass that was about to crush everyone who had survived the last five minutes of masturbation.  

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