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Author's Chapter Notes:
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I am Nafakusa; leader of the True Watchers. Those who dwell beyond the Fourth Wall. And, I am here, one last time, to tie up all remaining (and, no doubt, half-forgotten) loose ends.

The extra-dimensional counterpart of Thanos who had invaded the universe of Earth-6799 was driven off to yet another parallel-universe by the extra-dimensional counterpart of Peter Parker now calling himself "the Green Laxative." With him went the Impossible Man and Fastforward. How their final battle with Thanos shall go is a story for another time.

As for the Spidey native to Earth-6799? He was never seen again (much to the delight of J. Jonah Jameson). Instead, the love-struck Zatanna has kept him shrunken and mystically brainwashed. Partly, so he can use his webbing to repair any runs she develops in the fishnet stockings she occasionally wears. And, partly, so she can use him to relieve her more-than-occasional "sexual tension!"

As for Ubu and the Rhino; Rima and Wonder Woman turned them over to the Gotham City version of "Code Blue" (the Federally-funded NYPD S.W.A.T. team specializing in the apprehension of superhuman criminals). The Rhino tried to deny all knowledge of working alongside Edward Nygma. But, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth rectified that.

This resulted in Nygma having his private investigator's license temporarily suspended. However, it was reinstated after he helped Wonder Woman and Rima recapture the fugitive Dr. Gulliver.

Alas, even the Lasso of Truth could not compel him to reveal the whereabouts of Catwoman. For, he had been permanentlly rendered amnesiac on that subject, via post-hypnotic suggestions implanted by means of the Golden Coin of Bast! It is rumored, however, that there is a new female cat burglar operating within neighboring New York City. Albeit, one with long, platinum-blonde hair.

As for Talia? She was turned over to FBI agents from the Bureau's Gotham City field office. The next day, she was transferred to Washington, DC, aboard a specially chartered jetliner. But, when the aircraft landed at Dulles International Airport, the prison van into which she was escorted wound up being hijacked by masked gunmen dressed like ninjas in jodhpurs!

Their leader was afterward described as a beautiful woman bearing a reddish-colored tattoo...of some wild animal's clawed footprint.

As for Josie and the Pussycats? Their safe return to normal size naturally made front-page headlines. Alas, their rescue had been affected only through the ultimate sacrifice of Batman and Robin!

Commissioner Gordon was naturally quite skeptical, at first. But, eventually, after a month of no response to the famed Bat-signal atop GCPD Headquarters, he had to resign himself to the fact that the all-girl trio had evidently been telling the truth.

Gotham City was not completely abandoned, however. A new pair of costumed crime-fighters soon came to call it home! One of them had originally fought super-crime, in the 1960's, as "Birdboy" (adolescent ally of the solar-powered Birdman). Now referring to himself as "the Blue Falcon," he was aided--more or less--by a Doberman/Great Dane mix with bluish-gray fur; genetically engineered intelligence; and all sorts of cyborg implants.

The headlines devoted to this new Dynamic Duo overshadowed the news story about the elopement of one Alexandra Cabot and Alan Mayberry.

What the public would never know is that, with caring for Little Batman taking up most of her spare time, Josie McCoy had used the Golden Coin on Alan into gently breaking up with her! While Alexandra was hypnotized into being the perfect, old-fashioned wife for Alan. Loving; caring; concerned more with his happiness than her own. In short; everything Alexandra had never been as a single girl!

As for Little Batman, himself?

He still tours with the Pussycats. And, whenever he has those "bad dreams" about his old life, they are instantly kissed away by Josie, Valerie, and Melody. Kisses that he returns with unabashed affection. And, then some!

I know that this is not a classic example of living "happily ever after." Yet, you'll have to admit; it's a _perfect_ example of what a crazy, mixed-up multiverse we live in!

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