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The Amazing Amazon looked at Rhino.

"And, just who _is_ your employer, may I ask?"

"None of your business, Wonder Wench!"

"Then, I'm afraid we can't help you."

"Big mistake!"

Whereupon, the Rhino charged like a bull!

Rima quickly bounded out of the way, fully confident that her fellow female Justice Leaguer would be able to handle the presumptious Charles Daly. And, she was right.

Wonder Woman side-stepped him at the literal last second. Grabbing the prosthetic horns of his exo-skeletal costume as he ran by. Then, using the momentum of his charge against him, she lifted him off the ground, and started twirling about like a figure skater!

Once, twice, thrice, she did so. Half-way through the fourth spin, she released her hold. Sending the Rhino flying through the air, and back inside the old Cobblepot place!

Ra's Al Ghul heard the Doppler effect of his passage through the air, and instinctively hit the deck. As a result, the Rhino completely missed him, only to hit the still-frozen Ubu, instead. Thereby taking the fourteen foot-tall henchman with him through the front wall of the house!

Meanwhile (to coin an over-used phrase), Agents S and A had finally reached the bedroom where Josie and the Pussycats waited with ever-mounting concern.

"Hey!" exclaimed Josie: "Is that the shrink-a-majig you're carrying?"

Agent A nodded. Whereupon, she grabbed it from the reformed super-villain, and threw it to the floor. Following which, Valerie and Melody joined her in stamping it to pieces beneath their leopard-print moccasins!

Agent S, upon re-enlarging himself, commented how they should not have done that.

"Look!" he added, tearing the parabolic microphone away from the nesting chamber. And, they gasped upon seeing the still-shrunken Batman within.

"Golly!" exclaimed Melody: "How's he going to grow back up, now?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," replied Valerie: "Right now, let's get out of here."

Suddenly, there was a loud crash from behind them. Everyone spun about and gasped, as they beheld Ra's Al Ghul standing in the bedroom doorway.

Upon springing back to his feet, down in the spacious living room, he had run upstairs in pursuit of Agent A. Upon arriving at the doorway, he had bided his time before knocking over the two frozen genin in his efforts at freeing the nearer one's Uzi.

"None of you are going anywhere. Or, at least, not until you are all in the proper...frame of mind."

He then withdrew the Golden Coin of Bast (still dangling from a black string).

"Watch the pretty coin of gold,
And you will do..."




Once more, the Demon's Head instinctively ducked. This time, as an arrow lodged itself in the top of the doorway.
An arrow to which was duct taped...a cellular telephone!

Even more remarkably, the cellphone began to resound with the ringtone of an old-fashioned rotary dial phone!!

Agent S, seeing it was in voice-activation mode, called out: "Hello?"

Whereupon, Agent T emerged from the cellphone, distracting the Demon's Head just long enough for Agent A to freeze the latter in liquid nitrous oxide. Which, in turn, allowed Agent T to snatch the gold coin out of Al Ghul's left hand.

"Good timing, Agent T," said Agent S.

"Don't thank me. Thank Agent B."

He was referring to the ex-super-villain formerly known as the "Artful Archer" (but, now code-named "B-for-Bowman").

"Where ith he, anyway?" asked Agent A.

"He was hovering overhead on the flying chariot formerly owned by Fero the Fiddler. But, right now, he should be returning to headquarters. And, I think we ought to be doing the same."

Whereupon, he zapped the frozen Ra's Al Ghul with his instant digitizer! Thereby turning the homicidal megalomaniac into a column of period-like pixels, which were subsequently sucked into the cellphone like dirt into a vacuum cleaner.

He subsequently did the same to Agent A, Agent S, and each of the Pussycats, before doing it to himself. The moment after he had vanished into the cellphone, it self-desructed. Arrow and all!

Seconds later, he re-emerged from Amanda Waller's touch-tone office phone at Task Force X.

"Good job, people!" exclaimed the latter, after putting the receiver back in its cradle. Valerie, recognizing that voice, immediately spun about.

"Aunt Amanda???"

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