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Author's Chapter Notes:
"Watch the pretty coin of gold," intoned Selina Kyle: "And, you will do as you are told. You're both brainwashed, now. And, that's a fact. For the next twenty minutes, here's how you'll act."

Meanwhile, a certain renovated schoolbus had just pulled up in front of the Hotel Ritz-Carlton.

"Here we are, gang!" exulted Alexander Cabot III: "Gotham City's best five-star hotel. And, just two blocks up from legendary Madison Round Garden."

"We know, brother dearest," replied his twin sister Alexandra (with quite obvious sarcasm): "Now, about helping us unload the bus, before I have _you_ seeing five stars?"

"Tut-tut-tut, sister dearest!" replied Alex, shaking his right index finger back and forth: "Someone has to go inside, to the front desk, to insure that our rooms are ready."

Before anyone else could protest, he was through the revolving door and into the lobby.

"Wow!" exclaimed Josie McCoy (the redheaded leader of the trio called Josie and the Pussycats): "He sure can move like a regular Kid Flash when he wants to."

"Yeah," muttered Valerie Brown: "I just wish he'd want to more often. Like during the loading and unloading sessions!"

The lovely young African-American was not only the tambourine percussionist of the trio. She was also their resident electronics genius. Inventing, among other things, Josie's red synth-guitar (the one that helped make them sound like a full orchestra)!

"Gee!" replied Melody Valentine (the buxom blonde drummer): "Wouldn't he get in trouble with the police, then? Kid Flashing all the time, I mean? Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!"

Later that same evening, in the Batcave, the Dynamic Duo watched a press conference that had been videotaped earlier that afternoon.

"She made an appointment to see me posing as a psychiatrist specializing in the use of pets as living therapy tools. As inspirations for moral reformation on the part of our inmates! When she finally came to my office, though? Well, that's when I evidently blacked out."

"You mean, when she hypnotized you," corrected one of the reporters: "Don't you, warden?"

"I honestly...don't remember."

Batman believed him.

"Catwoman must've imposed a mental block on most--if not all--of his memories concerning the request for Dr. Gulliver to be brought to his office."

"But, unwilling accomplice, or not," replied Robin: "...one fact remains. Catwoman ran off with the one man on Earth who was able to reduce even Superman, in both size and power level, down to the point of negligibility. In one fell swoop!"

"Granted," nodded the Dark Knight: "But, let's not forget that Dr. Gulliver's original micro-wave reducer was powered by an isotope of kryptonite. Something that even Catwoman will find exceedingly difficult to get her hands on."

Meanwhile, at the Ritz-Carlton, Alexandra Cabot sat on the balcony of her hotel room, stroking her pet cat, Sebastian. His black-and-white fur matched the streak of peroxide that skunk-striped the middle third of her raven-black hair. And, his green eyes...matched the eerie glow of his spoiled owner's birthstone ring.

"Ms. Cabot?" a voice suddenly inquired from behind her. Forcing her to drop Sebastian as she jumped to her feet. Then, she turned around and saw the person whom she had been waiting for with increasing impatience.

"Would you keep it down, please? You might have awakened my dim-bulb roomie!"

"Oh, come now!" said Catwoman: "This is no time to be a...scaredy-cat!"

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