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Author's Chapter Notes:
A memo from the Quick Reminder Dept.

Agent A (for "Aerosol") was formerly the Scheming Spraysol.
Agent B (for "Bowman") was formerly the Artful Archer.
Agent S was formerly the Sinister Speck.
Agent T was formerly the Terrifying Tapper.

And, all of them were one-time members of the Impossibles' "Rogues' Gallery."

* * * * *

The woman sometimes referred to as "Director W" (and even less officially as "The Wall") beamed with happiness and love at seeing her favorite niece, safe and sound.

"Hello, Valerie. It's been a long time."

"Aunt Amanda," replied Val: "What is going on here?"

Whereupon, Amanda Waller explained how her people had recently been contacted by someone the Federal government had thought dead. The ultra-feministic terrorist known only as...the Red Claw.

"She wanted to inform us that her ex-husband had likewise resurfaced. Ra's Al Ghul! And, all she wanted in return for this information was our help in regaining custody of their daughter, Talia. Well, naturally, before I'd agree to any such proposal, I'd have to have independent corraboration of her claims! That's where Agent T came in."

The latter had eventually verified that the Demon's Head was, indeed, back at large. As was his daughter. And, she seemed to be centering some intense activity around Catwoman!

"That much we know," replied Josie: "She used Catwoman, along with the three of us, as part of a masterplan aimed at luring the Dynamic Duo into a trap."

"Yeah," agreed Melody: "You might say we were all...cat's pawns. Aheh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!"

"In any event," Director W resumed: "That's when I had Agent S infiltrate your little music troupe. To keep you under protective surveillance."

"Well, that explains his sudden, nick-of-time appearance," replied Val: "But, now what happens? I mean; you can't keep someone like Ra's Al Ghul on ice, forever."

"I've already got that covered. Agent S? Shrink that ice block down to the size of a cube. Then, go put him in Minerva's water dish."

Agent S grinned and saluted. Not telling any of the Pussycats that Minerva had once been a wicked, green-skinned witch. That is; until she had made the mistake of tangling with the Impossibles. As a result of which, she had accidentally turned herself into a bluish-black cat!

And, up until Director W had "recruited" her (to spy on Catwoman), she had been making amends by keeping a certain orphanage free of rodents and smaller vermin.

"Oh, golly!" Josie exclaimed: "That reminds me. Since we broke the shrink-amajig, what's going to happen to Batman? Can Agent S help him grow back to normal?"

To emphasize her point, she picked up the un-Masked Marvel with both hands.

Amanda Waller half-smiled: "I'm afraid not. His shrinking and re-enlargement potions work along different lines from the micro-wave inducer. They're more like alchemy than straight science."

Then, she crossed her arms and looked at the three-inch tall subject of their conversation.

"So, you're the dreaded Dark Knight of Gotham City, eh? It's a privilege to finally meet you. Even if under such stressful circumstances."

"If I said the feeling was mutual," he replied: "...I'd be lying. Any Federal agency that uses super-villains to do its dirty work is morally questionable, at best!"

"Hey!" admonished Valerie, arms akimbo: "That's my aunt you're talking to, Mr. Wayne. The woman who helped save all our lives! Yours, included."

"That's right," nodded Josie: "You should show a little more respect and gratitude."

It was Melody (of all people!) who pointed out that they should be just as grateful to him.

"After all," she added: "He did get shrunk--and see Robin get eaten--while trying to rescue us, first."

"You're right, Melody," said Val: "And, I can't think of any better way to return the favor than by us taking care of him. For the rest of his life!"

Whereupon, Batman started squriming in protest, shouting that he could very well take care of himself. Even though Josie's unbreakable grip on him clearly belied any such claim. In fact, to further emphasize the point, she immediately hushed all further protests by kissing him!

Her lips completely enveloped his head, for a good thirty seconds. When she was done, she handed him over to Melody who repeated the process. And, the same went for Valerie, thirty seconds after that. By the time all three Pussycats were done, the Compact Crusader was so dizzy from oxygen deprivation, he could not concentrate enough willpower to resist what came next.

Namely; Valerie asking her aunt for the confiscated Coin of Bast.

"Watch the pretty coin of gold,
And you will do as you are told.
Three inches tall, you shall remain.
And, never remember that you're Bruce Wayne."

"You permanently forfeited your memory and size,
In order to save all three of our lives.
So, for the rest of your life, with us you'll stay.
And, we'll love and care for you, everyday."

"If you ever have nightmares of your former life,
We'll quickly kiss away all of your strife.
So, watch the pretty coin of gold.
And, you will do as you are told."

To Be Concluded.
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