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Author's Chapter Notes:
* * * * *

...in another part of the old Cobblepot place, Agent A came upon another well-guarded bedroom. The door to this one having twice as many guards as the one in which Agent S had found Josie and the Pussycats!

"Hmmmmmmm!" mused the former felon: "Thith lookth like a job for thome Thmogula thmoke, to camouflage mythelf."

Whereupon, he pressed another button on his breastplate.




"What the...?"

"I can't see!"

"What's going on?"

Agent A smiled: "Now, to theal their fateth."

This was followed by four more clicks, plus an equal number of spurts of a grayish-colored liquid. Thus, when the thick black smoke had dissipated, all that could be seen were four weirdly contorted cement statues!

Agent A sauntered into the center of them, and pressed another button. This one sprayed more of the corrosive liquid he had used on the first bedroom door. Yet, when this door fell into a similar pile of sawdust, the first thing Agent A observed, when he entered the room, was Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. The micro-wave inducer under her right arm. And, a broom-handle Mauser, in her left hand.

Aimed right between the eye-holes on his helmet's built-in, green-tinted goggles!

"I don't know who you are," said Talia: "Nor do I care. But, you have just made the greatest mistake of your now-shortened life."

"In that cathe," he replied.



A giant pink bubble immediately began to fill up the doorway between himself and the Mauser!


A rapid-fire quartet of bullets penetrated the bubble causing it...


...to explode.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" muttered Talia, trying to scream for help (albeit, in vain) within the sticky cocoon.

"Thorry to 'gum' up the workth, my dear. But, I'm on a tight thedule."

Whereupon, he pressed yet another button. This one emitting some axle grease that helped him withdraw the micro-wave inducer from where Talia had dropped it on the floor (while instinctively trying to shield herself with both arms).

"Now, to thcoot back to the rendezvous."

* * * * *

As all that was transpiring upstairs, Agent S was trying to return to the rendezvous point from downstairs. Only to find his way blocked by Ra's Al Ghul, himself. Plus, his loyal bodyguard, Ubu.

"And, just where do you think you are going?" demanded the Dark Knight's un-aging antagonist.

"Would you believe I'm a Little League baseball coach? And, I forgot our lucky 'bat?' "

Al Ghul half-smiled: "How very droll! But, I'm afraid you're not going anywhere. Least of all, with my future son-in-law! Ubu?"

Whereupon, the loyal bodyguard popped some kind of pill into his mouth. A pill that immediately doubled his already-considerable mass and height!

"A sugar pill," explained Al Ghul, with an even larger smirk: "Laced with a new form of the super-steroid called 'Venom.' It allows Ubu to become a bigger 'bane' to my enemies. Show him, my faithful one."

"Freethe, buthter!"

Whereupon, with a "click" and a "whoosh," Ubu was frozen in his tracks by Agent A's second use of liquid nitrous oxide that night! Leaving Agent S free to swallow more of his shrinking formula.

"Time to 'flea' the scene...unseen. Hee-hahahaha-hee!"

Whereupon, he leaped on to the top of Agent A's helmet as the latter ran back upstairs.

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