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She had boasted that cats always land on their feet. But, Catwoman had proven Batman right when the built-in claws of her costume's left-handed gauntlet failed to take the combined weight of both herself and her loot. More specifically; the gunny sack containing some of the long-lost pirate gold of Captain Manx.

As she fell towards the abysmal depths below, the sound of running water became correspondingly louder. Then, it became positively thunderous. Just like...

...a waterfall!

Only then did she start to scream instinctively for help. Simultaneously knowing full-well that only a miracle could save her.


Suddenly, her downward motion ceased at the exact same instant she felt something snag her booted right ankle. Had Batman come after her? Veritably skydiving into this crevasse to snatch her from the jaws of death with his trusty Bat-rope?

But, no; it was a totally unfamiliar male voice that called out:

"Hang...on,...lady. I'll...have you...up...in two...shakes."

She looked upward to see what her would-be rescuer looked like. But, all she could see was the beam of a flashlight that appeared to be tucked under his left arm. Worse than that, however? Her movement had cost him whatever delicately-balanced position he had assumed in order to fish her back up!

"Oh, CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!" he screamed as they both descended to the bottom of the subterranean falls.


Both of them landed in a miraculously deep pool, from which they emerged coughing and sputtering.

"Y-Y-You...all right,...Miss?" gasped out Catwoman's guardian angel.

"Y-Yes!" she stammered in reply: "Th-Thank you,...Mister...?"

"Mackelroy, ma'am. W-William...Mackelroy. Omaha...to my friends."

* * * * *

One minute, Doug Phillips had been tumbling through a wormhole alngside Tony and Omaha. The next moment, each of them was gone! And, to make matters worse?

Tony had been carrying the Black Obelisk of Ramses.

Then, it happened. Doug returned to three-dimensional space. More specifically; what looked like a low-rent apartment with stucco-painted walls. And, to make matters worse? He had apparently landed in the bathroom!

He came to this conclusion from the decidely female outcry, of mixed shock and indignation, that followed his landing.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! You pervert! How dare you try to ogle me during my bubble bath?

Doug looked up and saw a sultry, wet-haired brunette glaring at him with...orange eyes?

"I sincerely apologize, Miss. It was purely unintentional, I assure you."

"A likely story!" snapped the brunette: "Let me show you what Rumina, daughter of Turok, does to those who try to lie to her."

The next thing Doug knew, a stinging powder had been flung into his eyes. When he could see again, he looked back at the bathtub...and saw that its white porcelain legs were now as tall as California redwoods!

Then, he heard a sound like a little girl's giggle. Only ten times louder, and from slightly above him. So, he looked in that direction. And, he gasped when he saw the billboard-sized face looking down at him.

Rumina giggled again: "Well, at least my Little Sinbad will have company now."

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