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Author's Chapter Notes:
Plans are laid.
* * * * *

Agent 678 apologetically cleared his throat.

"With all due respect, sir, I think we should now concentrate on the matter at hand. Specifically; getting to the bottom of what's going on here!"

The Moderator nodded: "Quite right. The way I see it, these are the questions to which we must find answers. And, the sooner/the better! A) Who's running that shrunken factory complex in Australia, and why? B) Who made the wishes that counterfeited branches of the Wishbone Restaurant on Earth-MRG and Earth-DXM? C) What is the ultimate goal behind it all?"

Dana was puzzled: "What do you mean, 'who made the wishes?' Wasn't it these renegade Morphers, or the Sitmobtia?"

"Morphers don't consume food like most humanoids," replied Agent 679: "Rather, they liquify and absorb it, similar to amoebae. As for the Sitmobtians? It's possible. But, unlikely."

He then explained about the Wishbone Inn on the planet Auwth.

"Lorelai Allen, the super-witch who ran it, was from the Agoura, California, of Earth-MRG. That town is famous for its annual Renaissance fairs. Which is why she felt so at home in the quasi-medieval environment of Truasca. As to its regular patrons? Most of them are all too-real versions of some of your supernatural adversaries from DEMON BUSTERS! In other words; not many full-fledged humans stop by. Ergo; whoever ordered the Wishbone Specials had to resemble one or more of the native Truascans."

"You two," said the Moderator, looking at his operatives: "...can determine that by questioning Ms. Allen, personally. As for the Australian factory? It will take someone with the talents of a sizechanger to infiltrate it, and uncover what we need to know."

Ray Venn frowned: "Your hint isn't a very subtle one. But, I'm afraid that I'll have to decline. I've been gone from New York for over a day, now. And, Dana's friends and co-workers must be going out of their heads with worry, back in Hollywood!"

The Moderator also frowned: "I'm afraid returning to Earth-MRG would be inadvisable for either of you, right now. The Chief Surveillant on that world has informed me that the NYPD have issued a material witness warrant for you, Mr. Venn. In connection with gunfire reported from your office...and a missing person named 'R. Wm. Maddox' (whose luggage was found seemingly abandoned in your office). Worse still, their Los Angeles brethren have issued an arrest warrant for you and Ms. Geraghty, both! In connection with the murder of--I'm sorry you had to find out this way, my dear--Rontor Drohaw."

Dana's horrified gasp was followed by five minutes of gut-wrenching tears and sobs. And, if Ray Venn had been Kryptonian, the angry glare he gave the Moderator would have incinerated the latter four minutes/fifty-nine seconds earlier!

The Moderator shrugged apologetically, before suggesting that--in return for Ray's help--the agency could use its influence to set the record straight with both those police forces.

"That's playing dirty pool, Mister!" growled Ray.

To which Agent 678 replied: "As you, yourself, might put it; 'Desperate times/desperate measures, and all that jazz.' "

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