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Author's Chapter Notes:
EARTH-DXM (08/12/09)
* * * * *

It had taken several hours. But, Sara's websurfing of the schoolboard database for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, had finally yielded positive results.

"There's a William Blefescu whose family just moved to Harrisburg from Atlantic City, New Jersey. His parents are originally from the Wallachian region of Romania. And, get this; the father is a sales rep for Gray Fox Novelties!"

"That's him!" exclaimed Barney, when he saw the student body photo. Specifically, the felt-tip circled head of a teenage boy with black wavy hair and gaunt facial features.

"That's why he was able to get a free advance copy of the new edition of Sizecraft," the youngster added.

Scott tapped his chin with his right index finger for a moment, while he meditated on what to do next. Then, he grimly nodded.

"I hate to say this, especially as it's technically beyond our official purview. But, I think we should send Voyeurman to the Blefescu residence to do some snooping around. Give him the address as soon as he gets back from Catalina."

"I am back," replied a voice from Scott's office doorway: "And, I already have the address! The FBI found it among the personnel files at the Gray Fox clearinghouse. Consequently, Marysue Smith has already used her JTF authority to order a search of their residence.* "

"Then, what are you waiting for?" demanded Sara, half-seriously. Whereupon, the Phantom Voyeur teleported away.


"In short, sir?" Agent 678 concluded: "It was an elaborate trap. We were meant to be so stunned, by the enormity of the information we uncovered, that we would be temporarily unable to defend ourselves. And, it almost worked!"

The Moderator clapped his steepled fingers together, as he mulled over what he had just heard from the two agents.

"So, let me get this straight. The Gromanian Secret Police is working with the Sitmobtia to smuggle contraband weapons to other Earths?"

Agent 679 nodded: "It's the only explanation as to how the Morphers got a hold of that molecular disruptor. It's strictly Sizeloan Army issue. And, the only outsiders who can _legitimately_ acquire them are allies of the Sizeloan Commonwealth!"

"An alliance," added his senior partner: "...that, in this case, should have ended when the so-called 'Normal World' was micro-sected."

"Very well," replied the Moderator: "Bring in those civilians. Let's hear how they got involved."


No sooner had Voyeurman left, to fulfill his orders, than klaxon alarms began sounding throughout G.T.S. Headquarters.

"Incoming trans-dimensional surge," Sara shouted: "Warp egress here, in three...two...one!"

The beautiful long-haired redhead who suddenly materialized, in the middle of the control room, was dressed in a very eye-catching ensemble. Black thigh-high boots; with matching tank top, mini-skirt, and cape.

Barney looked her up and down, in disbelief: "Samantha?"

"So, here you are! Shame on you, Barney, for deserting your post in time of war."

"My post? What the frig are you talking about?"

"Buffy the Sizevamp-eater is desperately needed on Mega-world. And, I'm here to take you back there!"

"No, wait!" Barney protested. Raising both his hands in a stopping motion. It was no use, though.

In the twitch of a nose, both he and Samantha vanished.

Chapter End Notes:
* Joint Task Force (on the Transition to a New World Order): international body formed to oversee Earth-DXM's peaceful co-existence with those who can attain supra-normally large stature.
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