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Author's Chapter Notes:
* * * * *

The audience watched in morbid fascination as Zavia Laryngea belly-danced her way to the limbo stick...and then slowy bent backward. Until her long black hair was touching the heels of her feet!

That was when the stage manager ordered the overhead TV camera turned on. Instantly, the spectators turned to the video monitor nearest each individual table. And, they gasped in admiration as they saw the rippling of her stomach muscles. Her diamond-studded navel moving up and down in perfect rhythm with the clinking of her finger cymbals!

Then, the music slowed down as one of the stage hands came out, bearing a black velvet bag. From this bag, he began withdrawing one shrunken human after another...and placing them on Zavia's stomach.

The audience clapped and laughed as the music began to accelerate once more. Resulting in Zavia's abdomen doing the same thing. On camera, the shrinkies looked like they were experiencing an earthquake!

Then, suddenly, the laughter turned to yelps and shouts of excitement as a black speck detached itself from the overhead camera. Enlarging to normal size, as it fell, so that it landed on the stage, striding over Zavia like the Colossus of Rhodes!

That is; if the Colossus of Rhodes had ever been sculpted to resemble a Japanese ninja.

The audience naturally cheered, thinking it part of the show. But, the opposite was soon proven true as the stage hand wound up getting TASER-ed, with one hand, while Zavia got pepper-sprayed with the other.

The ninja then picked up the black velvet bag, and scooped up every human from Zavia's midriff, before any of the staff could recover fast enough to stop her.

"Long live S.E.T.H.!" shouted the ninja (in a muffled-yet-still-obvious female voice) before disappearing through a cross-time warp.*

* * * * *


The moment the tulpa-discs came flying out of their respective players, the Liz Anderson impersonators went to work. Half a dozen of them, at any rate.

If Voyeurman had had any remaining doubts about what Tina the Time-traveler had told him, concerning their garhu origins, they were disspelled for good by the sight of six blue tongues whipping in and out of these women's mouths! Each tongue scooping a tulpa-disc off the floor, and bringing it to a pair of hands that promptly reinserted it into the proper DVD player. Thereby restoring the magical holograms of various GTS-goddesses to the monitor screens around the room...and to the various target areas around the world.

Outside the satellite telemetry building, Nekhebuto (nee Cleopatra VII alias the Co-Ed) looked at her digital Grolex watch.

"Forty-five more seconds, children. And, I not only become eight times more powerful than I am right now. But, I also get even with the Society!"

Just then, a cross-time warp opened up behind the self-styled "Queen of the Multiverse." Causing the latter and her look-alike bodyguards to turn as one. Ray was quick to take advantage of the distraction. Withdrawing his S&W Model 39, he took aim and--in absolutely no mood to be chivalrous--placed a bullet in each of the bodyguards' posterial cheeks!

After all; how could they even hold their molecular disruptors (let alone, fire them) if their hands were too busy clutching their asses in pain?

At that same moment, the new intruder pepper-sprayed the Co-Ed right in both eyes. Before electro-stunning her to her knees...and then knocking her out with a left hook to the jaw.

Deborah was, of course, temporarily paralyzed with astonishment by this display. But, Ray quickly snapped her out of it by shouting at her, at the top of his lungs, in desperation.

"For Pete's sake, Deb! We've only twenty seconds left!! Help me bend this frigging thing!"

With a little help from their new friend, it took Ray and Deborah only fifteen of those seconds to bend the radar antenna into the shape of an inverted capital "u." Resulting in the GTS-goddess tulpas to once again vanish from TV screens around the world.

In the Oval Office of the White House (where it was approximately thirty-four hours earlier), the fake General Michaelsen was frantically yelling for the countdown to halt.

"Hold fire! HOLD FIRE!"

"Roger that! Teleforce Fire Control, holding fire at T-minus three seconds," replied the voice on the other end of the cellphone.

Michaelsen's impostor looked at the two I.D.E.E.A. men.

"This is only a reprieve, gentlemen. Enjoy it, while it lasts."

And, before they could do anything to stop him, he reverted to a liquid shape and flowed outward beneath the French doors of the balcony.

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