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Author's Chapter Notes:
* * * * *

"Did we say something funny?" asked Agent 679, as Jerktor's laughter now seemingly infected his Morpher acolytes.

"Yes!" exclaimed the one flanking Jerktor to his right: "Any second now, the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania of Earth-DXM is going to be destroyed. And, so will the tulp..."

"Yrac!!!" shouted Jerktor, half-shocked/half-outraged. An emotional state of mind that he vented with a disruptor beam.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Yrac Cimoc as he began to melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West: "Forgive me, Your Lorrrrrrrr..."

Soon, there was nothing left but what a puddle of what looked like raw mercury.

"Now, for you two," growled Jerktor: "Open fire!"

A dozen blood-red disruptor beams converged on the agents. But, these beams failed to connect. Instead, they hit a force-field generated by a crossing of the disguised teleportons!

"We won't be able to keep this up for long," said Agent 679 as he nodded his head towards their rear. Agent 678 risked a look, and saw what his younger partner was referencing.

The Knight Lizards they had managed to subdue in armed combat were back on their feet. With others loaning them extra sickle-swords.

"I think I know what our old friend, Cimoc, was about to boastfully tell us," declared the senior agent: "But, we have to get out of here, to verify my hypothesis."

"It'll be tricky," replied Agent 679: "On the count of three?"

Agent 678 nodded. Whereupon, they counted backwards in unison.


The duo activated their teleportons at the same time. And, the second they disappeared, so did the force-field. Resulting in the pent-up disruptor beams striking the Knight Lizards.

* * * * *


"Brass-1 to Teleforce Fire Control," recited Gen. Michaelsen (the fake one): "Remaining time to synchronized firing?"

"One minute/two seconds and counting," came the reply from Cheyenne Mountain.

"Halt that countdown!" ordered Agent 678 as he and his partner materialized within the Oval Office (once again disguised as Federal agents).

"Too late, I.D.E.E.A. man!" yelled the impostor: "In less than sixty seconds, Three Mile Island blows up! As will that pair of GTS-goddess tulpas. And, the combined energies, from the two explosions will have a cascade effect, on all the other tulpas around the globe. In short? Kiss this particular Earth good-bye!"

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