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Author's Chapter Notes:
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...at long last.

"You two have proven to be quite the thorns in my side," declared Jerktor: "But, never--in my wildest dreams--did I think you'd make it to the Stronghold."

"In that case," replied Agent 678: "...you might as well surrender, Mr. Bigla."

Jerktor merely laughed.

* * * * *


Deborah was momentarily taken aback by Ray's revelation.

"That's impossible!" she finally exclaimed: "I saw the Battle of Madison. SNN pre-empted DEMON BUSTERS in order to telecast it! Liz Anderson was rendered powerless."

"Not quite," corrected Ray: "Energy can't be created or destroyed. Only transformed...or transferred. In this case, when the Liz Anderson of this Earth was drained of her sizechanging powers, the psychic essence of her alter-ego, The Co-Ed, went along for the ride. It ultimately found a new home in the Liz Anderson of Earth-03312008 (a.k.a. 'Normal World')."

That particular version of Liz Anderson turned out to be a physics major, at the University of Minnesota's Edison-Tesla Institute, or E.T.I. A research facility conducting experiments in cross-time travel. And, once the Co-Ed's essence had control of her, the experiments began to "miraculously" bear fruit!

"That's how the war with the Norms truly began. In helping them search for the Valentina-and-Mai counterparts, responsible for the sinking of Florida, the Co-Ed led them to Gromanian Earth. And, not accidentally, either! She did it, in order to provoke a confrontation with that world's resident version of Valentina. One in which Val was subjected to a Spellbreaker gas grenade. Allowing the Co-Ed to shrink her...and eat her. Thereby, assimilating her power!"

Deb was almost speechless.

"Omigawd! W-Why would she do such a thing? Cause a war between two parallel-Earths like that?"

"Simple, dearie," interjected the Co-Ed (who had gotten an egotistical kick out of hearing someone else recount her initial exploits): "When I've amassed enough power, from enough GTS-goddesses, I'm going to become Queen of the Multiverse!"
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