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"Goodness gracious! Where did you come from?"

Dana looked at the mega-giantess before her. The latter superficially resembled the human actress, Rosie Perez. That is; if Rosie Perez were trying to audition for a remake of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF as the principal's secretary!

"I'm Dana Schorr-Geraghty, Ms...?"

"Mrs...Oralia Crammet-Downs. I'm the home economics teacher at this school."

"Oh! Well, you have a lovely campus, Mrs. Crammet-Downs. And, I was just taking a walk through the woods right behind it when I heard this terrible commotion! I saw what looked like a swarm of bugs attacking your cute little pet, here. And...? Well, I hate to admit it. But, I've never outgrown my childhood fear of the creepy-crawly things!"

"That's my litte Dana!" exclaimed Ray: "She loves hiking in the woods. But, she's deathly afraid of bugs."

While Oralia was still focusing her attention on Dana, Ray had quietly shot up to just over the same height. He now joined the latter in order to back up her story. Literally smiling down on the now-shorter woman. And, Dana--scowling only for a second--gave him a half-serious peck on the cheek before introducing him.

"Well, it was nice meeting you youngsters. But, I have to get back to my kitchen, now. Come, Poopsie!"

Dana waited until the older giantess was out of sight, before slapping Ray in the chest with the palm of her right hand.


"That's for calling me 'little.' "

"Sorry! But, there's no time for idle chit-chat. Shrink back down with me. I've got something to show you. You guys should see this, too."

He was referring to the two I.D.E.E.A. men. The duo had jumped down off Dana's right shoulder, when Oralia had first addressed her. Hanging on to threads of the former's white-knit sweater during the conversation that followed.

Dana now put them back on the ground, before she and Ray shrank down to the same height. The male sizehu then guided them to the remains of the sizevamp called Dubrovnik.

Dana was naturally a little uncomfortable at seeing the bisected corpse. Yet, she quickly overcame this discomfort when Ray pointed out the circular red decal on the lapel of the defunct mercenary's black uniform jacket.

Within that red circle was the figure of a plume-helmeted black knight, up-raised sword in his right hand, riding an equally black horse. The horse's left leg was raised off the ground. And, the horse's head (turned to look outward) had blood-red eyes.

"These were no ordinary mercs. This is the emblem of the Walpurgis Knights. The most elite team of enforcers in the Gromanian Secret Police!"

Agent 679 furrowed his eyebrows in concentration:

"Gromanian (noun): of or pertaining to Gromania; capital nation-state of Earth-04301897. The parallel-Earth ruled by Enorma (dhampir-daughter of Count Dracula and the Russian GTS-goddess Valentina)."

Dana looked at Agent 678, in horrified disbelief. And, the latter nodded, in grim affirmation. He then suggested that all four of them should depart from this particular mega-world without further delay. He received no arguement.

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