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Author's Chapter Notes:
* * * * *

On most other parallel-Earths, the island was called San Nicolas. But, on this one, it had been given the Greco-Roman name of Nova Butosus. For, it was dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Wadjet, whom the Greeks knew as Buto. And, it was here that Agents 678 and 679 had rematerialized after narrowly avoiding being pancaked by the breasts of Kadroojina!

They had entered the local temple to Wadjet wearing hooded cloaks off-set by togas, sandals, and hook-handled shepherd staves. Once inside, they were immediately surrounded by Knight Lizards--warrior garhus armed with Egyptian sickle-swords--demanding to know the reason for their presence.

"We are Maniots," intoned Agent 678 (in fluent ancient Greek): "We seek a blasphemer who stole a sacred relic from the Temple of Hades in Oitylos. And, we have traced him, here. We wish to search this temple."

Most of the Knight Lizards were naturally awestruck when Agent 679 once more displayed the inanimate holograph of Yrac Cimoc. But, the captain of the guard was not so easily impressed.

"None may enter here without the permission of Cleopatra, herself. Begone...now! Or, face the consequences."

"We will not go without the blasphemer," replied Agent 678: "Or, failing that, the Seed of Persephone. Deny us our request...at your peril."

Needless to say, the two I.D.E.E.A men were soon battling it out with the Knight Lizards. Sickle-swords vs. shepherd staves wielded bojitsu-style!

* * * * *

Meanwhile, on Sizeloa, in the high-priced Club 2 Deth, General Joseph Michaelsen (the real one) glared at his captress as she emerged from the crosstime warp that had suddenly materialized in her dressing room. The anger in that glare could not be disguised by the unkempt long hair and bedraggled beard that hung down through the bars of the hamster cage. The cage that had been his jail since that fateful day, four years ago, when he had discovered how he had initially been duped.

"So, you finally made it back? Too bad! I was hoping you'd be late, for once. If only to provide me the consolation of listening to the manager tell you he was docking your pay!"

Zavia laughed: "Oh, general! I really am going to miss your wit after tonight's performance."

The miniaturized martinet gasped when he heard that statement.

"You mean...?"

"That's right! We no longer need you to guarantee your impostor's safety. So, tonight? YOU are the one who goes down my hatch!"

* * * * *

Meanwhile, on Earth-DXM, Ray Venn had had to steel himself for his counter-offensive. Namely; turning on the molecular disruptor he had confiscated, back in Canberra, and firing it on wide-beam.

The first wave of gigantized Kill-bites were dismembered by the beam! Everything between the bases of their necks and their lower torsos disappearing in a literal flash. So, instead of attacking him en masse, the second wave warily encircled him. Each garhu feinting a charge, in a potentially self-sacrificing attempt to make him fire again. Thereby, depleting the disruptor's power unit that much more.

Ray, however, knew this. It was why he held his fire. But, the temptation to do the opposite increased when he saw Deborah Miller-Law's head rise up to eye level with the satellite telemetry dish.

The Kill-bites facing in that direction saw her, too. Which is why they told their Clansmen, facing Ray, to turn around and kill the female size-changer behind them!

The latter immediately complied, without a moment's hesitation. Leaving Ray no choice but to shoot them in their reptilian backs. Which, in turn, left his own back exposed to the remaining semi-circle of adversaries.


Chapter End Notes:
Note: Maniots are the Greeks who inhabit the Mani Peninsula region of Laconia (of which Sparta is the traditional capital).
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