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Author's Chapter Notes:
* * * * *

"You know something?" declared Ray: "It makes a perverse sort of sense that you'd pop out of the woodwork. I mean; five years ago, I kill your boyfriend. Soon afterward, his employers, the Sitmobtia, begin setting up shop on this world. Running guns to the U.S. government, here. And, when some poor websurfing schmuck stumbles across the reason for it, Voracio's other ex-girlfriend tries to kill him, along with me!"

"What can I say?" replied Zavia: "It was the perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure!"

"Speaking of which," said Deborah: "How did the Sitmobtia manage to build that factory in Queensland without my knowing about it? I mean; I _am_ the CEO of CTG Enterprises!"

Zavia smirked: "Let's just say it was the work of a mutual acquaintance."

"Yeah," added Ray: "The same one who used his family's political clout to help you resign from the Sitmobtia without incident."

Deborah's eyebrows arched in total shock: "You can't mean...!"

"Well, Aetor wasn't the only Bigla working for them. Was he, Zavia?"

* * * * *

NSA satellites continued to feed digi-cam footage of the duel to the President's laptop. And, the mega-giant duelists had just fought their way past Dover, Delaware. Now, their fight was taking them towards the mouth of the Susquehanna River.

At one point, the samurai's iron claw had finally managed to snatch the ice axe, in the Tlingit giantess' right hand, away from her. But, the latter retaliated by quickly whipping out a gold-hilted, walrus-ivory bladed dagger...and impaling the samurai's left hand with it!

As a result, the samurai dropped her wakizashi. Leaving her with only one weapon, now. And, that was enought for General Michaelsen.

He flipped open his cellphone, and called Cheyenne Mountain on "speed-dial."

"This is Brass-1," he intoned as soon as someone had picked up on the other end: "Give me Teleforce fire control."

"Authorization code?"

" 'Uncoil Tesla.' Repeat: 'Uncoil...Tesla.' "

"Authorization code: confirmed."

* * * * *

Now, it was Ray's turn to smirk, as Zavia's face was the one that took on an expression of shock and incredulity.

"It was Jerktor's uncle flying the dimension-hopper that got shot down near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania back in the Sixties. And, losing his father's brother was one thing. But, to lose one of his own brothers to a sizehu? That was the last straw for Jerktor! Wasn't it? That's when he joined the Doomsday Society, and cooked up this elaborate scheme."

Ray's smirk became a smug and toothy grin as Zavia glared at him with undisguised hatred.

"You think you're so smart; don't you?! Well, guess what, Sherlock? It's too late! The White House has just ordered the activation of their Tesla-ray satellites. And, there's nothing you can do about it!!"

"I can still use this disruptor on that satellite dish behind you. No holographic transmissions; no faux-GTS-goddesses! And, no reason for those Tesla rays to be fired."

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

The moment Zavia uttered that reply, a small army of bipedal goannas appeared around her feet. Goannas who suddenly grew as tall as the three sizechangers with just one gesture!

"Ray? Deborah? Meet the Kill-bite Clan from Lizard Island, in the Torres Strait."

Chapter End Notes:
Special note: "Teleforce" is what Tesla is rumored to have called the energy of his alleged "death ray."

And, goannas are Australian monitor lizards. Relatives of the Komodo dragon, they are smaller in size. But, no less septic with their saliva!
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