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Author's Chapter Notes:
"It's no use, Scott!" exclaimed Steve McDunnough, from the large central monitor in the control room: "No matter how many times we chant the mathemantras, they only shrink about one percent, or so, before shooting back up to their full height. It's like watching time-lapse videography of a lizard regenerating a broken tail!"

Steve was referring to the numerological recitations by which he and the rest of the Society's adepts could alter the size of other people and/or objects. However, the two mega-giantesses fighting it out in Washington, D.C., had been relatively unaffected. In fact, they did not even seem aware of any sizechange having occurred at all!

It was a dubious improvement, at best, that Thunder Child's brief reduction had cost her her harpoon. Prompting her to withdraw a pair of mega-giant ice axes that she instantly started wielding like hatchets! And, when Tanaka Mai was briefly reduced, she was disarmed of her katana. Only to replace it with a wakizashi (literally, "short sword") for her left hand. And, a wooden-handled iron claw for her right.

"I wish to God there was someone who could help us out here," he muttered, half-aloud.

"Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Kensington. You might get it!"

Scott, Sarah, and half of everyone else in the control room turned as one. Standing behind them were two women who were vastly disparate in size. One was of normal height, with reddish-blond hair; about twenty years old (give or take two); and wearing a black cape with matching tank-top, mini-skirt, and thigh-high boots.

The other sat on her shoulder, looking like a close relative of Tinkerbell's!

"Before anybody starts panicking," announced the former (holding up her right hand like a traffic cop): "My name is Samantha, and I'm a super-witch. This is my good friend Natalie. And, she's a mini-goddess."

* * * * *


The sentries guarding the mouth of the cave immediately ducked out of the way as Baroness Drysni came in for a landing. The latter was in her black dragon form, and there was not a garhu in the place that would have shown her disrespect.

One of the garhus--resembling a bipedal hybrid of crocodile and salamander--blew on a conch horn to announce their distinguished visitor's arrival. Ninety seconds later, a giantess who appeared to be half-harpy/half-wyvern came crawling into the entrance hall of the cave. Using her arms to give her added propulsion.

"Greetings, Drysni Darkscale: Queen of the Fire-breathers. To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"Greetings, Kadroojina: Daughter of Kunapipi and the Rainbow Serpent. I bring two mortals who wish an audience with you. Gentlemen?"

Drysni raised her clawed left foot and carefully removed her two passengers from the nape of her neck. Upon being placed on the ground, the two I.D.E.E.A. agents humbly knelt and introduced themselves (using their aliases).

"Hmmmmmmmm!" mused Kadroojina (left hand on chin): "Their clothing is certainly Galliscain. But, they don't _smell_ like Gallascains!"

Drysni chuckled: "My compliments on your increased proficiency in telling the humans of this realm apart."

Kadroojina nodded in gratitude, then instructed the two men to rise.

"So! Tell me, little ones. What can the Chieftainess of the Sleepy Lizard Clan do for you?"

Agent 678 brought out their portable holosphere and activated it.

"We'd like to know what your connection is to this mortal?"

Kadroojina gasped at the hologram that now revolved in mid-air, before her. A hologram of the Morpher called Yrac Cimoc. And, a gasp that clearly proved she recognized him!

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