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Author's Chapter Notes:

A little backstory on Jake's and Biancas family.  Kinda like a Flashback.


December 23rd, 3:45 pm. You had just finished your 6 hour car ride up to your aunt’s house for your family party. You came with your Mother, Father and three sisters.  Your moms name was Connie and she had long brown hair and was in her late 30’s.    Your dads name was Trevor and he had short brown hair and was a little older than your mom.  Your sisters on the other hand were a little annoying.  First there was Trixie who was an eighteen year old brat with short shoulder length blond hair.  The whole ride up here she kept taking off her white sneakers and rested her socked feet in front of her on your seat so each of them were touching the side of your head near your ears.  You had to constantly push her feet back so you wouldn’t have to smell them.  Then there was your other sister Samantha who had long black hair, a slim body and was 19.  She packed so many bags that you could only fit one in for your basic necessities and clothes.  Your oldest sister was named Jennifer and she had huge DD tits that she tried to contain in a brown Christmas sweater but everyone could still see her nipples.  She had wavy brown hair, not skinny but not fat and was 23 years old. 

Then there was your extended family.  Your uncle Mike was a balding man who didn’t care what was going on as long as he had a beer in his left hand and the remote in the other.  Your aunt Michelle was a little nicer and younger than her meaner counterpart and was in her mid to late 30’s.  She had long brown hair, an enormous chest and a butt that could drive anyone crazy.  You could see why he married her.  They had one daughter together and her name was Bianca.  She had brown hair, brown eyes, and hated you.  She was a teenager in high school.  You couldn’t remember how old she was……..younger than Samantha but not really worth your time to notice.  You never really paid much attention to her, but she was getting taller all the time and starting to fill out her body parts.  You hadn’t seen her since the last holiday party but you bet she was still the spoiled brat that you had to deal with last year.  You also had a cousin Mel who came to visit from South Carolina and was a Real Bitch.  She only had one thing on her mind at all times and that was money.  She had wavy red hair, was in her late 20’s, Boobs even bigger than your sis at DDD and a big ol booty that just screamed to be squeezed.  This only left you.  Jake, short brown hair, brown eyes and at age 19 you were in college on winter break. 

You didn’t really want to be here when you could be playing playstation at home.  Your parents weren’t even sure how long they planned on staying here.  It could be just until the day after Christmas or possibly until new years.  As you walked through the door you thought you might as well make the best of it and maybe Bianca got a Wii or Nintendo DS you could play to pass the time.  Aunt Michelle wearing a brown tank top, blue jeans and black sandals greeted you all with a big hug at the door and said “Make yourselves at home and stay as long as you like.” While uncle mike leaned up from his recliner waved and said “Hey”, took a sip of his Heineken, and sat back down. 

Michelle said “if anyone wants to say hi to Bianca she’s in her room listening to her IPod or something” and continued to make small talk with your mom and dad.  You figured you might as well get it over with and say hello and go watch TV on the big screen until Dinner.   When you walked into her room she was laying on her bed wearing a yellow spaghetti string shirt, a smaller white shirt underneath it and a pair of white pants.  You said “Hi Bianca” and she replied with what you thought might have been an unfinished “hey” but instead lost interest in talking to you already and said what sounded like a “he….” 

You were about to walk out of the room when you noticed she was barefoot and sliding (more like grinding) her foot as hard as she could across her bed.  Curious you asked “Why are you doing that?”

“Doing what?” 

“Pressing your leg as hard as you can up and down your bed sheets.” 


“Practicing for what?” 

Bianca smiled coyly and said “You'll see.” 

Not wanting to endure a stupid conversation with your little cousin you said “Whatever, i dont care, I'm gonna go watch TV, I don’t want to find out what stupid games your playing.”

As you walked out back into the hallway Bianca yelled out smartly in a sing song voice I “But you will find out!” 

Sitting down on the sofa you focused your attention away from your annoying cousin and instead on the football game on the screen.  Butttttttt, there was something about the confidence in her voice that made you a little curious about what she said to you.  And even a little afraid inside. 

Chapter End Notes:

Next chapter Jake willl have more shrunken interaction with one of the girls.

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