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Giantess insertion, masturbation, and orgasm, all from the perspective of the tiny

"Little girl, you don't get it?" the giantess asked, staring down at me. Her tits, small though they were, were already spilling out of her half-unmade top. "This is what you are now."

I tried to protest, but, naked from head to toe, it was hard not to shrivel under the massive woman's scoring gaze. She undid the last button on her top, letting her boobs bounce out into the open, and slid her top off her arms before tosing it into the corner. As she leaned down, her small, dark-brown nipples looked like another pair of eyes staring down condescendingly at me.

"You are mine now," the woman said ominously. Her accent, something vaguely Asian that I couldn't place, was unmistakable, but her English was flawless. "Do you understand that?"

"Who are you?" I asked, still terrified.

The woman ignored me. She looked around, as if someone might catch her, but she had already closed and latched the door to my hotel room. Satisfied that were private, she looked back down at me. "You don't matter anymore, got it? Not to anyone. Your parents, your boyfriend, your boss, your country, they think you're dead, and you are mine. You are my toy, forever. And, when you're with me, no means yes, and yes means 'I want to be inside you, goddess.' Do you understand?"

I froze, shocked at her language. It was hard to wrap my head around. I couldn't imagine what she was bluffing about, what she was fantasizing about, and what she was being honest about. It was such a bizarre situation, but the one thing I could not deny was the fact that I had somehow shrunk smaller than this massive woman's thumb.

She leaned down, her face looming large over my field of view. "Do you understand?" she demanded.

I nodded frantically, terrified. "Yes."

The giantess straightened up, her expression brightening with a smile. "You want to be inside me? Your goddess?" she asked energetically. "With pleasure, little lady."

I watched her shift, and heard her kicking off her shoes, then she leaned back to put on a display as she undid the buttons on her tight uniform pants. She had to wiggle her hips a bit to get the waistband over them, revealing faded, black-and-white striped hipster panties. She wasn't able to get her pants off cleanly, and her gaze left me for the first time since I had shrunk when she looked down to free her legs.

Against my better judgement, I took advantage to admire her body. She was certainly one of the locals, otherwise she wouldn't be working housekeeping, but who knew if that meant Chinese, Filipino, or even native Hawaiian? I couldn't tell the difference. She was thin, almost fragile, the muscles of her abdomen showing through her flat stomach as she bounced around, trying to get out of her pants. Her skin was uniformly tan from head to toe, except for a slightly paler patch over her breasts that seemed to implicate the coverage of her bra. The result was that her button-sized nipples, almost as dark as her hair, seemed unbelievably stark.

I wasn't a lesbian, but I had to admit that she was attractive in a lean, ropy sort of way. But she was just... small. If she hadn't been so big compared to me, she would have been downright cute.

By the time she got her pants off, they were turned completely inside-out. Her gaze snapped back to me, full of hunger, and she pulled her panties off next. Once she slid those down over her hips, they fell to the floor effortlessly; she didn't even have to bend down. My gaze was pulled magnetically to the tight brown slit between her legs, a thin brown wrinkle of her vulva just barely poking out, totally shaven clean of hair.

"Mmm, so eager, are you?" she asked, noticing my gaze. She pushed herself up onto my bed, walking forward on her knees until her hips were right over me. Each stomp forward tossed me back and forth on the mattress; even her slight body weighed a thousand times more than mine; and when her two knees were on either side of me, they made an impression so deep between them that I was trapped at the bottom of it.

Her right hand drifted between her legs and her fingers pressed up on either side of that thin, dark brown slit. She lowered her hips and pulled her fingers apart, revealing a thin sliver of shockingly bright pink. As her hips came plunging down, that wet crescent of flesh grew incomprehensibly large, reminding me of how small I had shrunk in an instant. She reached the bottom of her crouch when her ass hit her heels, leaving her pussy only a few feet over my head.

It radiated heat oppressively, and filled the air with a slightly familiar, but deeply off-putting smell. I had never smelled another woman's vagina before, but it was just like smelling someone else's body odor. Familiar in some ways, but deeply, deeply off-putting, and there was no escaping it here. It was like stepping into a fish market during the summer, complete with the heat and humidity that came oozing out of the flesh above me.

The giantess leaned forward, her head hitting the mattress far away from me. I twisted around to see her upside-down face, haloed in dark black, whisper-thin strands of hair. "I want to hear you say it," she said.

"Say what?" I asked.

The giantess straightened up, and her left hand came out of nowhere and scooped my body up off the mattress, lifting me up to the burning hot flesh of her pussy. The fingers of her right hand rubbed up and down, back and forth, with slow and delicate care, revealing the bright pink beneath her vulva in brief, rhythmic flashes.Over the soft, squish-squelching of her fingers through the flesh, I heard her voice come from somewhere, "I want to be inside you, goddess."

"What!?" I shouted. Despite the indignancy that I projected, my eyes immediately shot to the dark pit of the giantess' vagina. That pit could swallow me whole, with room for much more. If she put me in there, I might be lost forever...

Somehow, even situated firmly between her legs, the giantess heard me, and answered impatiently. "Tell me that you want to be inside me," she said sternly.

"Just let me go," I protested, "I won't tell anyone..."

"Tell me," she repeated sternly. I froze; the booming authoritativeness of her voice sounded like a scolding mother.

I said nothing, petrified with fear and indecision. Her middle and ring finger pressed down and pulled apart the lips of her labia as far apart as she could, revealing every texture and detail of her vulva. Seeing the way that her fingers effortlessly manipulated that flesh... It was so, so unbelievably soft. It responded like liquid under her touch, sticky flesh bending and folding in fascinating ways. And, as the dark curtains parted, revealing the bright pink flesh beneath, I saw that glistening, cloudy white fluid already coated every surface, revealing her rapidly-growing arousal.

"Tell me you want to be inside me," she commanded. It may have been my imagination, but it honestly looked like the fleshy pit of her vagina was twitching, ever so slightly, as she spoke. "You are going inside me one way or another."

As if to prove her point, she stopped spreading open her pussy, and slid her middle finger down her vulva, and sank it deep into her vagina, all the way down to the second knuckle. For how soft the flesh was, for how wet it was, it wasn't effortless. Almost as soon as her finger went in, it started to depress the flesh around it, until it was as far in as she could bear, and she had created something of a crater in her vulva.

Over the sound of flesh against flesh, I heard a soft moan, somewhere between pleasure and pain. And the sound gave me the sudden realization that that this was exactly what I had experienced myself, a dozen times before, but never had any idea what it looked like. That first moment when it goes in, when it feels so big that you're ready to split, when you can hardly bear it but you also want more.

Her finger pulled out, thin streaks of cloudy white fluid coating the tip, and the muffled "Mmf," that she let out was confirmation of what I suspected. She was warming herself up, and where her finger had found difficulty, she would work herself up to the point that my body would slide in without resistance.

"And if you don't tell me that you want it," she warned, her voice sounding much more aroused than angry, compared to how it sounded even a few seconds ago. "Things will be much worse for you."

I gulped, staring up at that monstrous pussy. Her fingers returned to spread her labia wide, washing me in a fresh, fishy smell, burning hot with arousal. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. If it hadn't been so visceral, I would have thought it was a nightmare. Was I really going to ask this massive woman to put me inside her vagina?

Did I even have a choice?

"I want to be inside you," I mumbled.

"What was that?" the giantess asked immediately. The hand at my back surged upwards, leaving me only a few millimeters away from the red-hot flesh of her pussy. I wasn't imagining things; when she spoke, her vagina really did twitch. "Speak louder."

I gasped, and balked, faced with the brutal reality of my decision. The opening to her vagina was the size of my head, the walls were pressed so tight together that they could break the bones of my arm if I put it in there. And I had to ask to be put in there... The humiliation...

"I want to be inside you, my goddess," I said, defeated.

"Oh, you ask so nicely," the giantess gushed. Her hand that held her labia open shifted downwards, more deliberately parting the opening to her vagina. "And since you asked so nicely, you get to go in feet-first!"

Oh god, no. But there was no fighting it. The hand that held me tilted up, and suddenly my bare feet were pressed up against the steaming, soft flesh of her pussy. A quick, effortless shift, and I sank into her body up to my knees, hot wetness enveloping my legs like a glove. I could struggle, but her thumb and forefinger quickly shifted to pin my arms to my sides, taking total control of my body, and she slowly slid me into her vagina.

There was nothing I could do but watch. It was like sinking into quicksand, but it was the living flesh of a massive woman. It was an organ that I thought I understood because I had one myself, but I had never experienced it like this. Her vaginal walls were both punishingly tight and unbelievably soft. It was like being crushed under a ton of pillows, with the addition of burning heat, slick wetness, and suffocating stench. As my body sank into hers, it displaced the natural lubricant that had started to flow, the cloudy white fluid welling up around me, easing my passage further in.

Eventually, I had been swallowed up to my shoulders, my arms pinned to my sides, no chance of escape from the tight flesh. With a surge, the giantess sat up, lifting me just a bit above the mattress, though her right hand hovered nearby, fingertips resting against the flesh of her vulva that surrounded me. I was far enough in now, and the walls of her vagina were tight enough, that I stood no chance of falling out no matter how she moved.    

"Oh, tiny girl, I'm so glad you decided to submit to me," the giantess said. "You are going to be mine forever, you know."

As if to emphasize the point, her middle finger came off her pussy to tap me on the head gently. But, at my size, it was a dizzying impact, leaving stars in my vision. I was still recovering from the daze of her hit to my head as she said, "Just so you know, now that you're tiny, your body is a bit... tougher." She giggled, and I felt her pelvic muscles squeeze me, ever so lightly, in rhythm with her bubbly little laugh.

For some reason, even though I had seen her naked from head to toe, being subjected to that reaction felt especially, unusually intimate. Did my body do that when I laughed?

She continued, "It's so I can do whatever I want with you. My vagina is your new home. And, if you please me, you just might enjoy living in it."

Then her middle finger hit my head again, and pushed. The tight flesh that had no trouble holding my limbs fast together parted effortlessly at the pressure of her finger, and I slid all the way inside her vagina. She didn't push hard, but she also didn't try to make sure that I was in any particular position. It was careless. She just wanted me to disappear, and it only took a second. I was surrounded by flesh that held me like a glove, from head to toe, and her finger departed, leaving me in there forever.

The first thing that hit me was the fluid. I had watched it well up around my body as she shoved me in feet-first, but I had thought nothing of it. But now, I was literally swimming in it, and I realized immediately that it was nothing like water. It was thick, it was sticky, and its slimy consistency was impossible to escape. My range of motion was already so limited by the crushing walls of the giantess' vagina, so I had no chance of being able to clear my face with my hands, and there was no amount of thrashing or tossing my head back and forth that would free me from being stuck in a dense bubble of opaque fluid.

I was going to drown, I knew it. I only had a minute, maybe more, and my body was already starting to panic. But I was so small, and her vagina was so strong, even my most desperate struggles were useless. I couldn't gain any purchase to really fight, and what movement I could actually muster up was absorbed by the fleshy walls around me like quicksand. I tried to kick, but I couldn't draw my feet far enough up to bend my knees. I tried to punch, but I couldn't get my arms to the point where I could really push.

This woman was so small! I worked out five days a week! I had been confident in my strength, occasionally even showing up arrogant men in the gym. If I had been full size, I would have been able to pick her up and throw her across the room. But now the walls of her vagina could control me completely, and totally effortlessly.

I fought, I kicked, I screamed, but eventually it all ran out, and I had to take a breath. Hot, slimy fluid worked its way down my throat, and, to my surprise, my panic immediately quelled. I could feel the weight, the heat of it in my lungs. I felt it in my throat like phlegm that wouldn't clear. But, to my shock, breathing almost felt normal.

But it wasn't anything near normal. Because I was hanging upside-down, the weight of her fluids was extremely difficult to pull into my lungs; every breath in came with the same effort of having just finished running a 5K, but every exhale was almost effortless, the fluid that I had inhaled pouring out of my mouth and rejoining the ocean of slime that surrounded me as if it was being pulled from my lungs. It started to feel as if I was only breathing in, and in, and in, forever. Like my lungs had infinite capacity to absorb her sick, creamy vaginal lubricant.

It was impossible, like nothing I had ever experienced or could even imagine. The giantess wasn't lying. Being shrunken had really toughened me up. What else could I survive?

I had no way to see what the hell the giantess was doing, but I could actually hear it fairly well, to my surprise. The walls that pressed up around me, the fluid that surrounded me, were amazingly good conductors of sound. I could hear the gurgling, squirting, and squeezing of her digestive system, but her heartbeat boomed a steady rhythm over it, each beat pulsing the walls around me ever so slightly with a wet, bassy thud. When she spoke, it overwhelmed it all. It was muffled a bit, and too deep, so it sounded a bit like being next door to an apartment that was playing music far too loud. But the difference was that it also vibrated my entire body. Not only could I hear it, I could feel it.

And, on top of all that, if she spoke too forcefully, her pelvic muscles got in on the action. If she laughed or shouted, her vagina squeezed forcefully around my tiny body with every exhale.

"Are you happy in there, little girl?" she asked, and giggled as if in response to her own joke. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. "I can't hear you, but I know you can hear me, and I love having you in there."

I felt myself whirl around, the motion chaotic, sickening in its unpredictability. "It just... Feels! So! Good!" At the very least, I could tell that she was punctuating each word by rocking her hips. Then I... we... were suddenly soaring through the air for a half second, before we hit the mattress of the bed. Now I was lying horizontal, meaning that she was lying down too.

One thing that I never fully appreciated about my own body, or about anyone else's was how gravity affected our organs. I knew that I looked a little skinnier lying down, and that I had rolls when I leaned forward, but I didn't appreciate what caused it. But I gained a new appreciation for it when the walls of the massive woman's vagina settled down on me like bags of concrete when her back hit the mattress.

What I thought was unbearable pressure when she was standing up was nothing. When she was on her back, she was tight as a drum. With the weight of the rest of her body behind them, her vaginal walls pushed down so hard against my face that even the thin layer of fluid was forced out, leaving me gasping ineffectively against a wall of hot, soft skin.   

I heard her start to masturbate before anything else, her fingers rubbing insistently against her vulva, slowly at first, and then quickly. As small as I was, and as deep inside her as I was, I didn't feel it until the rising pleasure caused her pelvic muscles to contract for the first time. And, when they did, the pressure was absolutely brutal.

The contraction came as a shock, and it left me gasping, Her pelvic muscles were brutally strong, it felt like a truck running over me. I had no room left to breathe, nothing left even to exhale under the pressure, so I just suffered silently inside her vagina.

Just as she wanted it.

"Oh, fuck yes," she moaned, her voice rich with desire. I knew that tone, I had used that tone, but only with a dick inside me. "God, you feel so good... They never said it would feel this good..."

Her pelvic muscles squeezed hard, crushing me from head to toe, and I heard her moan again. "This is what you deserve," she breathed. "You deserve to be owned by me, forever. Are you ready?"

Her pussy clenched. Hard. So hard that it left my ears ringing. By the time I recovered, she was already talking. "...new home? This is our little secret, you and me. And I know you can hear me. I know you know that I own you."

The giantess' next pelvic muscle contraction was just as brutal, leaving me dazed. But I could feel that her hips were starting to rock. She was getting off on this, rubbing herself to orgasm while obsessing with her her power fantasy over me.

Was it really a fantasy, though? How on earth was I anything other than totally her property right now?

"Oh fuck..." she moaned.

Her pelvic muscles crushed me again, forcing a sudden surge of slimy lubricant down my throat.

"Oh, fuck!" she gasped.

Her pelvic muscles pulsed once more.

"Oh... fuck...  me!" she screamed.

Her pussy came crashing down around me with brutal, merciless force. It lasted exactly one second, and then it let up. And then it came back down again, weaker, shorter, but still powerful. When it let up, the next pulse was smaller and faster, and each pulse after that slowly weakened in intensity. I felt the giantess' hips thrashing around, and I knew that she had finally orgasmed.

These contractions should have killed me. Even at my tiny size, even with how soft the walls of her pussy were, those muscles that squeezed me should have broken my bones. But I had already drowned and survived. However uncomfortable being rolled over by this fleshy steamroller was, I barely even felt any pain. And, when it was finally over, it felt... well.. anticlimactic.

I know that this giantess didn't feel that way, of course. Whatever her name was. I heard her catch her breath, felt her heartbeat slow, and, finally, she kicked herself off the bed and, as far as I could tell from her movements, started to get her clothes back on.

That was when it started to set in. Blood pooling in my head, trapped in a labyrinth of burning-hot flesh that was so fluid-soaked as to be frictionless, but that gripped me so tightly as to keep me from moving at all. This wasn't going to end just because she came, was it?

The disturbing sounds that pulsed at me from every direction. The way that each breath came with more thick fluid than air, and the way that I had to fight just to take that breath. The chaotic motion. The claustrophobic pressure. The oppressive pink that was just... everywhere. It wasn't going to end anytime soon, was it?

"Oh, you wanna be trapped in there forever, don't you?" the giantess said breathily, her voice still glowing from the pleasure of moments before.

She giggled, and the flexing of her pelvic muscles was a weak tremor compared to the force of her orgasm, but it still came as a surprise. "Don't worry, little lady, you're mine. Forever."

I was only now starting to realize what 'forever' even meant.

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