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Author's Chapter Notes:
The prologue originally appeared as a separate short story with the same title.

A Man Of His Time

By NFalc

The Next Big Thing

File #110A6Z4:

Source: The Syringe

July 20, 20##

Title: "P-141 Authorized"

...use of the artificial hormone named P-141 has been approved by the FDA for use in limited doses for the purpose of encouraging teenage growth in subjects with slowed growth cycles. P-141 has already been licensed for use by several leading pharmaceutical companies, including AstralZenergy and Pfisor, who plan to begin production immediately on drugs incorporating the new hormone. AstralZenergy recently copyrighted the name "GroMax", and Pfisor has copyrighted "Excor", leading to speculation over what these new pharmaceuticals will be named.

It has been rumored that both AZ and Pfisor are lobbying to approve P-141 for more lenient, recreational use, although it is unlikely such a product would become available to the general market.

P-141 produces a growth response in its subject which causes said subject to expand proportionately across the entire body, thus removing risk of damage to interior organs. It is notable that the drug has only been approved in extremely low doses, as higher levels of treatment may produce unpredictable results. P-141 has also shown to be markedly less effective in males as opposed to females.

File #110G9D6:

Source: Pressday

November 8, 20##

Title: "Growth Drugs Latest Pharmaceutical Craze?"

Competition has been heating up between AstralZenergy and Pfisor over their new growth-related drugs, which have proved immensely popular among teenage girls looking to gain height. GroMax and Excor's entry into the field was accompanied by a marketing blitz even greater than that of the erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs of the early 00's, and the major success of the drugs, which retail at over $5,000 per treatment, have eliminated virtually all other pharmaceutical competition.

Most buyers of the drug have expressed satisfaction with the results, saying they experience a 10% growth, not just in height, but in every dimension. As of late, there have been several recent sightings of girls who seem to be on either Excor or GroMax, who have supermodel stature and Amazonian proportions. The G-girls, as they have come to be called, also have noticeably clearer skin and more womanly figures.

Both companies have expressed interest in creating recreational versions with possible higher doses of P-141, the active ingredient in the drug. The FDA is currently in the approval process for these requests, and is expected to come to a decision within the next month.

File #110X0F3:

Source: Reader's Compendium

December 2, 20##

Title: "I Dated A G-Girl"

...Alyssa was actually larger than most G-Girls at 6'5", which made it very intimidating to introduce myself to her. Still, after having a couple of drinks at a party, I felt comfortable enough to try and talk with her. Now, I'm no slouch in the looks department, but Alyssa was downright gorgeous, with multi-tonal dark hair and full lips, as well as an excellent figure. All of the above explain why I fumbled for words at first. Fortunately, Alyssa was very confident and did a lot of the talking, and I found out we had a lot in common.

Alyssa actually led me into a room, pulling me forcefully in with her. It might have been the extra eight inches she had on me, but Alyssa was boisterous, assured and more than willing to take the initiative. Our first kiss was something different than anything I had experienced before, more erotic than anything before it. She knew what she was doing, and almost overpowered me. It was a very unique sensation...

...everyday after school I'd meet with Alyssa. Sometimes we would go to a movie, or hang with some of her friends, but more often than not, it was just me and her at her house. She said she liked to have me all to herself...

...my friends staged an intervention at one point, claiming that they hadn't seen me for months, all I had done was see Alyssa. I denied it then, defended myself by saying that I was truly in love and they should just accept that I had found someone. Still, the doubt had been placed in me, and soon after the thought began to nag at me. Was Alyssa controlling me? It was the beginning of the end...

...I finally got up the nerve to confront Alyssa about her dominating position in our relationship. It felt partially like a way to take back my life, but it also seemed a way of reclaiming my manhood. Honestly, I felt emasculated.

Alyssa, however, refused to hear my plea, or even understand where I was coming from. She instantly grew livid with rage, then grabbed me forcefully and flung me to the floor. I received the beating of my life at her giant hands. She always had been stronger that me, but now she was showing it, violently. I was to be black and blue in several areas by the next day.

She then helped me to my feet, and hugged me, her arms completely enveloping me. It was a complete mood swing, from angry and terrifying to warm and comforting. I didn't know what to think. But Alyssa told me exactly what she expected of me.

"Now don't go doing anything foolish like that again," she said in the same, comforting tone, almost motherly. "Or else I'd have to get physical again, and maybe in a public place."

The thought of the humiliation quickly made me obedient...

...their discovery came after three months of mental torture, nervousness and worry over what Alyssa could or would do to me if I messed up. My parents, however, are both lawyers, and they quickly found a good solution. They went to court, which implemented a twenty-five yard restraining order, with severe legal penalties on Alyssa if she broke it. I saw her crying after the trial, and I knew her feelings had been hurt. But this was the only way for me to break free...

...P-141 needs to be outlawed. I think it was responsible for Alyssa's strange temperament, not to mention how it changes the balance of equality between genders. Please, believe me, P-141 may cause great harm to our society. I know, I experienced its effects myself.

File #110H4R2

Source: Present Magazine

Date: January 4, 20#%

Title: "Recreational Growth Drugs Approved"

In a controversial and delayed decision, the FDA approved the use of P-141, the growth agent, in drugs labeled for "Recreational Use By Prescription". The recreational versions of these drugs have actually been allowed to utilize greater quantities of P-141 than the original growth drugs, GroMax and Excor contained. This has been taken to mean that GroMax and Excor are permitted to use the new, increased dosage in their products.

Both of the companies behind those products announced today that they would be creating new product lines featuring a variant strain of P-141 that will produce the same effects as GroMax and Excor, but with higher levels of growth over a temporary span of time. In an interesting move, this new strain has already been pre-approved by the FDA.

P-141 is known to create clearer skin and trimmer figures for users, side-effects which have reportedly increased with higher dosage.

Stars Lauren Bellestre and Megan Garnette, the latter best known for her position as frontwoman for the band "The Gems", have both expressed interest in using the new temporary drugs. Ms. Garnette even went so far as to suggest that she might use it during concerts. "It would make it so everyone could see me, not just the people in the front row. And think about how many people in the audience I could high-five at once!" said the enthusiastic singer.

File #110T2P9

Source: Muse Radio

Date: March 21, 20#%

Title: "Oscar Pre-Show"

S: "Well John, it's a fabulous night for the red carpet, with lots of fabulous celebrities and great outfits. One 'growing' trend tonight has been the greater number of G-celebrities, the tallest we've seen so far being seven foot six! Here comes Jade Cathstone, she looks like she's about seven foot even... and she's brought some great arm candy with her, actor Michael Tate, who's five eight. He's short, but such a hottie. [giggle] He only comes up to her chest, barely... Wait, there's some big cheers coming from the crowd, someone's coming down the carpet..."

[Ten second pause]

J: "Shannon? Shannon, are you still with us? Who's just arrived?"

[Five second pause]

S: "Ohmigod, John, you're not going to believe this... It's Lauren Bellestre, star of "Cathawk", with her beau Tom Woodman. But - she's twenty-five feet tall!"

J: "Wait, Shannon, did I hear you correctly, she's - twenty-five feet tall?!"

[sound of huge footsteps]

S: "Yes, John. It is sooo cute, Tom can barely keep up, he's only up to her mid-thigh... And he looks kind of nervous. Then again, her feet ARE three feet long, so it would probably hurt if she stepped on him. Here she comes - LAUREN! LAUREN, DOWN HERE. MUSE RADIO! CAN I GET AN INTERVIEW?"

L: "Hello Muse Radio. This is Lauren Bellestre, and I'm currently crouching just to speak into your tiny microphone."

S: "Lauren, can you tell us how you got so big?"

L: "It's a little shot called Proheight, and it'll be available this summer to the general public. For one hundred thou. But it's worth it, this stuff is even better than Botox. I've never felt so confident, so beautiful. Now, sugar, I've got to get back to making my big entrance. I hope I fit in the theater..."

[huge footsteps walking away]

S: "Wait, Tom, can you tell us what it's like to be around Lauren when she's so huge?"

T: "Well, it's a little intimidating, but Lauren is even more beautiful at this size than before. She's big, and I like it."

S: "You heard it here first, ladies and gents! Proheight will make you twenty-five feet tall, and Tom Woodman likes big girls! This is Shannon Stace, back to you John."

File #110Y5U1

Source: Arena Magazine

Date: July 19, 20#%

Title: "The Gems, Live and Gigantic"

Megan Garnette, lead singer of the Gems, had stage presence even before she started using RightSize. Now, she positively dominates the massive arenas her band is playing on their summer tour. At fifty feet, she practically fills the playing field.

Garnette's sheer size poses problems for those in the front rows, who are only able to see up to her breasts, even when they crane their necks. When looking forward, it's easiest to see Garnette's five-foot-long sandaled feet, which are sure to create some new fetishistic fans for the Gems' music.

What would usually be cliche stage antics turn thrilling when performed by the giant Megan. When she steps off stage to wade into the mosh pit, people frantically scurry aside to make room, although she does seem to be careful about where she steps. It's worth noting that all people who enter the mosh pit area have to sign a release saying that they won't sue the concert managers, band or venue.

Garnette often crouches and leans forward until she's almost lying down, so she can sing her lyrics into the crowd. This sends huge blasts of sound and breath over the audience, who get a close-up view of her mouth. This is both awe-inspiring and somewhat terrifying, particularly on some of the angrier numbers played. Garnette's hair often drapes around her head around this moment, causing her hair to fall onto the crowd. Some more adventurous fans tried to hold onto the hair as it lifted away, one or two being actually successful. Megan quickly discovered these, however, placed them in her palm and dropped them carefully into the mosh pit.

Most amazing, however, is when Garnette gives the crowd high-fives. She passes her hand fairly quickly just over the audience's heads, giving everyone enough time to slap, and causing this reviewer to sit down in fear for his own safety.

Truly, the added size makes the concert more exciting, although it does take some attention away from the music...

File #110L3Q8

Source: Natural Life Magazine

Date: August 29, 20#%

Title: "P-141 In Nature?"

Trace amounts of the growth agent P-141, used in products such as GroMax, Proheight, RightSize and Excor, have been found in the Hudson River and surrounding environs. Investigations have confirmed that there were no leaks of the drug into the river, as neither AstralZenergy nor Pfisor have plants along or near the river.

Both plant and animal life among the areas seem to be unharmed, except for a small spike in average size...

File #110D9V:

Source: Farmer's Magazine

Date: September 19, 20#%

Title: "New Wave For Plant Growth"

...new products such as Giplant allow farmers to grow plants up to five times larger than their typical size. Giplant has proven effective on nearly every type of food crop, and plans are already being set in motion to use the giant plants for relief efforts, as well as general sale.

There has been some protest from certain farmers, particularly those who own organic farms, as to the use of Giplant, which they argue creates unfair competition, as well as unsafe produce...

File #110N6K4

Source: Pressday

Date: October 2, 20#%

Title: "Singer's Growth Found Permanent"

...had been taking RightSize throughout the tour, usually every week. Garnette was using two doses of the medicine, in order to grow to fifty feet as opposed to thirty-five, which she deemed "too average."

Two weeks have passed since the end of the tour, twice the time that it is supposed to take RightSize to filter out of the body. However, as opposed to returning to her normal size, Garnette found herself still growing, until she stabilized at sixty-two feet.

Garnette seemed sobered by the experience. "I don't know if I'll ever be normal-sized again. It looks like now I'll just have to wait, and adjust."

Pfisor insisted that since Garnette had misused the drug, she could not sue, nor were the results equivalent to that of most RightSize users. "This was a freak incident," assured a Pfisor representative. "Users who follow the directions for use will have satisfactory results with RightSize. We are currently working on aiding Ms. Garnette, and hold out hope for her condition either finishing or being cured."

Garnette is currently building a home to her new scale, to house her and her fiance Mark Stratsum of The Semis...

File #110B2G7

Source: Scientist Magazine

Date: November 11, 20#%

Title: "P-141 Transmissible Through Bodily Fluids"

...many of the studies produced results that showed surprisingly high levels of transfer via any bodily fluid, including saliva. P-141 bonds tightly to the R-19 receptor on b-Protein 119. This protein is found in most organic life, except in certain species. Male humans have b-Protein 119, but their model for the R-19 receptor is different, making P-141 unable to bind to them...

...more distressing is the discovery that P-141 has a half-life of 1249 years, and is able to easily contaminate soil and water. If P-141 continues to spread, the result could be greatly increased growth in any number of species, including our own...

File #110K9Y2

Source: Diversion Magazine

Date: February 22, 20#&

Title: "Lauren Bellestre Pregnant"

...rumors had been spreading after a large Motherwear truck was seen pulling into the sixty-seven foot starlet's home in Beverly Hills. Husband Barry Afford kept quiet when questioned about Lauren's possible pregnancy, but today Bellestre's agent confirmed that she was indeed carrying a child, and had been for four months.

"Lauren will just be avoiding work for the next few months, in order to ensure the child's safety," the agent stated. There has been much speculation about the size of the child she's carrying, and whether it will take after the mother or father.

File #110P4D1

Source: Associated Media

Date: April 8, 20#&

Title: "Garnette Trial Set For October"

...infamous case involving the smothering of husband Mark Stratsum, who died of oxygen loss. Garnette claimed it was an accident, tearfully saying, "Mark and I were just engaging in normal - activities, when I realized he wasn't moving. I immediately checked for breathing, and did everything I could to try and save him... It just didn't work..."

Garnette is expected to be charged with manslaughter in the third degree.

File #110L2X5

Source: Pressday

Date: July 15, 20#&

Title: "Bellestre Baby Born"

...the infant is said to weigh 208 pounds, about normal given its height of 8' 2". It has been confirmed to be a baby girl, named Amy.

Asked about the difficult prospect of raising such a child, father Afford said, "We've hired a team of trained handlers to take care of Amy, and her mother will also be very involved with her."...

File #110F5X8:

Source: The Syringe

Date: September 15, 20#&

Title: "Op-Ed: Stop P-141"

P-141, the so-called "growth agent" has been used in everything now from beauty products to growth formulas, and is even present in much of our food stock. Despite much evidence pointing to the potential negative results of such large amounts of P-141 present all around us, the government has continued to allow it to spread unchecked.

This dangerous chemical has the potential to spread like wildfire through our ecosystem, permanently altering any species it encounters. P-141 has proven to be transmissible from mother to child, and babies born to height-enhanced mothers are statistically more likely to be female. Already, the median height of human females has skyrocketed. Two years ago it was 5'7", today it is 10'5". Numerous celebrities are far larger than that. If growth like this continues unchecked, not only will it severely affect our way of life, it will also permanently alter reproduction patterns. Giant plant and animal species will take over the ecosystem, and begin to pose major threats to normal-sized humans.

Our entire existence is at risk, yet no one seems to acknowledge it. The time to act is now, before the damage becomes any worse. P-141 must be stopped, before it destroys us all.
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