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Summary: stories related to a boat ride with a guide
Rated: G
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Published: November 10 2023 Updated: July 17 2024

1. Chapter 1 guidance by she8sharks [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5198 words)

something a bit simpler while i deal with being ill hopefully it goes soon

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2. Chapter 2 the sun deity by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (8782 words)

how do you describe a sun goddess if you only have one shot in a very limited time frame?

3. Chapter 3 graves and funerals by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (9737 words)

4. Chapter 4 wiped surface by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (4056 words)

the fuck is wrong with people 

5. Chapter 5 unlocking memories by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (4094 words)

the smallest things fun fact I've never broken a rib 

6. Chapter 6 moshing medusa by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (4168 words)

7. Chapter 7 broken movie and the med bay by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (12547 words)

got it we where doing a cross country horror movie! and people actually started getting hit. 

8. Chapter 8 warped screens the picture behind the picture by she8sharks [Reviews - 0] (10030 words)