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  A lot has changed in the world of Gulliver since his adventures came to an end all those years ago.  The mega giant Brods have consumed the majority of the world’s resources with very little sympathy for the two races at their feet.  The humans of Gulliver’s size average about 4 “inches” tall in comparison.  Like small action figures, they scurry about, doing the things the Brods tell them to do.  Their  frustrations of size get taken out on the poor Lillys, the smallest of the races.  The difference in size between the Lillys and the humans is the same as the one between the humans and the Brods.  This makes the tiny Lillys toys to the humans, and ants to the Brods.  

In this social hierarchy, size reigns supreme. 

Considered to be less than bugs by the Brods, and livestock by the humans.  Lillys are forced to live underground.  They are small enough to navigate the cave systems that the cities are built on.  Inside these caves rests the gullivalunian crystals.   Only the tiny hands and delicate touch of a trained Lilly can mine it safely.  As low on the social ladder as they are, their work is critical for everybody’s survival. 

Through circumstances and chance meetings over the course of their lives, Joe and Karen have formed a loving bond.  Joe should consider himself lucky. He lives in luxury and has his needs taken care of. His body no longer strained by hours and hours of digging in the mines.  What could he possibly have to complain about? 

His girlfriend is the size of a mountain.

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Published: October 18 2023 Updated: October 18 2023
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