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Attention! This Story features Giantess Vore, Digestion, and a final scene with a soft scat! You read at your own risk!

Be Careful What You Wish For

“So would you really do it if you found me shrunken?”

“You know it doesn't turn me on. But I've answered your questions so many times that I'm genuinely interested in some way. Also answering you.. Yes! I would eat you and not let you go ;-)”

“Wow, are you absolutely serious now? What if I've already shrunk and I don't want it? Would you do it against my will?"

“Writing about it with you piques my curiosity, and I know full well that somewhere in the middle of it you really want it! Stick to one. You asked me many times if I would eat you. I did not want! You waded through and told me what an interesting experience this could be!”

“You know, it's good for me to imagine or discuss it with you. Still, if it turned out to be true, I don't know if I wouldn't change my mind after just getting smaller."

“I wouldn't be interested anymore. The moment I find you little one, I will eat you ;-). I'm going to sleep now... Sleep well! ;*"

"Good night! Sleep well ;*”

I put my phone on the nightstand. The confusion in my head wouldn't let me stop thinking about it. In the end, I convinced her myself. On the one hand, it's quite exciting how she changed her attitude. Madeline is my very good friend. I never believed in male-female friendship before, but it changed my perception. I treated her a bit like a family member, we were never sexually attracted to each other. Once I felt the need to talk about my erotic fantasy. To my surprise, Madeline did not laugh at me, on the contrary, she waded into it and tried to put herself in the situations I presented. She was reluctant at first, saying that if it happened in real life, she wouldn't do anything! Over time, however, our conversations seemed to convince her that digesting me could be something special. I went to sleep, it was quite late. I had a dream where Madeline finds me baby and eats me without any remorse. It is true that this dream stimulated my excitement, but translating it into reality seemed to me quite ... terrible? It's been a pretty rough night for me.

Today is Friday the last day of work! it was seven in the morning, the first thing I went to wash and tidy in the bathroom. Once that was over, I put on a white shirt and blue jeans. I grabbed my phone and house keys and left. I locked the house and as fast as I could I went towards the bus stop waiting for the bus. At that time I fired up my phone, emptiness. On the one hand, it saddened me that apart from Madeline, I hardly write with anyone. Is there something wrong with me? The bus arrived. I got in, I'll be there in a few minutes. After an hour we reached our destination. I slept the whole way in the back seat of the bus. I left and went straight to my office. I was so lucky in my life that Friday turned out to be one of the nicest days. My working day was short, and there was not a lot of traffic. I sat down at my desk and started filling out charts and writing reports. The hours passed quite slowly, despite the fact that I was quite focused on my work, yesterday's conversation with Madeline was still on my mind. Suddenly my phone vibrated and I rushed like crazy into my pocket and checked my notification, it was a message from Madeline.

“Hey Peter! Just got home from college and thought I'd like something sweet to eat! I went to the store next door and looked through all the available chocolates! And you won't believe it! Wasn't my favorite!!!! >.< :-( It's better that you don't show yourself to me now, little one, because I'm craving something sweet so much that I couldn't resist ;3”

My heart skipped a beat, and it's not the first time Madeline has teased me like this since I confessed my fantasies to her. I turned slightly red.

“Madeline! Not now, you know I'm at work! I'll message you back when i finish my work"

"Ehh... :-( Just don't make my tummy wait too long <3"

Same feeling again. I put the phone down. My thoughts did not allow me to concentrate. Is she really just playing a role? is teasing me? Or would she really eat me without any remorse? I couldn't stand it any longer. I grabbed the phone.

“Madeline, if it really happened… Won't you feel guilty afterwards? You know you consumed me and all that…”

I waited a while. No answer. I put the phone down and went back to my work. Time began to fly faster for me now, column after column. As soon as I finished my today's tasks, it was time to finish my work. It's going to be a pleasant day, I thought, and hurried out of the office. Barely leaving the building, a speeding passer-by bumped into me. He was dressed like a scientist, and he was holding a briefcase in his hand. we both fell to the ground.

“I am very sorry sir! I am in a hurry!"

Without giving me a chance to answer, he just ran away. I got up and started to brush myself off when a tiny vial on the ground caught my attention. It must have happened to this scientist. I picked up the vial and looked behind me. He disappeared from my view. Well, looks like I'll be taking a vial with me! Who knows, maybe I'll even make some money from it! I put the vial in my pocket and headed to the bus stop. I did not have to wait long because after only a few minutes my bus arrived. I got inside and pulled out my phone. Two unread messages from a few hours ago. Damn it! Didn't hear notification? I fired up the app right away.

"Absolutely not! As I already told you! You've been asking for it for the past few months since you've been asking me your questions! You told me that you like to play the unwilling, so I would take your objection in such a way ;-)”

"I'll be honest, having such an opportunity with little you, I couldn't resist.. I'm very curious if the feeling I told you would be the same if I actually swallowed you whole <3"

I got excited reading these messages. Maybe she would actually eat me in such a situation, but then let me go? Although she mentioned that she doesn't like throwing up... The way back passed quite quickly, as soon as I returned home. I changed into looser clothes and sat on my bed. I took my phone

“Well, on the one hand, it's good that it's impossible! Looking at what I made of you cruel ;-)”

"Hahaha! Remember! You chose me for this! You said yourself if you ever got smaller you wouldn't mind ending up in my stomach! ;3"

“Actually, you're right, if I was in your place and reading everything I wrote to you, I would probably get turned on too haha!”

The topic of my fantasy and what she would do took a back seat, we started a normal conversation, she told me about her day and so on. After a while, I put my phone aside for a moment on the bed and grabbed my earlier clothes. My mother always told me to put everything in the closet right away. That was golden advice, at least there wasn't that much crap in my apartment! Grabbing my pants, I felt something hard in my pocket. I put my hand in and pulled out a vial with a strange liquid inside. On the vial was a note written in small print, "Shrunk Fluid." A strange thought crossed my mind, but it's impossible, it's probably some new drug that is supposed to help soothe the skin or whatever. I looked at the vial and brought it closer to my face. There's no way it'll work, and there's no life-threatening stamp either. I decided to unscrew the vial and drink the contents. You only live once! they say, so what's the harm. I drank and sat back on the bed grabbing the phone and reading her life story. After a while, something gently tugged at my heart. My eyes turned white. I fainted. I don't know how long I woke up. I felt like I had been sleeping forever. I felt like I was trapped in something, everything was dark. I felt like in some kind of soft black tunnel. There was a faint light behind me, so I decided to head in that direction! After a few minutes I left. This was my room. Huge room. Turns out the tunnel I came out of was my T-shirt. I looked at myself, I was completely naked. I panicked and excited at the same time. How is that even possible? What I should do now? Madeline is my only friend! Should I take a chance? My phone showed up. It was as big as the biggest tables for me. I climbed onto it and started jumping on the keys. Good thing the screen sensed my weight. After entering the password, I launched the application and started texting Madeline

“Madeline!!! It's not a joke! I really shrunk! Please come to my house, I'll be on my bed, the door is open"

She read. A moment of silence, I wasn't surprised at all, who in their right mind would believe such a thing? Good thing Madeline was a little crazy. On the one hand, I felt fear, on the other hand, this is my only resort, I have no one else I can trust. My thoughts were interrupted by a horribly loud notification sound

"Oh you pervert, you can't stop talking about your fantasy even for a moment, could you at least respect and tell me what you think about what happened to me today ;-("

“I'm really not kidding! I'm shrunken! I'm hopping on my phone to send you a message. Please, Madeline, come, you're the only one I can trust"

"Okay, I'll be there in 30 minutes. If this turns out to be some stupid prank, I'll be really mad at you for wasting my time."

It worked! Now I had to wait. Instead of rejoicing, I was filled with fear. Madeline is crazy, but she's my friend. I guess the stories end here? Part of me was excited about getting into her mouth, but on the other hand, I knew what it meant. Time flew by for me very long. It felt like ages. I was lying naked on my bed thinking about all this. The combination of excitement with a hint of fear was a really interesting experience that I have never experienced. Suddenly I heard the door opening. Loud footsteps heading my way when Madeline suddenly appeared.

Madeline was short and blonde. She was 158 cm tall. She had a pretty face, especially her mouth and teeth. I've imagined them in action many times. She wasn't a skeleton but she wasn't fat either, somewhere in between I think. Big thighs, big tits and a flat stomach. Plus her long blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. She was wearing a short orange sweatshirt revealing her belly and black jeans.

"Oh my God! You weren't lying! But how is that possible?”

“While leaving work today, a scientist bumped into me! He dropped a vial and then, well... I drank it."

"Hahaha! But you're stupid, didn't Mom teach you not to play with questionable toys?"

“I well um.. hey!!”

At that moment, Madeline grabbed me with her two fingers and lifted me to face level, her big brown eyes studying me very closely. I felt ashamed of trying to somehow cover my crotch

“I really didn't believe it would ever happen! But since you've already applied to me, there's no need to delay!"

"Wait! Madeline! You must be kidding! You have to help me get back to normal!"

"Oh no little one! I know you did it on purpose! I'm sure you wanted this until I came here! Remember, it's your fantasy, so have fun with it!"

“But.. But.. No!! Wait!"


She opened her beautiful mouth and greeted me with her tongue. She licked me twice causing my whole body to be in saliva now. Without waiting any longer she just put me on her tongue closing her mouth. I was half in her mouth with my legs still sticking out. I started screaming and fidgeting. All I got was a cute laugh in response. I didn't have to wait long when my whole body was sucked inside. Madeline was throwing her friend from cheek to cheek. Savoring and sucking every nook and cranny of his body. She decided to arrange his clothes, then reached for the vial. There can be no traces. She thought as she headed straight for the restroom. There she broke the vial and dumped the remains down the toilet, flushing the contents. She was humming the last of the hits as she happily walked through Peter's apartment.

Her tongue was really strong, throwing me left and right. I was no match for him. I was thrown from cheek to cheek, sucking my body in the process. I was excited on the one hand, I always dreamed of this situation about this. how he plays with me in his mouth, but on the other hand, the fear of what was to come prevented me from fully focusing on the pleasure. It didn't last long though, the rubbing of her tongue against my crotch caused an unintentional arousal that I couldn't hold on to any longer. It went straight to her tongue. I was wondering if this little speck would be felt at all. There was silence. She stopped moving. Suddenly her tongue pressed hard against my palate. Then her mouth opened as an unfamiliar liquid spilled over me, pushing me into the dark abyss behind me

She was always playing with her little friend. Madeline went straight to the kitchen pouring herself one of the orange juices. She was glad because orange juice was her favorite. As soon as she poured herself some juice, she felt a strange taste on her tongue. She immediately turned red. She pressed Peter against her palate and quickly drank the juice



Satisfied, she sighed as she felt one thicker mound slide down her esophagus. She stood there for a moment, curious. Will she feel anything inside at all, will the feeling he described to her in his questions be real.

The orange liquid took me in the current, before I could understand what was happening I was sucked into a dark tunnel in the background hearing the sound of swallowing. I was falling along with the juice, which made it hard for me to catch my breath. My worries were quickly averted when suddenly I fell into a wet and small room, orange juice mixed with digestive juices reaching my knees for now, I felt a slight tingling sensation. That's how I pictured her stomach. It was practically empty. Slowly I started to realize what was going on, I accelerated as fast as I could and hit one of the walls.

“Madeline! It's not funny! Let me out!"

After a while she felt a gentle struggle in her stomach. She felt something moving inside her! She liked it very much. In addition, she couldn't believe how very quiet she was able to hear it!

“Wow! I really feel you! It's so cool! How did you know this was what it would feel like?”

"Are you even listening to me! Let me out!"

“This is the first time I've heard food address me like that! Better behave! Maybe I'll rethink it all."

She giggled softly, patting her belly, and quickly left the apartment. She got into her car and started the engine, rubbing her stomach. The slap threw me to the other side of my stomach. I could not believe! She really is crazy! She really got into it. I felt her start walking in the background hearing more or less what was going on. When she sat down, my stomach tossed. I heard the sound of a car.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?"

“Well, where? To my home!"

“You must be joking! What if you start digesting me on the road? You'd better stay with me, I can stay here as long as you want, but if I start to burn, please let me go!"

“Food won't dictate my terms. So let's hope my stomach would not digest you while I'm driving! Now be quiet! I need to focus on the road!”

I felt a strong slap that threw me to the other side of my stomach again. I could not do anything. Only with her help can I get out of here. It was hot but not too bad. I tried to get her attention but she completely ignored me. The smell of orange juice allowed me to endure the smell, which was not the best anyway. For now, I felt fine, but the sounds coming from her stomach stressed me out.

The road passed quite quickly. She parked the car and got out of the car heading straight for her family home.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, I'm back!"

She went straight to the kitchen where the whole family was having dinner. She walked over to the pot, helped herself to a plate of soup, and joined the family, discussing life and politics.

I finally felt a change in her stomach, she started moving, that means she's getting off! So she has arrived! I don't know how much time is in that stomach. It's still not too bad, but my skin is starting to tingle a little. I wanted to try to make myself known, but her movements threw me off balance. Suddenly I could hear a conversation outside. I was thrown up again when I was nervous, I was about to start screaming at her, a strange liquid fell from the top straight on me. It was tomato soup mixed with chewed noodles. Well beautiful! She must be kidding me! Furious, I approached one of the walls and started punching, the fluid level in her stomach began to increase.

Suddenly a strange feeling from her stomach knocked her out of the rhythm of the conversation a bit, she rubbed herself gently remembering about her little friend. She heard his quiet screams softly, it was hard for her to assess how much they were audible to the people next to her. Not wanting to risk it, as soon as she ate her portion, she put the plate in the dishwasher, thanked her parents for the meal and quickly went towards her room. As soon as she got inside, she threw herself on the bed as fast as she could.

Her stomach started to rumble left and right again, I was already feeling a bit battered. The worst was about to come when, after feeling her footsteps for a moment, she sped up and I suddenly felt a strong pressure against her stomach. It knocked me down a couple of times before I found a stable position. I was now full of her digestive juices, orange juice, and tomato soup.

"Hey, you still alive there?"

“Madeline! Stop fidgeting so much! You're giving me a rollercoaster here! I think I've been in your stomach long enough! It's time you let me go!"

“Are you crazy? I just ate lunch! You'll have to wait until I digest it then I'll let you go."

“You must be joking! After all, that means...” I haven't gotten a reply from her yet. I felt more taps. It was getting warmer. I felt a slight pain that was still bearable. It slowly started to get really bad.

Madeline reached for her phone, firing up Tiktok. She completely ignored her tiny friend in her stomach. Secretly, she liked to dominate, and his fantasy kind of gave her that ability. The fact that he was trapped inside her, unable to get out, somehow turned her on. While scrolling through Tiktok, a series of very strange animations jumped at her. People with camera heads were fighting with toilets from which a human head emerged. To defeat the man-toilet, the water had to be flushed. It was really stupid but at the same time quite funny and addictive. She went to the creator's profile and saw the entire series, which she decided to watch.

I was punching and screaming from her stomach the whole time. I never thought I'd fall into such a quagmire. I tried to struggle, fidget, even bite, but nothing helped. She had absolute power over me. The pain was getting stronger. I could already feel my skin peeling off. It was the last chance to let me out.

She has wasted a great deal of time going through this whole bizarre series. She imagined an interesting comparison where, in a way, she would also rinse her friend in the toilet bowl and he would cease to exist. The sight amused her a little. She looked out the window, it was definitely getting dark. She set the phone down as she stood up and stretched. Her attention returned to her stomach, which was growling terribly. She felt a soft hit, and another. They were weaker than before

“Oh! Sorry! I think I've been watching Tiktok too long! Well, I'm afraid it's too late to let you go! If you still hear me, know that thank you very much! Testing yourself in your fantasy was really something special! I had fun, hope you did too! She patted herself a couple of times and danced to the bathroom."

The pain was unbearable, I could feel my body being entertained and juices pouring inside burning the inner parts of my body. I tried to fight with the last of my strength but it didn't help, I finally gave up slowly losing consciousness in the background hearing the loud sounds of her stomach with the sound of pouring water.. She filled the tub with water and stepped into the tub.

Her obsession with oranges didn't just end with juices! She also used orange-based creams and bubble baths! She lay down in the tub relaxing. She took the sponge gently washing her body, when she started to wash her tummy she remembered her friend, she didn't feel him from the moment she entered the bathroom. She's a part of her now, all the best has gone to her! She smiled softly to herself as she thought about what she had experienced today. She was happy that she could fulfill her friend's fantasies or dreams. She also felt very feminine that the choice fell on her. After the bath, she changed into her gray pajamas with the image of pikachu and headed towards her room. She uncovered the duvet and lay down, gently massaging her tummy.

“Thank you for today, Peter! It was a truly unique experience!”


Madeline liked to sleep in a little longer on the weekends. She woke up at ten in the morning. She yawned and got out of bed. She felt heavy on her stomach, feeling that she had to go to the toilet. With that thought, she chuckled softly, eventually letting him go so she kind of did what he asked. She left her room and went straight to the bathroom taking off her shorts and sitting on the toilet. The case went quite quickly for her, as soon as she reached for the paper wiping her ass. She turned around, looking gently at her feces. There, she noticed little bones reminding her of Peter, whose fantasies she had fulfilled yesterday. She grabbed the cistern

"This is your end, toilet man!"

She laughed as she remembered the animation she watched yesterday. Coming out of the bathroom, she gently massaged her tummy feeling a little bad. She thought she would miss this funny clown who always gave her a lot of attention and listened to her stories. Still, she tried to move on, telling herself that, after all, it was his own wish. In a way, she was glad that he had chosen her as the girl with whom he would be together forever.

With that in mind, Madeline returned to her room, changed clothes and started her next day


Chapter End Notes:

This is my second vore story! Any advice or comments are welcome! Thanks for reading my story

this story was written in Polish. Using google translator and my little experience I translated it into English. There may be major grammatical errors, for which I apologize. If anyone is interested in helping me translate my work, please contact me on discord: Rumbling2091

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