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Story Notes:

This was a challenge by Jamilton. I appreciate any feedback to make my writing better, so let me know what you think!


Also, even though this story will feature a lot of giantess content and focus on that, the story will also be very character focused as well, so if that's not your cup of tea here is the warning :)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Meet the four contestants as they see who can grow the tallest! 

Jamilton, I hope you don't mind that I switched the order of the competitions a little bit!

Day 1: Growing

This was the most controversial year since the Top Giantess Model Competition first started 15 years ago. This year’s competition was so socially polarizing because for the first time ever, at the end of the 7 day long competition, the 4 giantess contenders would be unleashed on the densely populated city the competition took place in. 

Military and state troopers geared themselves at the city’s blockaded exits. Hundreds of thousands of citizens stood at the blockade, hoping that their yelling and protests would deter the army from keeping them trapped inside the city that would be nothing but rubble in one week's time. 

But nothing could deter the army’s position. After all, the blockade was the only thing stopping the giantesses from moving into the restricted area once the destruction commenced. To the people in the city, the army kept them trapped inside a cage, food for the animals that lurked. To the army, they were saving the countless lives that might be destroyed if they allowed the citizens to flee.

While many protested at the blockade, others protested outside the stadium the competition was being held. They held signs that shouted for its cancellation, demanded that the imprisoned tinies be set free and returned to their families. 

It was all so ridiculous. Angela snickered at the protesting voices that echoed from outside the stadium. Nobody cared this much the years before when only a few dozen people suffered at TGMs, but now that their lives were on the line, suddenly they care.

People entered the stadium slower this year than they did last. Angela’s first year qualifying for the competition, the stadium was already packed by the time the 4 contestants had walked onto the brightly lit stage in front of several cameras for tv streaming. With the news of an increase in riots and protests, security was working overtime to make sure only supporters of the competition were let in.

“Um, excuse me.” A meager voice said behind Angela. The girl looked young, maybe a fan of hers that managed to sneak onto the stage to get a closer look at her beauty. Or maybe she was a protestor trying to stop Angela from competing, though in that case she wouldn’t get far before Angela crushed her. 

“Screw off, I have a competition to win.” Angela flung her hand at the young teen, shewing her away. The ginger frowned, her lip twitching at its corner. Angela’s face lit up at the familiar sight. As she watched the teen limp away, she recognized her. “Stop moving.” 

The older girl demanded with such authority that Gabby’s body stopped all on its own. She was excited to meet her idol before the competition started, but that could prove to be a mistake. Angela’s fierceness and cruelty was what won her the TGM’s last year, and it could be what lost Gabby’s chances of winning before the competition even started.

“I remember you from the preliminary round.” Angela said. Gabby didn’t think she made that big of an impression during the preliminary. Hundreds of girls were there, and Angela didn’t even need to attend since she won last year and was the defending champion. 

“There was a lot of buzz about you.” Angela continued. “I heard you almost got kicked out for bringing your own shrunken people, but the judges decided to keep hush about it after they found out it was your own mother. It takes a lot of ferocity to do what I heard you did to your own mom.”

Gabby flushed red. Her rolemodel’s praise was unexpected, but it's not like Gabby didn’t know doing it would win her favor with the judges. “It was nothing, really. She did a good job raising me, but now that I’m older she isn’t good for much.”

“Still,” Angela’s eyes fluttered at Gabby, analyzing what she could be capable of. Angela’s stare was intimidating, and Gabby was unsure if the conversation was something she still wanted to endure. “You had to listen to her scream as you slowly dismembered her by using your dull fingernail as a saw. I can’t imagine the kind of things your mother must’ve said to you when she realized you weren’t going to stop.”

It wasn’t pleasant. Angela couldn’t have known how traumatizing it was, or maybe she was somebody who could relate to Gabby. Gabby had after all been inspired to do that to her mother from some of the feats Angela accomplished during last year’s competition. “I’ve been called a disappointment enough, hearing it in 1,000 new ways wasn’t that hard.”

“Aw,” Angela pouted, bending down to look at Gabby like she was talking to a child. “It’s too bad it was all for nothing. Once I tell the judges that you’re not 16, you’ll be disqualified. No mommy, and no prize.” 

Gabby stepped back, the giantess’s gaze to demeaning. How did she know? If the judges found out Gabby lied, a lot worse would happen. She’d be fined 1,000s of dollars she can’t pay, and she could end up in juvie for it. No girl her age wanted to be in juvie, it made the TGM’s look tame. 

“Please don’t tell anyone.” Gabby dropped to her knees, shrouding in the essence of the former champion. “They wouldn’t let me compete if I told them I was only 14. I can’t wait another 2 years. Winning the TGM’s has been my dream since I was little, I don’t know if it’ll still be around by the time I’m eligible.” 

Droplets of sweat fell at the floor by Angela’s manicured feet. Gabby didn’t dare wipe them from her forehead, the act of moving alone in Angela’s presence too terrifying a task. 

The pink polished feet moved past Gabby, settling her nerves. “I’ll keep your secret, but just so you can watch me do so much better than that little stunt of yours at the preliminary round.” Spit from Angela’s mouth hit the back of Gabby’s neck as the girl walked away. “I can’t believe how low standards have become that they let someone in after doing something so boring. What are you looking at?”

Ivory didn’t respond to the diva’s question, and didn’t even watch as she passed and sat in the chair two spaces away from her. She pitied the crying teen Angela left groveling on the floor, but she couldn’t be bothered. She remembered Gabby from the preliminary round, too. Gabby was overly excited to show off her mother’s remains afterwards to anyone who’d listen, she deserves her fate of crying on the floor. 

The 25 year old didn’t care much for the TGM’s. In fact, she outright opposed it. Her stomach churned thinking about the city full of people that would die at the end of the week, but they likely deserved their fate too. While Angela and Gabby were competing for a title and a silly little sash, Ivory had her aim set to the prize money. 

With $100,000 dollars, she’d be able to save her family from poverty and even find a different country to live in. People here have always been cruel towards Ivory and her family, part of her was happy that she’d get to take part in wiping out an entire city.

The sound of 10 inch heels clanked on the ground. Long flowy black hair brushed past Ivory as towards the teen wallowing on the ground. “No no no no no,” hushed the Lebanese woman as she knelt down beside Gabby and rubbed her back. “Crying is for the ugly, sweetheart. Not the goddesses. Wipe your eyes.” 

“I hate her.” Gabby spat, sitting up and leaning into the other woman. Years of self confidence and admiration crippled in a matter of seconds by words of one person. “I’m going to destroy that cunt.” 

The woman’s rubbing slowed. “Such vulgarity from such a tight body, how wonderful! I’m going to destroy her too, right along with all the uglies that are going to become paste under my heels.”

High beat music blasted through speakers, igniting the crowd into an eager roar. 

“Seriously?” bellowed Angela. “The crowd is still a quarter empty and they’re already starting.”

“It looks like only an 8th of the seats aren’t filled,” said Ivory, “I guess they couldn’t weed out enough of the supporters from the protestors.”

Angela’s eyes rolled in her head. “Leave it to the Asian to know math.” 

Ivory’s fingers curled into a fist. She figured Angela’s preppy mean girl attitude would cause problems, but it’d be difficult for Ivory to keep her cool if Angela kept spouting comments like that. Crowds like a mean girl, but they didn’t like a bitch. Angela could get away with saying anything she wanted and the crowd would love her, but Ivory had to play smart. 

The Lebanese woman sat down in the spot next to Ivory, her arm still nestled around Gabby. 

Angela sat up in her seat, head tilted towards the woman. “Be careful, I heard this kid mutilated the last girl who tried being her mommy.” 

Gabby’s face turned as ginger as her hair, but the woman squealed with excitement. “I know, isn’t it wonderful! I hope one day I will have a daughter that is cruel. I’d have her disciplined by the time she’s old enough to mutilate me, though. She’ll be too afraid of me to act out. Too many punishments for having her fingers and toes broken under mine.” 

Angela’s long eyelashes fluttered. If being cruel was Angela’s ticket to fame, this girl’s was being crazy. She sat back in her seat and waited for the announcers to start the first round. 

Sitting at a table in front of the stage were three judges, and at a table more to the side was the event’s announcer, Trever Shirly. Trever sat facing the cameras, but his voice was broadcasted over the speaker as the music died down. 

“Let’s hear it for our contestants.” Trever’s deep voice was quickly drowned out by the shouts of the crowd. When the crowd finally lowered in cheers, Trever spent time introducing the judges. The three men stood up and waved, and soon the spotlight fell on the ladies in waiting. 

The crowd cheered their loudest. Most of what they chanted was inaudible, but one thing did pierce through the noise. “Angela! Angela! Angela!” The former winner stood up and curtsied, the only of the four girls to do so.

The spotlight moved away from them and back to the stage. “Welcome everyone!” Trever threw his arms up as he ran onto the stage. “In just a moment, we will be introduced to this year’s 4 contestants for the 15th Top Giantess Model. But first, me and everyone working here at TGM wants to assure you that we don’t condone any of the behavior happening outside. The rioting and protestants are disrupting our liberty and freedom to hold events like this.” 

The crowd cheered. “What a backwards way of thinking about it.” Ivory muttered under her breath. Gabby didn’t know what her problem was, people with the power to change sizes have rights too. 

“But everybody here tonight will be saved from Sunday’s event.” continued Trevor, again to the crowd's pleasure. “But without further ado, let's meet our first contestant, Syrine Khalil!” 

The spotlight fell on the Lebanese woman next to Gabby. She jumped up in glee and waved to the stadium. “That’s me!” She straightened out her silver dress and walked up to the stage. 

As Syrine walked to her stage, Trevor continued his announcements. “Syrine is a beauty whose parents immigrated her from Lebanon when Syrine was only 3 years old. The now 22 year old is studying for a degree in accounting, though she says her favorite pastime is taking care of pets at the local shelter.”

Syrine took her place at center stage, absorbed by the crowd and bright lights. Nobody had ever cheered for her like this, and she hadn’t even done anything yet. A lot of people found the way she played with shrunken people to be disgusting or too over the top, but maybe here she finally found her group. 

“I am very fortunate to be sharing the stage with you Syrine,” complimented Trevor. “But I’m about to step off the stage because in a second you are going to start off the first round of the competition. And I need to get off the stage. Not because I’m afraid of ending up this beautiful girl’s next prey, but because of the nature of the first competition.” 

Angela released her trademark scoff. “It's pathetic how much he’s trying to flatter her. She’s dense but she isn’t ugly, her beauty should speak for itself.” Angela nudged an elbow into Gabby’s side. “It's a shame you’re not naturally beautiful. Maybe his flattering will trick the judges into thinking you deserve to be here.”

Gabby thought she was going to burst from rage, but imagining herself crushing Angela under her sneaker after winning the competition satisfied her rage. 

Trevor stepped off the stage and slid back into his seat to speak right into the camera which not only aired at home, but was broadcasted on a giant screen at the top of the stadium. “This first competition has been a 15 year long tradition to open the Top Giantess Model competition. Everybody knows that people with the power to change sizes can shrink others or themselves down to miniscule sizes, but not every giantess can grow. During the first round, we’ll see just how large our contestants can grow and if they can grow into not just giantesses, but goddesses. Syrine, would you do us the honor of starting. 

Syrine nodded eagerly, keeping her smile intact. The crowd went silent as she knelt down and tucked herself into a ball. This part always looked more spectacular when not only her size grew, but her body as well.

As Syrine jumped up, she shot up in size. Her six inch heels suddenly turned to 6 feet which continued to get larger as she did. By the time Syrine was done, the giant screen read she was over 45 feet tall, the crowd loving every second of it. The big screen showed off Syrine’s wonderful laugh for those who weren’t able to crane their necks high enough to see it.

With her vocal cords large enough to reach the masses, Syrine spoke. “Thank you, thank you! I promise I won’t squish any of you in the crowd, but I can’t say the same for the wimps outside protesting.” 

Syrine shrunk back down, but this time a lot slower than she grew. The giantess beamed with joy from the collective love of the crowd. She winked to the judges as she walked off the stage, something that she was sure would earn her some bonus points. 

“Next, Ivory Mai.” 

Ivory stood up and walked on the stage. Flashing lights disoriented her as the cheers became overwhelming. She shut her eyes and focused on her family, starving in the city’s slums. They were counting on her, so after taking a quick breath she stuck an arm in the arm and waved. 

Ivory grew to just under 40 feet in the air. She tried her best to hide her anxiousness as Trevor spoke about her. “Don’t think this goddess’s looks fool you. This asian beauty’s youthful appearance is just a facade. She may look under 20, but at 25 years old Ivory Mai supports her family of 3 younger brothers and 4 younger sisters.” 

The crowd chanted Ivory’s name, her white smile glistening in the bright sun. Trevor’s announcement for her wasn’t flattering, but Ivory would work with what she had. She knew how people viewed Asians, and she knew the best path to winning this competition was to play into that hand. 

Ivory leaned forward to wave at some of the attendants, pretending like she didn’t know her thick breasts were nearly exposed. “I hope I get to meet all of you over the week. This is so exciting.” Her eyes beaded so wide they nearly fell out of their sockets, but she knew they sparkled nicely and innocently to the crowd. 

As she shrank and walked off the stage, she stumbled purposely. “Oopsie.” Ivory found her seat, and Angela stood up. 

“Try not to be too amazed.” Angela said to Gabby. “I’d hate to have you think you could ever be this cool.” The crowd cheered louder than ever before as Angela walked to the stage. 

“Wow, that chick sure is a bitch.” Syrine laughed. 

“Now that’s something I can agree with,” said Ivory.

Gabby watched as Angela stood on the stage. You could never tell how much of a wench she was by watching her on the stage. She seemed sweet, like she was everybody’s best friend. Last year Gabby watched Angela do the most gruesome things to people, but never got the impression she treated everybody like that. 

“Angela was 18 when she became the youngest person to win Top Giantess Model, and now at 19 she’s coming to reclaim her title. When asked if she had any intentions of topping some of the feats she did last year, she said she was going to start with the growing competition and make quick work of the rest.” 

Angela stuck one leg out and extruded her arms into the air. Her transformation was slow. Like a painter painting on a canvas, the audience and other contestants were able to watch as Angela slowly turned from a normal girl to a goddess. It seemed like the growing would never stop, and even though she was only at 20 feet she seemed larger than Ivory and Syrine had been. 

Gabby was left stunned. Most people wanted to show off how quickly they could grow. That’s what Angela did last year, growing faster than any other contestant and earning her the top spot for the day. In front of them wasn’t a girl who was trying to show off how skilled she was, but an artist trying to perfect her craft. 

When she stopped, Angela stood tall at 68 feet in the sky, nearly 20 feet more than she accomplished last year. “The weather really is lovely up here.”

“Actually, she’s not a bitch.” said Ivory under the cheers. “She’s a cunt.” 

The goddess stopped and walked from the stage. “Try not to get stuck in my shadow, Gab Gab.” 

The spotlight fell on her. 

Gabby stood up, the crowd silent. They all cheered for the other 3, but perhaps they were all cheered out after Angela. Could Gabby realistically step out from the shadow Angela just casted over the stage?

As she walked up the steps, Gabby considered her approach. Would going slow look like Gabby was trying to mimic Angela? But the crowd wouldn’t be amazed at somebody growing fast again. What should she do?

“At only 16 years old, Gabby studies hard at Fortnum High School and likes to spend time down by the pool with friends. At the preliminary round, she wowed the judges by killing her own mother, but how tall can she grow?” 

The crowd bellowed when they heard Gabby killed her own mother. Did they not like that about her? It did well with the judges, but if the crowd didn’t like her would that affect the way the judges saw her? 

Everybody was waiting for her to grow. Unlike shrinking others, growing herself wasn’t exactly something Gabby could practice. If she weren’t at least taller than Syrine and Ivory, she’d be as good as out of the competition. 

She started to grow. Not quick, but now slow either. Instead she inflated like a balloon. It was a weird feeling, especially after she passed the 30 feet cut off she always held herself too. 

Gabby felt herself start to reach her limit when she looked over at Angela. She and Syrine were both watching her, but while Syrine looked in admiration, Angela was looking to see her fail. And that made Gabby boil with anger. 

Suddenly she was growing a lot faster, reaching heights higher than any of the other girls have reached. The crowd erupted in cheer as the number on the screen surpassed Angela’s, Gabby’s height stopping at 73 feet tall. 

“Just stunning!” Trevor yelled over the crowd. “Gabby may be young, but she’s just as much in this competition as everybody else. Let’s hear it for all of our contestants.” 

Gabby soaked in the cheers. She wasn’t sure because of her increased height, but they sounded louder than they were for Angela. 

Gabby couldn’t wait to wipe that smile off Angela’s face.

Chapter End Notes:

This is a big departure from what I'm used to writing so please let me know if there's anything you liked about it or anything I could do better for the next 6 competitions. 

I hope you enjoyed!

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