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In the center of a small but beautiful touristic city, there's a restaurant known for having a fairly nice food, despite being a bit pricey… still, women LOVE to eat at this place and only they know why. These are their stories.

(Each chapter is a full, independent story, so you can read in whatever order you want. New tags will be added when new chapters with such tags get published. Each chapter will have a Chapter Note showing the Summary and the tags of the story the chapter contains.)

Copyright: This is a story written by me, and all characters/situations are my original work or are used with permission/'expectancy of permission' from other authors (which are mentioned in such cases). There's no intention of disrespecting anyone's work.

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Published: July 08 2023 Updated: July 08 2023

1. 01. A date with Emily by Milla [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (9688 words)

This first chapter was the first story I ever published here, now being re-published as the opening chapter of this collection. There will be new stories in future chapters, of course ;). Enjoy!

Summary: In love with a coworker called Emily, a man takes her for a special dinner in a restaurant that serves live food. Little does he know who's going to be the live food...

Categories: Couples, Gentle, Mouth Play, Vore