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Author's Chapter Notes:

This first chapter was the first story I ever published here, now being re-published as the opening chapter of this collection. There will be new stories in future chapters, of course ;). Enjoy!

Summary: In love with a coworker called Emily, a man takes her for a special dinner in a restaurant that serves live food. Little does he know who's going to be the live food...

Categories: Couples, Gentle, Mouth Play, Vore


My hands are shaking a little but I am going to do this. It's been about two months since I can only think about Emily, I can hold it no more! She is the reason I can't sleep well: I'm waking up in the middle of every night, thinking about her. And when I finally get sleeping, I almost always end up dreaming of her... It's strange, not to say annoying, to be awake in the early hours, doing nothing but rolling on the bed, dreaming of having a nice, meaningful relationship with her, just to stay sleepy all day long after.

Waking up from my thoughts, and already feeling my hands colder than before and still a bit shaky, I stand up, breathing deeply and swallowing my fears, feeling strange shivers through my spine as I start walking toward her desk. I'm coming from behind, so we didn't make eye contact yet, thank goodness. As I walk, I see Emily distraughtly typing data in an Excel sheet, her long, smooth, black straight hair combed in a ponytail, as usual. Her hands gently and rapidly type the keyboard, the numbers appearing at a fast pace on the screen as she's unaware of my approach...

I feel my feet slowing down as my shyness reaches higher levels, and my heart is almost exploding in my chest. I breathe deeply again, trying not to stop to avoid failing again: last week I tried talking with Emily to invite her for a date, but my shyness went so high I felt dizzy and I ended up just going to the cafeteria to drink something and be back at my desk after. I was about to slap my own face multiple times after I saw the woman of my dreams going home with her friends, and I was, again, going home without successfully inviting her.

"Watch your step, man!" Kline, a coworker, complains, and only then I wake up from my thoughts and realize I stumbled on his desk, almost dropping his coffee on the floor.

"Oh, sorry," I apologize, glancing at Emily and seeing that she's looking at me; she and a friend of hers at her side turn their eyes back to their computers, giggling and saying things I can't hear while glancing at me sometimes.

So this is it, I messed with everything again. She must think I'm a walking disaster, and she's right. I hate it! Why am I so awkward towards women?

Pondering about my new and most recent failure, I resume walking, but now I turn left, going to the bathroom. I need some lone space to contemplate another big fail of myself...!

In the bathroom, I look at my own reflection in the mirror, wondering about Emily: I always had a good friendship with her, but about two or three months ago, something changed. From then on, it became harder and harder to talk normally with her. Confidence runs away every time she comes closer to say something. Shyness, hands trembling and sweating a little, a strange, uncomfortably cold quiver running through my spine... dude, it's hard!

It's when the door swings open, and Kline enters the bathroom.

"Sorry bro, I did—"

"Relax man," he waves his hands to show me there's no need to be sorry, "I was just startled. About you... dreaming of Emily again?" he gives me a light tap on my back, smirking.

"I'm a complete idiot! Dude, I'm horrible with girls!" I sigh, not being able to face him while talking.

"Easy, man! Easy! She's just a girl! You know, you walk to a girl and ask her out. The worst thing she can do is give you a no. It's as simple as that. Also, many girls here say good things about you, they say you're a nice guy. This includes some of Emily's closest friends, as far as I know..." he flashes her eyebrows, trying to make eye contact with me. I look at his eyes, he's smiling with confidence. If I just had half of his confidence...

"I... don't know..."

"No, no, man! Stop being shy and go talk to Emily! You deserve her, man! And I believe you have very good chances of dating her," he tries to encourage me.

"Thanks... but now I flopped! Did you see how she looked at me?"

"I did: she was smiling and giggling. Maybe she thinks you're… cute?"

"Cute? I don't believe she'll ever date a guy like me!"

"Well, it's up to you, no one can give the next step for you and Emily probably won't go after you if you don't go after her first," Kline shrugs, sighing. "So do your part."

"Thanks," I sigh too, still leaning on the sink. "I'll see what I can do."

"Just do it."

Kline leaves the bathroom, and I wash my face. Then, I wash my face again. My hands are still shaking a little bit. But... but...

Kline's right! It won't help me to just stay here, staring at my reflection, doing nothing! It's not time to be 'just friends' anymore. Emily is special; among many girls I met in life, she's the best. Her serene nature, beautiful voice, angelic blue eyes, tender lips... Despite my embarrassment, we still talk a bit regularly. Not as before I fell in love with her, but we still do.

"This time I'll do it!" I say to myself, and then proceed in unwavering steps to the door, opening it and–

...I stumble on Emily herself.

She almost loses her balance, but I'm quick and I get her by her arm, keeping her in place. The courage I was feeling oozes away in a fraction of a second; I start stuttering excuses to her.

"That's okay…" she says shyly to me, fixing her hair a little, her sweet voice mesmerizing me almost instantly. I can't help looking at Emily head to toe, admiring for a second the young woman I have in front of me. I just hope she didn't note that.

"I'm so sorry Emily, I wasn't expecting you right there."

"Yeah, and I wasn't expecting you to leave the bathroom so fiercely too."

"Well… at least you weren't holding a coffee cup!" I smile, scratching the back of my neck. Emily looks at me, then a smile forms on her lips, and she laughs a bit.

"I saw what happened before... are you okay?"

"Sure, I guess... considering no one ended hurt. Or without his coffee," I laugh, trying to act confident.

"Exactly!" she says smilingly, then turning and heading to the entrance of the female bathroom. "See you."

"No, wait…!"

"What's up?" she turns to me, smiling again. She's walking very slowly towards me, shortening our distance. I don't know if she's doing it on purpose, but she's coming pretty close. My heart is alerting me that it's going to explode in anxiety, but I just swallow my nervousness and proceed to talk:

"Uh... eh..." I begin, feeling my hands wanting to shake. I breathe deeply once, holding my emotions a bit more. "Maybe you'd like to go on a dinner with me tonight."

"Uh... eh... yes. Why not?" she nods, her pale white-skinned face becoming slightly red.

"I'm sorry, Emily, I... w–wait. Did you say 'yes'?"

She giggles, nodding again.

"Yes, I said yes," the 24 years old brunette confirms, one of her hands running softly on her hair.

"It's... eh... ah... well, I... I'll see the place I'm gonna... I'll... we can go after... we can go home after the work and then I'll get you in your place."

Now Emily's looking at me with a wider smile on her face. It's like she's liking to see me stuttering like a total idiot.

"I think... I think it'll be cool. You're nice anyway," she continues, giving another step in my direction. I stand in place, trying not to give a shy step backwards. "But what place do you have in mind?"

"Uh... eh..." I keep stuttering, trying to think about some interesting place to take her out. Not any ordinary place, no, I wanna take her to a place that won't be less than unique.

This is when I remember a TV ad I saw about three days ago.

"Do you know a restaurant that... serves live food?"

"Uh-hum, it's the Moon Shine. I ate there twice, they serve good food," she tells me, then her eyes widen a bit and her smile weakens as if she just remembered something worrisome. "But... are you sure?"

"Sure? Of course! I just want to have a good time with you."


"Yes. What's wrong?"

"Eh... it's because you'll just... nah, nothing," she shakes her head and smiles gently. "Okay, uh... meet me at my place tonight, I'll... I'll send my address to your e-mail. See you," she waves goodbye, now turning faster and entering the female bathroom before I could speak anything else.

And I stay in place, again frozen, but now in utter happiness: I did it! I finally invited Emily to go to a nice place with me this night!

And the better part: Emily said yes!

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

Some time later, almost 8:30 pm...

I'm humming a song I like a lot in my place after taking a good shower. I don't know exactly how to dress to meet Emily, so I choose to go more casual tonight.

'I hope this isn't too simple for the date,' I look again at the mirror. I guess that's okay. I must be at 8:45 pm at her place, so it's better for me to get going.

I get my phone, checking again Emily's address while I leave my house, lock the door, and enter my car, typing Emily's address on Waze to get the best route. It's not far from here, but I hope I don't get any traffic jam.

I drive to her place and manage to get there just in time, stopping my car in front of her house. Before I turn the car engine off, I see a short, white-skinned woman dressed in a slightly short, sleeveless black dress coming to my car. Her silk hair is nicely combed and she's using bangs, which makes her look more romantic.

It's Emily.

She waves to me, a shy grin forming on her pink lips.

I open the car door as she comes closer, letting her enter. She accommodates herself and looks at me, her face prettier than ever. Her black dress seems to be new but is rather simple too. Anyway, it looks so well on her body...

"To see you coming made me fully realize why you're called the tiny at the office," I joke. Being just about 5 feet (around 1,50 meters) tall, Emily's easily one of the shortest women I know. She looks at me, first with a wondering look, then her smile turns broader, and she relaxes on the seat.

"Is this the first thing you say to a woman on a date?" she lets out a soft giggle. "Why don't you praise my hair or something?"

"Just had to tell you that!" I laugh a bit, enjoying the moment while I start driving us to the restaurant. "By the way, your hair looks fine, yes. Your dress too, if I can tell you that. It's perfect for you."

I see by my peripheral vision as she looks gentler at me, then she turns her head and looks at the streets.

"Now I can call that a good start..." Emily jokes back. "I thought you were going to change your mind, by the way."

"Change my mind? Why?" I try to act confident and hide the utter shyness that's trying to possess my mind.

"Nevermind," she whispers, still looking at the streets.

"I'd never guess you do live here," I continue. "I walked around here so many times in the past. Can't remember seeing you around."

"Really? When?"

"About... uh... about four years ago, I guess."

Her eyes flash for an instant.

"So there's a chance we've met before! Well, before we'd met in the office!"

"Maybe... I always thought your face was a bit familiar. Just a feeling, I can't actually remember you."

"But what did you do around here? This place has... nothing!" she rolls her eyes, sighing in a funny way. "Nothing but houses and some small shops. I live here because the rent is cheaper than other places near the office."

"Well, I think your place is pretty and silent, I like that. The neighborhood is nice too. I'd like to live here if I hadn't my house already.

"Umm, thanks," she smiles gently, now turning her face and looking directly at me. "You're the first who tells me things like this about my neighborhood. But... you still didn't tell me what you did around here."

"Uh... maybe you're going to see me as the nerdy guy from now on, b–"

"I already see you as the nerdy guy!" she laughs, slapping my shoulder softly.

"Uh... nah, who cares?" I laugh too. "But I used to visit ComixPlazza a lot to buy magazines and... some collectible action figures."

"ComixPlazza!? Oh gosh really?" she asks, now surprised, her voice visibly excited. "I loved to be there! Too bad it closed down during lockdown!"

"You? No, stop kidding, I can't believe it! You don't seem the kind of girl who'd be there!"

"But I am! The owner, Richard, was a big friend of mine, and he always let me read any magazines I wanted without buying!" she continues, while I'm still impressed that she frequented the same place I used to visit so many times... I try to remember any moment I saw her before... but I can't.

"I did know Richard too. Nice man, by the way. But what did you like to read there?"

"Mostly DC, of course!" she giggles.

"No!" I fake a funny disappointed face. "Marvel rules!"

Emily slaps my arm lightly. "Richard also preferred DC, just you know."

"Aaaaand this is why I didn't get to read free mags," I reply matter-of-factly.

"Hey!" Emily laughs, slapping my arm again and her face becoming redder. Then I feel her bright blue eyes examining my face as if she's trying to catch something she didn't see before.

"I can't remember seeing you around there too. It would be interesting if we'd met before and then ended up working at the same place!"

"I think so... our friends would say I'd helped you get in there."

"And how much time you're working there?"

"Uh... 5 years. Almost 6, actually."

"It's surely a good time," she observes, looking at something on the street which had caught her attention, then looking back at me as I keep my eyes on the streets. "I expect to be able to complete at least one year there. You know, there's s–"

"If you're worried about the recent dismissals, relax. The managers like you, you do a pretty good job; it's unlikely that you would get fired."

"I hope so..." she sighs, her smile almost inexistent on her face now as she looks worriedly at her hands, which are resting on her lap.

"Hey, Emily... Emily, look at me," I try to make her eyes look into mines, and she does it. "I said: relax. It's okay, they like you. They won't fire a so good employee, they're not retards."

She laughs when I pronounce 'retards'.

"Well... thank you, this is reassuring... thanks."

This is when we reach the restaurant. Just about fifteen minutes of driving.

"Closer than I thought it would be," I speak while parking the car.

Once I finish parking, she leaves the car and I leave it too. I go to her side so we can enter the place together, but I look at her face... her eyes are sort of uneasy, despite her face showing a smile.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, you're nicer than I thought!" she declares. "Thus I'm gonna ask you again: are you okay with that? With... this place? I'm sorry but I feel impelled to ask you one last time..."

"I can't be more sure of that. Emily, I'm loving your company here. This is what I truly want, that's why we're here."

"Uh... okay then…"

We go to the entrance of the restaurant and, while we walk, I feel Emily's hand touching mines. I hold her hand, feeling a soft, quick quiver in that hand of hers.

At the restaurant entrance, a pretty, very well-dressed waitress smiles at us, nodding while showing us the insides of the place: it's nice but a little less than I was expecting: I did read some mixed reviews on the web while working and most guys wrote that the food here is... ordinary. And a bit pricey. But they enjoyed the first-class reception and services. On the other hand, almost all the girls and women wrote the best things I have ever read about a restaurant, mostly about its unique cuisine. I don't know why, but I didn't see a single guy talking about the live food they serve here. Just females talked about it, but not that much. They just said the experience is always beyond incredible and things like that.

"Do you have a reservation, sir?" the waitress asks.

"No... I think I'm gonna just look for a nice table to sit at... do you have any recommendations?"

"Yes, we do. This way, please," she guides us toward a place with a nice view of their enormous garden. The air is slightly cold outside, and the cold wind blows gently from a large, open window next to the pointed table. I pull a chair for Emily to sit on and then I sit at the table too.

"Would you like to have something to drink? The first drink is free," the waitress offers while Emily gets the menu to choose something.

"Please, I'd like to have an iced tea," Emily says to the waitress, who jots her order in a tiny notepad. "Why don't you drink the same? Their iced tea tastes great! Trust me," Emily speaks to me.

I'm not into iced teas, but... well, I'm gonna try one. Maybe they can surprise me with their drink. And it's free!

"Sure, I'll accept a cup of iced tea too, please. Also, I'm here for the live food. Ca–"

"Live food, uh? What a gentleman," the waitress says, looking at Emily with a wider smile. "We'll be here with the drinks in a minute," she turns, swiftly walking toward a door and disappearing after turning right.

"You said earlier that you already ate here, as far as I can remember..."

"Yeah. In the last eight months I ate here twice. The usual food they serve here is so... well, ordinary, but the live food is fantastic!" she grins.

Then, once more, I see her eyes growing a bit uneasy, but she blinks, gently shaking her head, and again her eyes are just happy.

"Did you eat the live food those two times you ate here?"

"No, just the last time. You know... they're pricey!" Emily giggles, blushing a little.

Another one saying that this place's expensive...

"I hope my credit card has enough to afford paying a live food then!" I laugh, then another waitress comes to our table, serving us.

"Here, two iced teas," she says, placing the drinks on the table and then going to another table. Emily's eyes are fit on me, there's some expectancy in her face and I can't really translate why. A mix of wonder and subtle disquietude.

"...what?" I ask, trying to understand what she wants.

"I'm just curious about what you'll think about the iced tea. You don't seem like one that likes iced tea, considering the face you made when asking for it."


"Yes, I'm not a fan, but who knows? Let's have a drink!"

"Yeah!" Emily raises her cup, bringing it to her mouth and taking a sip. Then she licks her lips, enjoying the taste. I take a sip too.

Oh dude!!

"Emily! This is... incredible!" I admit, taking another sip. And then another larger sip.

"I told you, it tastes great!" Emily grins broader, taking another sip too.

"What kind of sorcery is this?" I say, making Emily giggle.

"You know what? I... like funny guys..." Emily blushes. "I like to have someone to laugh with me."

My heart starts racing as it never raced in my chest. She just... I mean, that girl, Emily herself... she's enjoying my personality? I can't believe it! I'm almost floating, I don't even know how to reply to her.

"Being honest, I'm enjoying it too much too. I just hope they don't take long with the fo–"

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

I wake up.

I'm still feeling a bit strange. I blacked out… I guess. The last thing I can remember is being at the table, talking with Emily while looking at her face, admiring her eyes... and drinking that superb iced tea. Just thinking about her smile makes my heart beat faster in my chest.

But, again, I shake my head, trying to focus on my current situation. Now my senses are all back and I try not to get nervous as I realize I'm tied and gagged, sitting on a hard, cold, smooth surface. Everything's very dark around me but I can sort of see some dark, metallic shades of gray and there are faint sounds of female voices all around, nothing more.

I slow down my breath, breathing deeply while closing my eyes for a while to control my emotions. Being all nervous won't help me. I must be polite, calm, and I must negotiate. They probably just want my money, my credit card, my phone... I can somehow manage to get out of this situation alive. Better lose my money than lose my life. I'll cooperate and maybe they'll just let me free in some shadowy place, physically unharmed.

But... what about Emily? Oh no Emily!! What if they raped her? She's a woman, women have more things to deal with when kidnapped. She's pretty and seems so fragile, I can't help getting worried about her. What if–

The surface I'm sitting on trembles and I feel a strong motion sidewards, followed by a sudden stop.

"We're sorry for the long wait. Here, we wish you a very nice meal," I hear an unknown woman saying.


Hey, wait... this was Emily's voice?

Before I start shouting, wanting to hear her voice again, something impressive happens: the roof above me is removed whole, and light enters, letting me see everything. My eyes take a little while to get used to so much light, but as they start seeing better, I see that I was under a dome-like, metallic piece. I'm sat on something like a white, gigantic porcelain plate, tied with what seems to be seaweed, and my body is sort of dressed in some strange, overly simple clothing that seems fragile and soluble. Around me, food. Gigantic food. Chopped chicken meat, chopped lettuce leaves, brown rice, something that resembles navy beans with a spicy smell, and a yellow sauce with an interesting, also spicy smell.

Everything around me is gigantic, I must add. There is a silver fork right beside the plate I'm onto, with a white napkin close to it, a huge glass of something greenish and apparently cold... ah, that's a cup of iced tea. Like the one I was drinking with Emily. I turn to my side to see more and...

Oh dude…!

It's Emily.

No, she's not on this plate, tied like me. No. She's... she's a giantess now! Emily's sat at the table, looking at the plate I'm onto; her pinkish tongue runs quickly on her lower lip as she gently gets the fork and sticks it into a piece of chopped chicken, lifting it to her already parting lips. I catch a quick glimpse of the reddish insides of her mouth, seeing some of her pearl white teeth, maybe part of her tongue as its tip comes out briefly to taste the portion Emily's shoving in that cave that's her mouth... and then the piece of chopped chicken is inserted inside her mouth. The lips close and soon the fork slides out clean, being placed on the plate as Emily chews, grabbing the cup of iced tea and taking a sip.

I see a soft lump going down her neck, and she places the cup again on the table. The piece of chopped chicken is gone, now it must be entering her stomach, where it'll face digestion.

"Mmmpph," I try to say something, staying more calm. I'm not trying to get free, nor I'm writhing. I… I just don't feel scared. I know, this is beyond believable, truly surreal, but to know that it's Emily... it sort of makes me feel calm. Don't ask me why.

Then it hits me. What's gagging me is seaweed, isn't it?

As Emily gets some chopped lettuce with the fork, I begin to bite and chew the seaweed that's gagging me. At my size, the seaweed is thick and strong, but after almost one minute, I manage to tear it and have my mouth free. I look at Emily, and her blue eyes meet mines. She's visibly surprised that I managed to free my mouth of the seaweed.

"Look who's the tiny now..." we speak together. I look a bit surprised at her too, and after some seconds of silence, we start laughing at the coincidence.

"Oh... very smart, you..." she says, her voice a bit too loud, although she's not talking loud. No, she's actually talking a bit lower than usual, as I can deduce.

"See? Not just a pretty face!" I joke, speaking a bit louder so she can better hear me, and she laughs, then takes another sip of iced tea. I look around, realizing I'm not in the same place I was with her before... before all that happened.

"Where are we? This doesn't look like the same place I was with you,"

"We are in the same restaurant. But this is a reserved area, where they serve live food."

"Interesting... well, where's the live food then? I hope it doesn't attack me when it's put on your plate tog–" I look a bit more seriously at her, stopping talking as it finally hits me, my smile leaving my face for a while. "I... I guess it's... me?"

"I guess so..." she says, shoving another piece of chopped chicken into her mouth and chewing, now her eyes showing the same subtle uneasiness they showed when we left my car.

"Well... now I understand why you were asking me if I was sure... they serve live people as food."

"Not just people… they serve men," she explains. "It's usually kept as a secret among us women, but somehow there are words outside about men who came here to have live food with some girl and were never seen again. This is why I asked you if you were sure."

"I should've known better," I sigh, looking at the chopped chicken that's near me. Its smell is delicious…

"Well... I'm a bit hungry, if it's not impolite of me to say that," I say in a funny way, my smile returning to my face. Emily smiles too, a smile that's a bit confused. "May I have a bit of... this?" I point to the chopped chicken.

"Uh... eh... sure," her voice doesn't hide the confusion she's feeling. "Have as much as you want. I doubt you'll be eating all that food anyway," she laughs softly. I laugh too.

"I'm hungry but not that much!" I reply, realizing that now her eyes look at me with curiosity, not confusion anymore.

"Aren't... aren't you scared at all?" she asks as she grabs a pair of chopsticks, pinching a piece of chopped chicken and bringing it closer to my face.

I bite the piece, chewing and savoring it. "Mmmm... they cook very well here, it's tasty! I don't know why they are said to have ordinary food."

"Look..." Emily says, staring at me with a strange smile. "Usually the live food is kept tied, but you don't seem like you're going to flee away. I can't understand…"

"Flee away?"

Emily, using the fork and a knife I didn't see there before she grabbed it, cuts the seaweed that was tying me. My arms are now free, so are my legs, and I can finally stand up and move more freely. Then, using the same knife, Emily points around me, and my mind, for the first time since I blacked out, focuses not on Emily or the plate I'm onto, but on what's happening at the other tables. There are just females, from young teens to older women, all of them enjoying their meals. I look better and realize that their meals are quite diverse, but many of them have something in common: live, shrunken men. The men are mostly trying to run away, but are tied like I was. I look at a random woman, who seems to be in her early thirties, as she grabs her tied man with a pair of chopsticks, shoving his protesting body inside her wide open mouth. He's a bit larger than something which would be easily swallowable but the woman tilts her head and, doing some effort, swallows, having then a sip of orange soda. The last thing I saw of the man was a bulge going down her neck, showing that he's gone for good. I wonder if the ladies with no men on their plates did already eat the 'live food' they came for.

"Hey... hey... is someone there?" I hear Emily's voice, and I wake up from my train of thought.

"Oh, what?"

"I must confess that your calmness intrigues me…" she says, her eyes and smile gentle as always.

"Look... it's not that I'm... willing, you know. But well, uh... even I can't understand. It's you, you make me feel calmer," I try to explain, seeing Emily’s smile growing wider when I tell her that she's the reason I feel calm. "Anyways, it's better to be devoured by you than by some ugly monster from some Japanese movie, don't you think so? You're way prettier!" I declare, making a funny face when speaking about ugly Japanese monsters.

"I… I'm flattered!" she grins, poking me with the fork while I bite another portion of chopped chicken.

"But now I'm curious about something too: you said before that you had already eaten live food here, didn't you?"

"Uh... yes, and your guess is right: it was a man."

"And that man invited you to a date and all... like me?"

"Not... not actually like you," she frowns a little bit. "Yes, he invited me to a date, but I didn't like him at all. It was me who chose this place for him to meet me. I was looking towards eating him so he could stop being such a dick as he always was! As far as I know, almost nobody missed him."

"Wow, you must hate that guy!"

"I used to," she smiles again, not gently but sort of vengefully. "But I can't hate him anymore, I can't hate who doesn't exist. He's now just a bunch of bad memories in my brain and nothing more. I am sure you'll agree with me if I tell you who he was."

"Wait, did I know him?"

"Do you remember Carl, who worked as the Advertising Manager? My former boss?"

"Yes, I rem– oh goodness! I remember him, he simply disappeared three months ago or so! So it was–"

"Yes, I ate him... and he deserved it," she says plainly, licking her lips on purpose while gently patting her belly twice. Little does she know how... sort of turned on I begin to feel now as I watch her huge, slimy tongue running on her lower lip, wetting it in a thin, shiny layer of saliva. I breathe deeply, imagining Emily's belly insides, and how it must have been for Carl to be in her digestive system, being treated like any ordinary food.

"Wow, I'd be lying if I said that it didn't impress me," I sigh, looking into her blue eyes. "I'm gonna share Carl's fate, then? Did I do something against yo–"

"No, no, you? You're cute! Okay, when you invited me for a dinner, I was just wanting to go to a dinner and nothing more. But when you told me you wanted to eat live food here... well, I was a bit too shy to suggest another place. Anyway, we weren't close, I didn't know you as I'm getting to know now..."

"So you just went ahead with the idea of eating me?"

"Eh... yes, I'm sorry. As I said, we weren't that close, so eating a random coworker wouldn't make me feel that bad... but now... it's different. I'm really enjoying talking with you... I don't think I'd have accepted your invitation to eat here if I knew you this way, I'd have suggested another place!"

"Okay, I'll consider this a compliment," I smile, chewing another mouthful of chopped chicken. This time, I have some lettuce too, and as I bite and begin chewing the lettuce, my mouth starts burning. Burning for real! I swallow the mouthful quickly, feeling my throat and the upper section of my esophagus starting to burn too, as I fan my now wide open mouth and extended tongue with my hands, trying to endure the discomfort that strong spice is causing.

Emily just laughs, getting the cup of iced tea and pouring some drops on the plate. I crouch, drinking the drops and feeling immediate relief. My mouth and throat are still burning a little, but they feel way better than before.

"I like it spicy!"

"I see... maybe this is the secret behind your hotness!" I say, drinking the remaining drops of iced tea while I see Emily blushing, almost hiding her face behind her hand.

"Oh, you..."

"Don't you believe me?" I ask while she sticks the fork in the last piece of chopped chicken, shoving it in her mouth. "I loved the photos you took of yourself last Saturday, when you went to the beach. That pink bikini of yours fits your body perfectly!"

"Hey... how you– ...!? Just how!?" she swallows the half-chewed piece of chicken hurriedly, blushing a bit more and almost laughing in shyness.

"This is what happens when you have Instagram: people watch your–"

"You stalker!" she laughs, her face now redder than ever.

"Don't be shy, you're simply beautiful! And I bet most girls around us agree. They're all looking at you at this exact moment."

Emily discreetly looks around, confirming that almost all the females in the place are looking at her. At us, to be more precise. She looks again at me when it hits both of us:

"I think they never saw a woman talking so friendly with her meal-to-be..."

"I guess so..." Emily nods. "I also think it's the first time they see the meal walking freely on the plate. Well, it's not their fault, this is the first time I see it too and it's happening with me!"

I watch as Emily lowers her head, now her face closer to my body as it never was before. Her enchanting blue eyes focused on my eyes, waiting for something to be explained. "Speak to me, what's the trick? All boys and men get scared to the core when they realize they will be eaten. And you... you're just being gentle, and funny, and lovable... and even confident, something you never were before! I can't understand!"

"Emily, I am afraid. I am scared. I know it'll be unbelievably harsh for me when I'm finally inside your tummy. But... I don't know, you make me feel... good. I feel good when you're close, that's it. Scared inside, yes, but the nice, warm feelings I have towards you are stronger and fear can't control me. Also, remember: I'm not being eaten by some Godzilla-like monster, that would be scary!"

She laughs again, now more freely than ever, and I feel the strong connection that's built between us. Too bad she's gonna eat me, she'd be a great girlfriend if I was normal-sized and not destined to die in her stomach. I see her hand coming closer, her index finger curving a bit and caressing my face. At around 2.5 inches (about 6 centimeters) tall, it's an incredible experience. I look at Emily's face and now she's not hiding anymore the uneasiness she was feeling sometimes.

"There's no way you can get out of here alive, I'm sorry... they have means of detecting fleeing tinies. All tinies end up being eaten, that's all. I'm so sor–"

"Don't be sorry! Wasn't it me who chose this place, to begin with?"

"Yes, but you didn't know about the live food being you!"

I gently grab and hug her index finger, kissing its tip; the sweet aroma of her perfume is gentle and soft even for a guy my size. Still hugging her finger, I look straight into Emily's huge, captivating eyes.

"Okay, I didn't know, but who cares? Do I care? Try to see things this way: I'm not gonna die. I'm just gonna merge into you. We'll become one."

"Oh my, why didn't I know that side of yours before!?" she murmurs, sighing a bit sadly.

"Emily... no need to be sorry. Relax. And do what you're supposed to do. I know you're done with the normal food. I know... I know it's my turn now."

This time, I feel a strong chill traveling through every single area of my body: I just said for Emily to eat me. I gave her total permission and encouragement to swallow me like I'm just food. My arms tremble a little bit but I manage to hide this tension behind a smiling face, looking reassuringly to Emily, who's smiling again to me. Smiling uneasily, also somewhat shyly.

"Eh... uh... I guess this is a farewell then..." now it's Emily who almost stutters.

"Farewell, Emily. And if this makes you feel better… it was the best night I ever had with a girl in my whole life."

"This... this is the first time I feel sorry for a tiny," she utters, smiling a bit awkwardly, visibly trying to suppress her feelings. "I'm sorry, I'm gonna eat you."

"Emily, please remember what I said: no need to be sorry. Really. I'm okay. Trust me," I try to comfort her, and she smiles gently. "But... well, let's do it, you have a place for me inside your beautiful belly, don't you?"

"Well, yes," she says, grabbing a pair of chopsticks and picking me up, lifting my body until I'm face-level with her.

"Before you eat me, I have two things to ask."


"First: no chewing me, okay?"

"Fine, I... wasn't going to chew you."

"Second: answer me: was I a good meal?" I look at her with a funny smile. Emily can't help smiling wider, all the nervousness dissipating from her mind, as far as I can see. A gentle, sweet laugh comes from her partially parted lips. Dude, what a lovely laugh! Even at my size, she's wonderful! Every detail of her huge face before me... the way her eyes narrow just slightly when her smile turns larger… I think they call it perfection.

"How can I answer that, I still didn't eat you!" the reply comes quickly.

I take a deep breath. I know the talk is ending, she's gonna eat me very soon now.

"So... no regrets. Go with it, girl!" I finish, waiting for her to eat me.

"I can give you that: this was by far the best date I ever had! I wish this date could have lasted longer, and continued in my bed…"

When I thought Emily would just open her mouth wide and shove me inside, I see her puckering her lips and closing her eyes as I come closer...

And then her lips smack my face and upper torso. I'm pressed against them as Emily gives me a full kiss! I am on cloud nine now, I can't even describe how wonderful it is! It's a dream coming true! I start kissing her too, but actually I can only kiss her lower lip as Emily kisses almost my whole upper body. Her kiss is moist, her tongue coming out and touching me sometimes. I'm completely engulfed by the aroma of her kiss… and suddenly her kissing lips part open, and my body is shoved inside a wet, hot cavern that's Emily's mouth. Before I could react, her lips close behind me, confining me in darkness. I feel the chopsticks sliding away, leaving me on a warm, soft surface that's her tongue. I can imagine the chopsticks sliding out of her mouth, all clean after they did the job of placing me inside her wonderful mouth. A mouth that I just kissed.

I was going to try to get on all fours, but suddenly her tongue shifts and undulates, pushing me against the roof of her mouth. I feel the air more steamy and hot as Emily salivates more, probably because of my taste. Her breath, now hotter than ever, is all around me as she rolls me from one cheek to another, hints of cold air and weak, quick rays of light coming from the outside world as her lips slightly part sometimes. Her breath is still a bit spicy but her saliva doesn't burn my skin like the strong spice on her lettuce burned my tongue before. I'm in utter darkness and it's quickly becoming harder to breathe. There is little air inside Emily's mouth and her tongue is now moving actively, pushing me from one side to another, and the 'clothes' I'm dressed in are soaked and dissolving. There's a lot of spit covering my body and my face and I keep my eyes closed to help me not to get saliva right into them.

Then a sudden stop. My body is on her tongue, a little bit curled. I feel everything tilting and her tongue shifts and moves in a different way, squeezing me against her hard palate and causing my body to be pushed closer to Emily's throat. In almost no time I feel an unimaginably strong contraction all around me, her throat muscles forcing my body into her gullet. It's pretty uncomfortable to be pushed so tightly, so hard, toward Emily's esophagus, and with another gulp of hers, I slide into a tight, contracting tunnel. I'm not totally inside that tunnel but my body is being actively forced into it. Out of nothing, a cold liquid flows around me, making me slide helplessly into Emily's strong esophagus.

Iced tea.

Emily takes one sip and that's enough for my body to slide into the long, slimy tunnel that leads to her waiting stomach. I can't believe, she's really eating me! I still don't feel scared, but now I begin to fully understand that this is the end for me. It won't be easy inside Emily's belly, and I wonder how much time I'm gonna endure inside her stomach, being digested alive in her gastric acids.

After being compressed and squeezed down for about four seconds, I feel a tight opening below me letting me enter a larger chamber. It's utterly dark as expected, and as I finally take a breath, my lungs are filled with acidic air, which causes a strange stinging sensation in my chest from inside. It doesn't hurt me that much, but it's a bit hard to breathe, despite having enough air here inside.

I fall awkwardly into a hot, burning, gooey pool that's a mixture of digestive juices and everything Emily had ingested on our date before swallowing me. Emily's stomach isn't as spacious as I was expecting and all its walls around, above, and under me are moving slowly and continuously, making it hard to keep balance. Feeling my skin already burning, I go to an upper place on her stomach, holding on to the wrinkled stomach walls to keep myself from sliding back into the strong acids below. Yes, the walls are oozing gastric juices, but they're weaker here and my skin just tingles with them.

A sudden, strong contraction of the stomach walls pushes me back into the burning pool.

"Ouuch! Ouch!" I shout in pain, trying to jump out of it but being kept in there by the stomach movements. I move a bit slower and manage to leave that hot pool, my skin now starting to ache a lot, as if I'm being bathed in boiling water.

And it finally happens: the fear that was under control until now begins to take the lead inside my mind. I start to breathe deeply, fastly, in an almost erratic manner. My eyes are now wide open, but it doesn't help me as the darkness here inside is so strong it's almost palpable. Against my will, my body starts sliding down towards the acidic pool below, helped by some subtle shifts of the wall I am sticking onto.

And then a stronger movement, which seems to be not only the stomach, but Emily herself moving, throws me mercilessly into the burning pool once more.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" I try to make my way out of it as soon as I can! It seems like my skin is more fragile now, as the burning sensation is noticeably stronger: now it's like I'm being put in pure fire. I manage to leave the pool of digesting food and gastric enzymes, but the gooey juices stuck to my skin are still burning me a lot and I clench my teeth, groaning as I try to endure the fiery pain I'm feeling on all my body.

While I'm trying my best in enduring the suffering, I hear strange, rhythmic sounds from above. They're not Emily's heartbeats, which are different, somewhat soothing, a perfect combination of strong and gentle, no: it's different, slower...

Without warning, a huge rush of iced tea hits me hard, pushing me out of place and back into the burning pool, with no chance of resistance from me. I try to swim but my body is forced under the fiery pool, which isn't burning that much now that the cold tea flows into it, lessening its effects. Still, it'll be a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before the iced tea gives in to the strong heat of Emily's stomach insides and digestive juices.

I take the opportunity to get out quickly from the acidic mess before it becomes all-burning again. My body feels relieved, a little at least. I feel burnings on my skin, and when I thought I would be going back to the 'safety' of the upper parts of Emily's stomach, everything shifts and trembles a lot. It's like an earthquake, and I can't grasp the wrinkled stomach walls, sliding back into the pool of semi-digested food. I note that the tremblings are somewhat rhythmic, realizing that it's Emily walking. Her simple act of walking makes my world shake as never. Gurgling and groaning sounds from deep below in her bowels make me aware of my fate.

I know I can't resist forever and there will be a moment when the stomach will win that battle. Emily's tummy had successfully digested millions of meals and snacks, including Carl. I have no chance against a so efficient system.

"Thank you so much, the meal was great!" I hear Emily's voice above me, sounding a bit different from here inside. "Sure, maybe another day. ................... Yes, and I need that, I'll have a big day tomorrow! ........... Yes, yes. I wish you a very comfy night too. Be well!"

Again, the strong trembling, which had stopped while Emily was talking with somebody, starts. I'm already feeling the pool I'm into hotter as ever, the burning sensations once more hurting my body, which is pretty weakened by now. I'm gasping, using all the little strength I still have in my mind to endure the pain, whose levels just grow higher and higher. I don't stop trying to get out of this pool, but the trembling is too strong for me to stay out of it, not to mention the stomach walls, which are now contracting, and flexing way more, actively mixing all the food Emily consumed, me included. The iced tea she drank some minutes ago is now just part of the burning chyme in which I'm being painfully bathed, as I try with shouts and yells to get free. Part of me wants to give up, but my mind's strongest and most primal part wants to survive.

But there's no surviving inside Emily's belly.

Suddenly, Emily apparently stops walking. I hear her heartbeats, they're quick and strong, but still soothing. A relaxing sound to hear through this torture, while I splash helplessly, trying to somehow survive being digested.

Why in the hell I asked her to not chew me?

I feel as Emily resumes walking and, don't ask me why, I begin thinking about tomorrow: I was going to have an important meeting with a prospective client. A new project the company is investing heavily in. Well, they'll have to find another one to attend that meeting, as tomorrow I'll be nothing but parts of Emily's body. I'm already nowhere to be seen, deep inside Emily's tummy. For the rest of the world, very soon I'll be just another missing person.

My body reaches its limits and I can no longer try to resist, being now afloat, totally at the mercy of Emily's stomach contractions, which force me into the chyme numerous times as the stomach diligently mixes my weakened body with the semi-digested food. Every time I emerge, I cough and take a deep breath, feeling as the stale, vomit-smelling acidic air burns my lungs. I try to focus on hearing the soothing sound of Emily's heartbeats, minding the memories of the best date I had in my life. Emily truly is the one for me. And as far as we are aware, I'm the one for her too.

Too bad it was too late when we realized it.

I keep thinking about Emily: her smile, her perfect eyes, her laughs... admirable voice... and while I think, I realize that my mind is growing numb. So this is it. I smile, remembering when I told Emily that I won't be dying, but just becoming one with her. It'll be great! How much it'll take for me to be part of her incredible self?

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

It's warm.

There's light, I can feel it, despite my eyes being still closed. I'd like to open them, but the light is too strong. As I move my arms so I can touch my face, I feel some pain, mostly on my skin. It doesn't hurt that much, though. I take a deep breath, feeling my lungs being filled with pure air. They aren't burning anymore and I feel relieved that I'm able to breathe fresh air again.

I can't quite understand what's going on. I still remember what happened: Emily ate me. Alive. Despite being one of the most attractive and gentle women I ever saw, Emily's insides weren't so welcoming to me. It was harsh, beyond believable.

But I'm somehow here, breathing fresh air, feeling a serene breeze flowing... and there's this overly strong light right on my face. I'm lying on a soft, warm surface, and can feel my body still aching a bit, but able to move.

Where am I? Is this the so-called afterlife? Will I find the ones I loved that, like me, are now dead?

I can't help noticing that there's music playing at a very low volume. I think I know this music... I just don't know what's its name...

"Ughn..." I try to open my eyes, again closing them to protect them against the strong, yellowish light that's over me.

"Oh gosh... it's you, my brave man! Morning," I hear someone talking excitedly to me. I know that voice, it's Emily!

Again, I try to open my eyes, partially covering my face with my hands so I can better see under so strong light.

"I'm so sorry, the bedside lamp is too much for you? I forgot to turn it off," I hear Emily saying, and then also hear some footsteps. After it, the strong light goes away with a click sound.

And I open my eyes.

They take a little while to get used to daylight but now it's pretty easier. Moving slowly, as I'm still feeling some pain in my body, I look around, realizing that I'm in a bedroom, laying on a large, white-clothed bed. Looking to my left, from where I hear a sound, I see her.

Emily. Gigantic as she became since I was shrunk. Her beautiful face looks happy and she's blowing me kisses as she talks something I'm not actually understanding.

"What's... happening?"

"You're back, this is what's happening."

"I... no, it can't be possible. I was being digested. I remember everything."

"I'm sorry honey, I tried my best. I'm so sorry you had to endure everything, I can't imagine how horrible it's inside of me–"

"No... you're incredible from the inside too."

"Oh stop..." I hear her giggling.

"What's happening?" I ask again, now my eyes fully used to ambient light. Emily, who's now sat at my side, is dressed in dark blue pajamas, her hair loose and humid; it seems like she just had a shower. She's smiling at me, her face showing pure happiness, as if the best thing of her life had just happened.

"Well, after I... you know, ate you, I finished the iced tea and went home. I couldn't go home right after eating you because they require us to wait twenty minutes so they can be sure the meal is... uh... dead inside our stomachs. But as it's not so uncommon for me to suffer from heartburns because of the strong spices I like, I always have antacids in my purse. I shoved a pill in my mouth without them knowing, right before drinking the iced tea and thus my digestive acids weren't too strong on you. Yo–"

"Weren't too strong on me? Then I wanna never know how it is to be under your acids when they're fully strong! They burned me for real, like fire!"

"Yes, and I'm so sorry!" she apologizes, her face becoming a bit sad. "Wh–"

"It's okay... Emily, no need to be sorry. Remember: I accepted it. I sort of asked for it, as far as I can remember. But... how did you get me out of your stomach? Don't tell me I went the full co–"

"No, no," she giggles a bit. "You wouldn't have survived the full trip. Well, when I was finally home, I forced a finger in my throat and threw you back up. You stayed inside my stomach for almost forty minutes, I was so worried! It's four times the time it usually takes for a tiny to die inside a girl's stomach! You came out unconscious and for a moment I thought you were dead," she says, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as her smile disappears. Emily wipes these tears away and continues: "But when I picked your tiny body up, I felt your heart still beating! I carefully cleaned you whole and used some balm to help your skin, it was all injured because of my stomach juices."

I look at my own body: I'm still naked, my skin is all reddened and seems indeed injured in some places.

"Uh... thanks, Emily. Th–"

"No, it's me who needs to thank you! I had the best date of my life, my love!" she interrupts me, bending her body and kissing me gently.

"I was going to say the same: I had the best date of my life! Okay, I ended up being eaten, it was unbelievably rough inside your belly... but let's say this experience was also... interesting. It's not every day I can have a ride inside my girlfriend's belly!"

Emily's smile grows wider, her eyes pretty happier now.

"You called me..."

"...my girlfriend? Yes. And I can assure you, I am a man with the best of luck!" I slowly go to a sitting position, Emily gently helping me. "To have you as my girlfriend... a giantess girlfriend... it's beyond wonderful!"

I see Emily's face going red. She smiles shyly at me, again kissing my whole face. Then she seems to remember something and giggles.

"What's up?"

"You asked me if you were a good meal..." she talks with some giggles, remembering about yesterday. "You weren't a good meal... you were the best!"

"Uh... I'm happy I was... enjoyable!"

"Are you feeling fine?"

"Some parts of my body still ache, but I'm reasonably fine, I guess."

"I think you'll be totally fine in one or two days. Well, I can wait," she grins.


Emily stands before me, giving some steps backwards and then sensually swaying her hips as she slowly slides the bottom part of her pajamas down her gorgeous legs, dropping it on the floor. Then, she continues with the improvised striptease, sliding the upper part of her pajamas up until it's also dropped on the floor. She ends up dressed only in the pink bikini I told her about yesterday


After that, she slowly, sensually walks towards me and bends again to talk closely to me:

"When you're ready, we can have some fun..." she whispers with lust in her voice and eyes.

~~~ The End ~~~

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