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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a quick idea I had while going to work. Hope you enjoy!


I'm on the train, not sat as there were no free seats when I got aboard, when it stops slowly, announcing: 'You arrived at: Nova Ponte Station'. Bah, I'm still far from Cidade Velha Station, where I'll leave the train and go to the office.

Oh, by the way, I'm Hector. An ordinary man, with an ordinary life, doing a not-so-ordinary job in an ordinary office in the center of a nice touristic city. And today is just another ordinary day for me. No, I'm not complaining: I like my routine and I can say I love my life. Sometimes I hang out with friends, having some non-ordinary fun but most of the time, I just go work and then I go home. On the weekends I play games and watch series. I'm very comfortable, honestly.

And, as I said, today is just another day. Through a window on the opposite side of the train, I see houses and buildings passing fast, I see the sky getting sunny with some white clouds, some trees here and there put some green in the scenery… it's a beautiful day: who said ordinary days can't be beautiful?

'You arrived at: Cruz Osório Station'.

Oww! I should've waited some minutes more to board the fast train! This one's way slower than I thought!

I see people getting aboard, looking for places to sit, and, on the opposite side, a young woman, seemingly around her early twenties, gets aboard too. As all the seats are occupied, she just leans close to the door, absentmindedly opening her slightly large purse and taking a bag of cookies from there.

My heart starts beating a bit faster. I love seeing pretty women eating. And that woman is indeed beautiful. A slightly lean body with nice C-cup breasts, brown eyes, olive skin, nice legs, pretty curves… a gorgeous woman to put my eyes on. I stay a little while just admiring her figure.

But the most attractive part of a woman's body for me is the mouth. I pay special attention to her mouth, her lips parting a bit when she prepares to put a cookie inside… oh, I forgot to mention: I'm a vore fan. This is why I like so much to watch women eating, for me there's nothing more sensual and hot than this. I look in anticipation as her lips keep parting and… no! She turns her head to the other side, blocking my view of her mouth. She shoves a cookie in her mouth, closing it and starting to chew. After a little while, she swallows.

What a lucky cookie!

I try to see any bulge going down her neck but my point of view doesn't help me that much now. The woman inserts her hand in the bag, grabbing another very lucky cookie, and looks in my direction.

I quickly look slightly away, pretending to be reading a warning closer to her. She's not looking directly at me as far as I can observe through my peripheral vision, she's just looking in my direction while eating another cookie. Dammit! Please, lady, look away! I wanna look at you while you consume those fortunate cookies!

She stays looking in my direction, lost in thought and eating her cookies. Soon, she looks in another direction and I can finally look directly at her. Discreetly of course, but directly at her. I watch as her lips part again, and I catch a glimpse of part of the insides of her sexy mouth: the reddish inner skin, some pearl-white teeth, the tip of her pinkish tongue… but it's very quick and she closes her mouth, leaving me dreaming about being the cookie she just shoved in there. She begins chewing and soon she gulps, now I have a nice view of a very slight bulge going down, another lucky cookie… I bet her stomach is very warm and soft…

Again, the woman looks in my direction as the door opens and more people come aboard. The train gets more full and a seat is freed right beside me. I sit there and now I can't see the young woman anymore, lots of people blocking my view of her. Well, that's ok: seeing pretty women giving food a happy end inside their tummies is something very good, but being sat during this slow train trip… ah, I can't waste that chance!

Now, back to some random thoughts: maybe later I'll have lunch at Jamil's Kitchen, I heard they have nice food and the prices are attractive… but I don't know. I lean my head back, stretching and closing my eyes… just an ordinary morning. Soon I will arrive at Cidade Velha Station and proceed to work. I hope the day goes fine and nice… yesterday was heavy metal and I deserve an easy day today.

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

I feel myself being lightly tossed around and I open my eyes, yawning. I must have fallen asleep… I hope I didn't lose the sta- OH MY GOSH!

Where am I!? My eyes shot open and I look around, it's darker around me, the walls are… sort of shiny silver and seem to be thin as paper… and there are strange, huge circular objects all around me. Something huge moves here inside, grabbing one of these circular objects and taking it upward. I look upwards, seeing as this stran- I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

It's the woman I was observing! From the opening above me, I can see her gigantic face, she's looking so lost in thought with her face pointing forward as she looks to whatever she wants to look, not minding to look down here, exactly like she was doing when I was looking at her! It's like… I… uh… I don't know how to process that! My whole body starts shaking, I don't know if it's fear, surprise, I… I'm inside her bag of cookies! The big round objects are her cookies, no wonder they smell sweet! I look upward again in time to see her swallowing, and her huge hand again comes inside, grabbing another cookie for her to consume.

I think about screaming, but I realize that I'm actually shaking in a strange sort of excitement and I don't wanna exactly scream for help. I'm a bit scared, sure, this is so new that I don't know what to do or how to react, but my mind starts processing better my current situation and… well, if everything goes well, this woman will… eat me. The expected sheer terror of being eaten alive isn't here, in its place there's a growing excitement with a hint of fear and that's all. I don't scream, just staying here, waiting to see what will happen to me.

Again, her hand comes down into the bag and she grabs another cookie. This time I don't call it lucky, maybe because of the hint of fear I'm feeling. I look upward and she stops with the cookie in front of her partially open mouth, she seems to be paying attention to something. Just some seconds pass by and she resumes eating, shoving the cookie into her mouth and closing her lips shut, starting then to chew, as she's been doing since entering this train and grabbing her bag of cookies.

I gasp in surprise as her hand comes in again and one of her slender, well-manicured fingers brushes on me. It grabs me with a random cookie and I start being lifted real quick, but for no known reason, I start falling with some crumbs down back into the pack, followed by some bigger pieces of cookie, some of them falling on top of me.

I hear the young woman sighing a bit annoyed: the cookie just broke in her fingers and fell back. She gives the bag a quick shake, sending the broken pieces and other crumbs down under the bigger cookies, and at the same time making me experience a real earthquake. My body is tossed against many hard cookies and it hurts a bit, but it stops as quickly as it began.

'You arrived at: Cidade Velha Station'.

I just am at the station where I'd have to disembark the train but you know, it's not possible now. I hear people walking in and out of the train, and soon the doors close, the train again going its way.

Great. I lost the station. Should I be feeling annoyed? I mean, I know I should, but… I feel like I don't care, actually. I'm inside a beautiful woman's bag of cookies, with a chance of being eaten… am I really caring about what station I lost?

The answer is a big NO. I have better things to think about…

The woman again shoves a hand here inside. This time, her fingers don't come close to me and as her hand takes a cookie, another one falls on my leg, but I easily free myself. I grab a crumb and bite it, it's tasty… very sweet.

While I'm savoring another bite, the woman's fingers come down and grab another cookie… this time grabbing me together once more. Her grip is soft but firm and in a quick motion I see myself being lifted out of the bag and then shoved into her warm mouth; I barely have time to register the reddish insides of her mouth as I am inserted into it, being at least lucky enough to see her deep, dark throat as she closes her mouth.

Darkness. Wet, stuffy darkness. Her tongue quickly starts moving the cookie and my body around, moistening us with her warm and slightly sticky saliva.

"Oh no…" I almost stutter as I think about what comes next…



I hear the frightening crunching sounds around me, such sounds becoming more and more wet and soft as the cookie is chewed down into a creamy bolus. As for me, I'm kept on her tongue, she didn't push me onto her molars as she did with the unfortunate cookie. Oh, interesting, now I call the cookie unfortunate? Haha, what a joke. We are both being eaten, and I hope she feels me and spits me out instead of chewing me too. Hard vore isn't my cup of tea… well, sometimes I enjoy stories with hard vore but if I'm to be eaten, I prefer it to be soft.

I feel a strong pressure making my head and body feel like they're gonna sort of explode, her tongue lifts and presses me on the roof of her mouth… GULP. She swallows.

But I'm still in her mouth, held by her tongue.

Just two or three seconds later, her mouth opens again and strong light enters it, blinding me just slightly as another cookie enters this wet cavern, some fresh air mixing with her now sweet breath. Her lips close and more chewing begins. Again, I feel her tongue pinning me on the roof of her mouth as she chews, I'm spared. The woman seems to be… aware of my presence here? Does she know?

But… but how is this possible, to begin with? I'm inside the mouth of a woman, this is beyond surreal, this defies imagination! I don't know how all that is happening, but… well, later I'll think about it. There will be 'later' for me, won't it?

Again, I feel a strong pressure all around me but this time her tongue frees and maneuvers me together with a wet, sweet pulp that was once a cookie. The tongue presses me together with the bolus and, in a swift movement, pushes me forward. An overly strong embrace, together with a well-known sound, immediately forces me into a tight place which leads to a slimy tube…

She just swallowed me.

I think about finally shouting, about calling for help, but… THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! If I'm gonna shout, it will be a shout of utter joy! But her esophagus is compressing me so hard that it takes all the air out of my lungs, my arms pinned to my sides as I am pushed downward with the chewed cookie by tight undulating movements…

Her calm heartbeats are getting louder and, after a very slight turn, I reach a tight opening and my body is pushed into a larger space. I fall into a sloshing pool that, I must be honest, smells like chemicals and vomit with hints of sweet, not a good atmosphere to breathe but I don't think I have any choice now. I cough a bit, yet I am very excited about what's happening. It's a wish coming true!

I was eaten. Whole, alive… eaten!

But how? This still doesn't make sense… everything is too real to be a dream… the warmth of the bolus mixing in the juices down here, the strong smell all around, the bodily sounds… it can't be just a dream! Oh gosh it can't be!

Her bodily sounds are entrancing, even her gurgles excite me as they show me where I am in the food chain compared to that woman. And as I try to swim in this sloshing, creamy sea of chewed cookies mixing with digestive juices, I feel something probably as large as me falling into it with a noticeable plop sound.

Yeah, another chewed cookie. She's still eating. I can't hear the chewing or anything outside her torso but I'm pretty sure, despite not being able to see a thing, that she's eating. There are still some cookies to be eaten, as far as I can remember, so maybe I'll hear more plops around.

A loud gurgle, followed by a strong contraction of her stomach walls, pushes me onto a wall on the other side of her stomach. I manage to grab at the slightly slimy wall, feeling its wrinkles and its heat. I almost can feel the blood being pumped in its many blood vessels! It's… it's wonderful! I'm in paradise!

I know I'm late for work, but who cares? I'm on some sort of day off and I will enjoy. Never in my life I thought I would be inside a pretty woman's digestive tract for real! I'm living something most GTS fans out there can only imagine!!

A strong movement of her gut sends a hot wave of semi-digested food over me, forcing me to go swirling down into the depths of her partially full stomach. Her stomach's moving and flexing way more and I'm already starting to feel some very light itching on my skin… yes, she's starting to digest me.

Who cares?

Another chewed cookie falls into here, this one right on top of me. I clean it off of my face and I start to laugh, happy: this surely isn't just an ordinary day! I don't know if I'll ever leave this place and how, but if I could choose, I'd prefer to live here forever! Why waste my life with work, friends, and all? I can stay inside this woman's stomach forever and be as happy as I never was. I already feel like that!

Suddenly, I hear strange sounds far above me, and soon a cold torrent comes rushing and washing everything, liquefying way more the creamy sea where I'm afloat.

She's drinking something, maybe juice, or soda… I don't know, it's hard to smell things down here because of the strong vomit smell all around but I think there are hints of sweet in the smell of this liquid. It doesn't take long for the torrent to end and now the stomach is sloshing its contents way more with me afloat in an almost raging sea of digesting food, the stomach walls contracting and flexing, working on the now almost liquefied content.

My skin is burning a bit more and this sensation is now a bit annoying, but I still don't care. I stay afloat, enjoying my stay in this pretty woman's tummy and wondering how much time it will take for her sexy body to fully process me and make me part of her…

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

'You arrived at: Algarve Station'.

Alisha disembarks, throwing an empty bag of cookies, together with an empty soda can, in the nearest trash bin as she walks. Licking her lips as she enjoys the aftertaste of the snack she ate, Alisha pats her belly, looking down at it briefly.

"You wished for it… enjoy," she whispers with a subtle, warm smile.

~~~ The End ~~~

Chapter End Notes:

Well, this story makes me a returning writer to the site! I'm very happy to be able to publish here again and soon I'll have more new stories here! I'll also publish my older stories and finish the older stories I didn't finish yet.

As always, thank you for reading my story and if you want, leave a review or an e-mail, your words are very encouraging for me to keep writing!

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