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Story Notes:

Before continuing Nibs' storyline in chapter 3, the first couple chapters detail a couple side chapters in the history of Forbidden Dish.

Author's Chapter Notes:

A Tuesday at Forbidden Dish, where we see a traditional family come in for lunch, unaware of the alternative cuisine available at FD.

“And here we are”, Lindsay said, “setting the large platter of food down on a fold-out tray which she had brought with her. She set the tray up near the young boy, knowing he would be watching her rear end as she laid out the food to their designated consumers, reaching over to set the plates down in front of his parents and sister.

His mother, following the boy’s eyes, gave him a stern look, and the boy blushed, his eyes moving back down towards his lap. Lindsay caught the look from the mother and glanced back to see the boy’s reaction. Inwardly, she laughed, but outwardly she did her best to repress a smile. She only partially succeeded, a smirk spreading across her mouth.

Finally, she placed the boy’s dinner in front of him. “And here is your plate, Johnny, is it?”

He looked up her, smiled politely and nodded affirmatively, pleased that the woman remembered his name. Looking down at his plate, which was a collage of pasta, his stomach growled. The aroma was enticing.

“Enjoy”, she said, tapping him gently on the shoulder as she packed up her tray and the platter. As she stepped away, her derriere briefly glanced across his side. Purposeful or not, the boy was becoming increasingly familiar with the gorgeous gluteal muscles of his fantastic server.

The mother, Mrs. Whiskers, did not approve. With a dignified harrumph, she squared her jaw and glared at her husband.

Sam Whiskers took his wife’s cue, looking across the table as his son, “When we are out in public, young man, you will behave yourself.”

To Johnny’s side, his seventeen year old sister Becky couldn’t suppress a giggle. She had noticed the way Lindsay had teased her younger brother and, being of similar mischievous nature, it had tickled her inside.

“Be-cky!”, Mrs. Whiskers said, softly, but sternly.

“Mmmph”, Becky wiped her nose, “Uh. Sorry mom”, she glanced down at her plate.




The Whiskers were a traditional and strict family. They weren’t really aware of the nuances of Forbidden Dish and, traveling north through town on the return from a family trip, they had noticed the huge restaurant from hundreds of yards away. Having postponed their lunch until they arrived back into the city proper (they lived on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles), Becky had spurted out, “oooh, that looks interesting. Can we stop there for lunch?” to which the rest of the family had agreed. A large structure built into the side of a hill, with fancy signs and ominous name, there was a certain appeal.

“Oooh, I wonder what’s so forbidden”, Becky had said after they had parked, trying to spook her younger brother, who she enjoyed teasing. She moved her arms and fingers as though mimicking her favorite animated ghost.

Johnny, at age sixteen a good-natured boy and actually was very sweet. He loved his family and put up with his sister’s teasing. Johnny didn’t have too many friends of his own, being on the shy side and a bit meek. Thus, his parents encouraged Becky, who was much more outgoing, to incorporate her brother into whatever they were doing or playing.

Little Johnny’s eyes had become wide after they had been seated and he had gotten his first view of their server, Lindsay. She was simply the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen, levels above his own sister who was very pretty in her own right. She had a cuteness which surpassed the brunette hostess who had flirted with Johnny at the entrance. And her skimpy attire, which didn’t match the style and richness of the restaurant’s interior, left little to be left to the imagination.

Johnny liked to draw and paint and considered a career in art as a possibility. He distinctly felt that if he were to draw the perfect woman, it would resemble Lindsay. She had a certain amount of thickness to her and yet appeared to be in immaculate shape. Her friendly and peppy personality complimented her pleasing profile.




Now, having all settled in, they began on their meals. They made small talk about their Disneyland venture. They discussed their favorite rides and locales. This continued for several minutes, until they began talking about the restaurants there.

“Everything tastes so good, but it’s all so bad for you and, for what you’re getting, pretty expensive”, complained Mr. Whiskers.

“Yeah. It’s really unheathly”, concurred Emilia (Mrs. Whiskers). “It’s a good thing I brought along some apples and oranges in my purse. At least we were able to have a small amount of nutrition.”




Lunchtime was not typically a busy time for Forbidden Dish, especially on Tuesdays. Thus, when the next patrons came in, the two ladies were sat next to the Whiskers family’s table, making it easier for Lindsay to serve both.

Mr. Whiskers gave a polite nod to the two ladies as they sat down.




“I wonder…”, said Becky, changing the subject to their current locale, as the talk of food had triggered a question she had, “…what was that alternate menu all about?”

“Don’t worry about it, dear”, Emilia said, efforting to tamp down her daughter’s curiosity. “Just exotic dishes that you don’t like.”

The alternate menu had a picture of the face of a small man being dangled over the face of a large, smiling woman. After browsing through her traditional menu, she had taken a peek inside the provocative menu, closing it quickly and setting it aside. Clearly, she had been shaken by what menu items were listed inside. Her face slightly blushed, Emilia had taken a slip of water and cleared her throat. These actions had not gone unnoticed by her children, who had glanced the cover of the alternate menu.

The family resumed their discussion of Disneyland, where the topic turned back to the favorite park attractions.

Johnny really liked Space Mountain. He really liked the thrill of being in near dark, swerving about without the knowledge of where exactly they were going, just knowing where the final destination would be. Becky loved the water park rides, especially the slides. Johnny had to concur – he liked them too. He longed for a ride which would combine Space Mountain and the long, wet water ride. Mrs. Whisker, on the other hand, preferred the slow relaxing ride that circled the park at about forty feet above ground level.

As they neared the end of their meals, Johnny’s attention was diverted once again. Lindsay had brought a nice clear dish filled with golden liquid to their neighboring table. It was not the dish or the liquid in it that had caught Johnny’s attention, however. It was the two tiny nude men who were squirming about within.

Becky was listening to her father argue that the railroad ride which encircled the park was better than the overhead tram when she noticed her brother wide eyes were focused on the something over her right shoulder. As she turned, she wondered if Lindsay was doing something which compromised her body again.

Becky’s eyes went wide like her brother and soon the whole family was observing their fellow patrons as the two women finished drinking the golden liquid and then each took a tiny nude man and dangled them over their open mouths. Slowly lowering the kicking tiny men into their mouths, the women took their time in playing with their food before finally swallowing them. The lumps in their throats were apparent even from several feet away in the dim light. Following their show, the two women gave each other a kiss on the lips. The one facing the Whiskers table smiled and gave a wink to Johnny and Becky.

Turning back to the center of her own table, Becky exclaimed, “That was awesome. Do you think they were, like, real boys?” There had been rumors of people getting shrunk down, but the Whiskers didn’t believe it was possible.

Becky’s parents looked agasp. They were speechless. Johnny sat there, still watching the women.

“Oh yes, they were real guys. Those boys came in a little earlier…couldn’t wait to get shrunk down and for some nice ladies to gobble them up.”, said a perky voice behind them.

Looking up, the kids saw that it was Lindsay, who had come back to check on them.

“Omigosh, they were soooo cute. I wonder how they tasted?”, Becky said excitedly after realizing the little men were indeed real.

“Oh, tiny boys taste wonderful. And when they squirm on the way down and in your belly, it’s the best thing ever”, Lindsay replied, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Er…have you eaten…?”, Johnny stammered, trying to get his question out.

“Oh, yes, I’ve had plenty”, said Lindsay, smirking seductively at the boy, “in fact, some not so much older than you are now.”

Johnny couldn’t describe it, but he had wistful twinge come over him, his cock twitching in his trousers. Lindsay recognized the look instantly. She had seen it numerous times on men and boys in her time at Forbidden Dish. It was a look which displayed a desire to become one with her, to let her lord over them and dominate them utterly.

She smiled sweetly at him, patting him on the head. “Don’t worry. You’re safe for now. How old are you?”

“Uhhh…”, he said, actually having to work to recall his own age, “er, I’m sixteen. Uh, I turn seventeen in a couple months though”, he added, then blushed, embarrassed at his own words, feeling it gave away his inner thoughts, which indeed, it did.

“I wonder what would make guys want to get eaten?”, Becky said her thought aloud.

“They were college boys. Something about losing a bet to their biology professor. That’s her there”, replied Lindsay, nodding towards the woman facing their table.

The adult Whiskers still sat in disbelief.

“How old does one have to be to uh…eat those things?”, inquired Becky, not sure how to formulate her question properly.

“Eighteen. You have to be atleast eighteen in order to either consume a shrinkie or be a shrinkie. That’s what we call them – shrinkies.”

The kids gave each other a look.

“Oh, don’t worry. Kids under eighteen are allowed in the restaurant, as long as they’re always chaperoned by their parents. Otherwise, as long as they’re eighteen, they can go up to the dance floor or spa levels. There’s lots of fun stuff to do up there.”




The bus boy had begun clearing off their neighbor’s tables. The two women had only time for a quick in-and-out, it appeared, and were soon on their way.

Mr. Whiskers had paid for their meal, giving his credit card to Lindsay to swipe. He was surprised at the expense of their rather inglorious food, thinking it overpriced.

“I can’t wait until my birthday”, said Becky. “I’ve got to tell my friends about this place. They’ll love it.”

“Ah, Becky, I don’t think this is such a good place for young girls to be coming to”, said Sam.

Becky turned to her mother for support, but Mrs. Whiskers seemed to be out of sorts, somewhat conflicted in her thoughts. She wore a mostly blank expression, though the flesh between her eyebrows was scrunched up a bit, forming two creases between and above her eyes.




Lindsay placed the small folder with the FD insignia in front of Mr. Whiskers. Sam smiled at her, then took his card and wrote a very nice tip in for her. He was not generally a large tipper, but for some reason, he made an exception for her.

“Thank you, Whiskers family”, she said as they got up to leave, “I hope you come back and visit us soon.”

“And you”, she whispered into Johnny’s ear, “come back in about fourteen months and I’ll give you a night to remember.”

“R..really?”, he said nervously.

“I haven’t had any complaints yet, have I Garrett?”, Lindsay asked, motioning over to the bus boy, who had almost finished cleaning off the table next to them.

Garrett stopped his cleaning for a moment, moving his frame of reference from a level that was near to her waist level and up to her face. He smiled and replied, “No ma’am. I haven’t heard any complaints from any of your customers.”

“See”, she nodded to Johnny, who looked like a small deer caught in headlights. Then, to Becky, she made a pawing motion with her hand, and made a soft “Rrawrrr” sound, mimicking a cougar.

Coming between Lindsay and his children, Sam motioned his children towards the exit, then waited for his wife. Soon, they trailed away, he at the rear.

Lunch time was over.

Chapter End Notes:

For those who are interested what became of Johnny and Becky, Johnny did indeed visit Forbidden Dish soon after his eighteenth birthday. He escaped the clutches of his sister, who had found out about his visit and tried to claim him for herself, volunteering to be eaten by Lindsay, who did her best to scare him into becoming an unwilling prey, but he persevered and was giddy with joy as he was swallowed down, yelling “BONZAI!” as he was squeezed down her throat. Becky spurned her parent’s wishes and became a regular at Forbidden Dish as soon as she was able, taking a job as a waitress at the age of nineteen and becoming a protégé of Jackie as she joined her at university as well.

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