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Anthony looked out the window and looked at the long 2-mile gravel road that ran past his place that reached the 4-lane highway. He saw a car coming up the road, it was his girlfriend Megan. He had called her over the cause of some discovery he had come upon. Anthony was experimenting with a new device that can open a portal and he did that just yesterday. Yesterday he had crossed over into a parallel world pretty much like our own where they had discovered the ability to shrink and enlarge living matter. One of the scientists decided to share the technology with Anthony. Anthony found out that there they shared technology with anyone, nothing was kept a secret. He was shown how the device works and how to use it. The device was on an aluminum cart with wheels, it was rectangular on a stand. The device was 3 feet long and two feet high with a large screen on the side with a tube 2 feet coming out of it. The end of the tube opened like a flower petal. The touch screen was used to enter numbers and to activate it. The device would either enlarge a person to a minimum size of 1 inch or enlarge a person to a size of 800 feet.

  Megan arrived at Anthony's acreage, she pulled up to the house and she got out. Megan liked Anthony's place, it was surrounded by trees on three sides except the side towards the highway. Anthony opened the door to the garage and waved to Megan and told her to come in. Megan entered the garage and she saw Anthony standing next to the device which looked unusual to her. Anthony had his hand on the device and he tapped it with a smile.

 Anthony spoke in excitement, "Megan, look. I have it. They shared the technology with me. We are the only ones who have a shrink-grow device."

 Megan replied, "Really? Wow, so have you tried it out on anything?"

 Anthony replied, "Yes I did. The cat, I enlarge the cat to the size of a horse then returned the cat to normal size. Now a person or living thing has to remain still for up to 12 seconds for it to work."

 Megan was at the machine looking at it, she seemed quite interested in it. Megan watched as Anthony showed her the controls and how they worked. After a few minutes they went inside and Megan went to the fridge and got a cold drink and she sat down and Anthony sat next to her.

Megan said, "So, the device can enlarge anyone up to 800 feet as the maximum?"


 Anthony replied, "Yes, it can."

 Megan replied, "Anthony, just think of what we could do."

 Anthony replied, "Yeah, we could have lots of fun."

 Megan replied, "With this giantess fetish you have, now it is no longer a dream, you could experience it for real. I could become a real Giant now."

 Anthony got up and he walked a few feet from the couch and he put his can of soda down onto the table and he walked over to the window and he looked out and up. He stood there for a moment looked out and around and he turned around and looked at Megan as she sat there on the couch. Megan got up and she walked over to him.

 Anthony said, "Megan, would you want to be a Giant?"

 Megan replied, "I sure would. I think it would be fun. But we must make it look like I got large in some unique way. No one must ever know about the device."

 Anthony said, "I have a secret place underground where I can hide it."

 Megan nodded and said, "Ahh, that place yes you showed me. So how should we do it? Cause I sure would like to be 800 feet tall."

 Anthony said, "Well how about you wake up as an 800-foot-tall person at my place."

 Megan replied, "Sounds good, then I will get up and I will take you on an adventure like no man has ever had. Now Anthony let's enlarge me at 5 am. Let's get some sleep and I will put on the tights you like me to wear."

 Anthony and Megan planned out what they would do and after a few hours, they went to sleep. Anthony set the alarm to 4:30 am and when it rang they woke up. Megan got changed, she put on her yellow flowered blouse and she put on her skin-tight black pantyhose spandex. Anthony got ready too, and they both went outside. It was a full moon night and Anthony brought out the device and he turned it on. Megan headed away from the house and Anthony followed her and he stopped. Megan walked out into the open field that was next to his place. Now Anthony had no neighbours around him, the closest neighbour was down the gravel road 1.5 miles away. There was a small village about 2 miles away. Megan stopped her back towards the highway, she looked around she saw now lights from vehicles. Anthony activated the device, and it hummed.

  The screen came on and Megan's form appeared on the screen and Anthony set it to 800 feet. The tube that came out lit up and a green bean shot out and it and it hit Megan in the chest she saw the bean and she felt a tingling feeling. The end of the tube opened like a flower petal and as the end lit up and from the petal, green electric bolts formed within a couple of seconds a green energy wave shot out and it hit Megan and Megan was enveloped in a green glow. She then began to grow and get bigger and on screen, it was showing how large Megan was getting the numbers ran from 6 feet which was Megan's normal size up to 800 feet then the device shut down and it turned off. Anthony stood there looking up at Megan who was standing there now 800 feet tall. Now running over Megan's body were several small green electric currents numbering around several hundred and within a few seconds, they disappeared.   

    Name:        Megan Lloyd.

    Age:           24

    Height:       800 feet.  _________ 243 meters,  84cm

    Weight:      315 977 tons. 

Megan Lloyd was now a Giant, she was 800 feet tall and there she stood in the large field. She had on her yellow flowered blouse and she had on her skin-tight black pantyhose spandex. Megan had now been enlarged to a massive size of 800 feet clothes and all.

  Anthony quickly ran the device in and hid it in the secret place underground and he ran back outside and he ran away from the house and he looked up at Megan again. Now since it was a full moon, he was able to see Megan's massive form as she stood there. Megan looked down and she saw the lights at his place, and she squatted down. As Megan squatted down she was looking at his place through her thighs. Megan then stood up and she looked around. She saw the small village of Claymore and saw the few neighbours that were several miles away and she saw the neighbour that was 1.5 miles away. She also saw the lights of the city of Wellington a city with a population of 110 600 that was 34 miles away. Megan looking around saw the lights from the large town of Coaldon a large town with a population of 6790. The town was 9 miles away. Megan then took a couple of steps back and as she did the area just shook. Megan then laid down on her stomach facing Anthony's place. She put both hands together and she rested her chin on her hands.

  It was getting brighter now and the sun was coming up in about half an hour. Megan lifted her head and as she did her head and shoulders were way above the tree tops that Anthony had at his place. The top of Megan's head was 215 feet above the ground and she looked around. Megan then looked down at Anthony who was standing there looking up at her. To Megan, a 6-foot man was so tiny, a 6-foot man was 0.52 inches or 1.3cm tall. Anthony looked up in awe at Megan as she looked down at him. Anthony shouted up to her and as he did she smiled.

 Megan speaking softly said, "Anthony would you like to play on my jiggly booty."

 Now when Megan spoke softly her breath hit Anthony and his place like a gale-force wind and Anthony sure felt it and smelt it and the trees and bushes just waved from Megan's breath. Megan moved her right forefinger to Anthony and her finger hit the ground Anthony stepped onto her nail and he leaned against the tip of her finger and she lifted him. Anthony felt himself being lifted and Megan moved her finger to her left shoulder. Megan's finger was as wide as Anthony's height. Anthony got off Megan's nail and he stood there on her left shoulder. He was far above his house and even though she was lying on her stomach he was able to see for miles. Anthony looked around, it was slowly getting brighter and the sun was coming up soon. 

 Megan spoke softly in a whisper, "Anthony, go and have fun on the booty you just love to slap when I wear these tights. But first, I think it's time for a wake-up call."

 Megan Lloyd then let a thunderous fart rip, which she did each morning. The thunderous fart sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it lasted a few seconds and it just thundered and resonated across the land and sky. Now since Megan was 800 feet tall her thunderous fart was heard as far away as 15 miles across the open prairies. Anthony's neighbours heard and so did everyone in the village of Claymore and everyone in the town of Coaldon. Everyone within a 15-mile radius heard Megan's thunderous fart and it just thundered and resonated across the land and sky. Those closest to her heard it the most. Windows within a 5-mile radius just rattled, and birds and animals took cover.  People still in bed woke up and jumped out of bed as the windows on their houses just rattled from the sound.  Everyone withing a 15 mile radius was woken up by Megan Lloyd's thunderous fart.  Anthony shouted in excitement as Megan Lloyd let the fart rip. Anthony just loved Megan's thunderous farts.  

Megan Lloyd then squeezed her bum cheeks and she held it for a few seconds and then unsqueezed and as she did her bum cheeks jiggled. Megan then began to flex her bum cheeks as she was lying there on her stomach. As Megan was flexing her bum cheeks her thighs also jiggled and from the flexing, the gound around Megan trembled a bit. Anthony was watching from her left shoulder and he was excited and very hard. Anthony just loved it when Megan flexed her bum cheeks, it was a sight to behold.


 Megan spoke, "Anthony, I will stop flexing in a couple of minutes."

  Anthony then began to run down Megan's back and in a couple of minutes he reached her bum and he ran up onto her voluptuous left bum cheek. To him, it was like running up a large hill and as he ran up he kept running down her massive left bum cheek. Anthony ran to the middle and he stood there and he looked around. His field of vision was Megan, he looked down Megan's massive thighs towards the highway and he saw that a few vehicles had stopped. He then looked across Megan's bum which to him was 195 feet wide. He then looked up Megan's back to her head and saw her blonde hair hanging down her back. Anthony then ran across Megan's bum and he stopped at her massive bum cleavage. He saw that the skin-tight pantyhose spandex cut into Megan's bum cleavage parting her massive bum cheeks. To him, Megan's massive bum cleavage was like a deep dark valley. As Anthony stood there on her left bum cheek he was small as a bug on there. 

   Megan Lloyd in her skin tight pantyhose spandex.


    Anthony again looked across Megan's massive bum cheeks and as he did his view was filled with a black landscape.  He again looked down Megan's thighs and his field of vision was filled with the colour of Megan's skin-tight pantyhose spandex.  Anthony was in awe, there he was standing on the bum of his girlfriend who was now a giant.  Anthony then ran a good 30 feet from Megan's bum cleavage and then ran towards her thighs he stopped and looked down at her massive thighs. Anthony looked again towards the highway and he saw that there were several more cars parked down and in the distance, he saw that there were people there. As Anthony stood there on Megan's bum, he looked like a small bug there. Anthony was 135 feet up in the air.

  Megan then turned her head to the side and spoke, "Anthony, I am going to nap for a bit,  so you have fun on my bum. I will let you know when I am ready to get up."

 Now when Megan spoke her thunderous voice was heard from up to 15 miles away and Anthony on her bum sure heard and felt her thunderous voice. Everyone in Claymore and Coaldon her this young woman's thunderous voice. Everyone within a 15 mile radius heard Megan's thunderous voice and it sure frightened everyone that heard it. 

  Anthony then ran back to Megan's bum cleavage and she stopped at the slope of her left bum cheek before her massive bum cleavage. Megan moved just slightly and as she did Anthony felt it from the small movement her bum jiggled just slightly and he sure felt it and he fell over. Anthony fell onto the slope just before her massive bum cleavage and he began to slide and roll down into her massive bum cleavage. Anthony tried his best not to slide down but Megan's skin-tight pantyhose spandex was soft and smooth. Anthony let out a shout as he slid down between Megan's massive bum cheeks disappearing from view. Anthony let out a shout as he slid down and as he slid down between Megan's bum cheeks his shouts were muffled. Anthony was still sliding down between Megan's massive bum cheeks and the walls were close to him and he was sandwiched between them massive walls. Within several seconds Anthony reached the bottom and he was smelling her bum. Anthony took out his cell and turned it on he looked around and all he was the colour of the skin-tight pantyhose spandex she had on. Anthony was deep between Megan's bum cheeks and the residual odour hit him. The smell turned him on and he let out a shout. He just loved the smell and it was all over. Anthony fell on his face there and he began to kiss where he fell and he let out a loud shout.


 Anthony then decided to move and he then began to head in a direction and he figured he would either end up between Megan's massive thighs or he would emerge out from between her bum cheeks where her tailbone is. Well after crawling for 5 minutes Anthony came out from Megan's massive bum cheeks where her tailbone was. Anthony quickly ran up Megan's left bum cheek which to him was like a large hill. He then began to run down her massive left bum cheek towards her thighs. Anthony did not go close to her massive bum cleavage. Anthony continued to run down Megan's massive left bum cheek which to him was larger than his whole yard, house and area and chicken coup and garage. He then ran down Megan's left bum cheek and then he ran down her left thigh. He stopped a good 80 feet below Megan's left bum cheek and he laid down on her massive thigh.

 Now as Megan Lloyd was lying there on her stomach she was easily seen. Her massive form was easily seen as far away as 10 miles. Even though she was lying on her stomach, her form was well above everything in the area. Now parked along the highway were several cars and people were out taking pictures of what they were seeing. As people were commuting down the highway the sight of this giant girl just lying there on her stomach caught their attention. People were seeing Megan as far away as 10 miles. Everyone was out in Claymore and they were all looking at Megan as she was lying there, and people were taking pictures of her. Megan sure was an awesome sight to behold. Megan had her head down, she had her arms folded and her head was resting on her arms. Now more and more vehicles were stopping and those coming up and down the highway were seeing Megan as she was just lying there on her stomach. People in vehicles up to 10 miles were seeing her.

  Just then Megan lifted her head and as she did the people saw it and she flipped her hair back and she turned her head to her right and she looking back spoke.

 "Anthony Pollock. Come to my left shoulder. I would like to get up. You can play and have fun on my jiggly bum later again."

 Now when Megan spoke, her voice was hers but now it was thunderous and amplified and it resonated. Her thunderous voice was heard as far away as 15 miles across the prairies. People watching Megan saw something small there on her left thigh. It was Anthony, he had run down Megan's left bum cheek onto her left thigh. Now Anthony was seen running up Megan's left thigh and he was seen climbing up her left bum cheek and then Anthony was running up Megan's left bum cheek then down her massive left bum cheek and then up her back. The people parked on the side of the highway saw it and they knew that when this guy would reach her left shoulder she would get up.

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