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Story Notes:

my first long story here after years of reading hopefully a good place to start, I felt like it was a good day to finalize all the things i wrote about this particular mermaid into a salty tale from the sea 

Author's Chapter Notes:
the mermaid feasts 

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The ocean was a dark and dangerous place, especially at night. The waves lashed against the rocks, and the sound echoed through the caves. A great mermaid with a long neck and a huge tapering tail emerged from the depths, her eyes glowing in the darkness reflecting green. She scanned the waters with her sharp vision, looking for prey, suddenly, a shark appeared, slicing through the water with its powerful fins and battle scars to prove its might. The mermaid's eyes widened pupils taking in more light, as she opened her mouth all sound vanishes the ears of a fish hear all the sound of the ocean her mouth created an absence in the immediate area a song was sung between her and the shark in their language paralyzing it and she lunged forward, her jaws snapping shut around the shark. The shark thrashed and writhed in her gullet, but the mermaid was too powerful. She clamped down on the shark with her razor-sharp teeth and began to devour it. As she ate, the mermaid let out a deep, rumbling purr of satisfaction. She delighted in the taste of the shark's flesh, relishing every bite. After a few moments, the mermaid swallowed the last of the shark, and it disappeared down her long neck. She let out a contented sigh and settled back into the water, waiting for her next meal to come along. Suddenly, a school of fish swam by, and the mermaid's eyes lit up once again. and all sound was again absent She darted forward, ready to seize her next meal. 

The ocean was vast and endless, and the creatures that lurked within it were even more fascinating. The giant mermaid with a long neck was one such creature, and she was a sight to behold. Her scales shimmered in the sunlight, and her long neck was a thing of beauty. One day, as she was swimming through the depths, she came across a shark The shark was fierce, and it attacked her without warning but as it hit her scales it looked dazed as if it had swam full pelt into a wall. The giant mermaid was taken aback, but she was not one to back down from a fight. She opened her mouth wide as it banked around for another attack, and the shark swam right in. As the shark fought in her gullet, the giant mermaid began to push it down her throat towards her stomach. The shark thrashed and struggled, but it was no match for the giant mermaid. She was too strong, and the shark was too weak. Finally, with one last push, the giant mermaid swallowed the shark whole. She felt it slide down her throat and into her stomach, and she let out a satisfied sigh. The ocean was her home, and she was its queen. No creature could stand in her way, and she would do whatever it took to protect her domain. As she continued to swim through the depths, the giant mermaid knew that she was feared and respected by all who crossed her path. And that was just the way she liked it.

It was a calm day on the open sea, the sun was shining bright, and the waves were gently lapping against the side of the ship. Suddenly, a strange creature emerged from the water. and it was swallowing a large shark whole. The crew of the ship gasped in amazement as the creature disappeared back into the depths of the ocean. The scientist aboard the ship immediately became obsessed with the strange creature, eager to learn more about it. Over the next few days, the crew searched for the creature, tracking its movements and studying its behavior. They discovered that the creature was a mermaid, but unlike any mermaid they had ever seen before. It had a long, slender neck that it used to capture and swallow large sharks whole. The scientist was fascinated by the mermaid's unique anatomy and behavior. He spent hours each day studying the creature, taking notes and making sketches. As the days turned into weeks, the crew became increasingly obsessed with the mermaid. They no longer cared about their mission, their only goal was to capture the creature and bring it back to land for further study. But the mermaid proved elusive, slipping away every time the crew got too close. They tried baiting her with food, but she always seemed to know when something was amiss. Eventually, the crew realized that their obsession with the mermaid was taking over their lives. They decided to abandon their pursuit and return to shore, vowing to let the creature live in peace. As the ship sailed away, the crew could still see the mermaid's long neck slicing through the water, capturing and swallowing sharks as it pleased. And while they may never fully understand the creature, they knew one thing for certain – she was a marvel of the deep, and they were lucky to have witnessed her.

One day, a group of arrogant white tip reef sharks where over confident in their strength and ability to hunt prey due to a strain of giantism in their blood. They dared each other to confront the mermaid, not knowing that they were getting into something beyond their ability. As they came closer to her domain, they noticed a strange, yet enchanting melody echoing around them. They were unable to resist its charm and drew closer towards the sound. As they made their way towards her, she waited patiently. Before long, the sharks were within her reach. With lightning-fast reflexes, she darted her long neck towards the sharks and swallowed them whole. As they entered her mouth, the sharks struggled to escape, but it was futile. They thrashed about within her mouth, trying to break free from the clutches of her throat. Intrigued by the struggles of the sharks, she decided to let them stay awhile in her mouth, examining them from within. She could feel their powerful jaws and sharp teeth tugging at her throat as they attempted to free themselves, but she did not falter. The sharks were trapped within her grip, and she would keep them there until she desired to release them. Days passed, and the sharks began to lose their fighting spirit. Their strength waned as they struggled to survive within the mermaid's insatiable hunger. As they lay in her throat, they could feel their fate drawing near. she felt the life force of the sharks slowly disappearing. She knew it was time to swallow them

a group of huge sharks began to swim close to the mermaid. They foolishly assumed that they would be able to take on the powerful mermaid and emerge victorious. And so, they ventured deep into the ocean, baring their sharp teeth and flexing their powerful muscles. But as the sharks approached her, they quickly realized that they had stumbled into something far beyond their control. Without warning, the mermaid's long neck extended towards them, her lips parting to reveal her fearsome teeth. The sharks fought fiercely against her powerful jaws, their teeth clashing with her own as they tried to break free. But despite their best efforts, she was much too strong. The powerful vacuum of her throat sucked the sharks inside her mouth, where they struggled desperately to escape. The mermaid's powerful tongue and teeth worked to contain the thrashing sharks, though they fought back with equal force, biting at any surface they could get their jaws onto. Slowly but surely, the sharks made their way down her long, winding throat, their struggles growing weaker and weaker as they reached her stomach. Once inside, they were quickly dissolved by the acid, unable to fight back against the mermaid's powerful digestive system. she continued her life beneath the waves, admired by all for her unique abilities and her powerful command over the dangers of the deep. The sharks, meanwhile, learned their lesson the hard way.

Her scales were as blue as the ocean she called home and her hair was as soft as the seaweed that swayed to and fro around her. But the most remarkable feature about the mermaid was her long and winding digestive system. Most sharks that dared to cross her path were swallowed whole, their bodies being broken down by the acids and powerful enzymes in her stomach. The powerful jaws and sharp teeth soon becoming a part of the ever-growing soup-like solution inside her.
On one afternoon, a lone shark swam into the mermaid's view, and without hesitation, she attacked. With one swift motion, the giant mermaid ensnared the smaller predator with her teeth and began to squeeze the life out of it. With each bite, she could feel the shark's bones crack and snap beneath her teeth as it struggled to escape from her grasp. Soon, the shark stopped struggling and went limp, its body being sucked into the giant mermaid's intestines. As the shark's body disappeared into the mermaid's long and winding digestive system, it was greeted by the countless jawbones and teeth of other sharks that lay within.

The mermaid's body, capable of digesting anything she swallowed, slowly turned the shark's body into a soup, which her body could easily absorb. The long and winding road of her intestines did not allow any shark to swim through and escape, rendering them all at her mercy. As the days went by, the mermaid continued to swim through the ocean, devouring any sharks that crossed her path. Her body now a well-oiled machine, designed to take in and break down any prey that she came across. And yet, despite her fearsome appearance, the mermaid had not always been this way. She had once been a gentle creature, living in harmony with the other creatures of the ocean. But as she grew and encountered more and more predators, her body had developed this powerful digestive system, rendering her almost invincible. she knew that she filled only with the remains of the countless predators that she had consumed.

The giant mermaid with a long neck swam gracefully through the ocean, her long and winding digestive system pulsating with each movement. She had recently consumed a few live sharks, and they were currently swimming back and forth in a soup of already digested sharks, slowly being broken down by the acidic environment. As the sharks swam, their bodies were repeatedly cut and ground up by the bones and teeth of the previously digested sharks, breaking down their flesh into a thin soup that could easily be absorbed by the mermaid's body. The sharks' fins and tails twitched as they fought against the powerful digestive acids and enzymes, trying to escape the mermaid's insides. But as they struggled, their bodies were slowly being broken down, becoming nothing more than a nutrient-rich soup that would keep the mermaid's body healthy and strong. For the sharks, the experience was incredibly painful, as the acidic fluid slowly worked its way through their bodies, breaking down their internal organs and causing them to slowly dissolve. they could not escape the prison of the mermaid's digestive system. As the days wore on, the sharks continued to swim, their bodies slowly becoming nothing more than a thin soup that could easily be absorbed by the mermaid's long and winding intestines. And yet, despite the pain, the sharks knew that they were simply parts of the cycle of life, consumed by the mermaid to keep her healthy and strong. In the end, the sharks were nothing more than nutrients, their bodies completely broken down by the mermaid's powerful digestive system. And yet, as they were absorbed, they would become a part of something much greater, allowing the ocean to continue on in its endless cycle of life and death.

The giant mermaid with her long and graceful neck moved slowly towards the cleaning station, where small shrimps waited with eager anticipation to clean her teeth, tongue, and gargantuan throat. As she arrived, the shrimps immediately swarmed around her, deftly picking off bits of seaweed and other debris from her massive teeth. The mermaid closed her eyes and savored the feeling of the shrimps delicately cleaning her teeth and tongue, the sensation both soothing and relaxing. As they continued to clean, the shrimps suddenly stumbled upon a few sharks, which had come to the cleaning station looking for their own cleanliness. The mermaid watched with curiosity as the shrimps swarmed around the sharks, picking at their skin and removing any parasites that clung to them. But as she watched, the mermaid suddenly grew curious. She had never tasted the type of shark before and they appeared to be extremally rare, but the sight of the live creatures suddenly made her stomach growl. Without hesitation, the mermaid opened her massive mouth and swallowed the sharks the sounds and a large piece of the reef whole, feeling their wriggling bodies slide down into her throat. The shrimps watched in awe as the mermaid consumed the sharks, their eyes wide with shock at the display of power. as the sharks were broken down in the mermaid's powerful digestive system even the rock hard coral along with any other animals in the way where broken down in time, their bodies slowly became a nutrient-rich soup that would keep her body strong and healthy. As the cleaning continued, the shrimps worked tirelessly to remove any remaining bits of debris from the mermaid's mouth and throat, their small bodies moving in a ballet of efficiency and grace. And as the mermaid swam away, her belly full with the newly acquired sharks, she knew that she could always return to the cleaning station for the same gentle cleansing and the possibility of a unique meal.

The long-necked shark-eating mermaid lay still at the bottom of the sea, her body resting like an anchor in the sandy bed. As she slept peacefully, various sea creatures began to make their way into her mouth. First, a small school of fish darted in and out of her open mouth, gazing in wonder at the rows of sharp teeth that lined her jaws. Above them, a small octopus climbed up onto her tongue, marveling at the intricate network of veins and capillaries that crisscrossed her wide and cavernous throat. As they continued to explore her mouth and throat, they were surprised by the sudden movement of the mermaid's powerful jaws, which snapped shut with a loud crunch. In an instant, the small creatures were crushed between her teeth, swallowed whole into her belly. But as they sank down into the warm and acidic soup that filled her stomach, the creatures continued to marvel at the wondrous and terrifying sight that lay before them. Strange and otherworldly, the inside of the mermaid's belly seemed almost as vast and endless as the ocean itself. As they were slowly digested and broken down, they knew that they had entered a realm of utter mystery and wonder, where the most unlikely of creatures could become the source of life for the massive and powerful mermaid who practically ruled the sea. And as the sun continued to move overhead, casting long shadows across the murky depths of the sea, the long-necked shark-eating mermaid continued to sleep soundly, her jaws open wide to let in new and curious creatures for her to consume, and her belly filled with the nutrient-rich soup that kept her strong and powerful in a world full of wonder and danger.

As the scuba diver made his way deeper into the ocean, he marveled at the beauty of the underwater world around him. Schools of brightly-colored fish swam past him, their scales glinting in the sunlight that filtered down from the surface. followed by turtles he assumed it was natural he counted himself lucky the sharks raced past him assuming they where after the fish, they looked briefly as if he was the stupidest creature at sea they knew it was much too late for as slow a swimmer as he. Suddenly all sound disappeared and he felt as though his ears may explode then his head before hearing a gentle melody, he felt a tug on his leg, and before he could react, he was pulled down towards the sandy ocean floor. Looking up, he saw the long-necked mermaid looming over him, her enormous jaws open wide as she prepared to swallow him whole her throat flexed open. As the jaws snapped shut around his body the water was drawn into her mouth, he felt a sense of hopeless resignation, knowing that there was no escape from the powerful creature. Inside her jaws, the scuba diver could see the rows of razor-sharp teeth that lined her mouth, and he knew that he would soon become another meal for the monstrous mermaid. he kicked his fins away from her sharp glimmering teeth and tried to stay closer to her tongue but it was a temporary survival tactic. He was pulled into her long throat and he put his torch on a current pulled him down a song soothed him as the muscle behind him closed gradually with his descent. But even as he was swallowed down into her belly, he couldn't help but be awed by the sight of the vast and labyrinthine stomach that surrounded him. As he tumbled down into the acidic soup that filled her belly, he could feel his suit starting to break down and then his body, his skin and bones dissolving in the potent stew. But even as he fell apart, he was amazed by the inner workings of the mermaid's digestive system, as his body was gradually consumed by the powerful enzymes that lined the walls of her stomach. Days he was inside bobbing for air in a pocket of her stomach lining hiding from sharks that where newly swallowed, I could be half way across the planet by now he thought, unless she stays in the same area. and the scuba diver slowly lost track of time as he was broken down further and further into nothing but a tiny collection of molecules. But even as he ceased to exist as a coherent entity, he couldn't help but marvel at the sheer power and complexity of the monster that had swallowed him whole. For even in death, he knew that he had been consumed by the mightiest predator of the deep, one whose power and strength were beyond human comprehension.

as the divers camera lost its signal the scientist onboard tossed his things into the vast mysterious ocean so she does eat people he thought with obsession in his eyes. I must have more data he forgot to mourn the passing of his crewmate as if he was mere bait not even thinking of the effect on his crewmates family of him totally vanishing. his team began to panic as the divers stuff went missing a local to the area commented that the crew was cursed noticing the divers missing things and wanted off the ship the scientist noticed he could hide is malevolent obsession as paranormal activity onboard the vessel meaning he could spend much longer researching the mermaid unhindered by rules and risks. the first mate came down to talk to them about plans for a rescue, he took no notice only thinking about the food for the unhealthily beautiful creature. I can provide his last known signal on the sonar he grinned facing the sea. The sea splashed against his coat worn away by all the time he spent at sea his eyes unflinching to the mighty wave he turned single minded as he walked away from the deck two massive eyes came closer to the surface watching the entire thing unfold

Chapter End Notes:
a mad scientist sending them on doomed dives and a giant elusive mermaid with a bottomless appetite what else could a frightened crew at sea want 
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