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Story Notes:

     Please refer to the notes for the series: “A Series Of Scenarios” for important information about how this story is written.

     When submitting reviews, please understand that this story is only serving as writing practice for the shrunken encounters/scenarios that I plan to include in future novels. I ask that you be forgiving as possible to the overall plot, character development, and any repetitiveness to the story, but I invite all of you to be as critical as you’d like with regards to the shrunken interactions and how they’re written. I really want these to be perfect in the end, so let me know how I can improve them. Also, let me know if you find any typos, misspellings, formatting errors, or other mistakes so I can fix them.

     “Mom, come on,” Tim whined in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. “Be reasonable!”

     “I think I’m being MORE than reasonable, young man, ESPECIALLY considering the circumstances!” his mother, Natalie, replied sternly as she frantically rifled through her purse on the kitchen table, searching for her misplaced car keys. “I am NOT leaving you home alone! Not in your condition!”

     “Mom, I’ll be fine,” Tim protested, “Really! Just put me on the coffee table and turn on the TV.”

     “Oh no,” his mother objected, shaking her head rapidly, her shoulder-length, dark, blond hair quivering back and forth, “I’m not letting you sit in front of the TV all day, young man!”

     “Well, what ELSE am I supposed to do, mom?!” Tim squeaked. “It’s not like I can go anywhere!”

     “Well, whose fault is that, Tim, huh?!” Natalie snapped, frustratedly searching yet another purse pocket, “If you hadn’t gone….snooping around the refrigerator, you wouldn’t BE in this mess now, would you?!”

     “Well, WHY would you hide something like that in the FRIDGE, mom?!” Tim squeaked heatedly. “Why didn’t you just keep it in your lab at work?!”

     “Tim, I was keeping it here until I COULD take it to work with me tomorrow!” his mother replied, her hands motioning haphazardly. “Do you even realize how hard it was just to GET that formula you drank?! I practically had to call in EVERY favor I could just to get ahold of that little bottle, not to mention getting it back home; I even had to extend my trip by TWO whole days! I barely even got ONE NIGHT at home with your father before he had to leave for his business trip yesterday morning! We should all just consider ourselves LUCKY you only drank a tiny bit. Things COULD’VE turned out a lot worse!”

     “‘WORSE’?!” Tim squeaked indignantly. “What could be worse than THIS, Mom?!”

    “Tim, I’m through discussing this with you!” Natalie said frustratedly, walking towards the kitchen counter to grab a sip from her coffee mug. “Now, I’ve GOT to get to my lab and start analyzing what’s left of that formula; HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to find a cure for you. Regardless, I’m not leaving you here by yourself, and that’s FINAL! If something happened to you, and there was no one around to help you, I’d never forgive myself!”

     Natalie took a hasty to sip of coffee before finishing her speech:

     “Besides, your Aunt Julia is already on her way.”

     Tim slumped onto the table, dejected, frustrated, and embarrassed over his current situation. This was supposed to be his summer vacation, but it was very quickly becoming something out of the Twilight Zone…

     Two days prior, his brilliant, 45-year-old, biochemist mother returned from a scientific expedition to the Amazon where she had been researching and collecting numerous rare plant and mineral samples, hoping that one of them might lead to a breakthrough cancer treatment. One such sample, in particular, not only seemed extremely promising, but was possibly her most coveted find….and the cause of all of the family’s current turmoil:

     Natalie had, through several back-channels, been able to acquire a rare medicinal potion that, according to rumor, had the potential to dissipate growths on the body wherever it was applied. She even had a first-hand experience when she watched it being applied externally to a small tumor on the back of a native’s neck; she was left completely dumbfounded and speechless as the watched the tumor shrink away before her eyes until it had all but disappeared.

     Natalie knew she had found exactly what she’d been looking for! She called in every favor imaginable, and even extended her trip two extra days just to get her hands on a small quantity. Worried it might become damaged or fall into a competitor’s hands, Natalie decided it was too valuable to risk shipping back home with the rest of her samples; while most of the other perishable samples from her trip were sent to a cold-storage facility until they could be delivered to her lab on Monday morning, she poured the potion into a mini liquor bottle from her hotel room and smuggled it onboard the plane with her carry-on luggage. Once home, she hid it in a small crevice in the back of her refrigerator at home, a secret hiding place she often utilized and THOUGHT no one was aware of.

     Unfortunately, Natalie hadn’t accounted for her son’s snooping for hidden samples of liquor that she and her husband often brought back from their semi-frequent work trips, and Tim was WELL-AWARE of his mother’s hiding spot. Earlier that Sunday morning, while his mother slept, Tim snuck a swig of a small, unmarked bottle he found in the back of the fridge, thinking it was a sample of some rare, South American liquor…

     The next thing he knew, Tim was on the floor of his kitchen, his usual 5’9” frame that was once equal to his mother’s reduced to a mere 1-inch tall. At first, he thought he was dreaming, but a few pinches—and the appearance of his gigantic mother about half an hour later—confirmed he was, unfortunately, wide awake. Tim was completely dumbfounded….and scared out of his mind. Luckily, he managed to get his mother’s attention when she sat down for her morning cup of coffee at the kitchen table; although, she DID almost step on him several times as she shuffled about the kitchen that morning.

     Even after his mother found him, however, Tim was still stuck. Being only an inch tall meant he couldn’t go anywhere, nor do anything—even around the house—without some kind of assistance. Until he was back to normal, he was completely at the mercy of his giant mother—who was currently running around the house trying to locate her missing car keys—and his Aunt Julia, someone Tim wasn’t exactly the fondest of.

     It wasn’t that Tim hated or despised his aunt or anything, nor that she felt that way about him. It was just that Julia was always condescending towards Tim whenever she was around: always telling him that he needed to do more to help his mother around the house while his father was constantly traveling for work; berating him about not trying out for sports or being involved in extracurricular activities; and lately, insisting he get a summer job now that he was 15 years old and had just finished his freshman year of high school. She even teased him about not having a girlfriend, or being enough of a catch, something he was actually hoping to rectify during the summer months, but now…

     After sulking for a bit and feeling sorry for himself, Tim resumed his efforts in trying to reason with his giant mother.

     “But couldn’t you have found someone else BESIDES Aunt Julia?!” he whined, anxiously brushing back his short, brown hair.

     “Tim, who, the hell, else was I gonna find to watch you on such short notice?!” Natalie spat in frustration, turning back towards the table. “With your father out of town, she’s the only option! For your information, that formula was SUPPOSED to be top-secret, and I can’t risk anyone finding out about it….or YOU, for that matter! It’ll be hard enough keeping this from everyone at the lab! If ANYONE finds out about this, you’re liable to be…taken away and locked in a cage somewhere, treated like some kind of lab rat, put through countless tests and experiments trying to exploit you and your...”

     Natalie’s voice trailed off as she motioned to her tiny son on the kitchen table, unable to find the words.

     “Look,” Natalie sighed sympathetically, calming her tone as she bent down to be eye-level with the tiny teenager, “I know this can’t be easy for you—“

     “You can say that again, mom!” Tim interrupted, motioning to his tiny body draped in a makeshift toga made out of Kleenex. “I’m practically the size of a BUG!”

     “I know, honey. I know. Look, with any luck, I’ll have you back to normal in a few days. It’s…just gonna be a little bit awkward for a while…”

     “Yeah, THAT’S an understatement!” Tim mumbled to himself, shooting his mother a dubious look of admonishment.

     “…but the longer I stay here discussing this with you,” Natalie continued as she stood back up, her 5’9”, semi-muscular frame now towering over her inch-tall son’s, “the longer you’re going to be like that.

     “As it is, I’m probably gonna have to work day and night over the next couple of days JUST to get this formula analyzed,” she sighed as she walked back over to the counter to take another well-needed sip of coffee, “and the sooner I get started, the sooner…HOPEFULLY, I can get you back to normal.

     “But, for now, at least, it’s best this ALL stays inside the family,” Natalie continued, shaking her head, though more slowly and sympathetic this time. “Besides, with your Aunt Julia not having to teach this summer school this year, she’s the perfect person to watch you while I’m at work….AND she knows how to keep her mouth shut, so I don’t wanna hear anymore about it, understand?!

     “Now, where in the world did I put my keys?” Natalie lamented, looking off in another direction.

     “But what am I supposed to DO around here, mom?!” Tim whined as he stood up and headed towards his mother who was now rifling through her giant purse. “If I can’t watch TV, I’ll be bored out of my mind, even WITH Aunt Julia here!”

     “I’m sure the two of you can come up with a some constructive things to do while she’s here,” Natalie shrugged without even looking up as she frustratedly rifled through her purse one last time.

     “But, MOM—“

     “Tim, I said I don’t wanna hear it!” his mother cut him off, her mind still on her missing keys. “Maybe I left them in the—“

     *DING DONG*

     Both Tim and Natalie jumped when the doorbell rang.

     “Great, that’ll be your aunt,” Natalie sighed, her heart still pounding from the start she’d just received as she motioned back to her tiny son. “Look, STAY here while I let her in.”

     “But, MOM—“ Tim whined again.

     “Tim…STAY!” His mother said gruffly, pointing at him as she grabbed her purse.

     *DING DONG*, the doorbell rang again.

     “COMING, JULES!” Natalie called out as she snatched her purse from the table and quickly headed out of the kitchen.

      Unfortunately, in her haste, Natalie inadvertently struck her tiny son with her purse as she yanked it from the table. The impact sent Tim hurtling towards the edge of the table, screaming for his mother as he soared through the air. He bounced off the mesh backing of one of the table’s chairs and tumbled down onto the cushioned seat.

     While Tim lay unconscious on the kitchen chair, Natalie, completely unaware of her blunder, was already headed through the living room to open the front door for her sister.

     “Hey, Jules,” she said as she opened the front door, “thanks for coming on such short notice.”

     “Of course, Nat,” Julia replied, taking a second to step inside. “You know you can always count on me.”

     “I know, and I appreciate it,” Natalie sighed, embracing her sister in a much-needed hug. “God, it’s so good to see you!”

     “It’s good to see you, too, Nat,” Julia chortled softly as she returned her sister’s embrace, “but it’s not like it’s been THAT long since my last visit.”

     “I know,” Natalie sniffed, teary eyed, truly embracing Julia’s muscular frame, “but you have NO idea how good it feels to have family I can count on right now.”

     “Of course,” Julia replied, patting her sister on the back before removing her head from Natalie’s shoulder to look her into her eyes, “what’re sisters for?”

     Julia was about 5 years younger than Natalie, and, despite their age difference, the two sisters had been really close throughout their lives. Like her sister, Julia had dark, blond hair, but she usually kept it longer and dyed it a couple shades lighter than Natalie’s, and her eyes were a lovely shade of baby blue, as opposed to Natalie’s and Tim’s brown. Julia was also just slightly shorter than the rest of the family, standing only about 5’7”, but she made up for it with a slightly fitter frame, the result of her healthy workout regimen.

     “I’m so sorry to have to ruin your Sunday afternoon,” Natalie said, shaking her head apologetically as she closed the front door, “but I didn’t know who else to call. I’ve been at my wits end all morning trying to get myself situated.”

     “It’s no trouble, Nat, really,” Julia replied, comforting her obviously troubled sister. “I was almost done with my workout anyway when you called. Now, just…calm down and tell me what’s going on. I mean, you were so cryptic on the phone...”

     “I’m know, Jules, and I’m sorry,” Natalie replied hastily, “but I really couldn’t say too much over the phone. I HAVE to keep all of this quiet!”

     “OK, I get it,” Julia shrugged, putting up her hands. “You can trust me, but, please, just tell me what’s happened. What’s wrong with Tim?”

     “OK,” Natalie began, taking a deep breath and trying to center herself. “Look, this is all kinda hard to explain….and a little hard to believe, but Tim is…well, he’s…kinda…small…”

     “‘Small’?!” Julia uttered with a confused shrug. “What do ya mean, ‘small’? I don’t understand.”

     “Look, the bottom line is: Tim got into something he shouldn’t have, and…” Natalie began, though quickly realizing from the confused look on Julia’s face that explaining it would be a bit difficult.

     “Look, maybe you’d better just come inside and see for yourself,” Natalie reiterated, beckoning her sister to follow her into the living room. “You probably wouldn’t believe me, anyway.”

     “Nat, you’re my sister,” Julia said reassuringly, kicking off her flats at the edge of the den before stepping into the living room, “of COURSE I believe you, it’s just that…well, you’re not making any sense...”

    “OK, look, I’ll just be straight with you,” Natalie stated firmly, trying to figuratively rip off the proverbial bandage as she grasped Julia’s hands, “Tim drank a super secret formula I brought back with me from my recent trip and ended up…”

     “…’ended up’…what?!” Julia urged, her eyes peeled.

     “I told you: Small…” Natalie admitted, gesturing with her fingers. “Like…tiny. Shrunken down.”

     “Wh—WHAT?!” Julia recoiled with confusion. “Nat, you’re shitting me!”

     “Look, I TOLD you ‘you wouldn’t believe me’!” Natalie replied dejectedly, shaking her head and stepping away.

     “Sis, no, wait, I BELIEVE you,” Julia reassured her, gently grasping Natalie’s shoulder and turning her back around. “Really, I do. It’s just…well…pretty unbelievable, that’s all. I mean, I’m….still having trouble wrapping my head around all this.”

     “Believe me, you’re not the only one,” Natalie sighed, putting her hand to her temple. “the whole situation’s pretty unbelievable, but…that actually might be a GOOD thing. It’ll make it easier to keep all of this on the down low.”

     “Yeah, sure….I guess…” Julia reluctantly agreed, though still dubious of her sister’s claims.

     “But…speaking of ‘down low’,” Julia continued smugly in a half grin, “just out of curiosity, exactly how…‘small’ IS Tim?”

     “Small enough,” Natalie sighed dejectedly. “It’s probably worse than your thinking.”

     “…How MUCH worse?” Julia inquired hesitantly.

     “Like I said: go in and see for yourself.” Natalie replied, pointing towards the kitchen as she headed in the opposite direction. “He’s in the kitchen; on the table.”

     “On the…on the TABLE?!” Julie exclaimed, pausing mid-step, and giving her sister a double-take, unsure she’d heard Natalie correctly.

     “That’s what I said,” Natalie replied, nodding sarcastically.


     “Oh, yeah…‘SERIOUSLY’!” Natalie reemphasized with an assured nod as she tried to get out of the room. “Look, just go on in and make yourself comfortable. I’ve gotta check my bedroom for my car keys.”

     Julia’s eyes widened in bewilderment as she watched her sister disappear down the hallway, unsure exactly what to make of their conversation….OR Natalie’s odd behavior.

     What exactly did Natalie mean when she said Tim was “on the table”? Julia wondered as she turned and headed into the kitchen, shaking her head with both disbelief and confusion. Exactly how “small” WAS Tim anyway?


     Tim slowly opened his eyes, roused by the combination of loud, booming slaps, and what sounded like tape being peeled off the floor.

     “Wha—?” Tim murmured as he pushed his head up, his tiny body hurting all over, “What’s going on?….Mom?!”

     The soft, cushioned ground vibrated beneath him with each booming slap as he tried to push himself up and get to his feet.

     “Where am I?” he pondered aloud. The last thing he remembered he was on the kitchen table, but where was he now?

     Tim tried to get his bearings, but eyes spotted a giant figure approaching….a figure he quickly realized wasn’t his mother.

     “TIM?” the giant woman called in a booming voice. “…YOU IN HERE?”

     “Oh, no!” Tim exclaimed softly. “Aunt Julia!”


     Julia’s size 7 1/2 feet smacked the floor as she headed through the kitchen towards the table, her bare soles sticking to the linoleum with each step, a result of her having worked out that morning, and barely having any time to get in and out of the shower before coming over to her sister’s place.

     “Tim?” Julia called out, pausing momentarily as she approached the kitchen table, her eyes intensely scanning its surface. “Are you in here?”

     Unfortunately, there was no sign of her supposedly small nephew.

     “Hmph, ‘on the table…’” She huffed sarcastically, shaking her head again, “…what, is he INVISIBLE too?!”

     “AUNT JULIA!” Tim shouted up as he scrambled to his feet, struggling to walk across cushioned seat of the chair he realized he’d fallen onto. “AUNT JULIA, DOWN HERE!”

     The tiny boy shouted and waved his arms, hoping the giant woman would see him as he desperately clambered across the cushion to the back of the seat, but its soft surface was making his task extremely difficult.

     “AUNT JULIA!”

     Unable to hear her tiny nephew’s shouts, Julia rolled her eyes and stepped up to the table, reaching for the back of one of the chairs.

     “AUNT JULIA, WAIYYYYYY—!” Tim shouted hysterically as the giant woman grabbed the the back of the chair he was in and pulled.

     The chair lurched forward, throwing Tim off his feet. He tumbled backwards, grasping desperately for the seat cushion to brace himself as the chair whipped around violently. 

     When everything had finally stopped moving, Tim was on his back, his feet pointing towards the rear of the chair, and his head facing upwards. He opened his eyes…just in time to see his Aunt Julia’s colossal butt bearing down on him…

     The tiny boy’s brown eyes bulged out of his head as he suddenly found himself shrouded in the ass’s dark, ominous shadow…

     He tried to move, but it was too late…

     “AUNT JUL—EEEEEE!” Tim screamed as he was suddenly thrust into the air. The giant ass collided with the front half of the seat cushion, causing the back half to bulge upwards, bouncing the tiny boy up and completely off the cushion. Tim was sent screaming off the back of the chair, landing a few moments later onto the kitchen’s hard, linoleum floor.

     Julia sighed as she adjusted her seat, scooting all the way back in the chair. It felt so good to finally be off her feet after all the rushing around she’d done to get over to her sister’s place, especially considering having worked out earlier that morning. She strained as she lifted her right leg and placed it across her lap, trying to give her feet some well-deserved rest.

     “Ah,” Julia sighed contently as she began massaging her aching sole, “Mm, that’s better.”

     Meanwhile, Tim was still reeling from his fall, pushing himself up off the floor. He was surprisingly intact, though his body still hurt all over. Once he managed to get to his feet and brush off his makeshift clothes, he was finally able to gauge his surroundings:

     Towering before him was the chair he’d just been thrown out off, and leaning against its back was his Aunt Julia’s massive figure. He could see the rear calf of one of her legs in front of the chair, her other one not currently visible, supposedly up in the seat somewhere.

     “AUNT JULIA!” Tim shouted frustratedly, cupping his hands around his mouth. “AUNT JULIA!”

     Unable to get his giant aunt’s attention, Tim sighed in frustration and took of in a jog underneath the chair.

     “Ugh, this is so STUPID!” he panted, shaking his head while he sprinted under the seat and out between two of the chair’s side legs. “I’m so small, I can’t even get across the floor without running.”

     As he emerged from the chair’s shadow, Tim turned around and carefully took several steps backwards until his aunt Julia’s giant figure came into view: 

     The giant woman was sitting with one foot on the floor, and the other in her lap, rubbing and massaging it intensely.

     “AHH,” the giant woman sighed and moaned, “MM, THAT FEELS GOOD!”

     “AUNT JULIA!” Tim shouted up again, waving his arms in frustration. “HEY, AUNT JULIA!”

     But the giant woman never looked down; she was completely engrossed in her foot rub. he was about to call up to her again, when he the huge toes of Julia’s left foot, which was still on the floor, started to wiggle, making sickening sucking sounds as they continuously peeled and re-adhered themselves to the linoleum floor—a sound that truly grossed Tim out and made him cringe.

     “Ugh…PEW!” Tim exclaimed, grimacing with disgust and waving his hand in front of face as a pungent, unwelcome odor suddenly invaded his nostrils. “GROSS! GEEZ, Aunt Julia! When’s the last time you washed your FEET?!”

     Julia was still massaging her foot when she heard Natalie stomping back through the living room.

     “Did you find your keys yet?” Julia called out, leaning forward and turning her head until she could just barely see her sister in the other room.

     “No,” Natalie huffed in frustration as she fidgeted about the living room, “and I can’t…for the life of me, remember what I did with them.”

     “Are you sure they’re not in here somewhere?”

     “I already checked the kitchen,” Natalie replied, stepping into Julia’s view just outside the kitchen doorway, “and I just checked the bedroom AND in the bathroom. Damn it!”

     “Hm,” Julia uttered, “you think Tim might’ve done something with them?”

     “I doubt it. Besides, I already asked him; he said he didn’t know…of course, with everything that’s happened in this morning, he’s probably too preoccupied to remember anyways.”

     While the two giant women jawed back and forth above, Tim had been down on the floor, constantly calling for help and waving his arms, and was growing more and more frustrated at being ignored, AND from having to cover his ears from Julia’s raised voice calling out to his mother in the other room.

     “MO-OM!” Tim shouted, turning his attention to try and contact his mother. “MO-OM! HELP!”

     He started jumping up and down and waving his arms frantically, hoping his mother would be able to spot him over by Julia’s chair.

     “So,” Julia chortled as she finished massaging her right foot and shifted in her seat, lowering her foot back to the floor, “where is my…‘little’ nephew anyway? I thought you said he was in here...”

     Tim was startled by loud creaks and groans coming from the chair above him. The tiny boy looked skyward…

     Tim’s brown eyes went wide as he was shrouded in a huge shadow. His jaw dropped open, trembling nervously as a massive, wrinkled sole headed towards the floor.

     “AAA—mmpf!” Tim barely managed to scream before Julia’s giant foot landed right on top of him.

     “I told you: he’s on the table,” Natalie called from the living room, just out of sight of the doorway.

     Julia turned her head and intensely scanned the table, but she didn’t see any sign of her supposedly small nephew.

     “Where on the table?” she remarked with confusion. “I don’t see him.”

     “Hang on!” Natalie called back, sighing frustratedly not just at her failure to locate her missing keys, but also from her sister’s apparent blindness.

     “Look!” Natalie huffed as she stomped into the kitchen, stopping just in front of Julia.

     “He’s right….HUH?!” Natalie gasped fearfully, her eyes widening. “Oh, SHIT! Where is he?!”

     “I don’t know,” Julia replied defensively, “you told me he was in here!”

     “Well, he WAS a minute ago!” Natalie’s explained frantically, deathly afraid she’d just lost her tiny son. “Jules, QUICK! Help me LOOK for him!”

     “WHA—‘LOOK for him’?!” Julia cried with confusion as she stood up from the table upon seeing her sister’s frantic reaction. “Nat, what do ya mean: ‘LOOK for him’?! You’re not making any sense…! Honestly, how SMALL could he BE?!”

     “Hlmmpf…Mmpf…amntnm Jlmmn…”

     Tim writhed beneath Julia’s stinky sole, screaming muffled cries for help as he frantically struggled to move his aunt’s huge foot off of his tiny body, the giant woman completely unaware she’d literally just stepped on him. In reality, Julia’s feet weren’t all that big, especially compared to Natalie’s size 9’s, but to a one-inch-tall teenager, they were more than sufficient to completely envelope his tiny figure, trapping him directly beneath her bare sole. He desperately tried to push up on Julia’s foot, but it was far too big and too heavy for him to move, and all his shouts for help were being muffled by her wrinkled flesh as it kept collapsing around his hands.

     Suddenly, and without warning, the pressure on top of him increased immensely. Tim let out a muffled, bloodcurdling scream of pain!

     This is it! he thought. I’m going to be crushed…!

     Then, just as quickly as it started, the pressure subsided, and the tiny boy suddenly felt himself being lifted into the air…


     “REALLY small!” Natalie snapped at her sister, frantically searching the table and chairs. “Like, tiny…inch-high! Now, COME on and help me LOOK for him!”

     “OK, OK…!” Julia relied hastily, taking a moment to lift up her foot and obliviously brush something foreign off her sole…


     No sooner than Tim felt himself being hoisted into the air, he was suddenly hit by a humongous object. The force from the impact completely dislodged him from the sticky underside of his aunt’s giant sole, flipping him end over end, and sending him screaming down towards the floor…

     “Oof!” Tim exclaimed as he impacted the floor. “Ouch!

     “Ugh!” he exclaimed in disgust as he strained to push himself into a sitting position, wiping the foot sweat and grime off his face. “Aw, YUCK! That was AWFUL!”

     Tim shook off the impact and managed to get to his feet, gathering his wits as he brushed more dirt and grime off his lower body.

     “Ugh, and I thought Aunt Julia’s feet smelled bad BEFORE!“ he complained. “Who’d have thought feet could be so disgusting when you’re small?!”

     Before he’d even finished his sentence, Tim’s tiny figure was suddenly shrouded in a huge, dark shadow again. He looked skyward…just in time to see Aunt Julia’s giant foot coming back down to the floor.

     “ACK!” Tim shouted as he frantically dove out of the way, narrowly avoiding getting stepped on again. “AUNT JULIA, WATCH OUT!”

     “Do you see anything?!” Natalie asked frantically.

     “No,” Julia replied as she began following her sister around the table, checking its surface and the surrounding chairs.

     “Well, keep looking…” Natalie said, growing more desperate…


      Tim scrambled to get to his feet as his mother’s giant, booming voice echoed throughout the room.

     “HELLLLLP!” he shouted up desperately, hoping he could get his mother’s attention and get her to look down. “HEEEELLLLLLLP!”

     Just as Tim was about to call up to her again, his mother was suddenly took several steps towards his position on the floor, not paying attention to where she was walking.

     Tim shuddered, his jaw trembling, and his eyes going wide again.

     “EEK!” Tim shrieked as his mother’s bare foot stomped down just in front of him. “MOM, DON’T SQUISH ME!”

     The tiny boy frantically took a running leap and dove onto his mother’s second toe, a tactic he’d employed earlier that morning to get her attention while she was sitting at the table, enjoying her coffee.

     “Jules, keep your eyes peeled,” Natalie explained frantically as she took another step, nearly completing her lap around the table, “and make sure you—!”

     Natalie gasped, jerking instinctively as she suddenly felt something grab onto one of the toes on her right foot. Luckily, she restrained herself from kicking, quickly remembering the events of that morning, lest she’d have launched her tiny son completely across the room.

     “Oh my gosh!” She exclaimed, covering her mouth in surprise as she suddenly spotted her tiny son clinging to her toe. “TIM!”

     Natalie hurriedly reached down and carefully scooped the tiny boy into her palm.

     “Honey, are you OK?!” She asked anxiously, bringing her hand up to eye level to inspect her tiny son.

     “Sweetheart,” Natalie continued in a high-pitched, squeaky voice, trying to help him fix his disheveled clothes, “what we’re you doing on the FLOOR?! Are you CRAZY?! One of us could’ve STEPPED on you!”

     Tim was about to answer, but Julia cut him off:

     “Holy SHIT, Nat!” she exclaimed, heading back around the table to get a closer look at the tiny teenager sitting in his mother’s palm. “Like, you weren’t KIDDING! Look how TINY he is!”

     Julia moved her face in close; Tim instinctively leaned away, putting his hands up defensively, unsure of the giant woman’s intentions.

     “I TOLD you!” Natalie reiterated firmly.

     “Yeah, but I didn’t think it was THIS bad!” Julia exclaimed, staring in amazement at her tiny nephew.

     Tim promptly covered his ears, shielding them from his aunt’s booming voice.

     “NOW do you see why I’ve been so flustered?!” Natalie sighed sympathetically.

     “Sis, how the hell did this happen?!” Julia inquired, lifting her gaze towards her sister. “How did Tim get so SMALL?!”

     “I told you,” Natalie reiterated, “it was a top secret formula I brought back with me from my recent trip to South America.”

     “Oh, right,” Julia confirmed. “You said you were going to Rio for that conference. I’m STILL totally jealous, by the way!”

     “Well, it wasn’t…exactly a ‘conference’,” Natalie admitted in air quotes with her free hand.

     “What do ya mean?” Julia asked, puzzled.

     “Well,” Natalie explained, “in actuality, it was a secret research trip to the Amazon. I was trying to collect some samples that I could bring back to my lab and analyze here in the states. Unfortunately, Tim accidentally drank one of the samples I brought back with me—a potion I got from a medicine man—and he ended up like THIS. Obviously, I couldn’t tell you about it over the phone; it’s all supposed to be…you know, hush-hush.”

     “I can see why!” Julia chortled nervously, still amazed at Tim’s tiny stature. “Wow! So…what’s this potion supposed to be, some kinda weight-loss formula?”

     “It’s SUPPOSED to be able to shrink tumors and growths and stuff like that,” Natalie explained sarcastically. “Apparently, it shrinks MORE than that!”

     “Yeah, no kidding!” Julia exclaimed, just as sarcastically. “So…what now? I mean, is this gonna be, like, permanent?! Is Tim gonna be stuck this way for the rest of his life?!”

     Tim felt like his heart had suddenly sunk to his feet, his aunt’s words cutting through him like a knife. The thought of him being stuck at an inch tall for the rest of his life was overwhelmingly mortifying.

     “God, I HOPE not!” Natalie replied, taking the words right out of Tim’s little mouth. “But, to be honest, I really don’t know. I wasn’t given a lotta details when I acquired it. The potion’s only supposed to be applied topically, or, at most, injected directly into whatever needs to be shrunk down, so….I don’t know how long the effects last. For all I know, this might only be temporary, and Tim just needs to flush it out of his system, but if that isn’t the case…

     “Look, first things first,” Natalie reiterated, “I’ve GOT to get this formula to my lab at work and get it analyzed; maybe then, I can create a cure, but I can’t DO THAT until I find my car keys.”

     “Where is this potion anyway?” Julia inquired.

     “I was keeping it in the fridge for safe keeping,” Natalie answered, pushing her hands towards her sister. “Here, hold Tim for me for a second while I get it.”

     “Whoa!” Tim exclaimed in surprise as his mother poured him into Aunt Julia’s open palms. “MO-OM, TAKE IT EASY, WOULD YA?!”

     Natalie didn’t respond as she stepped over to the fridge and opened the door, bending down and reaching towards the rear, bottom shelf to retrieve the rest of the formula from its hiding place.

    “I was hiding it in here because I didn’t want it mixed in with my other samples,” Natalie explained as she fumbled to grab the bottle, “I was hoping the cold could keep it—“

     Natalie gasped as her eyes suddenly spotted something out of place…

     “What the—?” Natalie uttered.

     “What?” Julia replied anxiously. “What is it?”

     “My KEYS!” Natalie replied, retrieving her keys and jingling them for her sister to see. “They were sitting on the bottom shelf in the back of the fridge!”

     “What we’re they doing in there?!” Julia chortled with confusion.

     “I-I must’ve accidentally set them down when I hid the potion the other day,” Natalie remarked as she stood up and closed the refrigerator door. “I was in a hurry because I needed to hide it before anyone else saw.”

     “And they’ve been in there this whole time?!” Julia asked. “For the past TWO DAYS?!”

     “I-I guess so,” Natalie chortled. “We drove Tom’s car to the airport yesterday, so I haven’t needed them all weekend. I swear, I’d lose my head if it wasn’t bolted to my neck.”

     Tim shuddered, completely flabbergasted: if his absent-minded mother could lose her CAR KEYS in such a stupid spot, how much better would HE fair at his current state? With HIS luck, his mother might accidentally lose HIM in the fridge, or in the FREEZER, for that matter…

     “If I’m LUCKY,” Tim said to himself, finishing his thought as he collapsed into his aunt’s palm.

     It hadn’t even been a full day since he’d been shrunk and he’d already been stepped on by Aunt Julia, AND spent the last few minutes struggling under her stinky foot, not to mention how many times he’d already dodged his both his aunt’s AND his mother’s feet that morning. Unfortunately, Tim couldn’t shake the feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he’d have to dodge someone’s feet that week, nor the last time he’d be stepped on before his present nightmare was all over.

     “Anyway, that’s why I called you over, Julia,” Natalie continued explaining, “I HAVE to get to my lab to get this formula analyzed, but I obviously can’t take Tim to work with me, and I can’t just leave him here by himself all alone and unsupervised—not in his condition! With Tom out of town, I was HOPING you could stay here and watch Tim for me while I’m at work.”

     “Well…considering the circumstances, how could I say ‘no’?” Julie shrugged, chortling disconcertingly. 

     “Oh, thank you, Jules,” Natalie sighed contently. “I know it’s a big ask, but—“

     “Actually….it’s not a ‘big’ ask at all,” Julia chortled deftly, admiring the tiny boy in her palms.

     Tim shot his giant aunt a nasty look, irritated she could be so smug about his situation.

     “Shouldn’t be TOO hard keeping an eye on him this afternoon.” Julia continued.

     “But Jules,” Natalie explained, “you don’t understand: it’s not just for today! I’m probably gonna need you to watch him all week.” 

     “ALL WEEK?!” Tim squeaked indignantly, “MOM, WAIT A MINUTE! THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAID EARLIER!”

    “Tim, don’t be rude!” Natalie scolded him, “And knock off all squeaking!

     “Anyway,” she continued, turning her attention back to Julia, “Until the effects of the potion wear off, or I can make an antidote, I’m gonna need someone to stay here and keep an eye on Tim every day while I’m at work. Now, I can do some of the analysis here at home, like crunching the numbers and other paperwork, but there’s bench top work that has to get done, and I obviously can’t do that from home. Ordinarily, I’d just pass a lot of this off onto my lab techs, but I’ve got to keep all this quiet, so I’m gonna have to do pretty much ALL of the work myself.

     “Look, I know it’s a lot to ask, Jules,” Natalie insisted desperately, “but I really don’t have any other options: Tom doesn’t get back until Saturday, and you’re the only family I can trust. So, what do ya say?”

     “Of course, sis,” Julia replied heartily. “You know you can trust me.”

     “MOM, WAIT!” Tim squeaked again from Julia’s hand, “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! I DON’T WANT AUNT JULIA WATCHING ME ALL WEEK!”

     “Tim, HUSH!” Julia said harshly, moving right hand over her left.


     Tim’s tiny squeaks were suddenly cut off as Julia gently cupped her hands together, sealing the tiny teenager inside. He repeatedly pounded on Julia’s fingers, squeaking furiously for his aunt to let him out, but the giant woman merely ignored his muffled cries, pulling her hands close to her body to make sure her captive couldn’t escape, allowing she and Natalie to continue their conversation.

     “Speaking of Tom,” Julia continued, “what does HE have to say about all this?”

     “Well, actually…I….haven’t told him,” Natalie admitted apprehensively.

     “Uh, Nat, don’t you think he should probably KNOW about this?!” Julia replied, motioning to her cupped hands.

     “NO!” Natalie exclaimed, then lowering her voice, “…at least, not yet. I told you: I’ve gotta keep all this secret! I don’t want ANYONE finding out about Tim OR that formula. Besides, my husband’s not exactly the best at keeping secrets, and if he finds out about this, he’ll FREAK! He’ll probably cancel his trip and book it back home on the first flight he can get, and THAT’S gonna raise a lot of suspicion. I’m hoping to fix this before Tom gets home next weekend, but right now, the less he knows the better. So, can I count on you?”

     “Absolutely,” Julia replied adamantly. “You know I’d do anything for my big sis.”

     “Oh, thank you SO much, Jules,” Natalie lauded, turning and heading for the living room. “I’m sorry to just lay all this on you so suddenly, but it’ll be nice to know Tim’ll be in good hands; at the very least, I can trust you to keep all this quiet.”

     “Of course, Nat,” Julia said reassuringly as she followed her sister into the living room, “I won’t say a word; and really, it’s no biggie. It’s not like I was really DOING anything important this week anyway, and besides, it’ll be fun looking after the little guy, won’t it Tim?”

     Julia opened her hands slightly and peeked in or her tiny nephew, shoot him a playful smile.

     Tim, however, felt rather disconcerted seeing Aunt Julia smile at him like that, his mind racing as he tried to recover from the bumpy ride he’d just endured.

    “Alright, you two,” Natalie said, putting one hand on her sister’s shoulder. “I should only be gone for a couple of hours today. I just need to get a jumpstart on the analysis, but I can leave the instruments running overnight. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

     “Don’t worry about a thing, sis,” Julia reassured her, grinning smugly as she gently lifted her cupped hands towards her sister. “I have everything well in hand.”

     “Cute,” Natalie replied sarcastically, giving her sister an irate look. “I’m serious, Jules. I don’t want anything happening to my son.”

     “Nat, relax,” Julia said defensively, “I’m just trying to ease the tension.”

     “‘RELAX’?!” Natalie exclaimed indignantly, slamming her keys down on the coffee table and reaching out her hands. “Jules, how can I ‘RELAX’?! My son’s literally the size of a BUG! Now, give him here….and be careful!”

      Julia hastily, yet carefully, parted her hands and gently dumped her tiny nephew into his mother’s cupped hands. Tim, meanwhile, was growing annoyed and quite dizzy at being passed back and forth like some kind of toy between the two giant women.

     “Alright, little guy,” Natalie began quietly, carefully holding her hands as she looked down sympathetically on her so , “I’m gonna really need you to be careful while I’m at work. You behave and listen to your Aunt Julia, OK?”

     “Mom, please,” Tim begged squeakily, “Don’t leave me here with her.”

     “Aw, honey,” Natalie sighed with discontent, yet still feeling sympathy for her tiny son. “Look, I know this is hard for you, but right now, you need someone here to look out for you and keep you safe. I promise you, I will figure all this out and get you back to normal as soon as possible, but for now, I need you to stay here and stay safe, OK?”

     Tim collapsed dejectedly into his mother’s palm, sulking at the thought of having to spend the next few hours, let alone the next week under the care of his aunt.

     “Now, be good and don’t get into any trouble.” Natalie said sternly, gently setting Tim down on the coffee table before scooping up her keys and retrieving her purse from the other end.

     “Jules,” she said genuinely, “make sure he eats and drinks plenty of water. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this stuff’ll just flush out of his system.”

     “Can do, sis,” Julia replied.

     “And sweating might help, too,” Natalie added. “Maybe you could have him run around the table a little bit. Maybe do a few laps.”

     “Sure, I can do that,” Julia chortled.

     “And keep an eye on him. I don’t want him running around unsupervised and getting lost.”

     “Don’t worry, sis,” Julia replied earnestly, “I’ve got it. I’ll keep him out of trouble, I promise.”

     “Yeah, you say that,” Natalie added, hanging her purse over her shoulder, “but I don’t think you realize how dangerous things could be for him. We almost STEPPED ON him on a few minutes ago, remember?”

     “OK, OK,” Julia replied defensively, “I promise, I’ll won’t let him out of my sight.”

     “You’d better not,” Natalie warned her sternly, “I’d prefer my son not be…SQUASHED when I get back home!”

     “Come on, Nat,” Julia sighed with disapproval, rolling her eyes as she followed her sister towards the front door. “Give me a little credit, would ya?”

     “And Tim,” she said, pointing her finger at the tiny boy as she walked past the coffee table again. “Stay OFF the floor, you HEAR ME?!”

     “MOM!” Tim whined, crossing his arms in frustration, “That wasn’t my FAULT!”

     Either Natalie purposely ignored her son’s squeaky response and didn’t reply, or her mind was already too preoccupied with the task ahead to respond as she turned and slipped on her own pair of flats sitting next to Julia’s just outside the den.

     “Alright,” Natalie said, turning back and giving Julia a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m off.”

     “Bye, sis,” Julia replied, returning her sister’s hug. “See you in a few.”

     “And Jules…” Natalie began, pausing to peer over her sister’s shoulder, taking an apprehensive glance at Tim over on the coffee table.

     “Please take care of my son,” Natalie sighed anxiously.

     “I will, Nat,” Julia replied softly. “I promise.”

     “OK,” Natalie said, hurrying out the door. “Bye, you two.”

     “Bye, sis, and don’t worry…” Julia called after her sister quickly as the door shut.

     “…I’ll take good care of him,” she added under her breath, smirking and giggling deviously.

     Julia waited at the door until Natalie had climbed into her car and drove away; then, she turned and haughtily walked back into the living room.

     Tim gulped anxiously, taking several steps backwards as his giant aunt headed towards the coffee. He’d felt uneasy ever since he’d since Julia had smiled so suspiciously at him when he was trapped in her palms. The irony of the situation suddenly hit the tiny boy like a ton of bricks: he was literally trapped in his aunt’s grasp, and was now left wondering exactly what the giant woman had in mind for him.

     “Hmph,” Julia huffed smugly, looming over her tiny nephew as she walked around the coffee table and sat down on the couch, “Well, well, well. You’ve certainly got yourself into quite the mess, haven’t you, little boy?

     “…Or should I say, ‘Tiny Tim’?” she giggled with a playful snort.

     “KNOCK IT OFF, Aunt Julia!” Tim squeaked demandingly, stamping his little foot on the table. “It’s NOT funny!”

     “Oh, it’s TOTALLY funny, Timmy,” she taunted him, giggling even harder now. “In fact, it’s downright HILARIOUS! I always told Nat, if she didn’t take a firmer hand with you, you were gonna get yourself into reeeealllll trouble one day! Well, look at you now!”

     “Aunt Julia, PLEASE!” Tim begged, blushing as he crossed his arms in frustration. “This is EMBARRASSING enough as it is!”

     “Oh, I’ll BET it is!” Julia chuckled. “I wonder what all your friends at school would say if they could see you now.”

     “Aunt Julia, I’m begging you: STOP IT, RIGHT NOW!”

     “Or what?!” Julia inquired irately, leaning forward over the tiny boy.

     “…Or…or…” Tim winced, his voice trailing off as he shied away from his aunt’s ominous looking figure leaning over him.

     “Yeah, that’s what I thought!” Julia scoffed, reclining back on the cushion. “You know, you should be GRATEFUL Nat made me promise to keep all this quiet. I’d have LOVED to post something like this to YouTube.”

     “Yeah, well, she DID!” Tim shouted assuredly. “So you’d better take good care of me this week, Aunt Julia…or else!”

     “‘Or else’, WHAT?!” Julia rebuked him. “You know, you MIGHT wanna reconsider your current situation, Tiny Tim! Have you looked in a MIRROR lately?! ‘Cause if you haven’t noticed, you’re only an inch tall! Which means, there’s not much you can do around here without my help, so unless you wanna spend the day in one of your mom’s mason jars, I’d suggest you straighten up. 

     “Like it or not, I’M in charge now,” Julia continued assuredly, leaning back on the cushion again, “so you’d better behave yourself…or else!”

     Tim was about to make a retort when the giant woman apathetically kicked her right foot up on the coffee table, crossing her left foot over it.

     “ACK!” the tiny boy yelped as Julia’s heel hit the wooden surface of the coffee table just off to his right, the impact shaking the whole table and knocking him off his feet.

     “HEY!” Tim shouted angrily. “AUNT JULIA, WATCH IT!”

     “Aw, what’s the matter, little nephew?” Julia cooed, wiggling her toes playfully at him. “Are you afraid of your auntie’s feet? Well, considering you’re practically the size of a BUG now, you probably SHOULD be. I could SQUASH you with just my big toe!”

     “Are you CRAZY, AUNT JULIA?!” Tim shouted irately, “You could’ve CRUSHED ME!”

     “Aw, I wouldn’t do that,” Julia replied, smirking as she pondered something to herself.

     “…Well, not on PURPOSE, anyway,” she chortled, feigning innocence as her eyes darted upwards.

     “AUNT JULIA, CUT IT OUT!” Tim demanded.

     “Of course, this house could be a pretty dangerous place for someone of your size,” Julia shrugged as she looked around the room, refusing to acknowledge her nephew’s demands, “I mean, you can’t just go…running around all willy-nilly without anyone knowing where you are. It’s not safe…

     “…Someone might STEP on you!” Julia chuckled maliciously, leaning in closer to him again.

     “A-Aunt Julia,” Tim gulped anxiously, seeing Aunt Julia scrunch her foot at him. “Y-You wouldn’t DARE!”

     “Oh, WOULDN’T I?!” Julia mocked him, raising her eyebrows. “I mean, heck, you’re so small now, you could probably get lost in the living room carpet. Imagine what might happen if…hm, I don’t know, someone came walking into the living room without knowing you were down there. All it would take is one wrong step and—”

     Without warning, Julia suddenly smacked the table with her right foot.

     “AAAH!” Tim screamed as he was suddenly knocked off his feet from the booming impact.

     “…You’d be squished!” Julia gasped playfully, feigning shock as she looked directly at her tiny nephew lying prone of the table. “You wouldn’t want to get squished, would you, Tim?”

     Tim frantically shook his head, a look of abject terror on his face.

     “Of course, not,” Julia confirmed, reclining again, “but don’t worry, I promise, I’ll be careful...”

     “….as long as you BEHAVE, that is.” she added, pointing her right big toe at the tiny boy. “But, if you’re bad...I might just forget where you are, and if I lose track of you, well…accidents might happen.”


     Julia grinned arrogantly as she watched her tiny nephew frantically jumping up and down on the coffee table, squeaking his little lungs out. She put her hands behind her head and sighed contently, pretending to ignore him.

     Julia waited for Tim to get all his protests out of his system and tire himself out before she acknowledged him again; Tim, however, was only growing more and more irate that his giant aunt was ignoring him.

     “AUNT JULIA!” he shouted angrily as he ran over to her giant heel, pounding his fists into her flesh. “AUNT JULIA! DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE ME! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! AUNT JULIA!”

     Julia sighed and rolled her eyes, slightly frustrated by the tiny boy’s audacity. Out of sheer spite, she yanked her right foot away and smacked the edge of the table, shoving it forward.

     Tim was completely caught off-guard. He stumbled forward, knocked off balance and falling forward off the table at it suddenly shifted beneath him, screaming as he fell towards the floor.

     Julia gasped with genuine concern, her eyes going wide. She only meant to knock the little boy onto his butt again, not throw him completely off the table. She quickly leaned forward to see where her tiny nephew had landed, wondering if he was okay.

     Despite the long distance he had fallen relative to the size, Tim landed softly with a tiny FLOOF on the living room carpet. He lay prone for a moment, still processing what had just transpired, when his Aunt Julia’s giant face suddenly came into view far above him. He immediately began shouting curses up to her without even thinking:

     “Are you CRAZY, YOU GIANT BITCH! You could’ve KILLED ME!”

     Julia was about to reach down and pick her tiny nephew up off the floor, but the moment Tim started squeaking again, her genuine concern quickly faded, and a huge smirk developed on her face.

     “Oh my,” Julia gasped playfully, placing her hands on her cheeks, “I wonder where my tiny nephew has gone. I could’ve sworn he was here a minute ago.”

     “AUNT JULIA, KNOCK IT OFF!” Tim shouted up. “I KNOW YOU CAN SEE ME!”

     “Tim?” Julia called out. “Tim, where are you?”

     “A-Aunt Julia, stop!” Tim begged. “Please, you’re scaring me!”

     “Uh, oh,” Julia gasped again, “what if he shrank even MORE?! I hope he didn’t get TOO small…I hope I didn’t accidentally…step on him.”

     The giant woman quickly placed her right foot in her lap, pretending to inspect her sole.

     “A-Aunt Julia,” Tim stammered, slowly climbing to his feet, “wh-what’re you DOING?!”

     “Good, nothing there,” Julia sighed, removing her right foot from her lap and lowering it to the floor. “I’d better check the other one.”

     Tim had stopped shouting and was anxiously watching the scene unfold above him, unsure what his giant aunt was doing. It was only when he was about to shout up to her again that he realized Julia was lowering her right foot to the floor…right on top of him!


     Once again, the tiny, bulgy-eyed boy barely had time to scream as Julia’s foot impacted the carpet. The giant woman, meanwhile, pretended not to notice she’d just stepped on her tiny nephew as she continued her ruse and lifted her left foot into her lap.

     “Hm, not there either,” Julie replied with a playful smile, disingenuously checking her other sole. “I guess I’ll just have to stay RIGHT HERE until I spot him. I wouldn’t want to go walking around the house and accidentally STEP on him!”

     Julia placed her left foot over her right leg, forcing Tim to now bear the full weight of her entire lower body. The poor, shrunken boy belted muffled screams for mercy, wiggling frantically to escape the underside of his aunt’s foot.

     “Hmph, now imagine what this would’ve been like if I HADN’T known you were down there, Tim,” Julia derided him as she playfully scrunched her foot and wiggled her toes. “So, from now on, you’re going and behave and do EVERYTHING your auntie tells you, and if you don’t….well, who knows what might happen?! I might not see you and accidentally sit on you, OR I might just STEP on you again. Do I make myself clear, Tiny Tim?”

     She paused and smiled, listening intently for her tiny nephew’s response, but obviously, she couldn’t hear his tiny muffled squeaks with her foot on top of him.

    “I said, do I—“

     Julia suddenly stopped mid-sentence. The sensation of feeling Tim squirming beneath her foot felt surprisingly enchanting. Julia suddenly felt a strange, yet alluring sense of power and dominance.

     “Hmm,” Julia moaned blithely, biting her lower lip. “You know, it actually feels kind of good having you squirming under my foot. Mm, I may have to do this more often.”

     Julia chuckled and leaned back carefully, making sure not to lift her foot from the floor.

     “Mm,” she moaned again, even more contently. “I could certainly get used to this.”

     “Ooh,” Julia chortled deviously, wiggling her toes, “I wonder how you’d feel squirming in between my toes.

     “Yes, sir,” she sighed, “it’s gonna be a LOT of fun keeping an eye on you this week, Tiny Tim.”

     As his giant aunt reclined on the couch, delighting in her tiny nephew’s struggles, Tim quickly realized his feeble attempts to escape from beneath his aunt’s giant foot were futile; all he could do at the moment was scream muffled cries for mercy and pray the torment wouldn’t last long.

     Alas, while it hadn’t been the first time the tiny teenager found himself beneath Aunt Julia’s bare foot that morning, Tim suspected it also wouldn’t be the last. He just knew in his heart that with Aunt Julia around, this whole shrunken nightmare was only going to get worse….MUCH worse.

     His tiny troubles were only just beginning.

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