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Leonard and Nick were childhood acquaintances, but never friends - one was the bully, the other the bullied. When Leonard returns to attend college, he reconnects with a very changed Nick - who's toying with who, now?

Rated: X
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Couples, Crush, Destruction, Entrapment, Feet, Giant, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Slave, Slow Size Change, Violent Characters: None
Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Giant (31 ft. to 50 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft)
Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.)
Size Roles: M/m
Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 31281 Read: 10810
Published: December 30 2022 Updated: January 06 2023
Story Notes:


Warning! This is a pornographic fetish fantasy which features VIOLENCE, TORTURE, ENTRAPMENT, MIND BREAK. If this isn't your cup of tinies, turn back now!

This story features only MALE (and male-enby) HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS. Plus a submissive giant. That's the gimmick this time.

If you're looking for other genres or size roles check out my remaining stories, all of which feature role reversal.

All the characters in this story are original. All the brands are the property of their respective owners.

I, the author, hereby release this work into the public domain, retaining no rights to it to the full extent permitted by law.

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