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"Nick! You're getting so tall!" Jenna said, opening her arms wide for a hug. Nick hugged her back, laughing. They were clearly old friends. The dermatologist was familiar with Pete and Jade, too; she foisted her suitcase on Pete for him to carry without hesitation.

When they stepped into my shed, she froze for a moment, taking in my huge, prone bulk. I was 4.2m tall today, and still buck naked - my new clothes weren't ready yet. "Hi," I said.

Jenna grabbed her phone and dialed a number.

I wondered if she was calling the cops, or a newspaper, but Nick seemed relaxed. "Who are you calling?" he asked.

"*Everyone*," she said.

Twenty minutes later, four women, including Jenna, were sticking probes in my hair follicles. Nick patted my shoulder. "Behave, OK? We're off to school." They got in my car - his car, now - and drove off.

My hair treatment went on all day, because I had a lot more hair than a human, but the women seemed to think it was easier otherwise - my follicles were big, and they were impressed by my pain tolerance. They chatted among them and, despite glancing at my cock, were professional enough not to talk about it to my face.

I was surprised when more people arrived throughout the day. Nick had gotten me a manicure and pedicure. A man came to style the hair on my head, and a woman painted my fingernails. I was asked what color I wanted, so I chose black, a color I'd never seen Nick and the others wear. I figured they'd appreciate the contrast.

"You're looking a- mazing," Jade said when they returned, later in the afternoon.

I grinned at them. "Still not as good as you."

"Aw, you charmer. It took me *months* to do my body hair, you know?"

"I brought you clothes," Nick said, dumping a big bundle in front of me before going back to the car for more. There was really stretchy underwear - my size; a black sleeveless vest with chrome buttons, and black pants. They went well with my newly androgynous look. "No shoes," he said. "Those are more complicated."

"I can do your makeup later," Jade said.

"Yes, please," I said, admiring myself in a mirror they brought me. I did look amazing.

Nick used the cattle prod on my neck. I screamed and swatted reflexively at the spot, but he'd already danced away. My skin was marred by another red welt. "Out of the kennel, bitch," he said. "I want to go for a walk."

"Yes, master!" I said, scrambling out the door.

It felt good to be back outside, in the cool air. I stood and stretched. The others only came half way up my thigh now, like toddlers. My eyes were level with the second floor windows.

"Down," Nick commanded, and I prostrated myself before him. He climbed on my back and hugged my skull, warm hands on my forehead. Then I stood and he whooped with delight. "Awesome! I'm so high up! This is even better than last time."

I looked down at Pete's and Jade's upturned little faces. "You can ride me next," I told them, and winked.

"Maybe we can get you a harness," Nick mused. He commanded me to walk down the street, then took me downtown. I had to step carefully to avoid the other people on the sidewalk, and their gazes now were truly fearful. I basked in those gazes, in how powerful I'd become. A driver stopped their car and asked if Nick needed help.

"Don't worry, he's tame!" Nick said, laughing. I smiled and winked at the distraught man too. My winks were as subtle as an oncoming truck.

But one thing I noticed during those walks - first with Nick, then with Pete, then with Jade - was how easily I got tired now. When Pete ordered me to enter the park and run, I could barely go for ten seconds before having to stop.

So later that night, after I took my eight pills, I had a new command for my body: I needed a better heart. Bigger. Stronger. More powerful, capable of pumping more blood. The heart of an ultimate athlete.

Meg would have loved to know of it.


On wednesday I had become more than 5m tall, after another painful growing session. Nick was ready for it this time and instantly produced a new set of clothes, taking the old ones back in order to reuse the fabric.

Jade rode me that day in more ways than one, because my efforts at focus had managed to shrink my cock back down to a mere 23cm long, with a girth to match. They declared it was perfect like that, and pleasured themself on it while I laid face up on the lawn, smiling at them. It was a tiny cock compared to my vast pelvis, and looked lost between my powerful thighs, but I didn't give a shit. As far as I was concerned, that cock belonged to Jade.

Which is why I was surprised when Pete asked to have a go next. I instantly made myself hard again for him. I found him tighter than Jade, and definitely less experienced - although, I reminded myself, still more than I was. I realized later he was the youngest of the trio, who despite being Nick's old friend had only met Jade later.

Once we were done, I stood, with Pete sitting on my shoulders, and looked around me. Who would have guessed? Me. The pipsqueak, too short for my age, too weak to defend myself, never taken seriously by anyone. I'd become a real giant, probably the most physically powerful person in the world. The toy neighborhood around us looked flimsy, unreal.

"When are you growing bigger?" Nick asked from the ground. He was only as tall as my lower leg, now. His outstretched hand rested on the side of my knee.

"Are you sure you want me to?" I asked.

"Yeah, bitch. Your power is my power. I just ordered five more pigs," he said without a trace of sarcasm. He was serious.

"I was thinking of growing some more tonight, then."

"Can you wait until tomorrow? I wanna watch."

"Sure," I said, excited. "Just wake me up, master."

Dawn had barely tinged the sky when Nick slapped me awake, his little hand making a little smacking noise in the hollow space of the shed. I barely felt it, but it was enough to wake me up. I smiled at him - and Pete, and Jade, who had apparently stayed over, slept inside the house where I couldn't fit anymore.

"Do it," Nick said. "Grow!"

I took the jar of pills - so little in my hand, now - unscrewed the cap carefully, and dropped 15 pills in my hand. They were so small I was able to toss them down together, barely even feeling them. Nick and the others took notice of the pills, of course, but made no attempt to touch them.

"Leave them on," Nick said when I started to undress. "I wanna see them burst. That was so hot the first time."

He didn't have to wait long. Not five minutes later I began to change. I held all the instructions in my mind. Grow BIGGER. Keep my cock the same size, which meant smaller relative to my body. Enhance my heart. And I needed a thicker skin, too; literally. My current one was beginning to dry and rip, and sores had opened on various points on my body. "Grow," I thought. "Shrink. Strengthen. Thicken." I repeated the thoughts in my head.

And I was growing. A moment of sore pain. Then itchiness as my legs got longer, longer, longer. My arms got thicker, thicker, thicker. My body stretched and broadened. My clothes were ripped almost instantly, except the underwear, which lasted longer - The little stiff worm that was my hard-on clearly visible underneath it - until it expanded to its maximum size and ripped as well.

I opened the freezer and grabbed meat at random. I tossed it into my mouth, chewed, bones and all. More meat. I needed more. I kept taking, chewing, swallowing. The world shrank around me. The little teenagers watched in silence, all three hard as rocks. Jade lowered their pants and reached for their ass.

"RAAAHHH!" I screamed, and the power of my voice shook the prefab walls. Nick and the others giggled, and I laughed in return. My head was touching the roof of the shed. I was too big to even go through the door. My little, throbbing human-sized penis looked almost vestigial on my body. Almost like a clitoris. I thumbed it. It still worked, alright.

"Go outside," Nick said from below.

"But-" I began, but he shook his head impatiently.

"I said go. Outside. NOW!"

I shoved the nearest wall and it broke open like cardboard, a metallic panel dropping heavily onto the lawn below. I pushed my arm through the gap, grabbed the edge and shoved again, tearing open that whole side of the shed. My masters scurried away as I turned and kicked the other walls down, destroying the shed. Just because I could. Just because it gave me pleasure.

I stood straight then, a titan in human shape. I was taller than both our houses, now. My eyes cleared the roof of all the two storey houses in the still sleeping neighborhood, and I could see far. I saw no other superhumans. No one else but me.

Looking down, I saw Nick. So little, now. He only came two thirds of the way up my leg. Even if he reached up, he wouldn't be able to touch my knee. I remembered how heavy he'd been as a child. I remembered him crushing my lungs, nearly killing me with his weight. How the tables had turned! Smirking, I squatted and pushed him down with my hand. He crumpled easily. Jade and Pete jumped aside, squeaking in fear.

"What are you doing?" Nick asked with his infuriating calm.

"Just thought I'd sit on you," I said, lowering my ass on him. "I must weigh a metric ton now. I could crush you under my butt." I smiled, my eyes unfocused. "I bet that would feel amazing."

He didn't say anything. One moment there was a thin stabbing pain in my asshole, then a vast, piercing one that ravaged through my body. My limbs locked up; spasmed. I toppled to the side.

"What a naughty bitch," Nick said, getting up behind me. It took me a few seconds, then I understood. He'd shoved the cattle prod up my butt. I'd only just realized it when he squeezed the button again, and more pain tore through me. I whimpered. "M- Mercy," I said.

"I think you need a refresher," he said. "Guys, run inside and bring the long packages from the dresser, OK?"

They obeyed him immediately, their footsteps thumping away. Nick tased my rectum a third time and I whined in pain.

Jade's and Pete's footsteps returned and Nick grabbed the thick skin of my abdomen, climbed ungracefully over me, leaving the prod inside me. "I wanna see your face for this," he said, positioning himself where I could see him. Our eyes met. He didn't look so little from here. He carried himself with the same supreme confidence as always. His pullover was barely even ruffled.

"M- master," I said between clenched teeth.

His fingernails were black, today.

"Go," Nick said, and twin slashes of pain cut across my buttocks. Jade grunted adorably.

"Again," he said. Two more burning cuts. Tears came to my eyes. I turned my head to see over my shoulder. Whips. They were whipping me. Jade looked eager. Pete looked grim and determined. I could have rolled. I could have covered my butt, or scrambled away. My limbs weren't locked anymore.

Instead, I turned to look at Nick, just as the third lashing struck me. I grunted, and my tiny cock jumped with pleasure. Nick was almost done undressing. I gathered him toward me. Kissed his feet. "Sorry! I'm sorry," I said. He shoved his own little cock between my huge lips. I curled them around it, reached for its tip with the tip of my tongue. Sucked as if my life depended on it. The whipping continued unabated.

When Nick orgasmed I picked him up and licked him clean. Licked his ass and his taint, too. I wanted to lick his perfect little torso, but thought better of it. Not right after the ass. He wouldn't appreciate it. So I put him down and prostrated myself, lost in the sweet, sweet pain of my raw, bleeding buttocks.

"Enough," Nick finally said. The lashings stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at him. "What do you say?" he asked.

"Thank you," I muttered. "Please hurt me more. Please use me more."

He laughed. "That's not exactly what I was going for... But I'll take it! Get up."

I got up, slowly, surprisingly capable of doing so despite the burning pain in my buttocks. Thank fuck I'd gotten that thick skin.

Nick handed me a little jar. "Here are your pills," he said. "Almost lost them when you tore up the shed, didn't you? For shame!"

"Thank you," I said, taking it.

"Toss them down."

"Huh?" I asked, thinking I'd heard him wrong.

"Swallow the rest of the pills! Now!"

I unscrewed the cap and did as he commanded, dropping the contents of the jar into my gullet. A dry swallow and they were gone. There were over twenty pills in there.

The pain. The crawling insects. My flesh bubbled and squeaked. Sitting heavily, I stabbed my skin with my own black fingernails. Jade stepped over my leg and between my thighs. Their little hands grasped my throbbing penis, inserted it inside them. I wanted to tell them no, that it was dangerous, that I might tear them apart, but I couldn't speak. I focused on my cock as hard as I could. Stay small. Stay small. Stay small.

I was growing again, now. Ravenous hunger assailed me. I reached for my little freezer and dumped all of its contents into my mouth, plastic wrappings included. I chewed and swallowed. I looked at my masters and my stomach rumbled. They looked so delicious...

Shaking my head, I punched through the windows of my mother's kitchen. Nick's kitchen, too. I yanked their fridges outside, breaking the frames, scraping the plaster, took all the food in them and ate it. Still not enough. I kept growing, but I began to lose muscle mass. My arms deflated. My buttocks slimmed down. My six-pack disappeared. My hot body became noticeably less hot.

And then it ended.

I stared at my masters in the sudden peace and quiet. I'd grown so big my foot had kicked through the back fence. Nick, standing by my leg, was only about as tall as that foot was long. Jade was still sitting on my cock, unharmed. They'd orgasmed during my transformation. So had I. They slid down from my sticky pelvis, exposing the little worm and tiny pebbles I had in there, a blip on my smooth, pube-free skin. My dick was so small relative to me I could cover it with the pad of my thumb.

"Hoist me up," Nick commanded. I grabbed him then, grabbed him by the torso with just my left hand, like a giant of fable, and stood.

I had become so big our houses only came up to my belly button now. They, and the other houses in the neighborhood, were like doll houses. The people were dolls. The cars were toy cars. I swayed and my knees almost buckled. I wasn't feeling so good.

Nick cackled madly. "This is *fucking amazing*!" he yelled. "Raise me higher! Higher!"

I raised him above my head and he whooped. "No one," he said, "has *ever* experienced this in the history of humankind." He looked down, saw the houses below us. "Hey, Leonard."

"Yeah?" I asked, my voice unintentionally booming.

"Raze your mom's house."

"I..." I paused. My ass still smarted from the whipping. The cattle prod... Was still in there, I realized. I could feel it, sticking in my anus like a barb.

But more importantly, I was a giant, now. His giant. He was my master, my owner. He could protect me. *Wield* me. He was all I had. My vision swum again, and I planted my legs more firmly, steadied myself. He didn't have to *explain* himself to me. "Your wish is my command," I said. I made a fist with my right hand and jabbed down.

I broke through the roof as if it was nothing. Tiles and bricks flew everywhere, and Pete and Jade scrambled to make some distance. I punched again, tearing through a wall. A door cracked in half.

It was incredibly satisfying.

I kicked next, sending my heel flying through the ground floor wall. There went the living room. A wall sagged, cracked, then gave way, dragging part of the upper floor with it. I pushed it down with my open palm and it all crumpled like paper.

I was warming up to it, now. I attacked the building with a vengeance, shoving, punching, kicking, even using my knees. Nick, Jade and Pete all cheered. I turned it all to rubble, my childhood home, our possessions, our memories, then ground the rubble to dust under my heels.

Nick screamed himself hoarse, more excited than I'd ever seen him. I could feel his erection in my hand, he was ready to go again. Once my home was no more, I brought him closer to my face. My massive, clumsy fingers fumbled with buttons and clasps.

"Stop that, you lousy bitch," Nick said, scowling. "You'll ruin my outfit. I'll take care of it." He deftly undressed and tossed every item of clothing down to the yard, far far down from his perspective. Swallowing my nausea, I held his little naked body reverently in my hands. I was his. But that means he was mine, too. We'd always have each other. Always. I'd be his faithful bitch until the day I died. "I love you," I said.

He grinned. "Then suck my cock," he said.

I slid him into my mouth then. Feet first, his legs disappeared inside me. I felt him fold them so they would fit. My lips grasped his hips. His smile turned mischievous and he farted inside my mouth. It didn't even slow me down. I savored it. I all of him, sliding my tongue all over his legs, his feet, his cock, his ass. He was on the same page, too, because he bent down and spat a gob of saliva onto my lips. I slurped it in. Beyond him, down on the razed yard, long shadows cast by the sunrise, Pete and Jade were both masturbating.

"I hope... No one else... Ever feels this..." Nick said, his body melting as I teased and pleasured him.

"Watj thij," I said without opening my mouth, and the vibrations made him giggle. I stepped over the fence and walked up to a parked car. I planted a foot across it and *leaned*, putting my weight on it gradually but swiftly.

With a crunching noise, the car crumpled across the middle. Three of the tires blew. A thin drizzle of liquid began spilling from a corner.

Nick cackled. "I'm wasting so much fucking money on you!" he screamed breathlessly, then hit my nose with the side of his fist. "But I don't give a shit, crush another!" So I did. I crushed a second car, then a third. I heard sirens in the distance. People were awake, now. Someone must have called the cops. But Nick pointed out a fourth and a fifth cars that he didn't like, so I crushed those too. Then he orgasmed in my mouth. His fingernails dug into my cheeks, drawing blood. I savored the pain along with the rest of him. They were a package deal.

There was another bout of dizziness then. I realized my feet were wet. Had I stepped on a puddle? It hadn't rained. Was it car oil? Hopefully not dog shit. I raised my foot to look at it, Nick still slumping in my mouth, and the world swayed. I sat heavily on the street.

My foot was covered in sticky goo. I touched it, wondering what it was. It was this off-pink color, between booger and sausage. It looked disgusting. I tried scraping it off, but it wouldn't come off no matter how much I scraped. Then I realized my legs were covered in it, too. I grunted in surprise and realized Nick was screaming at me. "You almost dropped me, you idiot!"

"S- Sorry," I said. I took him carefully out of my mouth and placed him on the street. Pete vaulted the back fence, bringing his clothes.

My arms were also covered in goo, now. Was this my sweat? Was it coming out of my pores? I tried and tried to scrape it off, get it off me, but it wouldn't come off. I retched, but my stomach was empty, despite everything I'd eaten.

"Leo," Nick said, ignoring Pete and peering at my skin. "What's this? What's going on?"

But I couldn't answer him. Something had just caught fire inside my chest. Several somethings. Then in my arms. Then in my legs. Every single bone in my body began to hurt, to *squeeze*, as if I was being crushed by an elephant.

Goo began to *pour* out of me. It collected by my feet. I stepped away, disgusted, but it kept coming. My limbs pinched. I was draining out of myself. Like I had a vacuum inside of me. A final, massive wave of nausea hit me and I passed out.

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