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Author's Chapter Notes:

To be eaten is never a nice thought, unless you are Kale and Jerry. Perfect teeth, they agreed, pearly white. A long pink tongue, lines of saliva, the breath of the morning. It was perfect, the scenario that is, but would it work out like their fantasy says it would is another question. They intended to gain the answer, but neither had an idea on how. To become her food, or to be an ingredient inside it, the problem was ensuring they could survive the crushing pressure of her teeth. Jerry, being more experienced, entertained the scenario for days until he found an answer.

"Kale!" He called for him. "I have the answer." He added. 

"What's up?" Kale asked.

"Okay so the idea is we transform ourselves into a singular sandwich and unite ourselves inside her stomach!" He proposed.

"You're the one who wouldn't shut up about the transformation spell yet now you want to go with one?" Kale was confused.

"Yes but this time I'm more certain. See, I won't make the mistake of last time, and then fusion spells rarely ever went wrong with us." He responded.

Kale was uneasy, but he decided to agree nonetheless. "Whatever, sure, let's go."

And it was decided. Jerry pushed everything in their living room to the side and drew a large circle on the floor. This circle was soon full of symbols and cryptic words. They stepped in and with a snap of Jerry's fingers, their souls blended into one, and within a bright white flash they found themselves held in a pair of soft white hands. The hands ascended, and before them her face appeared, its blue eyes shining, her perfect face, white as the beach on a sunny day. Her mouth opened, the saliva strands pulling apart, her breath washing over the sandwich. It smelt of nothing particularly interesting, but both knew they were excited. Her mouth accepted the sandwich, taking it in, and her teeth came crushing down, but to the two men they witnessed the world in slow motion. The white teeth snapped through the soft texture, ripping their bonded body apart as it gripped hard, and slowly the bread was teared in two. It swayed the food back and forth, snapping it more, chewing with her heaven-like teeth. Then, her tongue, like an executor, pushed the chewed item to the back, and with that she swallowed. They went down. The sandwich continued being eaten, the same events repeating, the mesmerising action of beautiful white teeth crushing them apart, tearing them into bits and pieces, and then sending them to her insides. It felt like hours, but soon she finished, and the other part of the spell kicked in. A blend of temporary immortality and de-fusion, the two half-brothers came back, and could swim in the acid safely. It smelled of rot in here, and it was dark, very dark.

They tried looking for the hole to go into her small intestine. A little of swimming around, Jerry found it, and called out to Kale as he was getting pulled in. Soon they both went through and began trekking across to her colon in the dark, surrounded by the sounds of flesh, the sound of her heart, and all the while she was unaware of what she had done. After what felt like hours, their bodies wet of sweat, and their heads now in pain, they found it. Slowly they left her small intestine into the larger and more freeing colon, though the smell worsened here, as the smell of her waste came in. More walking followed. It was tiresome and their legs were shaking. Their entire bodies. But they were determined. And within time they came to her rectum, smelling the sweet candy, and Kale began eating some of it. Jerry simply continued on and out her rectum. But then a squeeze. He kept trying, to get her in the toilet, and soon a bright light shone inside their place. Jerry went for the jump. Kale soon followed next. The toilet water was now mixed with her piss. Kale decided to drink a bit and Jerry waited for him to teleport them. Kale was best at teleportation. And soon he did.

They showered, weakly, and went to rest after taking a painkiller. They took out their penises, each in their own room, and masturbated countless times to the thought, the scenario that played out as they hoped it would, and her unwavering power that she held, like a charm that she had no idea about. It was incredible.

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