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Dillon was a twelve year old student who had always had a crush on Miss Balfour in the first term of that year, when she had taught at the school for the last time before leaving to become a giantess. Dillon didn’t know why she had left the school, only that she had. The one useful thing that he had observed during lunch hours was her friendship with Miss Woodfield, who was still at the school now. Dillon told her that he missed Miss Balfour and the two became friends and talked about the former science teacher many times. Miss Woodfield shared everything she’d learned about Colleen’s early life in the course of their friendship, and briefly entertained the idea of leading him off to Colleen’s giant house as a surprise meal. However, it seemed, in this case, to be worse than unfair to betray the boy’s trust so completely. She was unaware that Dillon was one of the students in Sandra Corlani’s extra-curricular time travel class.

Once Dillon had managed to steer the conversation around to Colleen’s school life, he learned that she had been at an all girls’ boarding school in a nearby village when she’d been in year 12. Miss Woodfield recounted what Colleen had told her once, and quoted Colleen’s narrative almost word for word:

“On the last day of my final year, when everyone else went home at lunch time, and all the teachers had left as well, I just stayed sitting on the window seat of my downstairs room in the boarding house, knowing that I’d be moving on to study teaching at college the following year.”

Dillon, using some of the knowledge imparted by Miss Corlani, had been working on a time machine for several weeks, hoping to take acceptable currency still in circulation back into the past and go on a date with Miss Balfour back when she was a teenager and ask her for a kiss.

He finally perfected the machine. It was about the size of a backpack, and was worn in the same way. Now he had to know the year that Miss Balfour had finished school. One day, during mid-term long weekend, which gave a Friday and Monday as holidays to the school students only, not the rest of the village, he went to the neighbouring village to visit the Girls Boarding School’s library which was still open on those holidays. He looked at several yearbooks, until he saw a picture of the prefects for her final year. Miss Balfour was one of them, named Colleen in the photograph. He found the boarding house photographs too, and learned which one Colleen was in. The boarding house was 3 stories high and only had one students dormitory on the ground floor. He walked around and located the window that she must have been sitting behind in her final year on the last day of term.

Returning home, he put on his time backpack and used the screen and the dials on the strap control to set it for the exact day, time and place, so that he would appear just behind her bed.

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