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These stories are based on another story of girlfood's called Forbidden Dish, with the last couple chapters from oishi1, in collaboration with girlfood.

Chapters will deal with different characters and be told using many points of view. Each chapter will include shrinking and vore so feel free to skip around as you read, though chapters 7,9 and 10 go together.

I encourage all to re-read these stories, not only for the changes, but to remember the thrill of girlfood's and oishi1's original texts.

Rated: R
Categories: Giantess, Adventure, Entrapment, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Vore Characters: None
Growth: None
Shrink: Lilliputian (6 in. to 3 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/f, F/m
Warnings: This story is for entertainment purposes only.
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Chapters: 14 Completed: Yes
Word count: 71159 Read: 4460
Published: November 26 2022 Updated: November 26 2022
Story Notes:

Note - these variations on the Forbidden Dish - Dinner Dates are published with the authorization of the original author, girlfood. Please see the story under his authorship to see the originals. These variations have slight and subtle additions by me, adding dialogue and some whimsical things here or there, with the writing being 90-95% of girlfood's amazing writing. I tried to keep things in line with the spirit that girlfood and oishi1 and french_snack have written their respective stories.

1. 1. Lindsay's Night on the job by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (4660 words)

This chapter has to do with one of the characters from the original story. She is now an employee of the Forbidden Dish. We're joining her several months into her employment at this restaurant.

We pick up the action following Lindsay's perspective on one of her night's on the job - a handsome young 19yr old named Ben meets her. Will she like him and, if so, how long will he last?

2. 2. Justin Gets eaten by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (5558 words)

Another one with Lindsay as the voress.

3. 3. TV Dinner by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (3406 words)

New predators were included in this chapter.  

Ken is infatuated with his coworker Victoria.

Note - this particular story, #3, is without any changes from me and thus, matches girlfood's original text. It's simply included here for sequencing purposes.

4. 4. If you change your mind by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (1419 words)

This story deals with an unwilling meal. The guy being eaten is left over from the last chapter.

Note - this chapter is as originally written by girlfood and is included here for sequencing purposes.

5. 5. Your money or your life by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (5104 words)

Another chapter of the story. Vore is towards the end.

This chapter is untouched from girlfood's original text and is included for sequencing purposes only.

6. 6. Dozer Dinner by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (7042 words)

Just very minimal updates, if any, from girlfood's original text for this one.

7. 7. Save the day by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (7246 words)

This chapter focuses on Danielle, the most reluctant of FD's cannibal servers.

This chapter has a good amount of updates to girlfood's original text.

8. 8. Food Review by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (2541 words)

From girlfood's chapter description: "I decided to make this chapter like a food review. I figure we've had TV attention so it was time for a magazine to get in on the deal. The reviewer, the restaurant and the magazine are all made up and completely fictional. Any similarity with actual people, places or magazines is completely coincidental.  I hope you enjoy the review."

This chapter is untouched from girlfood's original text and is included for sequencing purposes.

9. 9. The secret is out by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (5444 words)

This one has some vore in it as well as some development with Quinn and Danielle. The next chapter will have a lot of vore.

Note - this chapter has a good amount of updates from girlfood's original text.

10. 10. Quinn's End by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (4432 words)

Quinn reluctantly is back at Forbidden Dish.  Plenty of vore here.

Plenty of updates to girlfood' original text here. Enjoy.

11. 11. Double Dinner by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (1907 words)

Per girlfood's original chapter notes: "I got this story idea from a reader. (You know who you are and thank you.)"

Note - this chapter is untouched from girlfood's original text. It's included for sequencing purposes.

12. 12. Overseas by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (6113 words)

Note - this chapter is untouched from girlfood's original text. It is included

for sequencing.

13. 13. Wing Man by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (6933 words)
Per oishi1's original chapter text: "In an attempt to impress A girl, Clark offers to take her to Forbidden Dish (despite knowing nothing about it) she fixes his wingman up with one of her friends. I do hope nothing bad happens..."
Some minor updates to this classic chapter by oishi1 and girlfood. Truly a masterpiece, showing what happens when 2 great authors work together.

14. 14. Forbidden Dish - A Special Report by kbDArt [Reviews - 0] (9354 words)

Co-op story between Oishi1 and Girlfood. An investigative reporting team gets an up close and personal tour of the restaurant.

Note - some minor updates of the original text of this great tale from oishi1 and girlfood.