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Story Notes:

Note - these variations on the Forbidden Dish - Dinner Dates are published with the authorization of the original author, girlfood. Please see the story under his authorship to see the originals. These variations have slight and subtle additions by me, adding dialogue and some whimsical things here or there, with the writing being 90-95% of girlfood's amazing writing. I tried to keep things in line with the spirit that girlfood and oishi1 and french_snack have written their respective stories.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter has to do with one of the characters from the original story. She is now an employee of the Forbidden Dish. We're joining her several months into her employment at this restaurant.

We pick up the action following Lindsay's perspective on one of her night's on the job - a handsome young 19yr old named Ben meets her. Will she like him and, if so, how long will he last?

I still felt a more than a little self conscious in these shorts. Actually, "shorts" isn't really the right word. The name "booty shorts" might give you the right impression, but it might also imply that these shorts of mine actually covered all of my booty. They weren't quite up to the task. They were slightly more modest than most of my bathing suits I suppose. Still, they felt extremely ostentatious and I had never felt used to them.

My shirt was sleeveless, green, and tight. It had a zipper so I suppose that would make it more of a jacket. It ended in a point just above my belly button with the sides cut high. It exposed my stomach and exaggerated my breasts. I had never worn anything even close to like it before my job here. It fit me well but it wasn't my style.

The goal with the clothes was to get guys to notice me. If they noticed me, (and I had no problem getting them to with me dressed the way I was) they would ask me to shrink them down and swallow them whole. 

They would be paying a hefty price for the process of being shrunk down and becoming my snack. The money those little morsels shelled out kept my bosses happy and swallowing them kept me happy. Although the seriously large pay check I got for doing so didn't hurt either.


I had been eating guys for a while now. The Forbidden Dish allows females to come in (for a fee) and swallow guys who want to be eaten (also for a fee). When I first showed up to the Forbidden Dish with a friend over a year ago, I was attracted by the idea of swallowing a man but I never expected to do it more than once or twice. I ate a guy named Cory, and was he ever tasty! The wiggling I felt as he slid down my esophagus was euphoric. Before I knew it I was back the next week and ate another guy. I became a regular at the Dish and blew a lot of cash on eating guys.


After coming in second in a Miss. Vore Beauty Pageant, I was hired on as staff. My boss Nancy likes it when she has a lot of good looking girls on staff; always on standby for when guys want to be eaten by a pretty girl. Getting paid to eat guys sounded like heaven to me so I was excited to get the job.


"You have to play to your strengths," said Michelle, the beauty expert at the restaurant. (Yeah, we have a beauty expert. Go figure.) "You've got a pretty athletic body with a lot of good muscle. It's time to show it off."


Which is how I ended up in the upstairs section of the Dish with my butt sticking out of the booty shorts she told me to wear. Fortunately, they were comfortable if not overly revealing in the back. Michelle had told me what I already knew; I had a prominent backside which guys loved to look at. It took enough work getting it to look like that, not that I had any choice but to work out. It was either that or have a flabby butt and I was having none of that.  So I work out, eat right and have a nice looking ass.


Of course, the guys at the restaurant helped a lot when it came to eating enough protein too keep my rear looking good. They pay me to eat them and then become a part of my ass so I can attract other guys with my ass who will also pay me to eat them.


I had always laughed about that with my best friend Kate. She eats people too, but only for fun and not very often. She doesn't work at the Dish.


The Forbidden Dish has its posh side. Some evenings I wore more formal clothing and act as a waitress in the downstairs section of the restaurant. Of course, I would also dine on some of the patrons down there, which was what I always enjoyed most. But wearing pants or a dress that completely covers my body was always a perk too.


Don't get me wrong, I like being looked at as much as the next girl, but no one wants to be on display ALL the time. Where I was working tonight was in the Dance Hall. Upstairs was like a big club. There was music, dancing and a lot of flirting going on. Not to mention shrinking and swallowing numerous boys and even a few girls. 

"Excited?" asked Betsy. She was a tall, pretty girl with light black skin and a beautiful face. Her body was amazing. Damn her. But she and

I had always get along well enough.

"Yeah. A bit," I conceded. "I mean I always look forward to eating guys. I just wish I didn't have to dress like some showgirl."

"The clothes?" Betsy asked.

"The clothes," I confirmed.

"Well Lindsay, don't worry. Just think about all the yummy boys you get to eat every night."

"Okay," I said. "That is the attractive part of the job."

"I heard you were into vore too. I just joined to get the paycheck. It's a good sum of money you get to eat boys all night. But what do you know? I turned out to like eating them." She smirked at me.

"I always wanted to have a job like this," I said. "I love eating guys. I hope I eat a LOT tonight."

Betsy laughed. "In that outfit you'll get plenty of business."


We leaned over the bar, watching the few customers trickle in. They were coming in ones and twos. Some were women, most were men and all the men were wearing red glow in the dark bracelets that identified them as prey (assuming that they agreed to be eaten by whomever was interested.)


Girls mostly wore the blue glow-in-the-dark bracelets that marked them as predators.  As a staff member, I was given a green glow bracelet. It marked me as an employee, a consumer (anyone who literally eats someone else) and a manager of the shrink room. It was easy for me to learn

how to operate the machines that shrunk people down to normal size. They were really quite simple to use, although I couldn't tell you about how they worked. The physics behind it was pretty staggering.


The night began. A few guys came and flirted with me here and there as I poured them drinks. (Having a bartender's license had been the only other job requirement for me, although I was told that I would have been hired even without it, given for my looks and success in the Miss Vore Beauty Pageant.)  No one asked me to eat them right away. Everyone seemed interested in asking me questions though. Some guys asked me what people taste like. (They're Delicious by the way.) Some asked me how many people I had eaten. (I had lost count since I took this job a few months ago.) Some even asked me about particular guys I had eaten and what it had been like - this was a common question by other girls – they always were curious about how some guy they knew tasted. 

Girls tended to ask fewer questions. They usually were not first time customers and were less nervious about the whole thing. Besides, they weren't the ones getting eaten anyway. Guys were our food so it made sense that they would try to hide their nervousness by being chatty.

I mixed drinks, pulled beers and poured shots for a good hour and a half before a small man in what appeared to be his fifties arrived. I got him a drink at his request.

"So will you eat me?" he asked as I returned with a frosty mug overflowing with beer.

"Sure? You serious?" I asked. "Or just wondering?"

"Damn right I'm serious."

"Okay. Let's go to the shrink room. Do you have the money ready to transfer on a debit card or do you have that much cash on you? We don't accept credit or checks for obvious reasons. If the check bounced there would be no way to get the money from you."

The man nodded. "Debit card. My account has enough. There is no way I would be walking around with that much money in my pocket," he said.

"I don't blame you. It's safer with debit than cash. Follow me please."

I took him out of the large and noisy dance hall, weaving between people as we went. One tall, muscular, good looking boy eyed me particularly and I have to say I didn't mind the attention, but I was with a customer so he would have to wait. He looked tasty though. He couldn't be more than nineteen. I made a mental note to find him later.

We arrived at the shrink room. The little man came up beside me, his hands on my tush. It was okay. Restaurant rules say that if one is to be your dinner, he has the right to touch you where he wants as long as he doesn't actually go inside you until you swallow him. Besides, it was probably where he would end up anyway, although I didn't tell him that.

"So I figure three inches. Sound good to you? You'll be small enough to swallow but big enough that I'll feel you wiggle down my throat," I said.

"You're into this too?" asked the man. "You're not just doing it for the money?"

"I'm doing it so I can eat guys," I said as I began to program the machine to shrink the man. Some of us girls work here for the good salary but some of us are here for the benefits. Eating guys would be one."

I squeezed by the man and the control panel, letting my breasts just graze his chest. "Step right inside the booth. When I next see you, you'll be bite sized."

He hurried in.  I zapped him as soon as the door was closed. Opening the door I found the little man. I picked him up and licked my lips.

"Yummy," I said. "I hope you aren't having second thoughts, because I'm not going to let you get away." I grinned. Then I ate him. He wiggled down to my belly. I took a moment to myself to let him settle in there. I felt him moving around a bit. I hadn't eaten anything. My boss told me to come with an empty stomach so he was all alone. Apparently my stomach was waiting for some food, because I felt him start moving a little more frequently now. It felt good. It was delightful. 


After taking a few moments to savor the feeling I had been in the shrink room for a few minutes. I decided that I should be getting back to the bar. I walked out of the shrink room and through the crowd.

"Oops. Excuse me," I said as I bumped into a man. I looked up. It was the cute guy from earlier. 

"Hey," said the boy. "I was HOPING to talk to you."

"Me?" I said, pleased.

"Yeah," he said. "This is you, right?" He pointed towards a framed picture of me on the wall. I had been wearing a fedora hat, a red bathing suit and a little makeup. I was posed in what was, if I do say so myself, a rather complimentary position, hands on my hips which were cocked to one side. My head was turned sideways and eyes peaking out from under the brim of my hat. My red-blonde hair was sneaking out from underneath, fashionably mussed. My belly looked firm and fit and my breasts large and inviting. Just in front of my belly, lined up on the bar, were six men.

Each had been shrunk to the size of about three inches. They were smiling at the camera in a polite way. A few had struck tough guy poses which I had found cute at the time and still did. At such a small size they still tried to act macho.

Under the picture was the my name and the inscription "Second Place, Miss Vore Beauty Pageant." It also had the first names of the six men listed.

"Is that you?" asked the young man.

I laughed. "That's me alright." 

"And you came in second place?"

"Sure did."



"That you came in SECOND. I can't IMAGINE someone prettier than you."

I blushed. The kid was a smoothie. He also was easy on the eyes with plenty of muscle. He was beginning to make me hungry. Or was it horny?

"You are sweet! But if you are looking for the winner, her name is Sarah. She comes in here occasionally. If I see her I could point her out to you," I offered.

"No. I would rather talk to you," he said.

"Nice! I think I am starting to really like you. Although I have to warn you that guys I like I also tend to eat. I have to get back to work behind the bar. Want to follow me over there?"

"Absolutely," he agreed. I was happy he followed me. So I led him back to my bar. He sat before me and ordered a rum and coke.

"So did you eat those guys in the picture?" he wanted to know.

"Sure did. Ate them all up. I caught one guy in my mouth. Slurped up another without using my hands. Let another jump into my mouth. All the rest I gave a marvelous tour of the outside of me before they went inside me. It involved some dancing. It's kind of embarrassing when I think back on it, but I was pretty good if I do say so myself."

"And people got to watch?"

"Oh definitely. They voted on their top vore girl. Sarah came in first. She is a good dancer. I got second. Of course, the guys being eaten didn't get a vote. They were just eaten. But they didn't seem unhappy about it."

"I wish I had been there to see it," he said. "I would like to watch you eat somebody."

"Then hang around. I haven't had any dinner tonight, but generally I feel like I've had a full meal by the time I leave here on a Friday or Saturday."

"So no one yet?" asked the boy. "I thought I saw you bring a guy into the shrink room."

"Oh oops," I said. I had forgotten about him. He had stopped moving by now so he must have been well into the digestive process. "Yeah I did eat that guy. He wasn't bad. But I have plenty more room," I said invitingly, tossing my hair.

"What was his name?"

"Oh. I didn't ask. Sometimes I don't."

The kid grinned. "I'm Ben," he said.

"Wrong," I amended. "You're DINNER. I want to eat you. Down for dinner with me, Ben?"

Ben smiled. "I thought you would never ask."                     

"Awesome!" I said, happy to have him as my food. "Let's go shrink you!"

"Not so fast!" said Ben. "There will be time for that later. For now I just want to watch you with the knowledge that you're going to eat me tonight."

"Okay," I said, a little disappointed. I was hungry. But at least I could look at him. He was very attractive.

"Well sit right there Ben and if I can get you anything just let me know. I'll come and talk when I am not busy."


By now there were plenty of people clamoring for drinks. I got to the crowd, getting a lot of tips and flirting here and there with a potential snack.

I realized Ben was watching me all the while. I was used to being watched. Guys did it all the time. I was approached by six men in the space of an hour. All asked to be eaten. I obliged all of them. It was after my sixth of the hour that the DJ played a favorite song of mine. I hopped onto the bar and began to dance. I wasn't too full from everyone I'd eaten so I worked what belly dancing I knew into the equation.

It had the desired effect. Within twenty minutes I had eaten five more guys. A few guys wanted to be eaten as a group, so they could watch their friends be eaten before I ate them too. I was down for that. I ate them all with gusto. One man wanted me to spare him at the last second. Too bad for him. I could hear him screaming as I swallowed him. I could feel his tiny hands searching. It sent chills down my spine.  In the last few hours of the night, I ate only one more guy. He was tasty.


At closing time I turned to Ben. He had been looking at my backside as I put things away. "So what do you say Ben? Want to be dessert?" I asked.

"Well," he said hesitantly. "I've been thinking."

Uh-oh, I thought, disappointed. "You changed your mind?" I said. I tried to be sympathetic but I had wanted to eat him. Actually I had been planning to give him a little more fun than most get before swallowing him. He was seriously cute and I couldn't help being attracted to him. That made me want to eat him all the more. I was very disappointed he was having second thoughts because he looked yummy. 

"It's just that…I want to be eaten by you. I still want to. I was just wondering if I could come back tomorrow and have dinner downstairs with you as my waitress before you eat me. Would you do that for me?"

I frowned. "I can't tomorrow. We will be closed then. I am off Monday. What about Tuesday? I am downstairs on Tuesday."

The young man brightened. "Tuesday it is!"

Before leaving, I had him sign the consent forms to prove he was really serious about letting me eat him. He was a bit dubious about signing, but, wanting to put my doubts out of mind, he reluctantly signed them. I smiled, but had some doubts about whether I'd see him again.

"See ya Tuesday for dinner, dinner," I said to him, playfully.


The young man brightened. "I can't wait!"

"Enjoy what time you have left," I said, and kissed him on the cheek. Leaning to whisper in his ear while simultaneously giving him a look down my shirt, I added in a low whisper "just be sure you come back to me."


I watched him leave the bar.  He had a unique sexy walk for a man. I turned my attention back to the other patrons.




"Can't you squeeze yourself into those pants?" said Amanda, next Tuesday.

"I'm trying!" I said, giving the troublesome trousers a tug.  "They barely fit as it was."

"Well what have you been doing to make them not fit!" she demanded.

"Eating guys!" I said, annoyed. If she thought for one second that my butt was too big...


It took a few tries but I found that the pants could fit me, if only just barely. It's a good thing they were made of stretchy material. They were riding up but that was okay. The idea was to show off.  I served three tables; one with three middle aged ladies, one with a lone guy and one with a man and a woman.

I was betting that the lone guy would be eaten by one of the middle aged women, who were starting to get drunk on wine and shamelessly flirt with him. I didn't have any bets on the other man and the woman yet.


I had to wait until nine, but Ben finally arrived. The three middle aged women eyed him as soon as he entered. He sat down and took his time. I waited a few moments before going over to him. I approached him from behind so he couldn't see me. I leaned close to his ear and whispered, "I'll have the Ben appetizer with a side of wings."

Ben jumped at my touch and turned to face me. He broke into a grin when he saw who it was. "Lindsay! I am so excited to see you."

"Hey scrumptious. I'll bet you are. I was hoping you would come."


"Yeah. I can't wait to find out how you taste. Besides, I'm HUNGRY." I grinned. "I hope I'm not assuming too much by taking your presence here as an affirmation that you intend to give me permission to eat you." I chomped my teeth playfully at him.

"You got it," he nodded eagerly at me and grinned like a goof. The kid was seriously cute. It would almost be a shame to swallow him.

"Are you really going to eat me?" he asked.

"If you get into the shrinking machine I will," I said. "But would you like something to eat or drink before that?"

"Sure! What do you suggest?"  I thought for a moment. "I bet you would go well with the house wine," I said mischievously.

"Sounds good. I'll have that then," he agreed.

"I'll bring it right out stud," I said.  I brought him his wine with some chips and dip on the house. 

"So, um.." said Ben. He looked like he wanted to talk. As no one was needing me at the moment, I sat down.

"You look like you have a question Ben," I said. "Why not just ask it rather than regret not asking later, when you're in my belly?"

"You really will eat me then?" He seemed surprised.

"Um, YEA-AAAH! You have already asked me that and the answer is still the same. I've been looking forward to swallowing you alive for a few days now. I plan on it.  I'm pretty hungry too."

"It just all seems so wild...so surreal." His eyes took on a far-away look.

"Oh, it's REAL Ben. If you don't believe me, follow me over to the shrink booth."

Ben nodded thoughtfully. "Well, I just figured that you probably already ate a bunch of people tonight, considering how many you ate the other day."

"No Ben. That was a weekend. More guys show up on the weekends, probably mostly because there are more girls to swallow them. But I haven't eaten anyone tonight. Not since I last saw you actually." I was beginning to think he might chicken out or play for time again.

"Amazing to think about them. They're long since digested. Do you think about them?"

"Sometimes," I admitted with a guilty grin. "When I'm all alone and can do a little self service. Or sometimes I will just be walking down the street and a guy will be checking me out and I will think how yummy he looks. Or I will think of how many people I've eaten that have no control over where I go or what I do," I smiled. "Because they are a part of me."

Ben paused for a moment thoughtfully, "Lindsay, ah, what would you say is your type? Of guy, I mean?"

"Oh sweetie, YOU'RE my type. My type of guy is the one I EAT."

"No, REALLY. What type of guys do you like?"

"Well, the ones that taste the best, silly. And you look particularly tasty."

"So - when you think of men, you ONLY consider them as food...or potential food?


"Don't you ever go out on dates?"

"Uh, yeeeah," duh, I thought, "but the more I like a guy, the more I want to eat him. Like you. I really want to slurp you up."

"I like that...I really do. And I'm flattered you like me, but don't you ever need any sexual stimulation or release?"

All the talking was making me extra hungry. "Hmmm...well, I do have sex on very rare occasions, but I'll tell you one of my little secrets", I bent down to whisper into his ear. I breathed lightly on it first.

"What", he said, smiling.

"I typically withhold it from guys I date as it makes them more willing to be eaten. After two or three dates, they're crazy horny. And I DO get a sexual thrill when I eat guys, especially ones that flutter on the way down. I love it when I can feel their hard little erections sliding down my narrow throat."

Something finally clicked in Ken's mind. "Yeah, you do make it sound pretty awesome." 

I  grinned. I knew I had him.

"So, do they all get, you know, hard when you eat them?"

"Oh yeah (duh). Even the ones who have changed their minds and don't want to be eaten and even the ones who wear the red underwear. I can tell they're hard as their little thing is pressing out," I paused, "...in fact, I can't remember a time when one wasn't." I giggled.


"Lindsay," he said slowly, "do you think you will remember me?"

"Definitely," I said. 

"You sound pretty sure of yourself."

"Well," I shrugged. "I don't remember every single person I eat, it's very true. But I do remember some certain people. The first few guys I ate stand out in my mind. I remember one of the guys in the Miss Vore Beauty Pageant pretty well. I had lunch with him a week before I ate him. We became friends. If you can be friends with someone who you ate alive."

"So - why remember me?" said Ben. He sounded unconvinced.

I rubbed his arm. "Well because you are pretty."

"Pretty," He repeated. His cheeks were growing hot.

"Pretty much," I winked and rubbed his chest. He really DID have nice muscles. I told him so and he began to blush. "You ought to be a nice healthy meal for me," I grinned. "All that muscle will be good protein to maintain my muscles."

"You do have a lot of nice muscles," he agreed. "Especially your legs and.." he trailed off, his face growing pink.

"And?" I said. "Come on Ben. You're going to be a part of me by tomorrow. You don't have to be shy. I'm not being shy about my food."

I felt his chest and stomach some more. The kid was cute.  "Oh well. I was looking at your ass as you walked away. It looks pretty good."

"Damn people from Saturday night!" I said. "I couldn't fit into my pants today. I had to borrow these from a friend. It's a safe bet those guys I ate Saturday are to blame. I run and do lunges all the time. Doesn't make it smaller but keeps it muscley atleast. Glad you like it though."

"Now I wish I'd let you eat me Saturday," said Ben, seeming to finally resign to his fantasy...and his fate.

"Don't worry. Plenty of room in my belly for you tonight Ben." I winked. "So you about ready?"

"Yeah," said Ben. "I've been ready since I walked in." We got up and walked to the back of the room where the shrinking machines were kept.   


"Hop inside," I said.   With a big grin, he did as I asked. I pressed the initiation key and shrank him down in a heartbeat to 4 inch size.  A moment later I had him in my hand. I had to resist the urge to swallow him alive. Like all my men, he sported an erection - pretty good one too.

"You are screwed Ben," I smiled. "It's time for dinner." 

I took him to a table and sat down, smiling at him. I took a sip of water and then focused upon him. My stomach began to growl.

"Later man," I said as I picked him up. He smiled at me as I ate him. On my tongue I felt him wiggle. With a gulp I swallowed him down, shivering as I felt his little package and his little hands pushing against my esophagus on the way down. I didn't feel much when my food entered my belly. It was disappointing. I got up and went back behind the bar.

Ben had been tasty. I just wish I could have eaten more.

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