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A few days pass. It is time. Kale has not showered or bathed for he was too excited. Jerry, meanwhile, was worried. He ensured to study as much as possible about transformation spells, but now was time. Having gotten a piece of her DNA simply by the fact that Kale smells of her waste, Jerry went ahead and drew the incantation on the ground. He called Kale, who was naked, and immediately hopped into the centre of his half-brother's drawing. No questions were asked, Jerry simply said the words, and in a flash Kale was gone. He was now part of her toilet, in her house, but not only that he now was all the toilets she used. Jerry did this as an extra, but had not let him know. Not like Kale could notice much. He hoped for his half-brother to enjoy his next week as her toilet, since they had no classes to work on. The spell was on a clock, and Kale was ready to have his fun.

Kale simply saw a flash before finding himself immobile. He could see upwards, towards the ceiling, but then he felt himself ascend and then descend. The ceiling changed, but before he could react, a large butt fell upon him. He felt himself very close to her posterior as her musky scent fell upon him. He was amazed, lost in lust, and full of joy. He soon tasted her, as she let free her golden stream into his toilet water, where he tasted it in all of its glory. It was amazing. It tasted bitter, but not as much as the last time, and smelled incredible. Well, to any regular person it smelled of urine, but to Kale, since this was the girl, it felt like the smell of something holy. Something words could not describe. Then she wiped, and got up, which was when he realised this whole time his face was hugging her cheeks. He felt amazing knowing that, and everything was made better by her being unaware. As soon as she flushed, though, he ascended and found himself back with the old ceiling. This must be her house, he thought.

A few hours pass and the same event takes place. This time, her butt is already hugging the seat, or his face, and her bladder already relieved itself. He could barely taste it but soon began tasting something sweet, mixed with bitter, and that was when he realised she was having diarrhea. Her distinguished waste spread across the bowl, covering the inner marble with lines of her crap, and he was happy to be her toilet. She released herself upon him, letting him taste the bitter and sweet candy. He wished it would never end, and funnily enough, it went on for hours. Her butt would clench the seat, which had a squeezing effect on what Kale felt was his head. His inside, the toilet bowl, was getting full of her waste, which kept spreading everywhere. At some point, she began wiping herself, and at last had finished. But then, as she got up, she turned around and vomited.

Kale thought he was about to see the end, but then, he got to taste what even Jerry was yet to taste: her immaculate spit, her digested food, her insides basically. It felt wrong, and he even felt guilty, as they both wanted to experience her body equally. But Jerry had come to terms with the possibility something like this could occur, he simply forgot to tell Kale. And so Kale tasted her spit, her vomit, her acids. He tasted everything that day.

The rest of the week went on with similar events taking place. Whenever she used a toilet, Kale was there, no matter what it was. And he could not wait to tell Jerry all that he missed out on.

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