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Jerry and Kale have been thinking for a good week now what they should do next. Kale had been persistent on using a spell that would transform them into her toilet by fusing them with one another. Jerry would not agree though due to the risks involved, which were not about being caught, but rather the fact that transformation spells go wrong quite easily. He suggested they shrink themselves down to size and hop into her toilet bowl, but Kale said that would not be the same experience. The week went by with studying and Kale trying to convince Jerry until he said "How about I get to taste her pee, and maybe shit, as a shrunken person and then you become her toilet and I will help you if anything goes wrong?"

Kale hesitantly agreed. A part of him knew Jerry was right but he could not care for the experience would have to be worth it. Either way, he finally got his brother on board, which was also important since he had more experience with time based spells. And so they turned into stalkers, trying to watch her, to catch the perfect moment. Another week passes by, and the chance finally arrives. They noticed her belly gurgling as they were in the same restaurant, and soon, saw her leaving for the bathroom. In a heartbeat, Jerry froze time, and he with Kale left for the bathroom. They saw her going in, and so, they shrunk. Then they teleported into the toilet bowl, after which, Jerry unfroze time.

The toilet seat hugged her two large cheeks, and the wizards looked up as they waited in the nasty water. Their penises were throbbing for action. A few minutes later, a stream of yellow liquid descends upon them, and without hesitation they open their mouths, welcoming it like an old friend. It was very bitter and strong, but that only excited them more. The water they swam in turned yellow, and Kale, who is more horny and outgoing then Jerry, stripped naked before diving under to swim in her juice diluted with toilet water. Jerry could never. But then, the thing they were hopping would happen did occur: her rectum was opening to let free a large turd. They were ready, and soon, they both had their hands on their penises. Jerry too stripped naked.

The turd soon descended, entering the water, and pushing them both apart as it took its place among them. Soon, the ripples ended, and they began swimming forth to take chunks to eat. It was nasty, and neither ever thought they would do such a thing, but it felt so right in the moment. Like little worms who feast upon waste. Her worms, they thought in unison. As they began taking chunks of her turd and eating, another came down, causing ripples. A group of turds followed next, some of which landed on the two men, plunging them below. The water was nasty with her waste and piss mixing together. It was a great sight though. Worth the wait, plus it tasted like sweet candy.

They enjoyed their meal, using the surrounding water to hydrate themselves. Turds followed more and more, leaving the men with more choices. Soon, though, the rain was over. They were too focused on the dehumanising act they were engaging in, having came so much now they tasted themselves amidst the water and shit, that they did not notice the toilet paper slowly descend upon them. It managed to trap them in its soaked form, and soon, more followed like rapid fire. The girl they had lust for was, unknowingly, drowning them in her waste. But they did not feel drowned, for at any moment, they could leave, They kept their mouth open, tasting everything, until at last the flush came, and with it they teleported back home.

They needed a long, long shower, and a good bath, if they wished to remove the stink that stuck to them. But before that, more jerking had to be done, and they enjoyed the smell of her waste products on their body. With magic, they feared nothing, except for the price that each spell carries.

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