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Jerry and Kale were half-brothers and wizards. They were also huge perverts and in their twenties, studying at the same university, where they happened to have developed luscious feelings for one girl in particular. She was a blonde, pale-skinned, tall lady with the most perfect features ever: blue eyes, a large butt, not too big or too small pair of breasts, and an incredible pair of legs. They knew they had to do something, and after a lot of research together, they found it. An old old book, its cover lost to time, and its contents forbidden, except to them, since the forbidden contents were a bunch of spells involving perversion. They had their eyes on two: reducing size and freezing time. Unfortunately, all spells have a cost, and to reduce your size is to harm your physical health in undefined ways, whilst freezing time affects your aging. But they were ready. And they were going to do it.

So one day they were walking towards a park where they'd seen the girl go on morning runs, their hearts racing because of what they were about to do. Feet fetishists at heart, driven by a demand for female domination, they wanted to get inside her shoes and experience it first hand. They stood on the pavement, outside the park, watching until their eyes met her. They drooled as they saw her sweat shine in the morning light, earbuds in her ears, her breasts jumping up and down with her running. They needed to go in, and so, Jerry cast the spell since he was more experienced. In an instant, they found themselves in a bubble, everything outside it stopped moving. It was a beautiful sight, but they had to focus, for the time freeze only lasted ten minutes. It was dangerous to play out the whole 10 minutes. They walked, together, to the girl who was frozen mid-run. One foot up in the air, the other hard on the ground, her chest pumped out. They wanted it, and now, they finally got it. Neither talked, they knew what needed to be done. Kale then shrunk himself and his half-brother Jerry to the side.

The size of ants now, her shoe looked marvelous. The white sneaker, a bit of brown from the dirt, their pants said it all with their twitching penis. Jerry, without a word, ran to her foot that was on the ground. Kale went to the one frozen mid-air. Their bubble split into two. They began licking the dirt, kissing everywhere, and Kale just outright stripped naked. He could not hold it in. Jerry, on the other hand, licked and kissed his way to the opening, where her socked foot was waiting. He jumped and climbed in, continuing to kiss, and now sniff, as he slid in. Soon Kale was inside the other shoe. Both pushed themselves under her socked foot, as if it were a blanket, and her shoe sole was a beautiful bed. The smell was awful; the collection of sweat and grime of weeks. But to them, it was heaven on earth, for they were the perverted half-brothers. And so, with confirmation from Kale, Jerry snapped his fingers and time unfroze.

Immediately, Kale felt a crushing blow to his body, as her foot landed on the ground, whilst Jerry felt pressure relief before it immediately came down. A periodic motion that went on for a while, a very long while. The smell of rotten cheese surrounded them, her stink sinking into their skin, especially Kale since he was naked. Jerry sweated more then Kale, for he remained clothed. It was dump inside. But they had no regrets. The smell was worth it. The sweat too. They only planned to drink her sweat once she stopped. And after hours, she did. At her house.

She freed her feet from the socks and the shoes, which was when Jerry cast the spell. They climbed out, looking around her massive abode, and soon noticed one of her feet tilted as the sock was being peeled off. The other foot began sliding into a pair of slippers. Kale and Jerry both ran and began licking the sweat off her foot sole as if it was water found in a desert by two dehydrated people. They licked and licked, the sweet and salty nectar of her foot, the result of her warmth. They loved it. And wished she could know that she had two devoted slaves. Or pets.

Once they felt nurtured, and before the full ten minutes went up, Kale teleported himself and Jerry out of there. Teleportation barely had any cost. Soon they were back to their original size. And now, after seeing it worked, began planning on what other parts of her or other fluids from her glorious body could they savor upon. Most importantly, the how, and the when.

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