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When Jason boarded the tram to get to his third period class after break was over, Sadler sat next to him.

Sadler said, “Me and the other TOYs are planning on hacking into the government database and downloading one of the inventions brought over by the Reality Trekkers and selling them to North Korea. The invention allows you to communicate instantly with a base on Mars by manipulating a temporal displacement field. We need your help to accomplish this, I checked the decryption website and it said your program was 99% solved.”

“Are you serious?” Jason asked. “I don’t know about this, let me think about it first, Sadler.”

Jason thought about Sadler’s proposition throughout third and fourth period. When lunchtime arrived, he took the tram to his dorm and saw that Sadler had been correct. His decryption program had almost completely solved the code for the communication technology that would make it possible for people on Earth to communicate with people on Mars instantly.

Jason quickly ate his lunch in his dorm, then took the tram to the quad, where his sister Lavender was socializing with kids who had gone to her junior high school the previous school year. Regan was waiting for Jason, and approached him.

Lavender joined Regan. “Jason,” said Lavender, “don’t fall under the spell of peer pressure! If Sadler tries to get you involved with more trouble, turn away!”

“I’m not dumb enough to get involved in another scheme,” Jason said to Lavender, not completely convinced of his own assertion.

“You’re my brother, I know when you’re lying! If Sadler is trying to get you wrapped up in another scheme, just think of the consequences and don’t do it!”

Lavender turned and walked away. Regan remained, hovering over Jason with her electronic tablet.

“The school newspaper assigned me the task of interviewing you and the other TOYs. They gave me more questions to ask you.” Regan looked away, and spotted a group of girls approaching. “Oh no, it’s the Maude squad!”

Maude Sienna Todd, Ruby Thompson, Scarlett Turner, and Ginger Trexler approached the table the inch tall Jason was standing on, while Regan stood over him.

“Jason,” said Maude, “last school year we got along pretty well, if you had been an athlete we might have gone out. Then you ended up with hanging out with Sadler and those losers, and now you’re in the Therapeutic Occupational Youth program.”

“What about it?” Jason asked.

“Would you go out with me? And experience love on the scale of Gulliver?” The other three redhead cheerleaders signed audibly, thinking this size disparity was somehow romantic.

“What do I have to do?” Jason asked.

“I’m chewing bubble gum, let me stick you in my mouth and blow a bubble with you inside!”

“That’s gross!” said Regan.

“Maude is one of the hottest girls at our school, Regan!”

“I’m willing to let you do that, Maude!”

Maude picked up Jason, and lifted him up over her open mouth, and said, “Prepare to surrender to the tongue of a sovereign sixteen-year-old!” Jason could see the ample pink gum below him that had been chewed up in Maude’s mouth

She dropped the inch tall Jason into her mouth, and tried to blow a bubble, failed, the pulled Jason back into her mouth with her tongue.

Ruby Thompson, one of the members of the crimson quartet,  mentioned that it would be funny if the size inhibitors within the spines of the TOYs couldn’t be de-activated when their probation was up, and they were forced to remain at one inch tall. This caused all four members of the crimson quartet, including Maude, to laugh uncontrollably, causing Maude to swallow Jason.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” Maude shouted, with a concerned look on her face.

Regan acted swiftly, breaking a glass panel containing a neural stimulator and rushing back to where Maude was standing. She pointed the device at Maude’s head and pulled the trigger, causing Maude to vomit instantly. Regan caught Jason as he fell out of Maude’s mouth, covering her hand in vomit.

“Jason, are you okay?” Regan asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay, a little wet, but none the worse for wear!”

Regan turned and looked at Maude. “You’re getting charged with a crime for this, I hope you know that!”

“My dad will just hire the best lawyer in the county!” said Maude. “I’ll beat this rap!”

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