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I was breaking in. It was all I could really do. In life, there are times when enough is enough. I had to break into the building because too many of my friends had never left it. Somewhere, deep inside me, where the primative instincts still lurk from humanities earlier days, something squrimed inside me, warning me not to enter the building. It wasn't that suprising. I knew that this would be a one way trip. I wasn't uptomistic about my chances of walking out. But I was walking in. It had to be done.

Three weeks ago Kevin and I were at the dance hall. I was a little wasted. So was Kev. Still it didn't stop my instincts from lighting up. I've got good instincts. In my line of work, you have to trust them. So when they told me someting was up, I started looking around for why I felt uneasy. It wasn't the large number of dancers all around me. I relocated the nearest exits to me, making sure I had a way of necessary. It was then that I saw her.

She was at the bar. She was pretty, dark hair, good body. The kind of girl you notice. But she was staring at me like a cat looking at a mouse. And not in the good way. She met my gaze fearlessly. She didn't toss her hair or smile to invite me towards her. Nor did she avert her gaze as the seconds ticked passed and our eye contact had become uncomfortable. I was very attracted to this girl but at the same time I begain to get goosebumps. It was time to leave.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no coward and no one is going to accuse me of being a whimp with the regularity that I work out. Still, there is a reason that I am not behind bars as a small time thief. It's because I don't take unnecessary chances and I use my head. I also know when to leave a scene and for some reason, I was getting that feeling now.

As luck would have it, Kevin danced by just then, too drunk for his own good and having the time of his life. I grabbed him.
"Hey buddy we gotta jet. I'm feeling a little jittery," I shouted into his ear, trusting the nearby speaker to drown out my voice to anyone trying to overhear.

"What's the bloody trouble? We've been working hard. Enjoy some time off. Wait just a moment. Who's this?" My intoxicated cousin seemed to have caught the attention of the biddy who was sitting at the bar. He took one look and stumbled over.

I didn't like the look of things and kept a sharp eye on him. He and the mystery girl began to talk and it didn't take long until the two of them went to the coat locker and turned in their tickets.

I hurried over to Kevin. "Hey man. Where you going?" I was annoyed that Kevin would just leave without telling me, drunk though he was. We were supposed to be tight.
"Oh, sorry old boy but darling Amanda here has very sweetly offered to go on a walk with me. Didn't mean to forget you. You don't mind do you? I'll see you tomorrow at the-"
"Kevin!" I interrupted quickly.
"...at uh. Our place of business and we shall begin to distribute our goods. Bright an early alright? Look nothing to worry about," he added, seeing my expression. "All will be well my American cousin."

And with a stupid grin from my cousin and a quiet smirk from Amanda, they took off.

I followed them. Hey, I wasn't trying to get an eyeful, just watch out for my blood. Besides, Kevin was my best friend and aside from drinking too heavily after a good score he was a great guy. A lot like me. Seriously, London Irish, Chicago Irish, what's the difference?

Tailing the girl was harder than I thought. She seemed pretty aware of her surroundings, more than the average pedestrian.
My cousin, being several sheets to the wind, didn't notice much except for a whole lot of Amanda, who, as I have already told you, was quite a looker. Okay so I was looking at her ass. Sue me. It made them more fun to trail.

They eventually arrived outside a big building in the middle of London town. It didn't look all that important. It just looked like the normal business place. Not that I could see any advertisments or signs announcing any ownership by a company. I watched as my cousin, talking his head off, walked up the steps with Amanda. The biddy opened the door and the pair walked through.

Aww, shit. There was no following them. So I waited.

Until noon the next day.

My cousin did not reappear from the building althought several other women did bring a few men in there. Thoughout the morning, women exited in ones and two but not a single man walked out. My cousin Kev, was still inside. I called his cell phone but he didn't answer.

Finally, Amanda reappeared. She seemed in a cheery mood and walked with a spring in her step. I wondered what the hell she was so happy about.

Following the skirt, I found her residence. She slipped in and after a few moments, I heard a shower being turned on. A prime chance if ever there was one.

I opened the door with a particular tool that I use in breaking and entering houses, and let myself softly in. I had an agenda. First, I ensured that Amanda was really in the bathroom. This was easily confirmed as she was singing in the shower. Then I slipped into her bedroom and found what I wanted. Her purse was unzipped and open on the dresser next to the bed. I pulled out the cell phone and pocketed it for inspection later. Next was her wallet. There was some cash inside but for once I didn't care. I flipped through the ID's and credit card. Hmm. Not much to go on. I needed more information about this women. I decided to search the room until I heard her turn off the shower. That should give me some time. For now, the water was still running and she was singing away.

The dresser drawer was a good place to start my investigation so I began to rummage a bit. A diary presented itself. Gold. Pure gold. It was open to a page in the back. I took a brief look, fully intending to shut it and examine it later but then something caught my eye. It was tallying, she had tallied off numbers on the page. The part that was scary though was what was written on the top of the page: The number of men I've eaten.

What the hell did that mean? I was so suprised that I blacked out.

At least that's what I thought until I awoke with a headake that made the one Athena gave Zuse look tame. There seemed to be a large bump on the back of my head. I opened my eyes and found an underware clad woman pacing the floor and talking on her cell phone. How the hell had she snuck up on me? The lightness of my pocket informed me that they had been emptied. I looked up and spotted and my wallet was now on her desk. She talked into her phone which she had obviously taken back from me.

"Well I don't care that I've had my turn for the week. I have a guy here who broke into my house. He was the cousin of the guy I ate last night. What? No, I didn't ask him. I knocked him out with a lamp when I found him in the room. I know from last night when I picked up his cousin and heard them talking to each other. I really don't mind. I wanted to eat this one all along anyway. Now I guess I will get to."

There was a pause in Amanda's speech as she listened to the person on the other end. Then she began talking again. "I know there is a once a week rule but I don't have anywhere to bring this guy and he obviously knows that I am responsable for his cousin's disappearence. Look, I won't bring anyone next week just let me bring this guy to be shrunk today. Fine, I'll be there then."

She shut off her phone and turned to see me awake. She smiled the wicked smile of a cat finding a particularly large mouse. "Well I see that you've been listening in. Sorry about the bump on your head but it really was quite rude of you to invite yourself in like that. I guess you heard my little conversation? Good. You may as well know what I intend to do with you. I am going to take you to the same place I took your cousin last night. They are going to shrink you. Then," she paused and waited for the dramatic effect of her rubbing her belly to set in. "Then I am going to eat you like I ate your cousin. I swallowed him whole and alive last night. He faught for a very long time while he digested. I hope you can do the same."

As it turned out, she had handcuffed me. I couldn't get away when she reached down and grabbed my hair. Amanda dragged me to the bathroom, I was doing my best to keep up by walking on my knees the whole way so my hair didn't come out. It hurt a lot. She stopped in the bathroom and pressed my entire face into her backside. She was wearing spandex that conformed to the shape of her tush. Considering the amazing shape she was in, this was not an unpleasant experience.

"I'm going to shit you out of me, you little thief!" she snarled and suddenly she shoved my head over the toilet. "That is where what's left of you will be going tomorrow and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it."

Smacking me across the face roughly, she took a firmer grasp of my hair and proceeded to drag me to the front door. "Oh, shut up," ordered Amanda, as I protested my harsh treatment. That's okay. I could soak up this petty punishment until I got a change to escape and reevaluate my situation.

At that moment, a woman arrived at Amanda's house. The two were obviously friends. "This the guy you're going to eat?" asked the woman. "That's him. I need you to help me get him into the boot of the car."

I put up a fight but it was all for nothing. They got me in there with the ease of what must have been lots of practice. As they slammed the trunk down I heard Amanda say, "Thanks for your help. I'm going to drive him there now. I just gotta go get some cash first."

Then a car door slammed and I felt us begin to move. We proceeded for a certain amount of time until I heard the car come to rest. The engine was shut off and I heard a car door open and slam. Amanda was no doubt going to get her money to pay for my shrinking, if I was to believe her of course. I wasn't entirely sure that I did. I mean, come on; shrinking and eating me? It was a little far fetched. Still, she seemed pretty darn certain of herself.

I hadn't been idle for this car ride. I had picked the handcuffs holding me. Now I got to work on the trunk door. It wasn't too hard and I was out in about thirty seconds. Hey, I am a thief and sometimes skills like this come in real handy.

Slowly closing the door so it didn't slam, I observed Amanda, her back to me, standing in front of an automatic teller machine. She hadn't seen me but she could turn at any moment. I hurried away, walking quickly but not running so as to avoid attention.

That evening I arrived back at the building. My cousin was gone and I was not going to leave him. If he was truly dead, there would be revenge. I figured that the last place Amanda would expect me to turn up would be here. That's why it would be unexpected. I would get to her.

I went in through the roof. I was a little disappointed at the lack of security. A simple padlock was all that stood between me and my entrance. I made short work of it. Come on people. Give me at least something challenging!

I wend down the stairs but by the time I had reached the main floor I realized that I wouldn't get far out in the open. I know it sounds terrably overdone but I went for the air duct. Yeah, yeah. Not real original but it happened to be big enough to accommodate me.

I started crawling towards the reverberating echos from all the attached vents through this system, praising internal air conditioning every inch of the way.

The first grate I arrived at gave me a view of what looked very much like a small bedroom. A quite pretty girl was inside and I noticed that she seemed to be pleasuring herself. Occasionally she would grab a pill from a bowl next to her and swallow it. It heightened her arousal. I wondered what kind of drugs she must be using until I took another look at the bowl. The pills were moving. Was that my imagination? No. I looked more closely and realized that they looked like little people. Little men.

And the woman was eating them alive.

Oh no! Had my cousin truely been eaten? I didn't want to continue crawling down the shaft but I had to know more. Maybe this was just like tricks at the flea circus. I hoped.

The next vent I came to showed me a large room filled with cages just big enough for a person. I knew this becasue there were people in most of the cages, all of them male. Nearby the door, a beautiful woman flipped through a magazine.

Just then I saw that one of the prisoners had just managed to pick the lock and was trying to sneak away before the woman looked up from her reading. Too late. She spotted him and, with a giggle, she pointed what looked like a channel changer at him.

The escapee suddenly shrank to the size of a coin. The woman stretched, then lazily got up and walked towards the man, her hips all motion as she moved her beautiful body. She nonchalantly reached down and snatched the man and bringing him to her mouth, swallowed him alive with obvious relish. She grinned at the other prisoners as she rubbed her belly.

"Mmm. I love it when you boys try to escape. I get to eat everyone who tries so keep it up boys!" she teased. Then she sauntered back to her chair, trailing a finger on the bars on one prisoner and smiling at him as she did so, as if inviting him to be next. She returned to her magazine, one hand caressing her belly.

I was terrified. My cousin was surely dead. Amanda had eaten him like this woman had eaten that poor man a moment ago. I tried not to think about what he must be going through in her stomach. How long could he live? Not long probably but he would be in pain whatever time he had left.

I kept crawling, making a mental note to try and double back to release as many prisoners as possible later. Maybe through sheer numbers I could get them out of there. I would be damned if I would leave them to be eaten. Like I said, I am a thief but one has one's limits. There would be blood spilled by the time I left this place, one way or another.

The next vent showed me what I had been looking for all along. In the room paced Amanda, looking as stunning as ever in wonderful tight white pants and a pink blouse that didn't cover her flat stomach. What a beautiful women, was my first thought. She killed my cousin, was my second. Eaten him alive like he was nothing more than a snack. I was going to kill her.

"Don't be so upset Amanda," said a woman's voice. "You really have to let it go."
"Let it go?" said Amanda. "Not bloody likely that the Yank will let it go." He knows where I live. What if he comes back?"
"Then we eat him," grinned her friend. "Really Amanda, who would believe him if he tells anyone? They'll give him a room with padded walls. My guess is he tries to get you again himself."
"Maybe you're right," sighed Amanda. I could tell she was still pissed off that I had escaped her. "I'll probably need to borrow a shrink ray. I hope he comes back soon. I don't like the idea of him prowling around. Besides," and here her voice became somewhat cheerful and her face showed some joy. "His cousin tasted delicious. You should have felt him squirm!"

That was it. I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed the vent out, using all my anger as I roared my way into the room.

The grate gave more easily than I predicted and as a result I fell half way out of the vent. I tried to kick my legs to stop myself with the effect that the double knot on my shoe caught a screw in the vent. There I swung, suspended by my own shoelace in the middle of a room with man eating women. It all comes of reacting rather than planning. Haste makes waste, that's my motto. Damned if I didn't follow my own advice.

Of course my sudden arrival was a bit of a shock for Amanda and her friend but I didn't have much time until they started trying to use shrink channel changers or some other equally horrendous thing on me. I pulled my knife, mostly to keep them away from me as I cut myself down. Unfortunately for me, that was when my laces broke. I plummeted to the floor.

I woke up with another roaring migraine and a new bump on my head to match the old one Amanda had given me. This girl was turning into a serious headache. I heard a lot of what sounded like muffled screams. I opened my eyes and looked towards the sound, which was coming from above my head.

Lying behind me was a man who had been gagged and tied up. He seemed to be shouting at me. I followed his eyes and discovered that a gigantic woman was inspecting us. It was the woman with whom Amanda had been talking.

"Ah good you're awake," she said looking at me. "I was beginning to get hungry enough to eat you in your sleep."

A gigantic hand came down for me. I hardly had time to raise my own hand in defense when her fingers alighted upon the man behind me and carried him off.

"He looks almost as tasty as you do," she said, looking at me. "I think he'll make the most delicious snack."

Leaning back she dangled him over her mouth and dropped him in. I watched her gullet undulate marking the tiny body that I knew was a man being pushed into her stomach.

The woman looked back at me, licking her lips. "I really should have untied him. He'll not be able to struggle very well in there. Oh well. There's still room in here for you. And I bet you can wiggle a lot."

I gave her the finger.

"That's the idea," she smiled.

Just then Amanda entered the room. "Mmm, looks like my dinner is awake," she commented. The blonde, who had so recently swallowed that poor fellow gave me a look of disappointment, as if she was sharing a feeling with me that if only she had swallowed me first, I would be hers now.

"Hey Amanda. Just talking to our little friend here," she said, somewhat nonchalant.
"Already eat yours?" asked Amanda.
"Yeah. Yeah I polished him off a moment ago. Forgot to untie him. Really should have thought about it so he could tread water in my stomach. I didn't really feel anything except for when he was going down." She shrugged and looked back at me, longing written all over her face. I guess I would have wound up in her belly with that other guy if Amanda hadn't shown up.

Not that it helped me any. Amanda walked over to the table on which I was lying. "You're not going to escape," she said simply. She didn't say it with malice or enjoyment. She was merely stating a fact. "I'm going to eat you, like I ate your cousin. And I am going to do it now."

She reached for me. Time seemed to slow. Amanda's face was staring down at me, her blue eyes upon me. Her hand was outstretched, drawing towards me. I tried to get out of the way but it seemed that I was moving as slowly as if I were trying to run in water.

She caught me up easily and brought me to her face. "No, no. There's no getting away." She narrowed her eyes and smiled a wicked smile and in that moment, she was more beautiful to me than anyone. Her face, framed with straight dark hair, light skin and blue eyes that now seemed filled with hunger was breathtaking. Here features were beautiful. Like an unknown number of men before me, it would be the last thing I would ever see. I suddenly realized the helplessness of my situation. For the first time in my life, I couldn't fight. I couldn't run away. I was Amanda's. There was not a damn thing I could do to prevent her from swallowing me.

Her beautiful lips parted, opening wide and showing me teeth that looked very dangerous. A pink tongue was nestled behind the row of teeth and beyond that, a pink gullet leading into darkness underneath her uvula. I was quickly thrust inside. Her mouth snapped shut behind me and with a well practiced motion she began to toss me around in her mouth.

I was thrown this way and that, as helpless as a kitten in a current of rapids. She even chewed on me now and then. I tried to fight back but there it was useless.

Amanda opened her mouth and light shown down upon me. I looked around and discovered that there were blood stains here and there on her teeth. When she had chewed upon me she had broken my skin in places. I was too full of adrenaline to feel it.

Then the mouth closed, leaving light dancing on my eyes as the dark closed in and became total once again. I was pressed into the roof of her mouth by her tongue. I felt her prepare to swallow me in one gulp.

My God! I was going to her stomach! I had realized that I was going to die in her but now it was hitting me all at once. I was going to be DIGESTED ALIVE! I was no different than a chicken or a steak to her stomach. I would become a part of the woman who was actually enjoying eating shrunken men alive.

Granted, she had a great body and if I was going to become a part of someone then she would be....

"HELP!" I screamed as the tongue pushed me back and suddenly hot flesh coated in slimy spit covered me. I was way too lubricated to stop my decent. The slick walls and muscles of the esophagus combined with the saliva coating my body were, I discovered first hand, a unbeatable combination for forcing food into your body. I had never really appreciated it before but right now, I wished it were a hell of a lot less efficient.

I heard an "Mmmm" loudly as I went down. The woman had actually enjoyed how I tasted. It made me feel less human and more like some little morsel sliding down a beautiful woman's esophagus.

"NOOO! Amanda!" I screamed. How could a woman as attractive as she was do something this cruel? As I wondered that, I arrived in Amanda's stomach. The first thing to hit me was the horrible smell. It was like a chemistry lab mixed with with a rotten smell of food in the process of being digested.

The next thing I noticed was the liquid, when I plunged headfirst into it. I came up sputtering, the remnants of some meal clinging to my skin. Oh, Ahh!" I shouted as my skin began to burn, especially in the cuts that Amanda had opened with she chewed me. I began to thrash around, and discovered that her stomach was not as big as I had expected. I knew that the stomach could swell to accommodate more food, depending upon how much Amanda ate, but right now there was not much food left in here.

Except me.

My blood went cold. I had come to the realization of what Amanda considered my proper place in her world. I was her food. I had never expected to die like this, the food of a girl whom I had a crush on when I first saw her. A girl who had made me nervous the moment I had seen her. I Never thought she would kill me. I NEVER thought she was going to eat me.

Amanda's stomach walls were thick, wrinkled and slimy. They proved to be impossible to climb. I beat my fist against it again and again, screaming for Amanda to have pity on me and let me out. The pitch blackness, the frequent gargle of her stomach and the now extreme burning of the acid in her stomach were beginning to listen my grip on sanity.

"Oh I can feel him in my belly. Oh THAT feels gooooddddd...." she lengthened the last word and I suddenly realized that I was somehow stimulating her sex drive. She was enjoying the idea that I was in here, dying as she digested me like everything... and everyone else she had ever eaten.

Now I was uncontrollable. I slammed my fist into her stomach with rage and hate, and heard a corresponding "Ahh..." as I did so. I didn't care. If I turned her on at least she would remember that I was in here. I didn't want to be forgotten like some piece of food, swallowed as quickly as forgotten.

My skin was coming off. I was insane with pain. My eyes were burning and I no longer was coordinated enough to keep myself afloat. I sank into the acid, breathing in the liquid and thrashing all the more because of it. Oh this hurt! I was still alive. I was surprised that I had been able to live this long...

Amanda smiled. The tiny man in her stomach had stopped moving five minutes ago. It was such a pleasant thing to have them alive inside you, she thought. Taking out her diary, she marked off another notch in back. She rubbed her belly contentedly, thinking of the good looking, delicious man within, now being broken to bits to become a part of her. There would be no evidence left for anyone to trace anything to her.

Amanda smiled again as she walked out the door of the building to go home. She would eat someone else soon. That was the problem with the little men. They didn't last long enough in your belly. She would need another victim soon. Looking around her, she wondered who that person would be, and what he was up to now, unaware that his fate lay within her. She would meet her next victim very soon.

With this thought to cheer her, Amanda stepped off into the night.

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