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Axel Idris walked down the massive halls of his school Titan Peak. His brown eyes darted from side to side as he was completely aware of the numerous stares coming from the students that stood by their lockers. 

“Isn’t that the guy?” 

“Yea I think it is.” 

“What are you guys talking about?” 

“You haven’t heard?” 

“That guy is the number one target of Jazmin Hutchinson.” 

“You mean Titan Jazz?” 


“The biggest bully in the school?” 


“One of the candidates for the enforcers, the strongest and mightiest Titan warriors in the world?” 

“Yea that’s the one.” 

“Whoa poor dude.” 

Axel hated listening to the whispers of the other students, he hated the world that he was forced to live in everyday, the world of titans and giants. In this world he was nothing but a small and he hated it. 

Axel began to pick up the pace, for it was the end of school and finally he could go home, but first he would have to make it out of the campus grounds. He would have to avoid Jazmin Hutchinson herself, he knew that this was the time she made her own, the time she would use to torment him and have her sick fun.  

“Finally the door.” He said with a small smile as for once he was hopeful of his escape. 

Axel put both of his hands against the doors surface, the door that for some reason felt like an impenetrable wall that should never be open and yet he ignored the chills that 

ran up and down his spine and with no more hesitation opened doors that guarded the entrance of the school. 

[“Im almost home!”] Axel thought as he smiled to himself before bursting through the doors of the school, only to run into a black wall that seemed to be never ending. 

Axel fell to the ground hard. He rubbed his head as he heard a familiar giggling that caused the whole area to rumble. 

“Awe did the little guy fall down?” 

Axel heard from up above. “Shit…”  

Axel looked up and saw her standing miles and miles high. “Jazmin Hutchinson.” Axel said with displeasure. 

“It’s Ms. Hutchinson to you dust might.” Jazmin said as she knelt down and carefully poked the Axel in the chest with her finger before retracting it. 

Axel said no words as he rubbed his chest that hurt. He always seemed to be amazed by her height, she truly was a Titan, the biggest race out of the three that stood around 2560 meters tall. 

[“Dam I really am nothing but a small particle of dust to her.”] Axel thought.  

 “Come now Axel where you really trying to run away?” Jazmin asked with a sad eyes. “How far did you think you where going to get with those little legs of yours.” Jazmin giggle. “From all the way up here you look like nothing but a small speck. Don’t you know that?” 

Axel remained silent for only a few minute as he was forced to except the truth. “Yea I know…”   

“Good now come here little guy. I have your job for today.” Jazmin smirked as she extended her fingers towards Axel. “I swear I can barely see your little ass.” 

Axel didn’t even try to escape as he watched two giant fingers descend towards him and trap him in between a fleshy prison. 

Axel was lifted high into the air and soon he was miles and miles in the air looking at a titanic face that hovered dozens and dozens of feet away. 

“I hope that I am not to far away for you to see, my little toy.” 

Axel eat watched the giantess smile at his diminutive size. He hated it. 

“My job for you today is to message my feet little man. I hope you are ready.”  Jazmin smiled down at Axel as she carried him away from the school. 

Axel knew as he was held in place that no small or giant would dare to stop Jazmin, not even her fellow titans would dare to stop her. Titans where born fighters, they where known for having bad tempers, and being major tomboys at times. They all operate on one rule most of the time, the strong rules over the weak, and the weak had no right to complain. Jazmin was the strongest Titan in the whole school, even some of the boy Titans feared her. 

Jazmin walked through the town. She was careful of where she was stepping, for their where other smalls and giants walking down the sidewalk and she needed to be careful and soon she came to a park that seemed almost endless to Axels eyes. 

Jazmin sat down on the grass, underneath a tree. 

“Rides over Axel.” Jazmin said as she lowered Axel to the grassy ground. 

He stood in front of her black shoes, and stepped away as Jazmin began to take off her shoes. As she did Axel was hit with the hot stench of foot odor that was released without warning. The ground rumbled slightly as mountain sized feet descended to the ground. 

“Well don’t just stand their bug get to work.” 

Axel resisted the urge to cough, as the temperature began to rise. He watched as Jazmjns toes dig deeper into the ground. 

He walked slowly to the fleshy toes and as he did, he found that his vision was becoming more and more obscured. He heard her giggles from up above. 

Axel rolled his eyes. “This is not going to be fun.” 

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