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The last sip of macchiato slipped smoothly down her throat. Kat exhaled thoughtfully, her eyes still following the increasingly intriguing pedestrians outside. The sun had mostly set, leaving the sky a dim navy that’d soon give way to a true night sky. There were no stars to speak of over the city, just the twinkling of planes, and glowing windows many stories high hinting at pockets of life. Along the sidewalk beams of headlights and streetlamps illuminate the throngs of the nightlife crowd. Anyone heading home for the evening had reached their destination by now, leaving the current masses consisting of those who were dressed to kill and looking for a good time.

Sometimes, Kat envied these people. Most of them worked and lived for the exciting nights ahead of them, for better or for worse. She didn’t regret her choices. Especially regarding how stupid everything seemed knowing what she knew.

A hushed sigh eased the tension from her shoulders, placing her empty cup with the bag her scone came in. Next to these was another bag containing a small sausage and spinach sandwich. Grabbing the latter in one hand, and her trash in the other, she stood from her perch by the window and dropped her refuse in the garbage by the door.

Offering a friendly wave on her way out, she rejoined the foot traffic, making her way back to the gym. Her lone earbud remained fixed within her right lobe, hidden by a dark curtain of strategically wild hair. It’d be a few blocks before she reached her destination, and having spent the better part of the last half hour people-watching, she wasn’t as interested in the little stories she conjured in her mind.

Besides, she had a friend to call back. Pulling her phone from her jacket, she dialed the custom number she’d assigned the earbud deep inside her, then set it back in her pocket as the line rang. She found it funny how the call had to make its way through the her usual cell network however many miles that was, when in reality it wouldn’t be traveling more than a few inches.

When the line picked up, she braced herself for the initial burst of panic to be expected from someone trapped in the active process of digestion.

*“Hello!? Kat, please! Don’t hang up!”*

She smiled, though her brows curled in, offering a small unseen sympathy, “Hey man. Holdin’ up alright?”

*“Please don’t leave me here! I’ll do whatever you want. Please!”* His voice was notably more hoarse since their last interaction.

“Alright, but promise you won’t be weird again,” she found it funny talking to him like a kid who’d been caught fingerpainting the walls, “I just want to chat a bit on my way home. That alright with you?”

*“Yes! Anything!”* The desperation was palpable, leaving her unconvinced he wouldn’t just break down again.

“Look man, just relax a bit. Breathe for me, okay?” she demonstrated with her own breath, likely audible enough for him to emulate from within. She even raised and lowered her hands with her diaphragm in an instructive manner, despite it not being seen by anyone besides random passers-by.

“Just pace yourself. Relax, find your center…” Listening closely, he eventually joined in with her, his soft, strained exhales turning into controlled breaths with a few repetitions.

“Good boy,” she smirked, then placed her hands in her jacket pockets while continuing her casual transit. “So, I wanted to ask earlier, what’s your research all about?”

*“My… my what?”*

“Your notes. Saw them on the park table, looked pretty impressive, probably not just class notes.”

*“Oh, uh…”* he paused, as if grappling with the distant memory of whatever life he had before this impossible encounter, *“...It was my thesis. At least, ideas for a thesis.”*

“Ooo! That sounds exciting. Pick a topic yet?” she practically hopped at this new information. “I know you were talking about that nuclear medicine thing.”

*“Yeah, I was… getting ready to apply for the doctorate program. This would’ve been my master’s thesis.”*

“But you don’t have a prompt yet? What would you even write about?”

*“I dunno… somewhat new territory, so partially considered writing a history on the first people to develop the process. But then wondered if using that as a jumping-off point to discuss how early technical norms in radial imaging normalized practices that limited the potential that modern technology could procure.”*

“Mhm, such as?” her brow furrowed, feigning intrigue at his line of thinking.

*“Well, the benefit of nuclear imaging is getting an enhanced result. This includes everything from improved x-ray to even microscopy, but the way contemporary machines are built limits how deep a view you can get. They treat it like a normal imaging module. So-”*

“Imma stop you there,” she smirked, “This all sounds pretty promising, but you’re meandering a little bit. Your prompt should be a solid topic that you can cut down to one or two sentences.”

*“S-sure, but it’s not exactly a-”* the feed was interrupted by a loud growl over the line, one Kat even felt in her lower abdomen, *“...a simple topic. I’m worried no matter what, nothing I come up with will be easily condensed.”*

Kat turned a corner, now on a straight path across another few blocks to reach her gym, “The point isn’t to make it simple. It’s collecting your thoughts into one central question that guides your research.”

*“...That’s what I can’t figure out,”* she imagined his shoulders slumping.

“Because it’s not a topic you’re really interested in?” she mused, “You picked it for the guaranteed career path, but writing something like this has to come from a genuine interest in the field you’re studying.”

*“It’s not that I’m not passionate about… just fighting through this block.”*

“Well, glad I could take your mind off of things,” she grinned, patting her midsection.

In the background, there was a splash, and a moment later the signal got a bit distorted from what must’ve been the froth of her juices. Kat listened closely, biting her lip, though restrained herself from jostling her guest further.

*“Fuck! Can you take it easy? It’s already bad enough with you walking!”*

“Heh, sorry bud. Impressed you’re holding on as is though,” her hand returned to her pocket, then waited for his response. “...Still there?”

*“Why is this happening to me?”* his tone had taken a turn toward despair. She frowned sympathetically.

“How do you mean?”

*“This isn’t a dream,”* he spoke grimly, *“And if it is, then why would this happen at all?”*

“That’s an easy one,” her response was calculated. Equal parts sentimental and somber, “I saw you, and I wanted you.”

*“This is more than just wanting to sleep with someone,”* his voice had grown spiteful, she’d have to proceed carefully.

“I don’t know. I think I like this a bit better,” her eyes shut, projecting herself to visualize his crouched form inside her, “Having you with me, getting to hold you so close. Intimately, in a way no one else can.”

*“You actually like this?”*

“Of course. Why else would I do it?”

*“This is sick.”*

“Won’t argue with you on that,” she brushed her loose hair behind her ear, pressing on her receiver to secure it, “that’s part of the draw, for me at least. The contrast between me being out here, walking around like I’m in a normal call, while you’re hidden away deep inside me, in a whole different world.”

*“This is murder.”*

“So you’ve given up on the dream?” Kat pouted, a mischievous glint in her green eyes.

*“You won’t get away with this.”*

“I think I will. And besides, can’t be so bad,” she chuckled, an act that audibly stirred the scene on the other end, “we got to go on that coffee date after all.”

*“It’s getting hard to breathe.”* Her usual charm wasn’t getting to him. Briefly, she pondered whether to let him lose more air and take advantage of his eventually fatigued mental state, break him down into the snack pet she wanted.

On the other hand, she wanted him to last. At least until she got home. To this end, she filled her cheeks with fresh air and promptly swallowed it down. She repeated this a few times, making a mental note to avoid burping, “There. That better?”

She could hear his less labored breaths, exasperated as they were, *“Hah!... hah!... Fuck you.”

“C’mon, I’ve been nice enough, haven’t I?”

*“I’m not stupid. You’re psychotic.”*

“Aww, breaking my heart, Isaiah,” she pouted again, now doubting her tricks would work on him at all. “Don’t think you’re wholly appreciating your situation. I’ve had plenty of guys ask me for exactly what you’re going through.”

*“Bullshit,”* she could tell he wanted to shout at her, but his strength wasn’t there.

“...Okay, maybe just the one. But I can confirm he enjoyed it, so I’m sure you can too.”

*“You’re really gonna let me die in here…”*

That was the root of it. She exhaled deeply, an act that sloshed another wave of her juices into the receiver. For a few moments, she proceeded in silence, keeping her eyes on the path ahead, the gym front already in sight.

“Yes. You’re my food. I know it doesn’t seem this way to you, but for me it’s special,” here she was, getting sentimental again. A gentle smile curled into her blushing cheeks, “For now, tonight, you and I are the most important people in each other’s lives.”

She stopped at the crosswalk, traffic blocking her forward path, “It’s sappy, I know, but trust me when I say I’m doing you a favor.”

No response. Likely he was speechless listening to what even she could admit were several leaps in judgment. “Believe me when I say that things are about to get a whole lot worse for people like you. Soon enough.”

Her head turned to face the intersecting sidewalk, observing the faces of a dozen strangers heading her direction with zero regards for her, what she knew, and what she was committing in front of them.

“What happened to you is gonna happen everywhere. To anyone unlucky enough to not have their shit together.”

The crossing signal turned, and she stepped forward, “So either this happens now, with you and I having a chance to shoot the shit before the world turns upside down, or a year down the line when you’re sold in some gas station in the middle of bum fuck nowhere.”

*“...What’s that even mean?”*

She was elated to hear him finally speak up, just as she was making her way to stop at the gym entrance where she’d wait for Taylor to get off of his shift, “You don’t want to know. Knowing is the worst of it.”

Kat picked a nice stretch of wall to recline against, hands still in her jacket with one foot crooked up against the wall, looking out to the street and assuming her watch until Taylor arrived.

“So why don’t you just relax? There’s a comfort in knowing this is it, right? I always imagined there was a kind of beauty in the end.”

*“...please, I just want to see my Dad.”*

“Shh, shhh,” she rested her hand gently against her gut, softly brushing it over the fabric of her top, “You will. You will buddy.”


A pronounced baritone called her to her left, none other than her recently adopted himbo, “What’s up! You waitin’ long?”

“Naw, just got here a minute ago.” She smiled earnestly, stepping up to him and rising on her tip-toes to quickly kiss him.

The blonde Adonis instantly blushed, frozen by the act then melting into her surprise affection. When she pulled away, letting her lips part with a soft pop, his grin spoke millions, “Whaaaaat was that about? It’s only been two hours?”

“Heh, had a good walk. Was thinkin’ about ya.”

“Oh yeah?” He took his queue to move in himself, pulling his free arm around her to pull her into a more prepared, sensual kiss. They parted as his arm lowered her away, her hands on his chest, “This bode well for me later?”

Kat bit her lip, considering the underlying proposition. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t been building up her arousal for several hours now, and the promise of a night with his expert company was tempting…

“Hmmm... not tonight.”

Not what he expected, “Huh? Why not?”

“Just not tonight,” her cheshire grin was a confounding source of appeal and frustration for the guy at this point.

“C’mon, you’re doin’ this to me again?” he pleaded gently, rubbing her shoulder tenderly.

“Listen, we both you’re anything but deprived,” she chuckled, amused by his adorable disappointment and raising a hand to his cheek, “But tonight’s gotta be-”

“‘Another me night’. Got ya,” he huffed, though politely accepting the boundary with a gentle smile, “Feel like there’ve been a lot of ‘you night’s’ lately.”

“Honey, trust me. You don’t want to know what I get up to.”

“That a promise?” his wolfish grin spread over his charming face, getting a burst of laughter from her and a friendly punch to the chest.

“Ah! Careful, those are tender!” he rubbed his pec jokingly.

“Dork,” Kat chuckled, reaching for and pulling the compacted sandwich from her new bag and handing it over, “Sorry, by the way, might have squished it a bit on the walk.”

“Ah, no big,” he grinned, taking it from her gratefully and placing it in the bag slung over his shoulder. He’d worked up a healthy sheen from his classes, though by now he’d wiped down. Likely for her sake, though she wouldn’t have complained either way, all things considered.

*“Who’s that?”* The small voice chirped in her ear, finally finding the courage to remind his captor of his presence.

“Oh shit! Hold on,” she raised a finger to Taylor, pulling her phone from her pocket, “Hey, I’m gonna put you on hold for a bit. Just met up with my boyfriend.”

Taylor noticeably brightened hearing his designation out loud. Isaiah wasn’t as happy, *“Are you fucking kidding me!? All this time and you’re already with someone!?”*

“Yeah, it’ll just be a little bit,” she responded with expert ambiguity, a convincing enough act for her companion, “We can keep this going in a little bit, okay?”

*“FUCK YOU! I’m gonna tear your insides out!! You fucking slut!! Don’t you dare-”*

“Okie! Talk to ya in a bit~” she chirped. She looked at her phone, reaching a finger towards the hold key. Though a devious thought came to mind, and she opted instead for the deafen button. Hearing him would certainly be a distraction, but letting him hear her talk with Taylor wouldn’t hurt. The irony of it all fueled her winning smile as she turned to her partner, “Cool, let’s bounce.”

“Yea,” he reached for her hand, which she grabbed with only slight reluctance, turning on the path towards her apartment. She somewhat loathed having to alter her natural walking pace to match Taylor’s, though found it only a minor annoyance. In the end, his optimism was contagious, and as he regaled her with his private sessions that night and the aerobics class that followed, she couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm the whole way.

“-So Eve was having a bit of trouble still, but Sarah and I got her on the right track. Hopefully, she’ll build a bit more stamina before next session. Gotta keep the pack together, yeah?”

“Mhm,” she nodded, squeezing his hand in place of actually contributing to the conversation.

Perhaps there was a part of him that was more conscientious than she realized, since he took notice of her aloofness, “Sooo, how was your walk?”

Her shoulders perked up, taking the lead in their chat, “It was nice. Crossed through the park, caught up with an old Uni friend, then chilled at the Grind for a while.”

“Oh cool! Someone I know?”

“Nah, just an acquaintance. Was nice hearing what they were up to though, might keep in touch,” she brushed her stomach absentmindedly as she spoke, and she swore she could feel a renewed flurry of movement beneath her skin.

“Oh! And I met this awesome corgi named Hilda. I was gonna die she was so cute!”

“Dope! Get pics?”

“I wish! She was with this couple, didn’t want to bother them.”

“Heh, that’s funny.”

Kat’s dark brow quirked up, “Why’s that?”

“I mean, usually you’re so forward with people is all. Like, doesn’t really stop you when you want something whether people are comfortable or not.”

“You’re saying I’m aggressive?” she squeezed his hand again, leaning her head around and throwing him a mischievous glare, “I resent that.”

If he wasn’t already sweating from the workout, he’d surely have started fresh at this moment, “N-not that it’s a bad thing! Sometimes it’s good to know what you want!”

“I don’t know. Don’t think that’s a bit presumptuous?” she flicked her head back, letting her hair sway and fall back into place with a mocking flare.

“I guess… sure worked on me though,” he smiled, turning his fumble back around, letting go of her hand to pull his arm around her.

The gesture was unexpected, though in the moment she actually found it nice… especially as the contents of her gut were notably tossed around by the action.

“Oh, shit!” Taylor had looked toward her and noticed something amiss, pulling himself back to get a better look, “Kit, uh, I don’t know how to tell you this...”

“What’s wrong?” she reached a hand up unconsciously, brushing her hair back to feel if anything had gotten stuck in it. Not feeling anything outright, she looked up at him for clarification, “Well? A bird shit on me or what?”

“No babe. Just… you were on the phone, right?” he tapped his free hand to his ear, “One of your buds, it’s gone.”

On instinct, she reached up to her bare ear lobe, then quickly stopped before laughing with relief, “Babe, it’s fine. I’m just using the one, the other’s at home.”

“Oh, really?” he looked at her confused, to which she only nodded. “Alright, that’s cool. Sorry I flipped.” He scratched his head modestly, an almost cartoonish gesture.

“Don’t sweat it, big guy,” she giggled again, resuming their original hand-held formation. Still, the air hadn’t quite settled, the presence of her little white lie lingering on.

“...Don’t those things stop working? You know, when you take one out, it mutes and stuff.”

She considered the logical thread he was on, measuring the risk of his prying against what she was willing to reveal, “Not these. Got a custom pair, waterproof and everything.”

“Oh! For real?” he lit up at the fake reveal, once again delighted to get further insight into his girlfriend’s mystery life, “That’s kinda cool actually! Think you could hook me up?”

“I’ll… see if there’s any available,” she smiled happily at him. Acquiring another pair definitely wasn’t an option anyway.

Soon enough, they were at the entrance to her apartment. Several stories tall, very exclusive, Taylor couldn’t help but feel out of place anytime he stood at the base of the towering luxury lofts. Still, he was ready to head in and continue their night… when she stopped him.

He turned, confused by her hesitance, “Uh, you alright? Didn’t forget something?”

Since being effectively muted to the outside world, the unconscious contractions within the monstrous organ had picked up their pace, kneading and pulsing around the small amount of congealed mush. By now, most of the coffee had moved on to the intestines, what little remained soaked into the swampy mire of stewing pastry and jam bits that had congealed into a thick paste. Isaiah was constantly at odds pulling himself from the marsh, prying his legs from the mass with a slurpy pop. Another giant step rocked the internal world again, squeezing the pile against the wall he clung to and threatening to drag him back.

He wheezed, the closest he could amount to a cry, by now his voice harsh and worn down by the sour gases that cooked the very atmosphere around and inside of him. His hands were free, having lost the earbud what felt like ages ago to the disgusting ooze pit, giving him the liberty to clutch the pulsing, giving folds closest to him for dear life. Even those stretched and pushed at his fingers, urging him to release and slide down to join the rest of the food. The walls echoed the insane sentiment of his host, coaxing him to relax and let his horrible circumstance play out. It was only natural, after all.

Isaiah raggedly gasped, his voice strained and cracked, another contraction shoved his legs back in the slop. He was back to slowly extracting his limbs from the needy gruel when the body suddenly shifted all at once. Not a normal step like he’d grown accustomed to, but a strange pull that slid and compacted the massive body. This was too much for his poor grip to hold through, and the folds finally stretched apart to remove themselves from his slippery, desperate clutch.

His breathing pitched, sliding fully into the grotesque soup, and finding himself submerged to his chest. Now caked into the mire, the surface of the sludge lapped at his exposed chest and shoulders. The wet, slimy texture sprayed globs of caked muck onto him, carried further by small splashes of thin, filmy juices spraying his eyes and forbidding his sight. The exposure burned, directly on his cornea and subtly over his skin.

He could only free his upper right arm from the mess, not nearly enough to pull out completely. The now-removed stomach floor churned the pile all the same, mashing in more mucusy fluids into the mixture and wetting the doughy bolus into chyme.

Again, a massive squeeze constricted the stomach walls, nearly crushing Isaiah’s lower body in the horrible cocktail of toxic, vomit-smelling mush. Then, the darkened room was lit again. A dim green light had reemerged from the far end of the sack, its wide head squeezed to the top of the pile.

Isaiah was given the benefit of sight, just barely. His eyes still stung, and the plastic device was far out of reach. However, his ears clearly picked up the feed returning to the cacophony of gurgles and digestive moans.

*“You sure I can’t come up, babe?”* a masculine voice spoke, clearly a small distance from the other end of the line, *“Feels like I gotta take care of you, ya know?”*

*“Heh, Taylor…”* There she was. While Isaiah had no face to match with her apparent boyfriend, hers was omnipresent. He could almost perfectly visualize the hesitance on her sympathetic face.

*“C’mon! We had a big day. Your feet must be killin’ ya, think a foot rub could really do you some good.”* He spoke earnestly, leaning into his proposition. When the man’s intention was clear, Isaiah’s heart dropped. If just walking caused this much chaos, what happens when his kidnapper starts…?

The boyfriend continued, *“Trust me. I’m certified to help you unwind,”* he practically purred, likely holding her affectionately to sell his point.

*“...Listen, any other night and you wouldn’t be going anywhere,”* the curl in her smile laced her response, *“...Just, not tonight. Okay?”*

*“Y-yea, sure.”* The response was understanding, though no less disenchanted. Hell, Isaiah would feel for the guy if he weren’t suffering under wholly worse conditions.

Kat quickly chimed in, *“Hey, I promise. It’s nothing about you. Just some private stuff,”* She comforted him, her words adopting a sweeter tone than her normally cool timbre. *“Tell you what, tomorrow I’ll make it up to ya.”*

*“You sure?”* he asked. Isaiah couldn’t see her nod in response. *“A-alright! We can make a thing of it. I’ll bring some pinot, can order some Italian, go all ou-”*

Her cool, fried chuckle cut him off, *“Hehehe! Fuck, I could eat you up.”*

Isaiah hurt his throat again attempting a scream.

*“Y-yeah, heh. So it’s a date?”* Taylor timidly added. Though the smaller man had little idea what he looked like, even he wasn’t immune to Kat’s charm.

*“Soon as I’m home, you’re mine~”*

*“C-cool…”* a pause, then the sound of a kiss. Hardly perceptible over the endless squelches and pops in his active environment.

The elevator doors opened, clearing the way for Kat to immediately head for her bedroom. She didn’t care too much to clean up or get ready for bed properly. She’d waited long enough; the one downside of having to meet up with Taylor was the lack of urgency. She humored him as much as necessary, even looking forward to their new plans the following night. For now though, as she tossed her jacket aside and began unbuttoning her jeans, she had business to attend to.

Her flats were promptly kicked off as soon as she entered her room, peeling her pants down her smooth, toned legs and ungracefully kicking them aside from her bed. Pulling her tank top away, she used her feet to dexterously slide off her ankle socks and leave her lower half in just her underwear. She was about ready to lay down in bed when she forgot a crucial component of her ritual. Grunting to herself, she pushed off from the mattress and retrieved her jacket, pulling her still active phone from her coat pocket.

The call was still active, left on deafen for the last twenty minutes. With her mind back on her latest occupant, a wave of immediate regret swept over her now realizing how frantically she’d been moving around since reaching her apartment.

“Shit, uhhh,” she grimaced, her thumb hovering over the undeafen button while contemplating the interaction to come.

Her thumb gently tapped the screen, and the faint sound of wet, slimy viscera crinkled once more in her right ear.

“...Hello?...Isaiah?” Without hearing any sign of life right away, she feared the worst had already transpired on her walk back. She checked the volume on her phone, already at max, and probed her insides again, “You still there, dude?”

Relative silence, another few seconds longer. She considered hanging up until a small burst of activity struck out from the idle soundscape.

A wheezing, gasping voice was barely coherent. He was clearly trying to speak but had little capacity to do so. Even to her seasoned temperament, the sound was dreadful at first. A deformed human voice broken in so many ways that it hardly resembled the original youthful tone it had earlier. It could only be the young med student she met in the park today. The previous owner of the dark backpack tossed aside in the living room. The aspiring golden boy of an unknown family line that wouldn’t see him again

She deafened once again. Some things were too much for her taste. And yet, the budding warmth that had flourished in her loins all night only grew as the visual image sank in.

“...Shh, shhh~” she cooed to the boy, slowly slipping into a recline on her bed, placing her phone on the vacant pillow to her left. “It’s okay hun, this is good.”

Discreetly, tracing over her toned abdomen, her fingers circled around the approximate location of the organ cradling the boy in peril, “This is what you’re meant for. All mine, everything you are.”

Her hand slipped down her stomach, reaching under the elastic of her underwear. Gently, she started teasing the crest of her lips, “It’s okay. I know it hurts. You’ll be alright, I’m here with you.”

A delicate slickness had been ready for her when her fingers dug out her concealed clit, pinching it deftly between the smooth ridges of her fore and mid fingers with slow, needful caresses. Her feet slid up the sheets until her knees were comfortably bent, giving her purchase to spread her thighs and open herself naturally.

“I’ll take care of you. No more stress, no more expectations. No papers, no pressure from your teachers or family.” Between her small affirmations to the boy bubbling alive in her core, she let out soft little pants. The meager jolts of arousal steadily build to sustained shocks that curled her spine from her tailbone to the crux of her neck.

“Just the two us- Hanh~!... Sweet little Isaac- nngh~” Her heartbeat picked up the pace with the rising tempo in her hand, her other clutched over her stomach protectively. Though anatomically, there was always very little to be felt once something reached her stomach, she pushed her nerves to focus wholly on the warmth in her core and honed it into her midriff. Desperate, wanting to feel even the imaginary fluttering of her guest.

Shocking her rational mind, she reached to her side and grabbed her phone. Against her better judgment, she unmuted the call. The groans and sloshes had become more intense, the subtle mewlings and gasps of her toy just audible enough to give her the mental image she pined for.

“This is perfect! You’re perfect, and you’ll be safe now. Happy, this is what you really needed! You wanted r-release-” her fingers had by now plunged into her womanhood, her thumb pressed onto and rubbing her clit all while her three primed fingers exhumed and expressed themselves unto the slick, sensitive walls.

“Please, please! Talk to me, Isaac! Talk to- mmm~ me!” She got his name wrong again. It didn’t matter. She’d forget him. In the end, this moment was the most important part of his life, and to her, it was just another fling. Another in a long line of precious snacks. Her hand was now pumping violently, her back arching while her feet curled against the wrinkled sheets.

*“...please h-heelp… it b-b-brrrnss… nnnnnuuuugghhhhh…”*

Kat gasped, her free hand swinging to muffle her voice as it nearly squeaked from her excitement hearing his words. “I-i-it’s alright, love,” she panted, aching from the ferocity of the climax she was already building up to, “Remember, it’s all just a dream~ A scary dream, but you’ll be so, so happy once it’s over~”

Her body ran on autopilot while her mind zeroed in on painting the picture of her snack’s last moments. Sloshing in whatever remained of her light meal, aside from him, gargling on the essence of her natural mechanism at work. Floating and succumbing to the most commonplace of biological processes that man wrongfully learned to stop fearing ages ago.

*“...you… you prom-...”* his voice crackled, closer to the mic than he’d been before. An almost intimate whisper, save for how worn down his voice had devolved, *“...you promise?...”*

Her green eyes clasped shut, practically tearing up while her hand pushed toward a breaking point, her other clutching her mid-section, “Yes! Yes, I prom-.. Promi-...hyah, haaaaAAAAHH!!”

The bed shook as her body spasmed, her back lifting from the mattress like a woman possessed, her hand ferociously slamming into her groin like a manic puppeteer while her voice rang through the apartment.

Her mind blanked for several moments, maybe minutes. By the time she mentally recovered, her breath and heart had steadied themselves to a manageable tempo. Her toes stretched out, now reclined across the bed in a modest spread, as if she were making a snow angel, her chest rising and falling at an even time.

She turned her head, her phone had wound up knocked to her side, and she rolled over to pick it up. The call was still going, the results of her roll still slapping against the earpiece inside her, muffling the line.

“Isaiah?” she called, her alto voice pleasantly fried from her climax. No response, just more sickly squelches against the receiver. “You there hun?”

She waited several moments. There’d be no answer. With a sigh, she ended the call, sitting upright against the headboard and collecting her thoughts on her evocative evening.

The seconds ticked by. Her stoic face betrayed the passion she’d spent the night building toward. Across from her bed was a simple painting, a minimalist sunset in distinct monochrome shades. A single triangle stood at the point where two differently greyed planes met. The pyramid was a strong centerpiece, surrounded by smaller strokes that lined the gray borders through the center cut of the image. Yet, the boldest shape was also just barely uneven. Slightly askew, compromising what the naked eye would perceive as an equilateral triangle. A strong, resolute shape, built from disparate proportions.

Kat swung her legs off the bed. It was high time she had an actual dinner, though she didn’t feel particularly hungry. Something light would satisfy, maybe a banana and some yogurt. Grabbing her tank top from the floor as she left the room, she slid it on over herself to protect her modesty from any potential voyeurs looking through her windows, even this high up.

The lights shut off automatically as she left the bedroom, her sensors following her into the kitchen where she opened her large fridge and checked her supply.

“Okay Alessia,” she called out, “Play ‘Scenery’ by Ryu Fukui!”

In the background, her customized bot wordlessly responded by playing a light piano track, soon joined in by the full jazz troupe featured on this favorite album of hers. Meanwhile, her viridian irises scanned the shelves, she smacked her lips thoughtfully. Whether she was aware or not, her mind was already moving on from the boy named Isaac…

“Here! You gotta listen to this,” Kat called from the living room after plopping herself on the couch, getting herself comfortable while so full from their big dinner.

“Uh, is it more jazz?” Taylor called from the kitchen, finishing up the dishes they’d used for dinner after insisting on handling the cleanup. He was fine taking care of the cleanup, anything to help her stay in a good mood. Anyway, the suds felt nice against his callused hands after another active shift at the gym.

“Yuh! Bear with me though, this guy’s more up-to-date,” he felt her eager gaze as he set the last plate on the drying rack, wiping his hands to finally rejoin his tipsy host on the couch. After the three glasses of red they’d started the night with, she was in a uniquely giddy mood.

As he sat down, a hand crept around his side and lightly pulled him into his seat. Once at rest, she brushed around his shirt and let her fingers play with his lats and mid-section. He wasn’t complaining by any means, though there was something odd about how handsy Kat was being.

Biting her lip, she was watching his reaction with meticulous observation as she ‘pet’ her man. He knew she liked to fluster him, which became less of a problem over time. Kept him on his toes more than any past relationship.

He accepted her little affections, putting on a winning smile and leaning slightly toward her, “Hey there, you.”

Kat giggled, a surprisingly girlish titter in her reaction before she perked up, reaching for her shorts pocket.

“Shit, here!” she presented him with an earbud while placing the second in her right ear, “Seriously, you’ll like this one.”

He chuckled, accepting the innocuous offer and putting the extra piece in his own left ear. While doing so, she snuggled up to him while grabbing her phone from the couch cushion, pressing play on the album she had queued up.

They sat for a while, letting the starting track play out until eventually, the lyrics reached a point where Taylor raised a brow, affected by a direction the tune had gone he hadn’t expected.

“Wait, what’s this called again?” he leaned over and peeked at her phone, which she eagerly showed him in turn, “...Fuck Yo Feelin’s?”

“You know it,” she smirked, lacing a punkish edge in her answer.

“Can you do that? Seems pretty-” he listened further while the track devolved into a back-and-forth diss match between the MC and the producer, “...never mind, this is dope.”

“Right? It’s Robert Glasper’s latest mix tape,” she grinned, practically bouncing as she elaborated.

“That’s tight as fuck actually,” he smiled, letting his girl’s enthusiasm seep into his appreciation a bit. “Is this really jazz though? Like, they’re rapping and stuff, and that’s definitely a hip-hop beat, thing, right?”

“I mean, Jazz can do a lot these days. Glasper’s actually one of the best jazz pianists in the world right now.” she slurred, her free hand emphasizing her points with relaxed energy.

His face was momentarily confounded, “Uh… penis?”

This earned a laugh from Kat, rolling into his side and slapping his chest giddily, “Oh god! Down boy, hehe.”

Her response enthused him, enough that he turned himself toward her, reaching a hand to her chin and tilting her face up from her laughter to meet the ambitious gaze in his blue eyes, “You know, you talk to me like a dog, I might have to get a little ruff with ya.”

Unironically, he said this with a wolfish grin like it was the most foolproof line in the world. Kat just quirked a brow, an impish half-smile stretching her pretty lips before revealing her lovely teeth, “Dude. Really?”

The bravado remained, a further challenge to her usual dominance in their back-and-forth, “Did that hurt my chances?”

His bright eyes carried a desirable intensity Kat couldn’t help but respect. While she might’ve preferred being the one to get him flustered, the wine in her system happily relented control as she raised a hand behind his head, her fingers gently clutching his neck and hair.

“Hardly,” her eyes lidded, she pulled them together to meet his lips. They tasted like alfredo and pinot, but the savory response of her luscious, soft touch was intoxicating.

A minute had passed, and she was ready to push further. She had that predatory look in her eye. He knew that to be a sign to ease off the pedal and let her take charge for the time. In a second, her strong legs lifted her up, straddling his waist and forcing him back into the couch while planting her arms on each side of his head. His hands reach around to hold her back, one grabbing her waist and sliding down to cup her ass. Budding heat emanated through her shorts, pressing longingly against the rising bulge in Taylor’s pants. She leaned down to meet his lips again, practically putting his head in a vice with her two groping hands holding onto his shoulder and head respectively.

Kat broke the kiss, leaning her head down to his neck, and licked her lips salaciously. Slowly, emphatically, she ran her greedy, slimy tongue up the length of his attractive jugular, tracing along his flesh until crossing the border of his pronounced jawline. It dragged on before flicking the tip away at the top of his cheekbone, a trail of glistening, wet saliva left in its wake. He was pleasantly surprised, taking the strange gesture with carnal intrigue, letting her savor him. He was no stranger to her tongue, so he accepted the tasting readily. Especially when it got her as worked up as it did. Even now she clutched onto him tighter, pulling herself in toward his ear to share a whisper.

Smacking her lips, her voice poured out like a fine wine, teasing his senses with insidious, intimate promise. “Mmmm… Delicious.”
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